MM 06. Power and healing

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Ascended Master MORE through Kim Michaels.

Master MORE I AM. And let me build on the teaching I have given you about the party that we give to those who have come to the point of making that decision to be willing to accelerate themselves. I have compared it to the confirmation party that is often thrown for teenagers when they confirm their Christian faith.

I am aware, of course, that many teenagers on earth see this as a cultural ceremony, a formality that gives them access to the party and the presents. But nevertheless, the deeper meaning behind it is that you actually come to a point of maturity where you can consciously confirm your Christian faith.

I am, of course, not asking you to confirm anything out of faith. What does faith have to do with what I teach, for I teach through experience. And when you experience, what is the need for believing in something that you have not experienced? Believing that the experience is possible is helpful in terms of opening your mind and heart to having the experience, but ultimately the goal is for you to have the experience.

A period of intense growth

When you do make this commitment, you can go into a phase where you now use the power you have discovered to greatly accelerate your sense of self. You can accelerate yourself beyond your previous sense of self. Many students now go into a period in my retreat that is paralleled by what they experience in their waking consciousness. For often, when people have gone through this ceremony in my retreat, they may not remember the ceremony with their conscious minds, but they do realize that the spiritual path is a tremendous opportunity for accelerating themselves.

Especially those who are aware of our teachings often now throw themselves at studying these teachings more earnestly and practicing the techniques of our decrees and invocations with greater fervor than before. This often launches them into a period of very intense growth where they shake off many of the old conditions, where they shake off much of the baggage they have been carrying with them, often for lifetimes. This is a tremendous growth process, a tremendous acceleration.

Going to the retreats of other Chohans

This process is helped along by the fact that after you go through this ceremony of truly affirming your willingness to accelerate, you are no longer confined, so to speak, to my retreat only. Until you have made this commitment, you can only attend the retreat of the First Ray, for this is, so to speak, the testing ground to test your willingness to accelerate. I seek, as I have described in the first several steps, to get you to the point where you can make that decision. But until you have made that decision, you cannot go anywhere else; you cannot really go to the retreats of the other Chohans. But once you do make that decision, you can go to the retreat where you need to go in order to come over a certain threshold, a certain hump, on your path.

Some students might go to the retreat of Lord Lanto, where they learn to expand their reasoning abilities because they need to reason about certain things in order to accelerate themselves beyond some of their past baggage. Other students go to the retreat of Paul the Venetian where they work even more on experiencing and absorbing love, working on their ability to accept that they are worthy of love. Other students, of course, at this point go to the retreat of Serapis Bey where they then receive tremendous help in using the power of acceleration, the Flame of Acceleration, the Flame of Purity, to accelerate themselves beyond much from the past.

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