Have you had enough of violence against women?

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, May 31, 2020. This dictation was given during a webinar about the liberation of women.

I am the Ascended Master Mother Mary. My first point that I want to bring out in this release is that I want to continue, based on what the Ascended Master Liberty said, about the control games between men and women. One of the more insidious and widespread control games is of course that men attempt to control women through money, or rather by denying them money or access to money. You have seen societies where women could not have a job, could not really work, could not earn a living, and therefore were totally dependent on getting married and staying married in order to survive physically. You see many societies today where this is still the case, and it is truly a form of control, a control game, that men are playing. The fallen beings have created these beasts that overpower men’s minds where they somehow think that women should not have money or they are not capable of using money wisely. Therefore, men must keep women away from money and keep money away from women so that the men are in control. In many cases the men are so blinded by this collective beast that they cannot see how illogical it is, how untrue it is. They cannot see that even though they consider this to be necessary, it is simply a control game that they are caught in and, as we said, if you are controlling others, you are controlled yourself.

There are many, many men who even today feel that since they are the one who is primarily earning the money or exclusively earning the money, they should be in control of how it is spent. The fact of the matter is that if men have this attitude and they deliberately keep their women out of the decision making process relating to money, then the men cannot stay in attunement with the flow of life. They cannot therefore multiply the money they are making, and that is why many of these men are living in poverty and will not get out of poverty precisely because they have that attitude. If instead they would give more equal value to their wives so that their wives were involved in the process of making money, then men and women together could add their momentum and this would result in a higher level of abundance for the couple, for the family. Either the man would make more money, get a better job or the woman would get an income and therefore the entire family would be better off financially than they are when men have this attitude of allowing themselves to be caught in this control game of limiting women through money.

It is clear that one of the major aspects of the progress we have seen in the more developed nations is that women have been able to get an education, women have been able to get jobs, to get reasonably paid jobs, and to get equal pay with men in the jobs that they do get. This is an extremely important development in terms of giving women more independence, more freedom and the ability to remove themselves from an abusive relationship because they can survive financially.

We have great compassion for the many women around the world who feel trapped in an abusive relationship but they know they cannot get out of that relationship because they could not survive themselves or they could not keep their children alive if they were not in that relationship. They endure the abuse but it has profound effects on the soul of these women and it really sets the stage for them going into a downward spiral where often they come into their next embodiment being at a lower level of consciousness, perhaps again attracting an abusive relationship or another abusive situation. Even if they come in as men in their next embodiment, they are still in that downward spiral of feeling they are not worthy to have money, not worthy to earn money, and therefore they subconsciously push abundance away from them. It is very important for you to keep the vision, to make the calls that women throughout the world will be cut free from this financial dependence on men. You can call for the binding of these beasts behind these control games, for the binding of these beasts that want to keep money away from women and keep women dependent on men for the money they need in order to survive.

Do you know where your clothes is made?

Now again, there is this possibility that you can call so that women in the West will wake up, women in the affluent nations will wake up, and they will take a hard look at their clothes-buying habits. They will say: “When I look at the clothes in my closet, do I actually know where it was made?” Most of the clothes you have in your closet were probably made by women who work in garment factories, but do you know in which nation it was made, and do you know under which conditions these women worked? Do you know what pay they were given? Was it just a very low income that allowed them barely to survive, and was it so that the factory was owned by men and that men were skimming off the majority of the profit? Is it so that the store where you bought the clothes is owned by men, or a corporation owned by men? Is it so that the importers, the middle men, are also men who are making money? When you see the price that you pay in the store in a modern country and you see what a particular woman made from making that particular dress, you can see there is a huge gap between the two, and the woman who did the actual work got almost nothing out of it.

Well again, you can look at this and say: “Is this a sustainable situation?” Could there not spring up, and of course there can, a movement of women in affluent nations who express solidarity with their sisters in less affluent nations, and who demand to know: “Where are my clothes made? You who are owning a particular store, or a chain of stores, where is the clothes made you are selling for women? Who made it? Was it made by women? What were they paid relative to the price that I pay in the store? What were they paid relative to the cost of living in their countries? What conditions were they working under? Were they working in these sweatshops or in unsafe conditions around the world? If that is the case, I will not buy in your store. We, as a force of women, will boycott the stores that are not open and forward about where the clothes are made and under which conditions these women are working.”

This could then promote a movement where these factories were forced to change, even give women better pay. You could even see the springing up of factories owned and run by women, as a cooperative, not as this traditional one owner or one corporation skimming off all the profits, but where there was a shared ownership where women shared in the income of the business, those who did the work. This is some of the potentials that you see whereby women in the Western world could put political pressure on not only companies but even nations where entire nations could be forced to change. For example, the nation of Bangladesh where there is an extensive garment industry, but the same in China, Vietnam and other nations, they would be forced to take a look at this and say: “We cannot continue to sell our products in the modern nations unless we give the women working in the garment industry reasonable working conditions and reasonable pay, and therefore we must make sure that this happens.”

In other words what you have today, is you have an entire clothing industry, garment industry, that is driven by profit and you have a large population of women in the affluent nations who are buying clothes and often buying more clothes than they need, but they look often at price, they look for the cheapest possible clothes that they can find and they do not care where it is made and under which conditions. This could change so that you saw a shift where women go for quality, they do not buy more than they need, and they have concerns about the conditions under which the clothes was made and they will not support this exploitation of women. It truly is an exploitation of women and an abuse of women and a violence against women that is going on in the garment industry, in other industries as well. Therefore, it can spread from there to other industries where women in the affluent nations, they are willing of course to support businesses in the less affluent nations that give work to women, but they demand that women get reasonable conditions and reasonable pay.

Explaining violence against women

Now, my next agenda here is to talk about a slightly different topic. We have talked about violence against women. Goddess of Liberty, the Ascended Master Liberty, talked about the control games where women are being controlled by men. There are many of these control games where men are using violence to control women, but when you look at women’s situations, when you look at what women are exposed to around the planet, you cannot explain all violence against women by control games. Some violence is driven by control games where men are simply using violence as a way to control the women in their lives, but not all violence can be explained by this.

What needs to happen, what you can make the calls for, is that women in the more developed nations, women who are liberated to the greatest possible degree, will start using their freedom to consider the issue of violence against women. It may not be such a big problem in their own countries, but again you need to show this solidarity and look at women in other countries and the violence against women there. Even in the most developed nations, there is some violence against women that cannot be explained by control games. Women can come to look at this and they can look at some of the worst instances of violence against women and they can see that when men rape women, you cannot explain this in most cases as a control game. There is, when you look at a man or even a group of men who are raping a woman, there is more to it.

What can you see if you look at these situations? I know that most women do not want to look at this, but nevertheless it is necessary that you look at this in order to improve conditions. You cannot improve conditions without being willing to look at a problem. When you look at men who are raping women, the first thing you can see is that there is more to this than just sexual desire, it is not just a matter of fulfilling some sexual desire. There is an anger, there is even a stronger feeling of a hatred that is directed against women.

You can look at men that are beating up women, and in some cases beating them up so much that they either die or have permanent damage as a result. Some women have been exposed to this, but many women of course have not experienced it directly. If you could look into the eyes of a man who is beating up a woman beyond any kind of rational explanation, you need to look for an irrational explanation. If you could look in the man’s eyes, you would see this anger, this hatred directed against the woman. There may be some men that are using violence, that are beating up women, because they want to punish the women for some reason. An aspect of control games is that you want to punish those that will not allow themselves to be controlled and so you have this desire for punishment, but violence against women cannot be explained by punishment either. There is an anger, there is a hatred. This goes in many other situations where women are abused in various ways.

If you go to a Muslim country where you have these fundamentalist Muslim preachers or imams who are promoting this Sharia Law and who are supporting the suppression of women, the limitation of women, if you could get them to talk openly and freely about their attitude to women, about why they support this suppression of women, you would also see in their eyes something that cannot be explained rationally. There is that anger, there is that hatred that is shining through them. I say it is shining through them because the question really is: Does it come from the man or has the man been taken over by it?

Here is where we first will see that in many cases, it does not actually come from the man. It comes because the man has had his mind, the four levels of his mind (his physical, emotional, mental and identity body) taken over by a collective entity. That collective entity is created over a very long time, and it is an entity of anger against women. There is another one of hatred against women and there are other entities that I will talk about later. There are these collective entities of anger directed against women, hatred against women and they can take over men’s minds when they are weak. When men are weak, it means that they have gotten themselves into a frustrated state of mind. They feel they are living under deep pressure, they are insecure, they are uncertain about their future. They feel this enormous pressure upon them and they are overwhelmed by this, and in order to get some kind of relief, they need to take out their anger against someone and who is closer than their wives? They get taken over by this anger entity and they direct the anger against their wives and for a brief period of time they may feel empowered by having taken their anger out. Of course, it does not last very long where they then go even deeper, often start self-loathing and now they are feeling even more frustrated, even more disempowered, even more under pressure and then, even though they had a certain release, the pressure starts building and the cycle repeats all over again.

Of course you can make the calls for the binding and the consuming of these collective entities, for men to be cut free from them, and for women to be cut free from the collective entities that overpower women’s minds so that they actually endure this kind of violence. In many cases the reason they endure it, as I said, is they have nowhere to go financially because they cannot sustain themselves and their children without the money coming from their husbands. Still, there is more to it than that.


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