Fulfill your highest potential by going beyond feel-good spirituality

TOPICS: The challenges of being in embodiment – More information is available to you now – The difficulty with information overload – The false hierarchy deliberately opposes spiritual progress – How Christianity, materialism and agnosticism control people – The initiations for 2014 – The limitations of “feel-good spirituality”  – How the false hierarchy impedes spiritual progress – Your purpose for taking embodiment – You can do more – Being comfortable doesn’t accomplish your mission – What happens when you numb yourself – Make an effort to attune yourself and raise your consciousness – Bring forth the judgment of the fallen beings by being the Christ – Perspectives on the conflict in Syria – The ascended masters desire a peaceful transition to democracy – A deeper cause of the conflict in the Middle East – How totalitarian governments arise – The situation in Ukraine – How Russia delays its people’s progress –

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, February 13, 2014, through Kim Michaels

My beloved hearts, I AM the Ascended Master Mother Mary. I desire to give you, throughout this year and in the coming years, regular updates on how I view world conditions, specific world conditions, and certain topics related to your spiritual path. It is, of course, difficult for you when you are in embodiment to preserve the big view, the big picture, of what is going on, on this planet. You are in a situation that we fully understand, because we have been in the same situation when we were in embodiment.

The challenges of being in embodiment

We understand very well that, when you are in a physical body, you are looking at the world, you are looking at life, from the localized vantage point of your body, your outer mind, your outer self. You are dealing with your daily conditions. You have to live, you have to eat, you have to work, you have children, you have families, you have obligations that need to be fulfilled. My beloved, when I was in my last embodiment, I was not only the Mother of Jesus, I had seven children. After my husband Joseph died, I was alone with those seven children. Although they had started to come of age and could help me support the family, this was by no means an easy task.

I fully understand how difficult it is for many of you to balance your daily lives with your spiritual lives, with your spiritual path. I understand very well that in this modern age you are facing a special challenge that I did not face those almost 2,000 years ago. Back then, I was able to focus on my own immediate situation. There were no news services. There were no newspapers, no radio, no television, no internet. There was no way for me to know what was going on in the world at large, what was going on in remote regions of the world. I did not know, as most people back then did not know, that there were remote regions of the world. I only knew about the relatively small area around where I lived. I understand very well that in today’s age you are facing a very special challenge.

More information is available to you now

You, of course, have your daily situation to deal with, your daily responsibilities. At the same time, you have access, not only to radio and television, but to the internet. You now have access to such a wide range of information and news that it very quickly causes you to become overwhelmed. When I look at what has happened, just in the short time span since this messenger started the AskRealJesus website, I see how there has been a shift in the awareness of most spiritual people.

You might even remember yourself how it was when you first got online, as the saying goes, when you first had access to the internet. Suddenly, you felt as if a whole new world of information had been opened up to you. Compared to the amount of information you had access to before, through books or radio and television and newspapers, you suddenly felt like your life had been enriched by all the information you could now access, especially all the information that was beyond the mainstream media, and that, therefore, you had never even known about before. Here was the internet with so many websites with so much different information that was so far beyond the mainstream that it at first was very very exciting.

We can look back and see how, in the early days of the AskRealJesus website, many people found it and were astonished that such information was available. We also see that today several things have happened. One is, of course, that the amount of information available on the internet has not only doubled and tripled, it has expanded exponentially, many many times beyond what it was in 2002, for example.

This means that there is now so much information available that the challenge is not to find new information. The challenge is to sort the information that is available to you. I can tell you in honesty that when I think back to the state of consciousness I had when I was last in embodiment 2,000 years ago, I am wondering how I would even have dealt with the amount of information that is bombarding you every day.

This is, of course, a somewhat academic question because had I been in embodiment today, I would have a different state of consciousness than I had back then. I would have grown up, as you have done, with a much broader awareness of the world. Therefore, it would not have been such a shock to me, as if I was coming with the state of consciousness I had back then and was suddenly thrust into the modern world and its explosion of information. Nevertheless, I want you to know that I understand the difficulty of being bombarded with so much information and having to deal with this.

I truly understand that this is difficult. I understand that it is almost inevitable that you must develop a certain numbness, where you numb yourself to certain types of information that you either cannot process, that you cannot deal with, or that you feel has no practical implications for your daily life. I understand that there is certain information that you filter out, simply because you feel there is nothing you can do about that condition in a remote country that affects those people so severely. You feel that there is not much you can do from where you are for these people, so you filter out the information.

The difficulty with information overload

I would like you to know that I fully understand the difficulty. I fully understand the necessity of having to filter information. I also want you to know that what you are experiencing is, to a large degree, a deliberate plot created by the false teachers, the false hierarchy, on this planet. As we have said before, they know – both the power elite in embodiment and the power elite out of embodiment in the mental and emotional planes – that the key to everything, the key to control of this planet, is information.

For thousands of years, they had the lack of technology on their side, and therefore, they could be fairly successful in suppressing information so that the population simply did not have access to information. Now, because of the technology released by Saint Germain as a foundation for the golden age, technology is no longer quite so much on their side. As you know, there is no technology that cannot be misused. Splitting the atom can release tremendous amounts of energy and generate electricity, or it can release a tremendous explosion and devastate an entire city, even an entire planet.

Of course, it is possible to use technology to still suppress information, or at least distort the information that is coming out. But the foremost use of technology has been that certain people in embodiment, controlled by certain disembodied forces, have created such a huge amount of deliberate disinformation that it truly is overwhelming to anyone who tries to avail themselves of it, or even a small segment of it. This is, of course, the plot. They want to overwhelm you with information so that your mind cannot cope, and therefore, you shut down. They would love for you to doubt all of the information so that you essentially revert back to a situation where you live like people did 2,000 or 200 years ago where they were unaware.

In your case you will not be unaware because you do not have access to the information, but because you are not availing yourself of that access. You are not making use of the information because you have shut down your mind and your ability and your willingness to take in information, to process information and to act upon information. This is precisely what they want to see. They want to create people who are walking through life ignoring the vast majority of the information coming at them.

You notice for yourself, from a practical situation where you go to the store and you go to the rack of magazines, and there are hundreds of magazines on all kinds of topics. When you look at it, nothing stands out; everything blends together. Think of going into a large bookstore and looking at the shelves and looking at how many books there are. You cannot possibly read them all; you must ignore the majority of them. What the false hierarchy is trying to do is to get you to either ignore almost all of the information available or to doubt all of the information available so that you do not really believe that any of it is truly valid or valuable. You go into this modern mindset of agnosticism where you cannot really say what is true.

The false hierarchy deliberately opposes spiritual progress

Do you understand, my beloved, that the false teachers on this planet are quite aware of what we of the ascended masters are seeking to accomplish in raising the conscious of humankind, especially the top ten percent? Do you really understand this, my beloved? Do you really understand and acknowledge that there is a false hierarchy on this planet that is deliberately trying to counteract every positive development that happens on this planet?

They see what we of the ascended masters are doing, and they are trying to do everything they can to counteract our every move. I am not saying this to generate fear. The very fact that humankind is no longer living at the caveman stage proves that the false hierarchy cannot counteract our moves. But, as you can see from the dark ages, they are able to delay the progress of humankind, sometimes for a very long time. One of the primary ways in which they delay progress is through information, by either withholding information or by putting out so much disinformation that people either accept the lies or shut down and do not know what to believe.

How Christianity, materialism and agnosticism control people

Do you understand that, for a very long time in the western world, their primary means for controlling what people knew and believed was the Christian religion, specifically the Catholic Church. It was, as we have said before, one of the most effective and successful mind control machines created on this planet. For over a thousand years, it dominated the thinking of people in the western world. It still has a tremendous influence, not only the Catholic Church but the offspring of the Catholic Church in the form of all other Christian churches who, for the vast majority of them, are building on the foundations set by the church fathers 1600-1700 hundred years ago.

For a very long time, western thinking was dominated by the Christian claim that there is only one true religion, there is only one true road to salvation, there is only one true doctrine: We have the absolute and highest truth because we have the highest authority of God and Christ. For a very long time, the false hierarchy on this planet were able to use the Catholic Church and the Christian religion in order to control people.

As Saint Germain has explained, when there is an established power elite of fallen beings that have attained control of the population, there will inevitably be an aspiring power elite of other fallen beings. They may claim that they want to free the people, but they really want to take the position of the established elite so that they themselves become the established elite. This aspiring power elite started using science as their means to counteract and take down the control of religion. They, therefore, turned science into an entirely materialistic endeavor that also claimed to have an absolute truth, namely that there was no God and that all spirituality was just subjective illusions.

The net result of the battle between these two approaches to life is what I have just called the modern state of agnosticism. So many people have gone into a mindset where they see the fallacy of the orthodox Christian claim. They also have a sense there is something missing from the orthodox materialistic claim, yet because they do not know what is missing, they go into a state of mind of not knowing what to believe. They accept the subtle ploy, also promoted by the false hierarchy, that there is no absolute truth, there is no higher truth, there is nothing to really know and believe. Therefore, they don’t accept any authority beyond the human level.

What is the underlying plot? You may look at mainstream Christianity, you may look at scientific materialism, you may look at agnosticism and say they are quite different from a certain perspective. But, if you step back and look at them all, they are all based on the same mindset, which is precisely the mindset of the fallen beings, namely that the duality consciousness can define truth, can define what is real and unreal. This is the underlying belief of the fallen beings, my beloved. This is what they want you to believe.

Mainstream Christianity was a man-made religion that took a set of man-made doctrines. Yes, they were built on the teachings of Jesus, but they were distortions of the teachings of Jesus as anybody can see by reading the scriptures and reading the Nicene Creed. They took these man-made doctrines and elevated them to an absolute truth. Scientific materialism is based on taking selective findings of science and elevating them to an absolute truth. Agnosticism is based on the mindset that says there is no absolute truth, there is nothing beyond the material world.

Do you see that orthodox Christianity said the separate mind, the dualistic mind, can define the doctrines of Christ? Materialistic science says scientific measurements and conclusions can define what is real and what is unreal, what exists and what does not exist. The agnostic mindset says the dualistic mind can define that there is no absolute truth, no higher truth, and therefore, no idea or statement is more valid than any other. But, it is all the same mindset where you – in separation, in duality – you are defining what is true. This is the plot. It has, of course, been used in every area of society.

The initiations for 2014

As we have said before, this year of 2014 is dominated by the initiations of the Second Ray of wisdom. Wisdom means, first of all, discernment between what is real and unreal. Can you see that the initiations that this planet will be given in this year relate especially to this? Can we define reality with the human mind, or is there something beyond the human mind that we can grasp, glimpse, and that is valid? Are we forever trapped in this relative dualism, or is there something outside our own minds that we can grab onto and that can be the lifeline that takes us beyond the quicksand of our own minds?

This is the question to ponder in this coming year. You, who are the spiritual people, are of course, as always, the forerunners. If you will not ponder this, how do you expect the rest of the population to do so? How do you expect that the rest of the population can follow you, if you are not walking in a certain direction? What will they follow if you do not have a decisive movement? With this in mind, I wish to speak to you about a specific phenomenon that I would like to call “feel-good spirituality.”

The limitations of “feel-good spirituality”

What has happened in these last ten years or so is that the internet has been completely flooded with all kinds and types of spirituality—all kinds of channelers, gurus, and would-be messengers who parade their wares before the public. We, of course, do in no way discourage freedom of speech, freedom of expression. We are simply pointing out that it is a deliberate strategy of the false hierarchy on this planet to flood the internet with spiritual teachings, many of which are either based on black-and-white thinking or gray thinking.

There are, of course, a variety of them out there that are, like the fundamentalist Christians, based on black-and white-thinking. They are often the doomsday prophets or the conspiracy theorists that say that there is this doom and gloom hanging over humankind, this sword of Damocles ready to drop upon you and wipe out the world or at least unleash calamities of every kind. If you look at what is out there of these false prophets, you will quickly go into a state of having to numb yourself, for you cannot emotionally deal with this.

What do many people do? They go into the opposite extreme, the opposite polarity of gray thinking, which is what I call “feel-good spirituality.” Everything is good, everything is wonderful, and the earth is in this upward spiral and shifting into the 5th dimension because there is this benevolent force – whether it is called ascended masters or space brothers or whatever you have – and these cosmic beings are releasing these wonderful energies that are automatically sweeping the earth into a new dimension or golden age.

All you have to do as a spiritual person is go about your business and be kind and positive to everybody. You do not need to study any difficult topics, you do not need to be diligent in practicing particular techniques because everything is wonderful if you just relax and flow with this wonderful love. My beloved, this form of spirituality, “feel-good spirituality,” is somewhat of a delay factor to the plans of the ascended masters. You may look at it and say: “Well, what can be harmful about it? These people are being positive.” They are seeking to create positive vibrations, and have we not given you the teachings about energy, namely that you need to invoke positive energy in order to counteract the accumulated negative energy produced by humankind.

Here is the subtle distinction. It would be easy to go into a black-and-white mindset and say that this form of spirituality is all false and has no positive impact whatsoever because it is coming from the false hierarchy, or it is based on illusions. The reality is, of course, that things are never black and white. There are many people in this new spiritual movement who are having a positive impact on planet earth. If you keep yourself in a kind, positive, and loving state of mind, you will have a positive impact, as opposed to people who are in a negative, fear-based, or anger-based state of mind.

Therefore, I am not saying that the people who are engaged in this feel-good spirituality are not having a positive influence on the planet. Some will therefore say: “Well, if that is the case, just leave us alone then and let us feel the way we want to feel.” Certainly, given free will, I will leave alone all those who are not open to my message. Yet, I do want to state in the physical that feel-good spirituality is delaying the progress of this planet even though it is having a positive impact on this planet. You see my beloved, if you are dragging your car by a rope, the car is still moving forwards but not nearly as quickly as if you got into the car, turned on the engine, put it in gear, and stepped on the accelerator. Your car is moving forward if you are dragging it, but certainly not with the speed that is its true potential. So it is with this broad, New Age, feel-good movement.

How the false hierarchy impedes spiritual progress

You see, my beloved, the false hierarchy on this planet know, at least the more experienced of them, that they cannot forever delay the forward movement of humankind. They are satisfied with delaying it as much as possible. In order to do this, they have a three-fold strategy. You will know that we have given teachings earlier about dividing the population into the top 10%, the bottom 10%, and the 80% in the middle. The false hierarchy on this planet have divisions, departments, that are working with the bottom 10%, and they are seeking to create as much havoc and chaos as possible. They are seeking to create as much control as possible.

Then they have departments that are working with the 80% in the middle, and they are seeking to put the 80% in a state of inertia where they do not want to change, they just want to live the good material life. Then, they have departments that are working with the top 10%, and although they are quite sophisticated, one of their main departments is certainly the one that seeks to promote this feel-good spirituality. This causes so many spiritual people to go into a state of mind where they are making progress, and they are making a positive contribution, but not to their full potential. Thus, not only is the planet not progressing as quickly as it could, but in many areas, it is not actually progressing faster than the bottom 10% are pulling back on the forward movement of humankind.

Again, you may be doing something that is positive, but if someone else somewhere is doing something that is negative, it can counteract what you are doing. If they are more diligent or effective in generating negative energy than you are in generating positive energy, then the net result for the planet is not a gain. If you are sitting there feeling holier-than-thou because of your positive attitude and your sense that “It’s all good,” then you are really deluding yourself because you are not doing what you came here to do.

My beloved, I am not in this discourse speaking to the bottom 10% or the 80% of the general population. I am speaking only to the top 10% because they are the only ones who have the potential to be open to my message. I say they have the potential because so many of them are not fulfilling their highest potential. They have been lulled into the all-is-good attitude where they think it is good enough to walk slowly rather than running towards the goal. I can tell you with absolute certainty that all of the people in the top 10% took embodiment specifically to help raise the collective consciousness and bring planet earth into a golden age.

Your purpose for taking embodiment

You cannot have taken embodiment at this critical turning point in earth’s history  without having a love for Saint Germain and the bringing forth of the golden Age, and a desire to play a part in bringing that golden age into manifestation. It simply isn’t possible. You either would not have taken embodiment, or you would have embodied on some other planet. If you are one of the spiritually aware people, you have a love for Saint Germain, you have a love for humankind, you have a love for this planet, you have a love for the cause of raising the consciousness and bringing in the golden age.

You will not fulfill your desire, your divine plan, by sitting around feeling good. You will fulfill your divine plan only by opening up the connection to your I AM Presence so that the fire of your I AM Presence – the fire of Saint Germain, the fire of the ascended masters – can flow through you. Feel-good-spirituality cannot counteract the negativity produced by the bottom 10% of the false hierarchy. Only the fire of the ascended masters can counteract the negativity and bring this planet forward.

You can do more

There is no alternative. There is absolutely no alternative! Let me go back to what I said in the beginning. I fully understand how difficult it is to be in embodiment at this time and balance your daily life with all the things you are being bombarded with. I fully understand how difficult it is to balance the local awareness of your personal situation with the global awareness of what is going on, on the planet. I fully understand how tempting it is to say to yourself: “I have found this spiritual teaching. I am performing this spiritual practice. I am in a positive state of mind. I am being kind and loving to everyone to the best of my ability. Surely, I am doing all I can do to be a positive person in a negative world.”

But you are not surely doing all you can do. There is more you can do. You can be an open door for the fire of the ascended masters, to transform the earth, to propel the earth forward faster than the dark forces and the bottom 10% can pull it backwards. That is what you can do, and that is what you came here to do. You did not come here to live a humdrum experience where everything is “all good” but nothing really moves, nothing is really consequential, nothing really changes.

Being comfortable doesn’t accomplish your mission

My beloved, you may feel – as I know many people will feel – that the real Mother Mary, the real Mother of God, the real Divine Feminine, could not possibly speak this way. This can only come from one place: from the state of mind that I talked about, which believes it can define truth.

So many people among the top 10% have gotten themselves into a state of mind where they believe that they can define what God is like, what the spiritual reality is like, what we of the ascended masters are like, and how we should speak and how we should not speak so that we do not disturb you in your comfortability. You will not fulfill your potential, your own desires for coming into embodiment, by being comfortable. Jesus was not comfortable in his embodiment as Jesus. I was not comfortable in my embodiment as Mary.

This is not to say that you cannot be at peace, that you cannot feel joy, but there is a difference between inner peace and comfortability. Comfortability is numbness that comes from ignoring not only what is happening in the world but ignoring what is coming from your I AM Presence and you Christ Self.

What happens when you numb yourself

What is the real effect of the amount of information you are bombarded with from without? It is that your mind goes into overload, and you numb it. You filter out the information that is coming to you from without but what is the subtle effect of this? It is that you also close your mind to the intuitive insights coming from your I AM Presence. So many spiritual people, so many people in the top 10%, have done just that.

They have come to a certain level, to a certain plateau, on their personal path and they have said: “Surely, this must be enough for this lifetime. Surely, I do not need to go all the way and manifest the highest level of Christhood that I have the potential to manifest. Surely, this is enough. It’s all good; let’s be comfortable. Let’s enjoy life. Let’s go to all these gurus and channelers who are titillating our senses, making us feel how important we are for listening to them, and let’s not worry about the fact that we are treading water instead of swimming for the farther shore.”

When you numb yourself to a particular area of life, a particular area of information, what are you doing? You are saying: “I am not in a position to do anything physically about this issue, so I will ignore it.” But what are you then also doing? Well, in many cases people, are saying to themselves: “There is nothing spiritually I can do about this issue either,” and that may, in fact, not be true.

You may look at many problems on this planet. You may look at the continual fighting and conflict in Africa. You may look at the horrendous situation in Syria and you may say: “I cannot physically do anything about these situations.” But, it may very well be that you could do something spiritually by using our decrees and invocations to invoke light into that situation. Certainly, not everybody should do this because there are so many areas of life where there is a need for invoking light. Therefore, I am not saying that all of you should now start making calls for Syria or Africa or this or that.

Make an effort to attune yourself and raise your consciousness

What I am saying is that you, as an individual, need to make an effort to tune in to your Christ Self, to your I Am Presence, to your divine plan, to your ascended teachers and know which topics are important for you. Then, you go beyond your comfort zone. You educate yourself about the topic so that you know which spiritual calls to make. Then you use our tools, our decrees and invocations to invoke spiritual light with laser-like precision into the areas that are dear to your heart. This is what you can do—if you are willing to go beyond your comfort zone.

You can also do more than that. You can raise your own consciousness and move ever closer to Christhood whereby you become the instrument for judging the bottom 10%, taking some of these people out of embodiment that are pulling the planet down. You are bringing forth the judgment of the disembodied forces in the astral plane so that they can be bound by Archangel Michael and taken from the earth.

Bring forth the judgment of the fallen beings by being the Christ

We have given this teaching before. A fallen being, in embodiment or out of embodiment, cannot be taken from the earth until someone in embodiment has achieved the level of Christhood that the fallen being had before it fell. This is the law; there is no way around it. You cannot remove these fallen beings by sitting around feeling good. You can remove them by attaining Christhood to the critical level, and if these fallen beings are not removed, then the earth cannot progress beyond a certain level.

The 80% of the general population cannot free themselves from the influence of these fallen beings. They can be removed only when someone from the top 10% rises to the necessary level of Christhood. There are many people in embodiment today who, before they came into embodiment, saw the reality on this planet and saw the need for someone to rise to a certain level of Christhood in order to remove a particular fallen being. They volunteered, they said: “I have the potential to rise to that level, and I will go into embodiment to accomplish this.” Yet, when you come into embodiment, you are overwhelmed by the pressures of daily life and you forget this mission.

Therefore, I am here to remind you. Make an effort to go beyond your comfort zone. Dare to ask yourself: “Is there more I could do? Is there more I wanted to do before coming into embodiment?” Dare to listen for the answer. If you get an answer that is beyond your comfort zone, then pursue that answer. Do not settle for second best. Go all the way to what is your personal best for this lifetime.

My beloved, if you look at this planet honestly, you should be able to see that it is not all good. There is so much going on, on this planet that you know should not be happening, and I have now told you the essential key to changing things. It is that you rise to the highest level of Christhood you are capable of manifesting in this lifetime. Then you have done what you wanted to accomplish before coming into embodiment, then you have done all you can do, and then it’s all good as far as you are concerned, for you have fulfilled your reason for being.

Perspectives on the conflict in Syria

Let me comment briefly on certain conditions in the world today. When you look at planet earth from my perspective as an ascended being, you can scan the earth and the energies on earth. It is almost as if you take one of these maps that have seen created by scientists where you can look at various criteria, and you can color the map by certain colors. For example, you can scan the temperature of the earth, and you can see where there is warm air or warm water or where the earth itself is warmed up and where it is cooler. When you look at the earth right now and look for where is the greatest concentration of negative energy, you can of course see certain zones around the planet. Right now there are a number of these, but I wish to comment on two.

The first one is the situation in Syria and in the Middle East in general. The question on many people’s minds is: What should the international community do about Syria? What should they have done? Should they have done more than they have done? Should they have done something to stop the fighting, the massacre, the torture? Should they have stepped in and stopped the killing of parents in front of their children, the killing of children in front of their parents, the deliberate torture of those who oppose either this side or that side? What should the international community have done about Syria?

The answer from the ascended master perspective will no doubt shock many people, but the answer is that the international community should have done nothing. This may shock you because it makes it sound like the international community should not step in to stop the horrendous conditions I have just mentioned, but that is not actually what I am saying. You may look at the outbreak of the civil war, and you may look at the atrocities that have happened since that war started, and you may say that the international community should have stepped in to stop these atrocities and this fighting.

When I am saying that the international community should have done nothing, am I not saying that they should do nothing to stop these horrendous abuses of human rights and human lives? I am actually saying that the civil war in Syria, the outbreak of fighting, was not the start of the problem. The problem, of course, goes much further back. My beloved, if you look at history, you will see that there have been quite a number of countries that have made a transition from a totalitarian form of government to a democratic form of government without any or without major bloodshed, and certainly without a civil war.

The ascended masters desire a peaceful transition to democracy

What do we of the ascended masters want to see? Well, we want many nations around the world to make the transition into a democratic form of government, and we want this to happen without bloodshed. If it cannot happen without bloodshed, we would rather have the transition to democracy be delayed until the people and the collective consciousness of the nation are ready to accomplish this without bloodshed. Look at the history of the world. Look at the major conflict over the last century, the so-called Cold War between the Soviet Union and the West. Do you not realize that if this cold war had become a hot war, it would have been a horrendous war?

There can be no doubt, can there, that we of the ascended masters wanted to see the dissolution of the Soviet Union and wanted to see the countries that were forced into that Soviet Union, or forced into the Warsaw Pact, become free and have democratic governments. We, of course, want to see Russia have a democratic form of government. Yet, this does not mean that we wanted to accomplish this so badly, and at a certain time, that we were willing to have a third world war in order to destroy the Soviet Union. We were and we are patient. We take the long view.

When you see a situation like you see in Syria where civil war breaks out, then you know that that situation is not what we of the ascended masters want to see. We would then rather maintain a totalitarian form of government until the people are ready, until the collective consciousness has been raised so that this can be accomplished without bloodshed.

A deeper cause of the conflict in the Middle East

Look at Iraq. Here comes the oldest democratic nation in the world, one who prides itself on being a proponent of freedom, liberty, justice and democracy. The United States decides that it is going to step into Iraq and remove the totalitarian dictator. Certain leaders believe that if they do this, there will automatically be freedom and democracy and harmony in that nation. But, as you clearly see, this has not happened to this day, and the reason is that the people are not ready for it because they are still too divided amongst themselves.

The situation in the Middle East goes back millennia. The collective consciousness has been created over a very long period of time by people embodying and re-embodying in the same karmic circles over and over again. It is completely and absolutely arrogant for western democracies to believe that they can step in and fix the Middle East by imposing their version of democracy upon that region. It cannot be done ever. This is not to say that there cannot be democracy in the Middle East, but it can never be a western-style of democracy. It must be that the people in that region find their own form of self-government, and it certainly cannot be imposed upon them from without.

This should be the one thing that has been proven by the Middle East over thousands of years: These people will never learn from someone else. They will only learn when they have made the same mistakes so many times that they have finally had enough and say: “We want more than this.” Certainly, there are many among the population in the Middle East who have already come to that point and who have said: “We want more than this.” But they have not come to the point of realizing that this can and must be achieved without violence and bloodshed. They have not been willing to admit that the violence and the bloodshed and the conflict is an expression of their own state of consciousness, the divisions in their own state of consciousness.

As long as they have not come to that point, there cannot be a peaceful transition to a democratic form of government. It is not possible. This is what you see in Syria. My beloved, can you – off the top of your head – name how many warring factions there are in Syria? I think most of you cannot because there are so many that it is hard to keep track of them. This shows you how deeply divided the collective consciousness is, and this is the real problem. This is what to make calls for if you are going to make calls for the Middle East. Call for the exposure of the divisions, for the removing of the dark forces that have created and are upholding these divisions, using them to divide and conquer the people.

What was the real vision behind Islam? It was to give them a spiritual framework that could unite the Arab people so that there would no longer be this senseless and ceaseless fighting of brother against brother. No people on the planet are more divided than the Arab people. This is what needs to be acknowledged, and then it needs to be addressed, both in a secular and a spiritual manner.

How totalitarian governments arise

When I say that the international community should have done nothing about the situation in Syria, I am not simply meaning that they should do nothing to stop the fighting. I mean they should have done nothing to start the fighting in the first place.

You have seen several nations now where there have been civil-war-like conditions. You saw it in Libya; you are seeing it in Syria. My beloved, when you have a totalitarian form of government, you have a government that exercises great control over its citizens. As part of this control, this government will do everything in its power to prevent that a group forms that has the numbers and the weapons to challenge its power.

When you do see the formation of a group in a totalitarian country that is able to wage a civil war against the totalitarian government, then you know that that group did not arise just within that country. It has been supported, perhaps even created, by forces outside that country. It has certainly received weapons and money and other forms of support from outside forces. What I am saying is that the civil war in Libya, in Syria, and the potential for civil-war-like conditions in other countries, can only come about because there are forces outside those countries who are actively and aggressively interfering.

You know very well some of the forces that are active and have been active in Syria. There are some of them that you do not know very well, but certainly, you know that Russia has had interests in Syria. You know that the United States has and has had covert operations in Syria. You know that militant Islamic groups of various persuasions have operations in Syria and have an agenda of creating a militant Islamic state, even turning the entire Middle East into a militant Islamic state.

When you ask what the international community should have done about Syria, my answer is: “Nothing. Nothing now, nothing in the past.” Let the people in Syria sort out the situation in Syria. As long as the people in Syria are not able to make the transition into a democratic form of government without bloodshed, then it is better for the people of Syria that the dictatorial regime remains, in order to create some kind of stability and law and order.

The situation in Ukraine

This, of course, is a concern that can be applied elsewhere. It can certainly be applied in Ukraine where you also know that there are forces from both East and West who are seeking to destabilize the situation because they have an agenda.

Yet, in Ukraine, you have a different situation than you have in the Middle East—at least it is somewhat different. When you look at Ukraine from a spiritual perspective, you see that Ukraine has a particular history in the Cold War scenario between the Communist East and the Capitalist West. You see the division in Ukraine between the Eastern part and the Western part, the Eastern part being more dominated by Russia and the Russian mindset, and the Western part being more open to a Western mindset.

In a sense, what is going on spiritually in Ukraine is an outplaying of the spiritual beasts that drove the Cold War. These beasts have been tremendously diminished after the breakup of the Soviet Union, but they have not been completely removed. The energies have not been transformed because not enough among the top 10% have made specific calls and invocations to transmute those energies.

They have thought all that is all in the past, this is all over, and now it’s all good. But it is not all good, my beloved, because the horrendous records on the astral plane generated by the second World War and communism and the Cold War are not removed that easily. Anyone who lives in a country that was part of the Soviet Union and has some spiritual sensitivity should be able to feel the weight of these energies.

You should know, then, that there are still beasts that are seeking to survive and seeking to take more energy. Right now, these beasts are concentrated in Ukraine, seeking to use the Ukrainian people to create conflict and bloodshed so that they can perpetuate their own existence by vampirising people’s spiritual light. This, then, is the calls to make for the resolution of that situation, namely that these beasts are bound, that the energy is transformed and that the fallen beings both in and out of embodiment, who are using the situation, are judged and taken from this planet.

Certainly, we have suggestions for what might happen in Ukraine, but I will wait with this for some later time. Until the energies have been transformed, hardly anyone in embodiment will be open to seeing these suggestions as viable and realistic. Right now, I will say that Ukraine plays an important role in the greater development and the manifestation of the golden age. For this to be manifest to its highest potential, it is necessary to fully overcome the division on the northern hemisphere between East and West.

How Russia delays its people’s progress

Ask yourself why the Russian Government is seeking to create a black-and-white situation where it seems like Ukraine becoming part of the EU is an act of hostility towards Russia. Why is Russia seeking to create its own free trade union, instead of pursuing membership of the European Union? Was this not precisely what Peter the Great sought to accomplish by building St. Petersburg in a swamp. Did he not seek to turn Russia towards the West, for he knew that was its future as a modern sophisticated nation?

Why, then, is the Russian government seeking to counteract or delay the opening up of Russia to new ideas? Why is there a power elite in Russia who does not want the Russian people to fulfill their highest potential? Why does this power elite want to keep a majority of the Russian people in a lower state of consciousness where they are functioning as worker bees, as slaves? I can assure you that the power elite in Russia have no love for the Russian people. They look down upon them as primitive peasants.

I, however, and all of us in the Ascended Host, have great love for the Russian people, and we want to see them rise up and fulfill their highest potential. This cannot be done by isolating yourself from the rest of the democratic world. It can only be done by embracing the timeless spiritual principles that serve as the foundation for the democratic world. It can only be done by seeing yourself as a worthy member of the family of nations and doing whatever it takes to actually be a worthy member of the family of democratic nations.

My beloved, as you can hear, I have yet many things to say unto you, but you cannot bear them now. I shall endeavor to give you further updates during this year and coming years. I AM your Mother Mary, and I AM here with you on earth always. For the earth is out of my Being, the Being of the Divine Mother.


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