There is no final truth about women

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, May 30, 2020. This dictation was given during a webinar about the liberation of women.

I am the Ascended Master Mother Mary. It is my great joy to open this conference because it is truly a very significant step in what we have planned for moving this planet closer and closer to Saint Germain’s Golden Age. We have decided to dedicate this coming decade of the 2020s to the issue of women: not only the liberation of women, but the raising of awareness of all aspects of women’s situation on this planet.

Truly, it is time. It is in some ways long overdue, but in other ways it is just the right time to focus attention on women’s situation and the many ways in which women have been suppressed and exploited, not by men but by other forces that we naturally will talk about. You will see in this coming decade that many, many people (who are not familiar with ascended masters, and do not need to be familiar with ascended masters) will pick up on the need to focus attention on women’s situation, to debate various issues related to women’s situation and to make drastic physical changes in society to improve women’s situation.

The hidden force behind positive change

Now naturally, my beloved, we do not want to in any way imply that the ascended masters and the people who are aware of ascended masters are the only people on the planet who are working to improve the situation for women. We very much recognize that for a long time there have been many people in embodiment, both men and women, who have been taking steps to improve the situation of women. It is not so that we as ascended masters want to take credit. On the other hand, you must recognize as ascended master students that the ascended masters are behind and involved with any improvement, any progression in the upward movement that takes place on this planet.

It is because we are the spiritual custodians, the spiritual guardians, for this planet. We are the ones who are releasing specific energies, specific ideas, and as we have said before, we are broadcasting these energies, broadcasting these ideas into the collective consciousness, into the energy field of the planet, into the identity body, the mental body, the emotional body of the planet. This means that when these signals are sent from us, people can pick up on it. They can pick up on the ideas, they can feel the energies and therefore, they can suddenly begin to become aware and to take action, to debate various issues that they would not have been able to debate on their own.

Quite frankly, this planet has been so heavily influenced by the fallen beings, by the dark forces, and there is so much fear-based lower energy in the identity, mental and emotional bodies of the planet, that human beings would not be able to liberate themselves from this if it were not for the ascended masters. Again, this is not to detract from the fact that many people have been able to tune in to our energies and our ideas and have been willing to act upon them. We honor these people for doing so, even if they do not know about our existence, and as I said they do not have to know about our existence. We are not looking for ascended master students to go out there and say: “What you are doing is only because of the ascended masters.” We are looking for you as ascended master students to know the dynamic on this planet, thereby you can also know realistically how important it is for you to make the calls, to reinforce the energies, to broadcast the energies and the ideas into the collective consciousness so that more and more people can pick up on them. You can then act, as we have said before, as the tip of the spear, the forerunners. You can act as those who can make the calls to cut free other people who are in positions in society to make the decisions, to take the actions, so that they will be able to act, which they otherwise would have not been able to do, had it not been for your calls.

Equality is primarily a psychological process

Naturally, it is not so that by the advent of this conference, this will start women’s liberation. Obviously, the process of liberating women has been going on for well over a century in many of the so-called modern democracies. You also see that there are nations in the world that are lagging behind. When you step back from your own nation, your own situation, you see that when you look at the situation of women around the planet, and look at many different societies, you see that there are some vast, vast differences. You can see for example that there are a number of nations (what we call the modern democracies) that have made great improvements to women’s situation. There is much greater awareness of the need to create equality between men and women.

Now, we cannot necessarily say that there is any society that has achieved equality between men and women because this is a rather long and complicated process. We can say that there are some nations that have taken action to create laws that promote the equality of men and women. Even those laws have not had the full impact that they could have, and the reason for this is that the liberation of women, the equality between men and women, is not a legal process. It is not even a physical process. It is a psychological process. It requires changes in the emotional body, the mental body and the identity body of a society and of individuals. Therefore, it is not so that a society could, tomorrow, enact a set of laws that would bring about total equality between men and women, or would liberate women from any oppression or limitation. It could not be done legally, because it is not an entirely legal or political process. As I said, it requires a shift.

Now, naturally, a country can enact laws that will bring that society towards the liberation of women, towards equality between men and women. It will take time before this filters through the collective consciousness and the individual consciousness of the people living in that society. Now, some countries have made great strides in the psychological process, but none has yet achieved what can be achieved, and what will be achieved in the golden age. Now, this is partly because it is not so that there is a specific goal that can be defined. You need to be careful as ascended master students that you do not fix your minds on a specific goal. You need to recognize here that what we are giving you through this messenger, through other messengers over the last century or so, is what we have called progressive revelation.

No absolute goal to achieve

There are too many ascended master students in the time of the last century or so who have focused too much attention on the word revelation, and too little attention on the word progressive. You see, my beloved, what is it that the fundamentalist Christians for example or the fundamentalist Muslims, or the fundamentalists of any color always say? They say: “We have the absolute truth. Our religious scripture is an absolute truth revealed directly by God.” The Koran, the Bible, whatever scriptures you have, (even the materialist paradigm, the Communist Manifesto, whatever you have) there are people who believe: “Here is an absolute truth.” Well, if something is an absolute truth, how could it ever be improved upon? How could it ever be changed? If something was an absolute truth, where would be the room for progressive revelation?

Of course, these fundamentalists will deny progressive revelation through the ascended masters or any other source. You as ascended master students need to step up and recognize here that regardless of what was said or implied through previous ascended master dispensations, it has never been our goal to bring forth an absolute or final revelation. If a revelation is progressive, how could it be final? How could it be absolute? Where would be the room for the progressive element?

Now, in our teachings on fanaticism, we said that the basic definition of fanaticism is that you hold a viewpoint that you think could not be improved upon. This is the essence of fanaticism. Whether you are a fundamentalist Christian, a Marxist, a Muslim or an ascended master student, if you say: “Here is a teaching given through this messenger, through this dispensation, that is an absolute truth, an absolute revelation,” then you have stepped into the fanatical mindset and then you are denying progressive revelation. In your mind, you are denying us the ability to bring forth a higher revelation. Do you understand, my beloved, how important it is to keep this in your mind? As we have said before, the Golden Age of Saint Germain is not a final goal, a definite goal.

It is not so that Saint Germain has a plan, and when this and this and this has been implemented, the golden age will be manifest, and the golden age will then remain constant for the next 2,000 years. This is not Saint Germain’s plan and Saint Germain’s vision. As he has said himself, as others of us have said, the potential for what can be achieved in the next 2,000 years is very, very far beyond what you see manifest on the planet right now. It is so far beyond that there is hardly anybody in embodiment who could fathom, or even accept, the potential of what can be achieved. Because there is such a huge gap between current conditions and the potential for Saint Germain’s Golden Age, there is no way to cross that gap in one leap, or even in one short evolution. It will take a very long process, and that process must of necessity have many different stages.

You see that what we aim to do right now, and what we aimed to do in the 1970s or the 1930s with our progressive revelation, has never been to give you some final revelation, not even a final revelation for the golden age. We aim to give a revelation that will take the planet from where it is now to the next level up. Then, when a critical mass of people have made that transition in consciousness, we aim to give a higher revelation that will take the planet to the next level. This process will continue through many different stages as the golden age progresses.

Now, I know very well, my beloved, that there are students of previous dispensations who have believed that they had some final revelation, or that they had the teaching that was meant to guide planet earth spiritually for the next 2,000 years of the Aquarian age. This is because these students were not able to grasp what I have just told you. They were not able to accept it because they were still, as we have said before, trapped in the Piscean mindset, and therefore they needed what you see so prevalent in the Piscean Age: the belief that we have the final truth. In order to step beyond the Piscean mindset, to pass the initiations of Pisces and to step into the Aquarian mindset, you need to let go of this dream of having a final truth, a final revelation. Who can do this? Well, some men can do it. Some men will understand, but many more women have the potential to do this.


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