Mercy is setting life free


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Ascended Master Kuan Yin, October 22, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved hearts, how could I not respond to such devotion to the heart of Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy? How could I not respond to the devotion of those who honor the Mother flame in the West in Mother Mary—that is one with the Mother Flame in the East? Thus is there really a difference between Mother Mary and Kuan Yin? Or are we two expressions of that same Mother Flame?

Yes, there is a difference. And yet there is also oneness. And that is truly the miracle of God’s creation—that there can be differences in oneness and oneness in differences. And this is the challenge for those who are the true spiritual people on earth—to solve this enigma, to look beyond the outer differences. To see the deeper spiritual oneness and then to honor each other’s differences without allowing the ego to play its perpetual game of feeling threatened by differences—so that it goes into a flight or fight response, thinking that it needs to attack anything that is different, because if it is different, it must be a threat.

Ah, this is truly the essential cause of all conflict on earth. And one of the best antidotes is indeed the flame of mercy that I AM. And thus I come to add my momentum of Mercy’s Flame to the momentum of Saint Germain, for the multiplication of all of Mother Mary’s rosaries, including the East-West Rosary that is dear to my heart because it arcs from the East to the West.

Thus, my beloved, I come mainly to give you thanks for having embraced the rosaries of Mother Mary. For truly, I must tell you that if this planet is to make the transition to the Golden Age, there is a need for those in the West to raise up a spiritual fire that can match the advanced adepts in the Himalayas, who are holding the balance in the East but cannot – and are not allowed to – hold it for the entire planet if no one in the West responds.

And thus, I ask you to once in awhile, possibly – if you can – once a week, give the East West invocation along with whatever rosary or invocation is the current one upon Mother Mary’s request. If you have time for only one, then give the one that Mother Mary has requested. But if you have time for more than one, one day a week, then remember my East West Rosary and you will invoke my Presence with you. Thus, I come to extend mercy to all. And truly, mercy is freedom and thus I shall return to the East and hand you over to your beloved Saint Germain.


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