Mob mentality in the public discourse in America

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, October 27, 2023. This dictation was given during the Webinar for America 2023: Coming into unity with Saint Germain’s vision for America.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain. If there is one word that would characterize the political situation in America right now, what would that word be? Well, you may each come up with your own individual words. And I would like you to take a moment to think about the situation in America, not only politically, but in all other ways that are important to you. And I would like you then to use your intuition to center in your heart and to see what word might come to you from within your heart.

The superficial basis for decision-making

Now, I would like you to step back and consider, did the word truly come from your heart? Or did it come from your mind? And if it came from your mind, which part of your mind? Did it come from the linear, intellectual analytical mind? Did it come from the emotions being agitated by this or that condition? Did the word come from some kind of attachment that you might have? If you are willing to consider this, then you can perhaps compare the word that you got, to the word that I had in mind. And when I, Saint Germain, look at the situation in America as it has been unfolding now for these last few years, not only in the political arena, but in all other areas of society, the one word that for me characterizes the current situation in America is this: “superficial.”

Why do I give this word? Look at the political situation. Look at the public discourse. Look at how people are talking to each other. Look at how they are communicating on social media. And ask yourself: “What is the foundation that people have for holding whatever opinions they hold? What is the foundation they have for making decisions about how they talk about the political process, how they define what is wrong with America, how they define what should be changed, how they define which politicians they will support and which they will not support, whom they will vote for and whom they will not vote for? What is it that decides it? What is their foundation for making these decisions about the fate of the nation?”

Then, look at their personal lives. What is the foundation they have for making decisions in their personal lives? Well, the knowledge people have, the so-called ‘facts’ that people have are all superficial. For the vast majority of Americans, the basis for their decision-making is very superficial.

Projecting out

Surely, I sense from the collective consciousness, as this is being spoken in the physical, that there is this collective beast rising up and saying: “But what about other nations? Surely, they are superficial too.” Well, my beloved, what do you want to change? America or other nations? What is this webinar about? America or other nations?

If you want to change America, how is that change going to come about? Who can change America? Do you think that the people in Europe can change America? Can they vote in the next election, for example? If anybody is going to change America, who is able to do so? Well, you, the American people. Who else? If you are projecting out that there is this and that problem in other nations, how are you going to change your own nation? How will you change your nation by looking out and trying to find fault with other nations, instead of looking in and seeing what might change in your nation?

And how will you change your nation if every time someone suggests some change, your first reaction is: “But we are not the only one with a problem. Surely, those other nations have the same problem.” What good does it do you that the rest of the world has a problem? How is that going to change America? And oh, are not there many Americans who want America to be the greatest nation on earth? How are you going to be the greatest unless you do what other nations do not do? Deal with the problems directly. How can you make profound, life-altering, nation-altering decisions based on the current superficiality seen in the public discourse?

The superficializing of the public discourse

Do you know which one institution has done more than anything else to superficialize the American public discourse? Well, it is Twitter, or “X” as it is now called. Short messages, forcing people to always give a black and white assessment of a situation. For what else can you do with so few characters? Of course, a close second is Facebook. Again, forcing people, in order to get attention, to be as extreme as possible. Because you are sure to get some ‘likes’ by this. And if all you are chasing is ‘likes,’ then you have to be as black and white as possible, as superficial as possible. For what else can black and white be but superficial?

We have given many teachings on black and white thinking. And surely, nobody is more superficial in their thinking than those who are trapped in black and white thinking. This is not to say, of course, that those who are trapped in gray thinking are deeper thinkers. For the deeper thinkers are those who must look beyond the dualistic extremes. Both the black and white and the gray. Who can change America? Well, only those who are willing to think. To think! Because when you are trapped in black and white thinking, you are not thinking. You are just reacting to what comes to you from other people, who are trapped in black and white thinking.

Mob mentality

What has happened in this superficial social media, and this superficiality of the public discourse, is that what you have created in large segments of the American population is what they would say is a sense of togetherness, maybe even solidarity. But what has really been created here in the collective consciousness of America is a mob mind, a mob mentality. You see this in numerous examples. But you see it very, very clearly in how people get responses. For example, on Facebook, where they get death threats or get these very threatening messages from people who disagree with them.

You had a situation very recently where the Republican Party (Or rather the Republican parties, we might say. For is it truly one party these days?) was trying to decide on who should be Speaker of the House. And there are examples of politicians who either did not support a certain Speaker or who were interested in becoming Speakers, and they themselves received death threats. And their wives received death threats, or other very extremist threatening messages on social media. How is this not mob mentality? What else is it but mob mentality?

Is this not the same as you saw in the Wild West, where despite the fact that the Constitution mandates that a person is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, suddenly you had a mob of people in this little town, and somebody had a rope. And they were all crying out: “Lynch him, lynch him!” What else is it? But this is taken to a greater scale in the collective consciousness of America. It is a mob mentality that right now is ruling the political discourse in America. And this mob mentality is not satisfied with ruling the political discourse. It wants to rule the political institutions. It wants to rule the courts. It wants to rule the press. It wants to rule every aspect of American society by threatening violence towards anyone who will not subject and become part of the mob.

Yes, certainly, there is a tremendous uproar in the collective consciousness as I am speaking this in the physical. There is a huge beast that is rising up right now, as you would see a grizzly bear rising on its hind legs, waving its paws and baring its teeth and growling. I, of course, am not really moved by this whatsoever, given that I am in the ascended realm. And I hope that you are not moved by it either, those of you who are ascended master students. For truly, what can this mob mentality lead to? Well, you have already seen on January 6, 2021, what it can lead to. But as the popular saying goes in America: “You ain’t seen nothing yet.” It could lead to other uprisings, other violent events, depending on how the political circus, we might say, unfolds up to the next election.

We can say that it could have been much worse already than it has been. And the reason it has not been is in large part because of the calls made by ascended master students. When you see this, when you see this mob mentality, you might spend a little bit of time studying the effects of this mob mentality, of how this madness of the crowd can overtake people’s individual minds. And you might consider that there are many people who have had their individual minds taken over by the mob. Not a physical mob in a physical location, in many cases, but a mob in the social space that has been created by the internet and social media.

The psychology of the mob mind

In the old days, it required a group of people to physically come together in a certain location before this mob mind could form. That is why you saw the situation where Jesus stood before the angry mob that wanted to stone the woman caught in adultery. And what did Jesus do? Well, he made them look at themselves. You will know there are some stories that the woman caught in adultery was a prostitute and that many of the people in the crowd condemning her had been her customers. And you will know that there are some that will say that Jesus knelt down and wrote their names in the sand, wrote the names of those who had slept with the woman. And this made them look at themselves, feel ashamed and walk away.

But irregardless, the fact of the matter is this. When people are trapped in the mob mentality, they are focused on the victim of the mob mind. The mob mind always has a scapegoat. Otherwise, a mob mind cannot form. It forms only when there is a scapegoat towards whom people can direct their anger. What happens is that when people’s minds are taken over by this, then they are only looking out, looking at the scapegoat. They are not looking at themselves. They actually feel empowered by the mob mind, because they can set aside the normal need to look at themselves. This normal need to say: “Well, don’t throw stones if you live in a house of glass.” The mob does not need to consider this. It can throw all the stones it wants without looking at itself, without the members looking at themselves.

But actually, you could say that the members form one mind, so they are no longer individuals. They are taken over by the mob mind. And you can see this very, very clearly in many situations on the internet where people have been caught up in this. And they are just repeating and regurgitating what others have said, the black and white thinking, the always pointing to a scapegoat. This is wrong. That is wrong. The next thing is wrong.

You see in history many examples of this. You see, if you go back and look at the Christian scriptures, how Jesus often confronted these crowds. Not only the woman caught in adultery, but look at the situation where Pontus Pilate asks the people whom they want to be released, the Living Christ or a convicted murderer. And they all cry: “Barabbas! Barabbas!” Again, the mob mentality, the mob mind that cannot recognize the Living Christ, even though he stands before them in the flesh. And how many in America today would be able to recognize the Living Christ if he stood before them in the flesh?

There was in this recent debacle about choosing a speaker for the Republican Party. Donald Trump made the remark that only Jesus Christ, if he materialized himself, could be elected speaker. But that is actually an incorrect assessment. Because if Jesus Christ appeared in the flesh and wanted to be speaker of the house, the first to reject him would be the Christians, the Christians who feel holier than thou. Because they believe in their mob mentality that they have the truth about Christ. And therefore, they do not need the Living Christ, nor would they recognize him or accept him. They would reject him and

The power elite (not the system) is the problem in America

This is the mob mentality. It is entirely superficial. There is no deep thinking. In fact, there is no thinking in a mob mind. Now, you may say that there is a tendency as this mob mind in the political discourse of America. They are not necessarily pointing to people as scapegoats. They are pointing to the system. The system is wrong. The government is wrong. Congress is wrong. The Senate is wrong. Biden is wrong. The Democrats are wrong.

My beloved, I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain and I have sponsored this American nation now since its inception! I was part of setting up the Constitution! And the Constitution is the foundation for the governmental system of America! There is nothing wrong with that system! It has guided this nation for almost 250 years. And it will be able, with a few additions here and there, and refinements, to guide it for another 250 years. What is wrong with the system is not something wrong with the system.

What is wrong with the situation in America is that there are people who have manipulated the system in a way that no democratic system can really prevent. Because you cannot give freedom without giving the possibility of an abuse of that freedom. The only defense against this is that people are alert, that people are awake. And what does it take for them to be awake? They cannot be in the mob mind. They cannot think on this superficial level. They must think clearly and deeply about issues before they make decisions and voice opinions.

It is not the system that is the problem in America. It is the power elite that is the problem in America. Where do you hear those who criticize the system talk about a power elite manipulating the system behind the scenes? What will change America is not that you overthrow the system, but that you become aware of the elite. And therefore, do not allow the elite to run the system behind the facade. You look behind that facade and you see that it is not the system itself, but the fact that there are people who are taking advantage of the system that is the problem. How will you see this? By thinking clearly and deeply, not superficially. It is superficial thinking among too many of the people that have allowed the power elite to gain the influence on the nation that they have. That has allowed them to buy influence through lobbying or outright corruption, cronyism, the old boys network, the ‘I pat your back and you pat my back’ mentality. No democratic system is immune to this.

Democracy needs alert and thinking people

You could create a system where a particular elite could not take over. For example, the problem in America is obviously that the business elite has gained too much influence on America. The top 2% or the top 10 %, not of the most spiritually evolved people, but of the richest people. You could create a system where this monetary financial elite could not gain control of the country. That system has been created. It was called Communism. You cannot create a free democratic society that an elite cannot take advantage of, because the only way to prevent an elite from taking advantage of the system would be to create a totalitarian system that keeps an eye on everyone.

What I am saying is that a free democratic society requires that the people are awake, that they are alert, that the press and media, that the people in the government are alert. And they think more deeply about issues. Superficial thinking is simply not enough to ensure the survival of any democracy. It takes people who are willing to think clearly, deeply, and who are willing to speak out and call a spade a spade. But you see, the mob mentality is very willing to speak out. But first of all, it is not based on clear and deep thinking. And it is not, despite what some people would claim, not based on calling a spade a spade, but calling a scape a goat.

That is all the mob mind can do. Appoint a scapegoat and say: “If we lynch the scapegoat, we will have solved all of our problems. If we overturn the system, we will have solved all of America’s problems. If we drain the swamp, we will solve all of our problems. If we get rid of the Democrats, we will solve all of our problems.” Do you think that by saying this, I am singling out a certain person or certain people? No, I am not singling them out. They have singled themselves out by being part of the superficiality of the public discourse. Not only going back to the election of 2016, but going back to the 1990s, where Newt Gingrich is the politician who initiated the whole cycle of this very controversial opposing form of political discourse, where there has to be black and white, this is the problem, this is wrong, these people are to blame.

What is it that the mob mentality can do, only do? Blame someone. There must be someone to blame. Tell me, my beloved, how will a democracy ever be able to function if a majority of the people are only interested in finding who is to blame? What do you want? Do you want to blame somebody? Or do you want to improve the nation? Because if you want to improve the nation, you can forget about blaming other people. Who are you that can change America? We, the people. Who are the ones who do not want to change America? The elite.

Becoming aware of the elite and its epic mindset

I am not here talking about blaming the elite. I am talking about becoming aware of the elite and their influence, but I am not talking about blaming them. But what you have seen happen over these last several decades is that the American people are not seeing the elite. They are not really aware of the elite. And they do not see the elite as a problem. Why not? Because they are so busy blaming each other that they cannot even identify that the problem is the elite. They think the problem is that other group of people, who do not have the same political views that we have. Because they think it is a matter of political view. And they have become pulled into this public discourse that is a clear expression of what we have given so many teachings about. The epic mindset.

Do you really think that it is of epic importance which party runs the country? As you look at the two parties today, do you really think that if one party runs the country, everything will go to hell? And if the other party does, everything will be wonderful? Because if you do, you are caught in superficial thinking. There can hardly be a more superficial form of thinking than that. As we have said before, both parties are deeply influenced by the elite. And no party right now can fundamentally change the situation without a much greater awareness among the people about the elite and its influence.

Yet, the knowledge is already there. We have before talked about the study by the Rand Corporation, but there are other books. There are other people who have spoken out about this. But the American people have not paid attention. Why? Because they are so busy blaming some other group of American people. Why is this so? Well, my beloved, just look back in history. We have said before that many among the American people were embodied in the Roman Empire 2,000 years or more ago. What was one of the modus operandi of the Roman emperors when they conquered land? Divide and conquer.

What has the power elite done in America? Divide the people. “Make them fight each other. Make them blame each other and we can sit back and run the country behind the scenes, concentrating more and more wealth in our own hands because we don’t care what happens to the country. We don’t care.” Listen to this. The elite, they do not care what happens to the country. They will fiddle while Rome burns, for they do not care about America. They are not patriots. They do not care about the principles behind this country. How would an elite ever be able to care about democratic principles? Tell me this. No elite can be in the democratic mindset for if it was, it would not be an elite, would it?

This is the only thing that has a realistic possibility of changing America. That a majority of the people, a critical mass of the people extract themselves from the mob mentality, whether it is the mob mentality on the one side of the political divide or the other side of the political divide. They must extract themselves from this and say: “Let’s stop trying to find someone to blame and let’s think more deeply about what really is the problem.” And if you think more deeply about what really is the problem in America, all arrows point to the elite. And the increasing elitism, the increasing concentration of wealth, as a result of the neoliberal philosophy.

And all roads lead to Rome and the center of Rome is the seat of the emperor, meaning the elite. I am not even saying that the people need to blame the elite although, of course, some people will do so. But it would be more constructive if people could come together, blaming the elite, instead of blaming each other, for that is certainly not constructive.

Violence and division in America

How will things go in America if people stay at this level of this superficial public discourse? How will things go? Well, you will have deeper and deeper divisions. And as you can see, America is a nation where violence is always under the surface. You have this shooting in Maine that is still not fully resolved, but you have so many other shootings. And you see, well you do not see, most people do not see—but what is it you can see if you think deeply about this? You can think and see that too many Americans are too quick to respond with violence. What is the very basis for democracy? It is that you solve problems without violence.

Think back 150 years and look west. You had the Wild West. There were parts of the Wild West that were not really in the union. They were not states, they were territories. But what did you have there? Mob rule. The strongest, the quickest to draw his gun is the one who wins the day. Do you want to go back to that state? Apparently, some people do. The people who broke down the doors and the windows to the most sacred building of American democracy. They wanted to go back to the Wild West where they said: “Never mind the system that has been in place for 200 plus years. We want our way, because we know we are right.” Why do you know you are right? “I do not know. I am not thinking about it. I just know I am right. And I have a right to use violence to get my way, when the system won’t give me my way.” The system that was set in place by me precisely to prevent some little group from going against the will of the majority of the people.

Do you not see that a democracy, as its foundation, cannot allow a mob to take over? Can you not see that a democracy must be set up to prevent precisely this kind of event? Otherwise, what do you have? You have the Wild West. You have some countries where a mob can suddenly take over the government and insert themselves as the leaders. But this, then, is not a democracy, is it? And it certainly is not America. And it certainly is not a nation that I, Saint Germain, could ever sponsor. If you had this kind of mob rule take over American political institutions, I would immediately have to withdraw my sponsorship. Just look at this situation. Look at the divisiveness and then consider where this might go if the trend continues.

You see the recent situation in Congress. Here you have a party which has a majority. You would think that if they have a majority, they could all come together in trying to enforce their policy. But they are so divided that they are basically in a civil war in the Republican Party. Why? Because there are some that have become so taken over by a certain aspect of the mob mind that they will not even submit to their own party’s leadership. They want their way, no matter what. And this is an aspect of the mob mind, which you can see very clearly when you see, for example, some of the riots that have been taking place in America. And of course, other nations. But nevertheless, let us focus on America again.

Mob mentality: chaos and anarchy

You have the situation where there was a police shooting, or police arresting a man and killing that person. Suddenly you have a demonstration. It is—for the vast majority of the people—it is a peaceful demonstration. They are vocal. They are yelling. But there is no direct violence. Then, there is a small segment of this mob that are not really part of the mob, in the sense that they are just out to take advantage of the chaos. And they are the ones who started smashing windows, stealing from stores, looting. And what is it they really want? Well, some of them want to enrich themselves.

But there are others, as I said, that are caught in another aspect of the mob mind that is not really about blaming somebody. It is about what? It is about creating chaos. There is a beast, a very strong collective beast on earth, going back to this grouping of fallen ones that we have talked about, who only want to create chaos. And this beast just wants to create chaos. And when it takes over people’s minds, they become instruments of chaos. They just want to upset status quo, to destroy whatever system is there.

The irony, the immense irony of this is that many of these people who are trapped in this chaos mentality, they are into all kinds of conspiracy theories. They are open to this, that, and the next conspiracy theory. But they are very selective in what kind of conspiracy theories they are open to. Because, again, they are not particularly aware of the power elite. But nor are they aware of the conspiracy that seeks to simply create chaos in democratic nations. That seeks to create distrust in democratic institutions, distrust in democracy as a form of government. Spreading this mentality that: “A democracy just cannot work. We need a strong leader.”

Russian and Chinese anti-democratic propaganda

And who is behind this conspiracy? Who exactly is behind it? Russia and China, primarily. Russia and China have a deliberate secret policy of using social media, and any other institution they can use, to spread distrust of democracy. They want to take democracy down. They know they cannot destroy democracy. They realize that. But they want to take democracy down a notch, so that they can keep their own totalitarian governments in power a little longer. Putin does not see the writing on the wall that his days are numbered. But the Chinese leadership, they do see that the Communist Party in China has long gone past its expiration date. And that it cannot continue to survive indefinitely.

But they are hoping they can hold back democratic movements in China, as they did in Hong Kong, for as long as possible. And they are hoping that by creating as much chaos as they can in democratic nations, and primarily in America, they can maybe convince some of their own people that there is no point in enacting democracy in China, because democracy does not even work. “Just look at America and all the chaos in America.” This is a deliberate policy. A deliberate policy. And they have used, for a number of years now, social media to promote this.

And who are the people who have bought in to this in America? Who are the people who have become victims of this Russian and Chinese propaganda, this anti-democratic propaganda? Many of them are, ironically, the very people who claim to be patriots, wanting to make America great again and restore America to some lost Edenic state. Can they explain when America was great before and why it was great before? No, because their thinking is not deep enough. Because if it was, they would see that you do not make America great by overthrowing the system. But by working within the system, preventing a small elite from manipulating the system. That is how you make America great. Not by promoting chaos and anarchy.

Compromise or cooperation?

Where does this lead to? Well, many things, of course, that I will expound upon in the coming talks I will give here. But it leads to the point where you have to ask yourselves, or rather you have to ask into the collective consciousness: “What do we want for America? Do we want to improve things in America? Or do we want to continue to blame each other, blaming somebody else?”

You see, the American system, the American political system, is set up deliberately to have a balance of power. This was done by the founding fathers, but few of them had the full understanding that I had in my mind, and that I attempted to inspire upon those among them who were open to these ideas. None were open to everything, but several people were open to ideas. And it all came together into the system that was created. And the essence of this system is not simply that the president cannot set himself up as the king or as the CEO of a corporation and have god-like powers. But also, that neither Congress or the Senate, nor the Supreme Court, can set themselves up as ultimately running America as some kind of dictatorship.

That is why the entire system is based on cooperation. Now, there are those who will say that this is compromise, but is it compromise or is it cooperation? Where is the line? Well, the line is in the attitude of the people. If you are blaming each other, you will only look at things as compromises. If you are not blaming each other, you will look at results that can be achieved as cooperation. Because the system is set up in such a way that hopefully no political party would have such a big majority that in themselves, they could change the system.

And therefore, the whole idea is that Congress and the Senate hopefully should not be run by extremists on either side, but by those who are more in the center, therefore willing to reach across the middle and cooperate. This is how the system is set up. But when you have this current polarization with two extremist factions that are blaming each other, the result is and has been that the centrists often have been squeezed out. Or they have just left, because they do not want to be part of the whole blame game.

This is how the system can work. And as we have said before, where are the majority of the American people? They are much closer to the center than the extremist factions of either the Democratic Party or the Republican Party. The majority of the American people should be the ones whose views are reflected in the decisions made by Congress and the Senate. And if that is not the case, then there is clearly something here that is not according to the original intention. And why are not people seeing this? Because of superficial thinking. Too many people are trapped in the superficial thinking, the black and white thinking, the ‘we are right, the others are wrong.’

How do you make things work in the American political system? If you understand how the system was set up, how do you make things work? Not by blaming, not by trying to find fault, not by thinking that you are absolutely right and the others are absolutely wrong. Who are the people who are yelling the loudest in the current political climate? It is those who are more in the extreme, those who are in the black and white thinking, those who are convinced that they are right. And what are they doing? They are looking at what is wrong. They are trying to find fault. Well, if you are in the duality consciousness, you can always find fault. Look at the scribes and Pharisees who found fault with Jesus.

You can always find fault, but finding fault will not make the American political system function the way it was intended to function. The system was intended to function so that those who are looking at what can make the system work, what can make the country work, what is the best for the American people, they are the ones who dominate the system. Then, the system will work. But if you allow the black and white thinkers to run the system, then the system will not work. But it is not a fault of the system, but a fault of that minority that are seeking to run the country against the will of the majority. Which, as you will see, is not the definition of a democracy.

I could, of course, go on for some considerable time. But I will postpone further remarks till later, for I have already given you more than most of you can handle in one sitting. Nevertheless, I am very grateful that so many of you have tuned in to this. And as we have said many times before, your chakras become the broadcasting stations for broadcasting this into the collective consciousness. Now, you may think: “Oh, what effect does it have? Look at how many dictations the masters have given. What effect has it had?” Well, first of all, it has had many effects, even in the physical. But it certainly has had many effects in the emotional, mental and identity realms.

Every time we give a dictation, some people are awakened. It is not that they did not know all of this before. But it is that they decide it is time to speak up. It is time to do something. It is time to do something different. Who are the people who will bring America out of its current crisis? They are the ones who are the practical realists who say: “How can we make things work? Does it matter whether we are Democrats or Republicans? Nay, we have serious problems to solve. Let’s come together and make things work.” Those are the people who can take America up.

And those are the people who can make America great, whether you call it ‘again’ or not. For they can actually make America greater than it has ever been, not returning it to some glorious past that is long gone. For I am not interested in making America “great again.” I am interested in making America greater than it has ever been before. For I am not looking back. I am looking forward. And so are many people who have been and will be awakened by this discourse, by your invocations, by your work over the years. Those of you who call yourselves ascended master students and who are open to the new teachings that we are bringing forth now, instead of looking back to what was brought forth so many decades ago. I am grateful that you are with me today and into the future of the Golden Age. I hope America will be part of that Golden Age. But I can assure you that my Golden Age will be manifest on earth, whether America is the forerunner or not. Saint Germain, I AM.


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