MM 07. Power and peace

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Ascended Master MORE through Kim Michaels.

Master MORE, I AM. I come to give you the next installment in this series of discourses, helping you grasp – not only understand intellectually – but actually experience the vibration and qualities of the First Ray.

Of course, one of the basic qualities of the First Ray is power. But when I say power, many students immediately have associations to the way they have seen power used on earth. So let me give you some comments on what it truly means to be powerful. For when you look at earth, especially when you look at history, you will see that there have been certain powerful people who have been able to exercise great physical power over others. Thus, you might set up a standard, which says that people who had this kind of dictatorial power were very powerful. Yet according to a non-dualistic definition, these people were not powerful at all.

My beloved, if you want a comparison to this, you might go and look at an anthill. You might know that an anthill has a very hierarchical structure. But there is one ant who is at the top of the food chain, or the power chain, so to speak. Some of the other ants are soldiers, but most of them are just workers who have no real will of their own or mind of their own. You might then see that this one ant has great power in the anthill. But you, as a human, could take a shovel and within a few minutes you could completely shatter the anthill to the point where it was almost beyond the ability to be reassembled to its former state.

What is real power?

When you step up to the perspective of an ascended master, you see that even the most so-called powerful people on earth were no more than the top ant in the anthill, and their power is as nothing compared to the power of the Elohim, or even the power seen on certain other planets where you do not have the lower manifestations that you have on earth. There are other planets in the material universe where there are people who have developed the powers of their minds to the point where if they appeared on earth they could, by simply waiving their hand, wipe out even the most powerful army ever assembled on earth. Thus you see, what you call powerful is not truly powerful. It is only powerful within a certain context, for as you should know – by Einstein’s famous theory of relativity – everything is relative—at least in the material universe.

Is it really power that you have power over others in the anthill on earth? Nay. As I am fond of saying, if the guru be an ant, heed him. So learn from this that the power you have in the material universe is as nothing compared to the creative power of God.

My point for giving you this instruction is, of course, to help you see that the purpose of the Path of the Seven Veils is to help you unlock your real powers, the creative powers that come from your I AM Presence, and that your Presence is longing to have stream through you as soon as you become an open door for the Presence.

The purpose of the Path of the Seven Veils is not to raise you up to where you become powerful as judged by a human standard, but where you actually become the open door for the power of God. But you see, the power of God wants to express itself on earth, but it will not express itself according to human expectations and standards. That is why – as long as you hold on to such expectations and standards – your mind will be the closed door. You are subconsciously imposing conditions on how the creative power of God can be expressed through you, and this will effectively close the valves in your chakras and prevent the power of God from streaming through. For of course, the power of God, while all-powerful, will not violate the power of free will.

The dream of having special powers

Let me address a topic that I often have to deal with at my retreat, and that is that many spiritual students have a dream of having special powers. This is not necessarily physical powers, but it is certain spiritual or psychic powers. So many dream of being able to show some miraculous feat that would convince anyone about the reality of the spiritual realm or the spiritual path, or the value of a certain teaching, or a certain guru, or even the existence of ascended masters. Many ascended master students dream of a day when we of the ascended masters will appear in some physical, undeniable manifestation, so that everyone will be convinced that we exist—and therefore see that these students, who were among the early people to recognize us, were right all along.

My beloved, most of such dreams and expectations simply come from the ego, and they are what psychologists call “delusions of grandeur” where you dream of suddenly being changed, much as you see in the fairy tales that are called “from rags to riches.” You are suddenly changed by some miraculous event, and now you are recognized as being someone special, as being someone superior.

My beloved, this is not how we work with our students. We have no desire to raise our students up to some superior status according to the standards on earth for what is power or what is special ability. We desire our students to be the open doors for true power. But true power does not work the way you expect based on the standards on earth. So I would now like to take you on a little journey, where we go and look at the root cause of these dreams, these delusions of grandeur.

Quite frankly, most spiritual and religious people on earth have these delusions of grandeur, as do for that matter many non-spiritual and non-religious people. Look, for example, at the Soviet Union and how many people were caught up in the communist dream of world domination and superiority. Look at Nazism and how many people were caught up in the dream of the superiority of the Aryan race and the German people ruling the world. And look at how many New Age and spiritual people dream of their guru being recognized as the one and only who saved the earth. Or look at how many religious people dream that their religion or their particular sect or church will be recognized as the one. So many Christians think that Jesus will return and validate their particular church as the only true church of Christ. Ah yes, delusions of grandeur, my beloved.

Now, for those who are my students and who have gone through the first several levels of my retreat, then they come to the sixth level where we have both the First Ray and the Sixth Ray in combination. Now, they need to look at these delusions of grandeur, they need to look at where they come from—and where do they come from?

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