MM 05. Power and acceleration

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Ascended Master MORE through Kim Michaels.

Master MORE, I AM. Let me now take your instructions to the next level. What I have described so far is how I usually attempt to help people when their lifestreams first come to my retreat in Darjeeling. I have described how most new students must go through an initial period where I first seek to help them see the need to look beyond their expectations – their world view, their standard – for what a spiritual teacher should be like and what it is like to be a spiritual student and be in a spiritual retreat. For I cannot help people if they seek to force me to conform to their expectations, instead of being willing to help me take them beyond their present mental box.

I have described how I seek to reason with people because all people have the ability to reason one step beyond their current level of consciousness. I have described how I seek to make people feel loved and feel like I have no judgment of them whatsoever, but that I have only one goal, and that is to help them rise to higher levels of consciousness.

Healing in the Garden of Love

Yet I will also describe how many students need to go through a period where – after having realized the need to look beyond their standard, after having begun to reason – they need to go through a period of healing where they experience love. To this end I have extensive gardens around my retreat which, of course, are in the etheric realm where climate is not a consideration. For climate is created by me and those who help maintain the retreat.

We have created extensive gardens with beautiful flower arrangements, fragrant plants, fountains and streams and of course birds that sing constantly. I have earlier talked about the little blue bird of kindness but we have many different birds. We have a certain section of the garden where the main flower is the rose and where there are several birds that sing in a way that is designed to help students feel the vibrations of love.

Of course, the rose that you know on earth is the flower that has the fragrance that is closest to the vibration of love. When you smell a rose, you experience with your sense of smell the closest you can come with that sense to the vibration of love. There comes a point, where the student has been at my retreat for some time, when it is literally time to smell the roses. Thus, many students go into the garden, they find a spot that they like, and then they just sit there and absorb the fragrance and the sound of the birds. Of course, I have helpers at my retreat who can read the vibration of people’s auras and chakras and know exactly what they need to hear and smell and see and sense in order to receive the most healing.

Students can spend quite some time here, for you see, there really is no point in moving on until you have experienced true love, whereby I mean a love that is beyond conditions. This is a love that is beyond what you usually experience as love on earth where you are so used to there always being conditions attached to people expressing love towards you. You have to earn it, you have to live up to some condition. But truly, ultimate healing comes from experiencing unconditional love.

In the beginning you may experience it from me, but the ultimate goal is that you experience it directly from your I AM Presence, which is the source of unconditional love for you. This love is, of course, the love of the Creator, the love that the Creator has for all self-aware extensions of itself. Thus, we cannot produce it. We can only be the open doors for it, but it is the ultimate healing agent.

Rejecting unconditional love

There are those who come to my retreat and have been so programmed by conditions on earth that they find it difficult to accept unconditional love. This presents somewhat of a challenge for me. For how can you truly help a person feel love, if that person has so many conditions attached to what love is—and how it should be expressed, and how the person has to live up to this or that standard before he or she can open the heart to actually experience love?

You may look at earth and see how you have been programmed to think that you have to live up to conditions before you can receive love, and many students transfer this to God and think that God is the one who has the most conditions. Because God’s love is supposed to be special – more special that the love from human beings – so if you have to live up to certain conditions in order to receive love from human beings, then you must have to live up to even more and more strict conditions in order to receive this superior love of God.

This is how many students reason when they come to me. I can, of course, try to reason with them. But the question is: Can they come to the point where they can actually let go of their own conditions long enough to experience – and I mean not understand but truly experience – unconditional love? You see, nothing is more transforming than experiencing unconditional love. Until you experience at least a glimpse of it, you truly cannot move on to the next level of consciousness.

I have explained that at the 48th level you are faced with the need to look beyond your standard. But when you are somewhat willing to look beyond your standard, you can move to the 49th level. This does not mean that you have let go of all standards, for you usually cannot do that until you reach the 96th level and perhaps even beyond that level. Yet it does mean that you have experienced what it is like to look at yourself and life from a higher state of consciousness than the state defined by your current standard. And then you ascend to the 49th level.

At this level is where you need to learn to reason, so that you can actually consciously question an element of your standard and experience what it is like to let go of that element. Again, this does not mean that you let go of all of your standards, but you experience the process of letting go of some of it, and then you ascend to the 50th level.

The 50th level is where you now face the need to experience a love that is beyond your conditions. This does not mean that you can let go of all of your conditions, but it does mean that you have directly experienced a love that is beyond your current condition. And until you have that experience, you cannot move on to the 51st level. It simply cannot happen.

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