Isn’t it time to stop following the false path of empty promises?

TOPICS: 2012 was a difficult year – The spiritual people did not hold the balance – Christ discernment and the path to Buddhahood  – The value of a guru – The illusion of an automatic salvation – The essence of Buddhism – The desire to be admired by others – What is enlightenment? – What created the 2012 hysteria – Setting the stage for discouragement – A reality check of how spiritual growth happens – Finding your personal Middle Way – The past did not give an ultimate teaching – No cosmic force or cycle will bring change – A seven-year cycle of new teachings – The Middle Way and peak experiences –

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha, January 1, 2013 through Kim Michaels

Gautama is my name. The Buddha is my title. Lord of the World is the office I hold for planet earth.

What is in a name? What is in a title? What is in an office? What you put there. Meaning, what I put there. And what is in it for you? What you put there, also.

2012 was a difficult year

This is, perhaps, the best way to characterize the year 2012. When I say: “What you put there,” the all-important question is, of course, whether what you put there is of the ego or whether what you put there is of the higher self—the higher vision of the Christ mind and the mind of the Buddha.

I can tell you that 2012 was a difficult year for earth. It was a difficult year for those of us who are members of the ascended masters and who are working with the lifestreams on earth. It was a difficult year for elemental life. It was, of course, a difficult year for many of the lifestreams who embody on earth.

Why was it so difficult? It was difficult because 2012 was one of those years where a significant number among the top 10% of the people on earth expected some major dramatic change that would somehow happen automatically. There have, of course, been other years like this. In recent years, the year 2000, but others as well in both the distant and not-so-distant past.

Do you understand that those of you who are in embodiment and are somewhat open to the spiritual side of life, you are holding an important balance for the rest of humanity? How do you hold the best possible balance, the highest possible degree of balance? Only when you yourself remain in balance, of course. Is this not obvious?

When you have a year like this one – when many people expect that something dramatic will happen – there are many among the top 10% that go out of balance. Some go into fearing that the world will end or that there will be some kind of dramatic upheaval in nature or society. Others go into a false sense of elation, thinking that surely this will be the year where there will be a breakthrough and the rest of humanity will wake up and see what these people think they have seen all along, namely that their particular religion, or spiritual philosophy, or spiritual guru or a spiritual organization is the one and only that will bring salvation, or a higher state of consciousness, or the golden age or enlightenment to earth.

Both of these represent states of a lack of balance. How can you then hold the balance for others when you are not in balance yourself? It simply cannot be done. What we have had in this year of 2012 is that a fairly significant percentage of the people who normally hold the balance for earth have not been able to do so because they have been so unbalanced in their own beings, looking forward to this event that they think will happen, whether it was at midsummer, whether it was on December 21st or whether it was any other time they expected some dramatic event that no one could deny.

The spiritual people did not hold the balance

Let me take this opportunity, as Lord of the World, to make you aware that those of you who are open to the spiritual side of life, but who were caught up in the 2012 hysteria, as the Maha Chohan called it earlier this year, you have failed to hold your normal balance for the earth in this year. This meant that other people had to pick up the slack and hold the balance that you would normally be holding. On top of that, they had to hold the balance for you as well so that you would not be so unbalanced that you would go into some permanent downward spiral.

This means that there are many other people who have been more burdened than they normally would have been by the energy that has been hanging around this planet as a black cloud – a black cloud of illusion – nevertheless, a cloud that has affected this earth in profound ways.

Although many will not hear or read what I will say here, I will take the opportunity to speak this into the collective consciousness so that there will be a record that will stand as a lodestone for those who in the coming years might awaken and realize that neither will there be some worldwide calamity that will end the world or civilization, nor will there be some worldwide breakthrough that will make everyone wake up to the spiritual side of life or to that specific description of it found in their teaching. This might enable some to pull themselves out of this illusory state of consciousness.

When we look at planet earth today, we see that the vast majority of the population is largely asleep. They believe in all kinds of illusions that all is well and that they can just focus on the material life. They do not need to take responsibility or wake up and change their lifestyle.

Then there are, of course, those among the bottom 10% who are also trapped in the illusion thinking that they need to fight an epic battle against this or that other person, or group, or idea, or thought system, or nation, or race, or ethnic group or what have you.

There are even those who claim to be spiritual students and who still think they have to fight against someone or something. How can you help bring the planet closer to oneness, if you think you have to fight against other people or even against dark forces? You do not win by fighting. You win by manifesting the Christ consciousness and then the Buddha consciousness.

Christ discernment and the path to Buddhahood

Let us look beyond the general population and the bottom 10% and let us look at the top 10%. Most of the people in the top 10% are open to the spiritual side of life, but too many among them have not manifested what we like to call Christ discernment. Christ discernment is the ability to tell the difference between the mind of Christ and the mind of anti-christ.

This is not a matter of creating some label or pointing the finger and saying: “This is Christ and this is anti-christ.” It is a matter of gong within, of being still and letting go of the prejudices of the outer mind and the ego, the preconceived opinions and wishful thinking about how you would like things to be. Or you would like Christ to approve of your current beliefs and do not really want to know if Christ does not approve for you want to force Christ into your mental box, into your perception filter.

Too many lack this ability to read the vibration, the difference in vibration, between the mind of Christ, the mind of the Buddha, and the mind of anti-Christ, or even the mind of anti-Buddha. Even though there truly can be no such thing, there are those who in their arrogance think they can oppose the Buddha and set themselves up in opposition to the balance I am holding for this planet.

What is the result of this lack of discernment? It is that even though they are open to the spiritual side of life, many of these people are too open. They are open to so many of the ideas floating around on the internet that they swing to and fro, hither and yon, believing a little bit of this and a little bit of that, taking a piece here and a piece there, and trying to piece it all together until they end up with a gigantic patchwork in their minds where there truly is no overall theme for all the patches are different and scarcely fit together.

When they become confused, they follow what seems to be the strongest drive that tells them: “This is now going to happen, for this year is so special.” Now there will be a calamity, or now there will be an awakening where the earth will automatically be raised into the 5th dimension, or whatever the story may be. They become seduced by their own desires, which is truly their inner desire to overcome the confusion in their own minds by having some external event or guru or savior come in and tell them: “This is right, this is Christ.”

The value of a guru

How will you attain Christ discernment if an external guru has to tell you, in every instance, what is Christ what is not Christ? It is perfectly valid and legitimate to have a guru for a time who does give you a certain frame of reference and certain examples of what is Christ and what is anti-christ. You will not build Christ discernment by continuing to follow the guru, by remaining loyal to the guru, by being a blind follower even of a seeing guru.

You will build discernment only by daring to use your own inner faculties. Even though you may be wrong many times, you will learn from each instance where you do dare to evaluate. From there you will gradually grow in discernment. That is, if you fulfill one simple requirement, namely that you are willing to look at yourself, to look at what Jesus so aptly called the beam in your own eye—rather than focusing all of your attention on seeing the splinters in the eyes of your brothers.

Look at the many people I am talking about who have this patchwork in their minds of these disconnected beliefs that they have stitched together. You will see that in many cases they have come to accept these many different beliefs because they have not been willing to look at themselves and their own psychology.

The illusion of an automatic salvation

They have come to believe in the most common illusion amongst spiritual people, namely that there is some kind of automatic way to salvation whereby they can practice some kind of spiritual technique, or go somewhere, or take some course, or go on a mediation retreat, or do this or that extreme thing and then, magically, they will change without having to look at themselves.

Is this not also the case, as we have explained many times, for the religious people, who want an automatic salvation that by belonging to this or that religion, by being a follower of the Buddha, or follower of Christ, or Allah, they will all automatically be saved. Do you not see this psychological mechanism in the dream that on December 21st, 2012 the earth will magically rise into another dimension and all people on earth will suddenly see the spiritual side of life?

My beloved, it is good to be open to the spiritual side of life, but it is not good to be open to any idea that is out there. The vast majority of the ideas that are out there on the internet are deliberately put there by the false teachers who are seeking to deceive humankind. You need to get to a point where you have, almost like a scale inside your mind. When you come across a new idea, you put it on the scale. If one of the sides of the scale goes too far up or too far down, then you know that this idea is not balanced. There is something amiss, something that is not quite right.

What does it take to find balance? It takes that you are willing to use the most fundamental ability that you have as a self-aware being, the wonderful ability of being aware of yourself. You can step back and look at yourself.

The essence of Buddhism

What is the real essence of Buddhism as a philosophy or a religion? It is truly self-observation; that you step outside your normal self and you see that your outer self, where you normally express yourself, is not where you want to be and not where you want to focus your attention. You can then deliberately use some system or method to raise your consciousness, to change that self, to have it transformed, to have parts of it die, to let that ego die so you might be transformed into a higher sense of self.

Without this self-observation, you have not even started the path of Christ or the path of Buddha. So many are either focused on putting others down or on looking out there for some magic bullet that will make them enlightened or whatever the goal may be. How long will you keep dancing around this golden calf? How long will you keep chasing this pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Have you not had enough in these last several years where you have been expecting this dramatic event in 2012 and now you sit here and it did not happen?

I am not in any way trying to put you down, or criticize or find fault. I am simply asking you: “Isn’t it enough of chasing these golden promises of the false teachers that can never be fulfilled?” Isn’t it time that you step back and say: “What is the true path of the Buddha, what is the true path of Christ, of the ascended masters – those who have actually ascended from earth and therefore must have discovered the way – as opposed to those false teachers who have not discovered the way or have, deliberately, in their rebellion, decided not to walk that way but instead seek to prevent others from walking it?”

It is not difficult to discover the true path if you are willing to look at yourself. If you are willing to take that responsibility of realizing that you are the one who must change yourself, for I, or Jesus or any other guru cannot do it for you. It must be done by your choices, but it must be done by you making better choices than you have made in the past.

How do you make better choices than you have made in the past? By seeing something you have not seen in the past. How do you come to see what you have not seen in the past? By looking at yourself. By looking in the mirror. By asking your Christ self and I AM Presence, your ascended gurus or even other people, asking them to show you one thing at a time, one doable step at a time, that you need to overcome.

The desire to be admired by others

In that respect, it might be wiser not to ask other people because they sometimes tend to either project their unresolved psychology upon you or they tend to want to make you change all at once. We, who are your ascended gurus and your own Christ self, will only give you what you can handle. We will show you the one little step that you can take right now, that is not too much, that will not overwhelm you, that will not make you lose your bearings.

Look at the scenario out there among spiritual people. Look at how people have a tendency to think that the spiritual path is a matter of producing certain visible, measurable results, often results that can be seen by others so that they might admire you for being such a spiritual person. What do people then tend to think when they go into this frame of mind? They tend to think that in order to achieve extreme results, they have to take extreme measures or do something spectacular that no one else is doing.

Why did I, 2,500 years ago, talk about the Middle Way, my beloved? Do you think there is a way to take the Middle Way into some extreme? What would that extreme be? Do you not begin to see, at least if you begin to study the teachings on non-duality that we have given through this messenger and through other sources, do you not begin to see that the Middle Way is not in the middle between the two extremes. It is on an entirely differently level where it is beyond the extremes.

Quit thinking that you have to achieve some measurable result that others can see. This is an ego game. The ego wants to be seen by others. It wants to stand out. It wants to feel more spiritual than others. What did Jesus say: “He who would be greatest among you, let him be the servant of all.” When you truly achieve spiritual attainment, you do not go around and flaunt it in front of others.

What is enlightenment?

There are many masters who have achieved the Christ consciousness or the Buddha consciousness who never show it or demonstrate it in frivolous ways. What does it mean to attain the Christ consciousness and the Buddha consciousness? It means you begin to experience the underlying Oneness behind the surface phenomena that make it seem like you are a separate being separated from yourself and others. When you penetrate this illusion, you approach enlightenment. If you are truly enlightened, would you ever need to say that you are enlightened?

What is enlightenment? It is when you have let go of all the illusions and appearances created by the mind of anti-Christ. This means that you have no need to label yourself or others. Is this not what other people do when they look at the splinter in the eyes of another? They label and then they say: “This is that, and this is this, and this is good, and that is bad.” They are engaged in this labeling game for an entire lifetime or for many lifetimes. Many use a spiritual teaching – which was designed to liberate them from the labeling game – to become more and more “sophisticated” in labeling others.

What is the point of this? What is the purpose of this? What could the purpose possibly be? Well, it can only be an ego game. Do you truly see the Buddha going around labeling others or labeling himself as being enlightened? Being enlightened means that you no longer even evaluate whether you are in a higher or lower state of consciousness for you have no label left. If you say: “I am enlightened” what will happen is that those who hear it will use their own labels to project upon you. Then they may idolize you and put you up as someone special, as you see with so many gurus out there in the New Age or spiritual fields.

Yet, how does that help these people escape the consciousness that labels? Is it not so that when you raise up another, you must put yourself down? When you say: “Gautama is the Buddha,” you are automatically saying: “I am not the Buddha.” That means you are denying your Buddhahood. I am not thereby saying that by going around saying that: “I am the Buddha” through the ego you will be the Buddha. You are the Buddha when you come to the point where you neither affirm that you are the Buddha nor deny that you are the Buddha. There is no label left.

What created the 2012 hysteria

Do you not see the dilemma that I faced so many years ago that so many spiritual teachers faced. How can we help people without communicating to them in the only way that they understand, namely, through words?

Words are open to interpretation. People project their interpretations upon the words instead of looking beyond the words and using the words to go for the direct experience behind the words that is the key to unlocking what is being communicated. So many people out there in the spiritual field look at a teaching, but they only study it at the level of words. They do not go beyond and seek the transcendental experience beyond words.

What was it that caused so many to be deceived by this 2012 hysteria? It was, of course, an interpretation created at the level of words. Be honest. Be willing to look at how the entire myth of 2012 got started. One person chose the word ‘prophecy’ and from there others started quoting and interpreting and gradually, over the years and decades, they built this entire mirage – this entire Tower of Babel – that had almost no reality to it. It was a house built on sand. It has no reality whatsoever.

I am not denying that there are certain cycles. I am not denying that 2012 is a turning point in some ways, as we have explained. Nevertheless, it is not a turning point in the sense that there is some external force or external cycle that will automatically create change on earth. As we have tried to explain many times over, the only force that will create change on earth is a change in the collective consciousness of humankind, which must begin with a change in the consciousness of a critical mass of individuals.

A large part of what has made 2012 a significant year is what has been built up by the spiritual people who have expected it to be something special. Do you not see this? It is nothing but a house built on sand. You cannot create an expectation based on the consciousness of separation that will propel the planet higher towards Oneness.

Setting the stage for discouragement

It must, of necessity, end up in disappointment. What then happens is that those who have expected some drama – be it a worldwide disaster or some raising to another dimension – will inevitably become open to what has been described as the sharpest tool in the devil’s toolkit, namely discouragement. You begin to doubt, just as you have seen so many Christians who believed that the world would end or that Jesus would return on a certain date. Now the date has passed and the expected event did not come to pass and so they feel doubts.

Soon after comes discouragement and disappointment. You wonder if it was all worth it? Was it all just an illusion? Is all this spiritual talk just that, nothing but an illusion?

You see, behind all of these outer fascinations with phenomena there is a real spiritual path. We of the ascended masters have walked it ourselves. We have proven the path over and over again. What one has done, all can do. You cannot do it through the ego – through the expectations and mirages of the ego – you can do it only through the mind of Christ and the mind of Buddha.

A reality check of how spiritual growth happens

If you will go through a reality check, you will realize that you were not wrong for believing in the spiritual side of life. You were, indeed, led astray by your own ego and by the false teachers. It was your decision because you did not approach spirituality in a balanced manner.

This does not mean that you have to now criticize yourself or feel guilty. You do need to realize that your approach was not the highest possible and therefore you need to step up to a higher approach where you seek balance first of all. You seek balance over peak experiences or outer results. You stop measuring and you find a viable spiritual path and you apply it, even if it seems like you are making no progress for years. If you are applying a viable path, you ARE making progress at inner levels even though it sometimes may not seem so to the outer mind.

You have all been given a completely false image of what happened to Jesus and myself and other spiritual teachers. You think we were so special that we did not have to walk the same kind of path that you are walking. This is an illusion. We all had to walk a gradual path. We all had to deal with our own stuff – our own unresolved psychology – the illusions we had accepted over many lifetimes. We all had to deal with every, dirty detail of it. We all took a long time to complete the journey, and there were times when for years it seemed like we were getting nowhere.

Just look at even the rather illusory, glorified view of the world and see that I spent years sitting in the forest meditating. I can assure you that there were times when it seemed like nothing was happening except my hair and nails were growing longer and longer.

Finding your personal Middle Way

We all have gone through this, and we made it because we kept going. We kept putting one foot in front of the other. Yet, we did not simply blindly follow some kind of scheme where we decided: “Ah, now I have the right path and now I have to just blindly apply it for the rest of my life and now I will be saved.”

Did I not sit there for years, thinking I had to follow a certain path, and then at one point I was willing to step back and say: “Nay, this path of the ascetic, this extreme path, cannot be it. There must be a higher way.” And that is when I discovered the Middle Way.

You see, there is not just one Middle Way. There is a general Middle Way, but there is a Middle Way for each person. You must also come to the point where you say: “I have had enough of going from this extreme to that extreme, now it is time for me to discover the balance by stepping back and looking at what I have not looked at so far, namely myself, my own psychology. Instead of thinking that I have to apply this or that outer system, outer technique, outer teaching, outer guru.”

You are the ultimate guru in the sense that there must come a point where you are willing to look at yourself and then tune in to your own higher self and to the ascended gurus who will give you directions from within. Earthly teachers, earthly teachings, can only take you so far. There will come a point when you must use the teaching to gain your own inner attunement with your higher self. If you will go to and look at the AskRealJesus website and the AscendedMasterLight website and the AscendedMasterAnswers website, you will see that we have been saying this since 2002.

Indeed, this is one of the messages you can apply to discern between a false and a true teaching. Will it tell you to go within and seek your own inner attunement, or will they tell you to follow an outer guru and keep following that guru without ever applying your ability to look at yourself from outside your current sense of self?

The past did not give an ultimate teaching

There is a tendency among many of the students that you find in the field today to look back at my teachings or other teachings from the past and think that they represent some ultimate accomplishment, some ultimate teachings, and have never been surpassed. I can tell you that when I gave the teachings 2,500 year ago, I was very much limited by what people knew back then about the world and about, first of all, the human psyche. Words are tricky for a word only has value based on the meaning that people assign to the word. You cannot explain something with words beyond what people are able to grasp based on what they are able to understand.

It should be possible to see that in today’s world people know so much more that we have better opportunities to explain things today than we had 2,000 or 2,500 ago. Or even longer ago, as some claim to have the original teaching of this or that mystery school, or this or that temple on Atlantis or Lemuria or wherever.

Life is a process of self-transcendence. Life does not stand still. Death is what stands still. In trying to stand still, of course, you must go down in the downward spiral. We of the ascended masters are not standing still. I, the Buddha, am not standing still even though I am always in stillness.

The ascended masters are constantly transcending ourselves and therefore we are more today than we were in the past. We can give a higher teaching today than we could give in the past. Of course, humankind does not stand still for there is more knowledge today and thus we can also give a higher, more detailed teaching than we could give in the past.

No cosmic force or cycle will bring change

Everything is an upward spiral. I am not asking you to look at yourself with the negativity or the fallen mindset that wants you to think that you made a mistake by believing in the 2012 phenomena. I am asking you to realize that you have the potential to step up higher and engage in an upward spiral.

You need to follow the admonishments I have given here and that we have given in many other teachings. You need to transcend. You need to, first of all, let go of this idea that some cosmic cycle will do it all for humankind. This is nonsense.

Everything on earth revolves around free will. No cosmic force would ever be allowed to come in and force the earth into a higher state. It will have to be brought about by a critical mass of people. As we have explained many times, there is a limit to what even the top 10% can do. The bottom 10%, some of those must eventually be judged and removed from the planet, and the 80% must be awakened to a higher level. Everything is a matter of free-will choices, or rather, it is a matter of choices for the will is not free because the vision is not free.

The key to growth is to expand people’s vision so that they will make better choices. Then the earth can be accelerated into a higher dimension, so to speak. Of course, it will not happen as many among the 2012 so-called prophets have predicted. It is not a matter of this happening in some physical way. It is all a matter of consciousness and it happens first at the etheric, then at the mental, then at the emotional level and finally it begins to break through to the physical. This, of course, will take the longest so we focus on the three highest levels and gradually allow it to filter through into the physical.

A seven-year cycle of new teachings

You will see that we have been relatively silent for the last several months of this year. It is simply because the collective consciousness was so densified by these expectations that we preferred to let the year run out before we gave any new teachings. We have, of course, many new teachings to give, as we will indeed start an entirely new cycle of giving new teachings.

Some of you who may have studied our teachings for a long time may feel like we are going back to basics. In a sense we are. We are beginning to give a teaching that many more people can follow for many more people are ready to step up to the teaching. We will begin by giving teachings about the basic co-creative abilities expressed through the seven rays.

As we have laid the foundation by giving the decrees over this last year, we will continue this cycle over the next seven years where each year will be dedicated to one ray as the main ray, but of course the seven other rays in an integrated and balanced manner. So 2013 will be under the primary ray of the First Ray, and thus Master MORE, Archangel Michael, and Hercules will be the main masters. With Master MORE stepping forward, of course, and giving various teachings through this year, truly, with the blessing of all of us.

We acknowledge that Master MORE, who some of you may have known in the past as El Morya, has attained the Buddhic level of consciousness. Thus, indeed, I ask you in your hearts, to welcome the Buddha Master MORE. He is, truly, more than ever before and he will be more than ever before every moment, everything second.

You better watch out that you can keep up with him and do not fall for the ego thinking that even if we give a teaching that can be grasped by new people, you who have studied our teachings for a long time, are beyond this. I tell you, none of you are beyond what we will give for there are always levels. There is hardly anyone who could not benefit from considering whether there was a missed step here or there on the path between the 48th and the 96th level of consciousness.

We look forward to these coming years with great anticipation. We look forward to truly being more productive in bringing forth many new teachings now that we have set a foundation where our websites are ready in their basic structures so that they can accommodate this as well as new books that we intend to bring forth.

Yet, let me not get ahead of myself but leave this to Master MORE and other masters to reveal, as we will surely give you many pointers in the coming days, weeks, month and years.

We are, all of us, grateful for the many people who for the past 10 years have supported this release of teachings through this messenger. Those of you who have given the rosaries, the invocations and the decrees we have released, those of you who have studied the teachings, and those of you how have supported our work in many ways, we are grateful. You have, indeed, been instrumental for setting a foundation that is built upon the Rock of Christ and therefore will allow us to build higher without having it all crumble or tumble over under its own weight.

The Middle Way and peak experiences

You must always remember balance. Balance is the key. It has always been the key since I made it a primary key in the collective consciousness so many centuries ago by bringing out the concept of the Middle Way. Without balance there is no achievement for you will eventually go so far that you fall down under your own weight. You therefore have to start over again, often with severe wounds or misqualified energy, although in some cases wiser from the experience.

Nevertheless, we do not desire our students to grow by going to the extremes and experiencing a crash. We desire to see you grow through a gradual, even, balanced path. For this to happen, you must be willing to give up many illusions, including the illusion of some major breakthrough into some fantastic, epic, higher state of consciousness. I tell you, on the Middle Way, there are no breakthroughs. There are no peak experiences.

What makes a peak experience? Contrast, my beloved, contrast between the extremes. Do you not begin to see this? This is what the false teachers offer you. They offer you a dramatic high, a dramatic breakthrough. But it can only be so in contrast with an equally dramatic low.

If this is the path you desire to continue following, then by all means follow it. We can only bow to your free will. The path we offer is the path where you transcend the contrast and so there is no peak. There is no high, there is no low. There is only what I called Bliss, which is not in contrast to anything. There is no anti-bliss, even though you can come up with the word. Bliss has no opposite. Bliss has no contrast. This is why the Buddha is in peace. What is there to be upset or down about when you are always on the Middle Way?

I give you this thoughtform for 2013. You are sitting in the Buddhic position with my Presence, my Being, superimposed upon your own. You feel how this gentle, gentle rain is falling upon you. It is the rain of the seven rays that form a waterfall of multicolored raindrops, almost like a curtain that gently falls without any great contrast.

You should all have remembered the experience of being out in this gentle spring rain that is soft, warm, and just gently falls – without any big splashing – but gently, peacefully, falling. It descends from above, filling up your entire aura, with the multi-colored light of the seven rays in balance until you are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

The gold is the golden peace of the Buddha, that peace that I am. A peace that I will give you if you will use our tools and spend a little time on meditating on this thoughtform that I have given you.

Thus, with the gratitude of all of us, especially for those who gave these vigils through 2012. You were the ones who held the balance for those of your spiritual brothers and sisters who were taken into the extremes by the 2012 phenomena. Without you, without these decree vigils, various calamities would have come to pass in the physical. The year could have been very, very different, my beloved. No need to go into detail for what did not happen did not happen, and you are all the better for it.

Allow yourself to feel that even though it may not seem so, it was all worth it, and you did make a difference. Thus, in the peace of the Buddha, I seal you for the peace of the Buddha I am.


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