MM 08. Power and freedom

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Ascended Master MORE through Kim Michaels.

Master MORE, I AM, and I am free. Will you be free with me? That is the question you might ask yourself. And you might find reason to step back and look at – even at this point, where you have studied my previous discourses – you might consider the question: “Am I able to be free with Master MORE?”

Imagine that you and I had walked into the garden around my retreat at Darjeeling. We had found a secluded spot, we had sat down, and here we are just the two of us. We can talk about absolutely anything that you want to talk about. How free would you feel in that situation?

Would you be able to freely share with me what are your concerns in life, what are your concerns about your own growth, your own state of consciousness? Would you be able to freely ask any questions you have, or are there questions you would be afraid to ask because you are afraid of what the answer might be?

You see, what I have attempted to explain is that I run the retreat of the First Ray, and the First Ray is the first place where spiritual beings come when they are ready to seek a higher path under direct guidance from the ascended masters, from the Chohans. This means that you do not have to be at the 48th level of consciousness in order to come to my retreat. You have to have come to that turning point where you are sincerely wanting something more than repeating the same old patterns that you have been repeating for a long time.

How free are you?

When you have the desire to be more, you can, in your finer bodies, attend my retreat. I will then attempt to help you according to your present level of consciousness and your willingness to transcend that level of consciousness. You see, in a sense, we could say that what determines my ability to help you is how free you are in terms of stepping back from your present state of consciousness, your present perception filter, your way of looking at life. How willing are you to step back, freely look at where you are at in consciousness and recognize: “I no longer want to be here, I want to come up higher?”

Many of the students who come here have very little freedom in terms of being willing and able to question the way they look at life. They often feel very much locked in a pattern. There is only a certain way they can look at life. They are not willing or able to realize that the way they look at life right now is only one possible way to look at life and that there are many others—and that it is only by considering some of those other ways that they have a chance of ascending to a higher state of consciousness. For if you continue to look at life the way you look at life right now without questioning it, then you cannot rise, can you? It is that simple, is it not?

How free do you feel in terms of stepping back, looking at your present state of consciousness or in asking me: “Master MORE, show me, where I am in consciousness. Show me what it is that is holding me back right now, that prevents me from taking the next step to a higher level.”

Your reactionary patterns

You might realize that what this very much comes down to is how personally you take everything that happens to you in life. Be willing to look at your life and see where there are situations where other people say or do something and you take it very personally. You feel that they are personally attacking you, ridiculing you, seeking to put you down, seeking to embarrass you, seeking to make you angry. And therefore, you go into a reactionary pattern that you can clearly see—if you are willing to take a look.

Then, be willing to ask yourself where these reactions come from. Where does this pattern of reaction come from? And then recognize that it comes from one simple place: It comes from the spirits that you have allowed to enter your lower being or that you have created within that lower being.

When you know that you are the Conscious You – when you know that you have experienced glimpses of pure awareness – you can see that this Consciousness You, which is simply pure awareness, cannot take anything on earth personally. Because it knows that it is not the body, it knows it is not the lower mind, it knows it is not the spirits. Why then would you take anything personally? You see, the Conscious You does not take anything personally. You take things personally only when you look at a situation through the filter of a certain spirit.

Now, as Saint Germain has mentioned before, his main retreat is called the Cave of Symbols. He has the ability there to help you see the symbol that is holding you back, that is limiting you. But this teaching was given before the teaching given by the Maha Chohan on the creation of spirits. So you now see that what is actually the first line of reaction is the spirit. But of course, the spirit was created out of a particular thought matrix, which is what Saint Germain called a symbol because it is nothing but a symbol. It is not real. It is only a thought matrix created in the mind. And it is created based on a limited, selective view of life.

Thus you see, when a given spirit is created, it is created based on this symbol, based on this particular view of life. And this was a view of life that you either accepted because of something that happened to you here on earth, or that you chose to create in order to deal with certain situations here on earth.

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