MM 09. The out-breath and the in-breath of God

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Ascended Master MORE through Kim Michaels.

Master MORE, I AM. And I come to give you an impression of what the First Ray really is. Not as you see it when you first begin the Path of the Seven Veils where you start at the 48th level and work your way up through the seven initiations in the First Ray retreat. But I wish to give you an impression of what the First Ray is seen from the perspective of an ascended being and even the Creator itself.

The levels of the material realm

You should know that life has a hierarchical structure. You may start at your present level of awareness where most people are focused on the physical body and the material realm, what they can detect with the senses. Yet if you are a spiritual person open to this teaching, you know, of course, that there are other realms, other dimensions. You know that there is an emotional realm, where you find your feelings. This has a higher vibration than the material, as seen by the fact that it is not as dense, that feelings are easier to change than physical matter.

When you go beyond the emotional level, you reach the mental where you have thoughts. And thoughts are even more fleeting and easier to change than feelings. Once a feeling is set on a track and qualified with a certain vibration, such as anger, it is harder to change that feeling than to change the thought that often precedes the feelings. Once you are angry with a person, it is harder to change this than if you are just thinking about what the person did or did not do.

Of course, you can go beyond the mental into the etheric where you find your sense of identity. And here you also find that your identity is actually much easier to change, once you get to the point where you are tuned in to the identity level rather than looking at it through the filter of the conscious mind, the emotional mind and the mental mind. Once you use the Conscious You’s ability to project itself into the identity realm, then it is easy to switch your sense of identity. In fact, you can instantly switch from believing you are a human, material being to knowing and experiencing that you are spiritual being, that you are pure awareness.

Likewise, you can potentially instantly shift to not identifying yourself as a being in embodiment but as a spiritual being. I admit that at your current level of consciousness it would be difficult to make that shift instantly, but as you rise on the path toward the 144th level of consciousness, you learn to consciously master the process of switching your sense of identity. And when you come to the 144th level, it is but a small switch – a small step – to shift from there to the ascended state.

The levels of the spiritual realm

If you keep going up, you now – after you ascend – you enter the spiritual realm. At first you might enter the realm that is closest to the material world in vibration. But again, there are many levels of the spiritual realm. And how do you work your way up through those levels? By, again, experiencing a certain sense of self until you have had enough of that experience and want more. And therefore you switch into a higher sense of self.

You may start seeing yourself as a newly ascended master, and you can choose to stay with the earth and help other unascended beings. Or you can chose to move on to other realms in the ascended world where you can be of a different kind of service or have a different kind of experience. But then you will grow towards higher levels. You will come to a point where you can serve in one of the higher offices. You can even become worthy to hold the office of an Archangel or Elohim or God or Goddess and therefore fulfill still higher offices in the hierarchical structure of the one mind of God.

We have given a teaching, that you might be familiar with, that there are different spheres, that the Creator first created one sphere and then, when the self-aware extensions of the Creator had brought that sphere to its ascension point, a new sphere was created. And this has continued through seven levels, so that you are now in the seventh – unascended – sphere whereas the six previous ones have all ascended.

As you work your way up to the ascended state, you will first enter the lower levels of the spiritual realm, which is represented by the sixth sphere, the one most recently ascended. In that sphere there is a hierarchical structure. You can work your way up through that structure until you come up to the highest level of the sixth sphere. Then you can transcend, going up to the fifth, work your way up through that and continue this process until you reach the first sphere where you will work your way up to the point where you attain the level of awareness held by the Creator, the Creator who created this world of form out of its own Being.

This is your long-term potential, and it is open to any self-aware being that is an extension of the Creator. This does not necessarily mean every human being currently embodied on earth, but it does mean the majority of them. What does creation – what does the world of form – look like from the viewpoint of the Creator itself? Why did the Creator create anything? Why did the Creator start the process of creation?

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