The illusion of a superior race

TOPICS: The power and the peril of naming things – Sensory perception and sensory deception – The illusion of racial superiority – The confounding of tongues – The privilege of formulating the problem – The fallacy of survival of the fittest – The quest for true objectivity – Objectivity beyond the linear mind – The roots of white superiority in Australia – What is holding Australia back – Nuclear war in Australia –

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Ascended Master MORE, June 16, 2012 through Kim Michaels.. NOTE: This dictation was given in Melbourne, Australia.

What joy as even matter sings, in harmony with angel wings! What joy it is for me to join you today. Master MORE I AM, and it is with great mirth that I come to you, the band of embodied spiritual beings, some of you from the angelic realms, some of you from the realm of co-creators. But all of you come together in oneness of heart, oneness of spirit.

Thus, my beloved, consider the name: Master MORE. Do you see that those in the duality consciousness might look at my name and reason that I am claiming I am more than others, more than human beings and thus I want to set myself up as being superior, while making others inferior? Can you see that the duality consciousness can twist and turn everything?

Yet you, of course, you know that I am not Master MORE because I am more than you. I am Master MORE because I am more than the human consciousness, the level of the human consciousness. I have chosen the name MORE to inspire you to also be more, for the eternal credo for the ascended masters is, of course: “What one has done, all can do.”

The power and the peril of naming things

Let us consider more carefully the old saying: “What’s in a name?” You might know that there is a passage in the Book of Genesis where it says that after God had created Adam, he gave Adam the power to name all of the beasts and all of the plants and everything else in the earth. Few people have contemplated the true inner meaning of this passage, but it is profound.

What does it mean to name something? It means that in your mind, you are formulating a mental image of the thing and then, when you formulate a name in words, what is it that determines the words that you attach to a certain thing? It is the mental image you have. Yet my beloved, do you think that we in heaven go around naming everything? You might think so, but if you do it is because you are projecting your own state of consciousness upon the ascended masters.

This is, of course, one of the oldest errors made in the material world. Again, it says in Genesis that God created man in his own image and after his likeness, but as you know those who then descended into the duality consciousness went the other way and started creating a God after their image and their likeness, or at least the mental images they had created in their minds.

When you are in physical embodiment, you are experiencing the world through the physical senses. You may look at a tree in the field and you see it as a separate unit, as a clearly defined unit. A tree is different from a bush, a tree is different from a rock and this is because your senses are geared to detect differentiation. There is nothing inherently wrong or unnatural about this, for in the material world you need to detect differences. You need to be able to know whether something is dangerous or not.

Yet what has happened is that people have been deceived by the senses into thinking that they can only perceive through the filter of the senses, that they can only see reality as the senses reveal it, namely as separate, clearly distinct, clearly defined things. Yet the reality that we see from the ascended realm is that there are no “things,” there are no separate phenomena. Everything is an expression of consciousness.

A tree, even a given species of a tree is an expression of a specific state of consciousness. When I, as an ascended master, look upon one of the tall pines in Darjeeling, I do not, if I desire to know a specific tree, look at it through sensory perception and name it a tree. I project my consciousness into the consciousness of the tree and I experience the fullness of the consciousness that outpictures what you in the material realm see as a tree.

Therefore I also experience how this consciousness that outpictures a physical tree is part of the larger whole, the fabric of life. Thus, I could never fall prey to the illusion that the consciousness of a tree is separate from the one consciousness, the one mind, or that a tree is a separate thing.

What does this mean my beloved? Well, it also means that I could never fall prey to the illusion that one thing is superior to another thing, which then becomes inferior to the first thing. Thus, as an ascended master, you can never fall prey to the most basic element of the duality consciousness, namely the superiority/inferiority dynamic.

Sensory perception and sensory deception

What does the duality consciousness do? Well, it takes your sensory perception and then it deceives you into thinking that you cannot perceive or experience the world in any other way than through the senses. This is not in itself so detrimental because, after all, as I said the senses are designed to detect differences.

What the duality consciousness does – of course, this is done by the fallen angels who are using the duality consciousness because the duality consciousness itself really does not do anything, it is simply a state of consciousness. Nevertheless, those beings who embody that state of consciousness must by the nature of that consciousness be aggressive in projecting their own consciousness upon others.

The fallen beings have projected upon humankind an overlay upon sensory perception, which adds the value judgment on top of the tendency to differentiate. Not only is a tree different from a rock, and I use the example deliberately because most of you will not apply a value judgment and say that a tree is better than a rock or that a rock is bad and a tree is good. Nevertheless, the duality consciousness does add this value judgment.

You cannot simply – when you are in duality – differentiate. You must apply value judgment to differentiation so that one thing must be evaluated based on a scale that has two extremes: good and evil, right and wrong, superior/inferior. Call them what you will, but there must be that scale.

Most people on earth are not completely trapped in the duality consciousness. For as I said, most people have certain things they look at without applying a value judgment. You might look at different bird species and you might see that one songbird sings a certain way and another sings another way, but does that necessarily mean that you have to think one is superior or inferior? Of course, you may also see that there are some people who manage to apply superiority/inferiority even to the songbirds where the nightingale is the superior songbird and the robin is inferior and especially the sparrow, the meek and humble sparrow.

There are people who apply the value judgment that some birds are bad or evil and deserve to be eradicated. I am not thereby saying that there are not bird species who are an expression of humankind’s lower consciousness and therefore will not be preserved in the golden age, but this does not mean you have to apply a value judgment and say they are evil or bad.

This is the tendency, and when you realize that people can manage to apply a dualistic evaluation even to nature, when you start looking at what people do to each other, you see how often and in how subtle ways people manage to apply the inferiority/superiority evaluation to human beings. Look at an obvious example of the fact that humankind has decided to differentiate people into categories based on what they call race.

The illusion of racial superiority

Are there really different races on earth? Well to an ascended master there are not different races. We see only the beings who are embodied in physical bodies, we look at the being and we know that there are not different races of souls, not different races of lifestreams. Even though there are certain spiritual groupings of lifestreams, but nevertheless we still do not apply any superiority/inferiority dynamic to these lifestreams for they are all created out of the oneness of the Creator’s being.

Why have human beings come up with the division into race? It is because, as I said in the beginning, they have used their power to name things. They have looked at human beings, their physical bodies, and they have said: “Some people have dark almost black skin, some people have brown, some people have red, some people have more yellow, some people have white.” Then they have come up with the idea that based on peoples’ skin color and other characteristics, they can be divided into completely separate groupings.

Many people, if they believe in reincarnation, believe that there are certain souls that can only embody in certain races. This, of course, is not true. Souls and lifestreams embody across the races. There are many souls who in one embodiment might have a very strong attachment to being of their own race and as a result they will – in their next embodiment – embody as another race in order to free them from that attachment.

Do you see the irony that some of the people who are most attached to a particular race, or who attach a superior value to that race, will in their next lifetime embody in a different race, perhaps one they have looked down upon? The purpose of embodiment is to free the lifestream from attachment to any lower identity. The more attached you become to a certain identity on earth, the more the School of Hard Knocks must knock on the doors of your mind in order to help you be free of that attachment.

What is one of the most insidious expressions of the duality consciousness on earth? It is indeed the tendency to attach superiority and inferiority to the topic of race. Can you not see that one of the deliberate plots of the fallen beings, one of the deliberate attempts to control humankind by dividing them into different factions, is precisely to define race and then attach a sense of superiority to the white race and inferiority to all other races?

When you look at this dynamic, when you look at how it has outplayed itself, can anyone seriously believe that God or Jesus or an ascended master sat up in heaven and decided to create the white race superior and other races inferior? Can anyone seriously believe this?

How did the differentiation come about? As I said, God did not create different races. Yes, there are certain physical characteristics that are different, and yes, everything is an expression of consciousness, so therefore it is clear that the different races are expressions of different states of consciousness. But this was not created by God; it was a result of the development in humankind’s consciousness after the fall of most human beings on earth. That was when this differentiation started happening.

We of the ascended masters did not define race. We again only look at consciousness and we do not look and say that there is one group of people who are in an inferior state of consciousness. We simply look at people who are in a certain state of consciousness and then we say: “How can we help them transcend that to the next level?” We have no value judgment.

What the fallen beings did was that they saw that after their own deeds of causing humankind to fall into duality had caused the differentiation into physical, different distinct groups, they had an opportunity to carry the division even further. They used the power given to them through the linear analytical mind.

The confounding of tongues

The ability to name something is not an ability that is centered in your I AM Presence, it is not an ability that is centered in the Conscious You, it is an ability that is centered in your lower being. This is what we generally nowadays call the soul because it is the vehicle that you use to express yourself in the material realm.

In the material realm, you need the ability to communicate and sometimes you communicate quickly and precisely. Therefore, it is helpful for you to have the ability to name something so that you can quickly communicate to other people that a certain type of animal is coming and it can be a danger and you need to take precautions—or in any other ways that you communicate in your daily lives.

You were given – as part of your lower being, as part of the outer, analytical, linear mind – the ability to name things. You only need that ability because you are not able to communicate telepathically and that is why you need the ability to communicate in words. Do you see the fact – mentioned in an obscure way in the story of the Tower of Babel – where they attempted to build a tower that could reach into the heavens and then God said: “Let us confound their tongues?” This, of course, was not God who said this. It was again a result of the fallen consciousness so they could not communicate at the level of thought and concept, but now they could only communicate at the level of words.

In the beginning there was only one language, but as the duality consciousness outplayed itself and more and more fragmentation occurred, well along with the fragmentation into physical distinct groups there was the fragmentation into different languages. Even the fact that you have to communicate with words is a lower manifestation. As the result of this fall, you were given the ability to name things in order to make communication easier and more precise.

Once you talk about beings who have descended below the state of oneness, anything you are given will be a tool for either furthering a return to oneness or furthering further fragmentation. The fallen beings, who were already in the duality consciousness, skillfully used the ability to communicate with words by taking upon themselves the privilege of naming many things.

The privilege of formulating the problem

You have heard about the concept that if you can capture the privilege of formulating the problem, then you can set the parameters for a debate. Therefore, in even naming what the problem is and how it should be discussed, you can steer the discussion towards a certain end result. This is what the fallen beings did when they captured the privilege of naming things.

They were the ones who attempted to set themselves up as the leaders, as they always do, so that they were the ones that took words and attached them to certain things. And then on top of that, they attach this value judgment of the superiority/ inferiority dynamic.

Again, the fallen beings were the ones who looked at the differentiation into different skin colors and said: “Ah! We will name this as race and say that these different characteristics means that these people belong to completely separate races and then we will say that one race is superior and that others are inferior.”

They looked at the white race and they saw that in some countries that had predominantly white-skinned people, there was beginning to be more of a civilization, at least at a certain time in world history. They jumped at the opportunity to make these people believe that they were superior because they had certain warring technology that other races did not have. The fallen beings managed to get the white people to think that it was the white man’s “burden,” so to speak, to go out and bring civilization to all these “savages” in other parts of the world.

Of course, this is not the first example of the superiority attached to race. China is a country that for 5,000 years has had much the same consciousness, feeling that their race is superior. There have certainly been other examples, even long ago before known history.

When the concept of race was first introduced, people did not have the knowledge you have today. They actually believed, if they were religious people, that God must have created the different races and therefore God must have created certain races with inferior characteristics. Therefore, they also believed that if you were born into a certain race in this lifetime, you could never overcome that inferiority, you could never be worthy to hold a certain position in society. They even believed that some races were not human and thus there was no way that you could transcend this level.

The fallacy of survival of the fittest

In these last few centuries the concept of race has been used to create much suffering, most obviously in the Holocaust where the race that saw itself as superior attempted to completely eradicate another race that they had defined as inferior. Nevertheless, consider that even science has been used to create this illusion of the separateness of the races.

Not so long ago, people who believed in scientific materialism, people who had made scientific materialism into their primary religion, believed that the different races were an expression of the evolutionary process. Thus, they also had the value judgment of “the survival of the fittest.” The most fit race was the one who would survive, who was destined, who was selected by so-called “natural selection,” to survive. This was in fact a prominent factor in the mind of Adolf Hitler and many in the Nazi leadership who sincerely believed that it was scientifically proven that nature had selected the Arian race to be superior.

Therefore, it was justified for the future survival of the human race that they sought to eradicate the Jews, which they considered not only an inferior race, but a danger to the purity of the Arian race. It is a fact that many materialists will not recognize today that Darwin’s theory of evolution, given a materialistic interpretation, was in fact much of the justification behind the Holocaust and the Nazi attempt to eradicate an entire race.

This should make people think because many of the scientifically minded people today are quite open to the fact that religion has been used to justify unwarranted aggression, such as the Crusades or the Inquisition. Many scientifically minded people see the fallacy of this, but how many are willing to see that the exact same thing has happened with materialism? How many are then willing to think further and say: “Why is this so?”

The quest for true objectivity

Well, it cannot be because religion is inferior and science is superior. It must be because the human mind, the human psychology, has the tendency to always want to name things and then label them as inferior or superior. Therefore, the human mind will use anything in this quest for superiority, even science, which in its pure form is dedicated to going beyond subjectivity.

Many scientists believe in this quest for objectivity but they are not willing to recognize the simple fact that you cannot have objectivity as long as you are trapped in the duality consciousness. It does not matter whether you are a scientist or a religious person. Duality will pervert any human endeavor by in subtle ways using that endeavor as part of the superiority-inferiority dynamic.

Science itself has been captured into this. How many scientists believe that the scientific worldview is clearly superior to the religious? Ah, right there you are trapped in the consciousness of the fallen beings, in the duality consciousness.

This is not to say that science cannot help humankind achieve objectivity. But it can only do so if you incorporate a knowledge of human consciousness and a willingness to look at that. Even if scientists conduct an experiment that is not influenced by the mind, then certainly their interpretations of the results will be influenced by the mind.

This means that you have to be willing to acknowledge that spirituality can also be a means to reach for objectivity. It is possible to go beyond religious doctrines and dogmas and have experiences of pure awareness. This is another reason why we have given the concept of the Conscious You, which is not the linear mind that wants to name and label everything.

Once you go beyond that linear mind, once the Conscious You is able to step outside the linear mind, then it experiences pure awareness. In pure awareness not only is there no value judgment into superior and inferior, there is not even a differentiation into different things.

When you are in pure awareness you may direct your attention to the world. You may experience a tree, you may experience a rock, but you do not even see them as different, in the sense that they are completely separate. You see them as expressions of a deeper reality and you are in oneness with that deeper reality, and this is the only key to objectivity.

If a scientist knows that he or she is more than the linear analytical mind – and if the scientist is willing to reach beyond and experience pure awareness – then that scientist can reach an entirely different level of objectivity. Likewise, if a spiritual or even a religious person is willing to go beyond the linear mind, then that person can also experience pure awareness. You can therefore come back with a more objective view of religion and spirituality where you do not focus on the differentiations and you certainly do not focus on the value judgment that one religion must be the only truly one and therefore is superior to all others.

You cannot achieve objectivity through any means in a material world. It cannot be done, it is an impossible quest. Where does this quest come from? It comes from the fallen beings who not only took upon themselves the privilege to name things, and then took upon themselves the privilege to attach the value judgment to their names. On top of that, they also created a false path where they say that the key to achieving whatever goal is defined, whether it be entry into heaven or true objectivity, is to define certain criteria on earth and then achieve that state which is supposedly superior.

Objectivity beyond the linear mind

In the area of science it has been defined that the purpose of science is to work towards a goal where they have completely objective knowledge of every aspect of the material universe. You can never be completely objective through the linear, analytical mind and the instruments so far used by science. As long as you are focused on differentiation, you cannot be objective. When you are truly objective, you see the underlying reality that all differentiations are expressions of the one reality of the Creator. This is true objectivity, this is reality.

In the world of religion there has been the definition in many different religions that you are supposed to work towards a goal where you qualify for entry into heaven. In order to reach that goal, you have to strive to live up to certain conditions defined by the fallen beings through the ability to name something and say this is inferior, that is superior and if you strive to avoid what is inferior and strive to work towards that which is superior, then one day you will qualify and God will let you into heaven. Again, differentiation will never get you to heaven, being superior to anyone or anything will never get you to heaven because the only way to heaven is to transcend the duality consciousness, even transcend the linear mind, even transcend the mind that is focused on differentiation. It cannot be done in the way the fallen beings have attempted to define as the only true way. It cannot be done.

The roots of white superiority in Australia

Having given you this first installment of what we intend to release for this weekend, I will take it into a more concrete level and focus on this nation of Australia. Take again the issue of race, take again the belief that the white race is superior and that the darker-skinned races are inferior. Can you not see this working here in Australia, can you not see that there has been, in the past, a more clear tendency to want Australia to be all white? Can you not see that this goes back to the entire concept that many of the first settlers here were rejects from British society, the convicts that were sent here.

My beloved, consider that many of these convicts had grown up in a society that was very distinctly fragmented between rich and poor. Most of the people who were sent here were not what you would call hard core or career criminals. Most of them were people who were so poor that they would steal in order to feed their children. Because of British society at the time and the incredible inferiority-superiority dynamic of that society, they were deemed as being unfit and therefore the power elite that felt superior to any other elite on earth, they deemed these people as inferior and sent them off to this far-away country, this far-away continent where they knew they could never return.

Consider, the people who had grown up in a society that was so fragmented and so affected by this superiority-inferiority dynamic and how they were brought up to feel inferior. In British society they were at the very bottom, there was nobody below them, they were the bottom. Now they were even rejected by their own society and sent somewhere else, thrown off on a foreign coast with barely any means to survive. And it was difficult for them.

Nevertheless what did they find here in Australia? Ah, they found another race whom they could see as being inferior to themselves. Even though they had been the inferior people in England and had been rejected by their own society, the Aborigines they saw as being more primitive than themselves. Now, all of a sudden, they had the opportunity to set themselves up as being superior in Australia.

Do you not see that you can only be superior if you can compare yourself to someone that you define – that you label, that you name – as inferior? Instead of taking the opportunity to transcend the superiority-inferiority dynamic, many of them created their own version of it. What you need to see in Australian society today is that even though Australia has made great strides to overcome this white supremacist consciousness, you need to be willing to be honest and realize that there are still remnants of it in the collective consciousness. There are still individuals in high positions – often in hidden positions in society where they can exercise influence without ever being seen by the public – who believe that the white Australians are inherently superior to all other races, not only the Aborigines but also people from South-East Asia.

What is holding Australia back

This is part of the consciousness that is holding Australia back from making a leap into an entirely new level that is its highest potential, as Astrea mentioned yesterday. Indeed, this continent has a much higher potential than is currently outpictured, but you must transcend that superiority-inferiority dynamic. Here I am addressing specifically that aspect of it that white Australians are superior to anyone with colored skin.

I can tell you, as some of you are already aware, that one of the reasons why there needs to be greater immigration in Australia is precisely that Australia cannot progress with its current level of consciousness. Most Australians are not willing to consciously transcend or make an effort to transcend the current level of consciousness. It is again a situation where Australia has to some degree become a closed system. The only way to break up the closed system is to bring in people with a completely different attitude and culture so that the School of Hard Knocks can shake up the system.

This is why we of the ascended masters do indeed see that unless there is increased immigration, then Australia cannot progress to the next level. This is not only a matter of consciousness, it is also a matter of economics. Australia is a huge continent but nevertheless compared to the size of the entire continent, the population is very low, the population density is very low. If Australia is to fulfill its highest potential, even economically, there must be many more people here. We are talking two to three times the current population, and you can see that this will not in the near future happen through the natural birth rate.

The only way to bring that many people into being in embodiment on the Australian continent is to open up for an influx of immigrants. This will naturally, come from countries that have a higher population density, for they are longing for some kind of space, some kind of opportunity that they do not have.

I am very well aware that this raises many questions and problems. I am not saying that it is an easy task, but do you see that it is not the purpose to be an easy task? The deeper purpose is to break up the consciousness that is holding Australia back. The purpose of life on earth is not to produce a certain result, but to transcend the present consciousness. And to keep transcending your present consciousness until the transcendence of consciousness brings you into the kingdom of heaven.

Nuclear war in Australia

As I said earlier, this is what the fallen ones have done on earth. They have taken the ability to name things, they have used it to name that there must be a certain result that needs to be produced here on earth. Then they have taken the duality consciousness, the superiority-inferiority dynamic, to say: “This result that we have named is the superior result; any other result is inferior.”

They even say that some results will be destructive and will destroy the earth or cause God to destroy the earth and send all people to hell. Then they take the third level of their deception on top of the superiority-inferiority dynamic. They now add the subtle serpentine lie that the ends can justify the means. In order to achieve the result that is superior, it is necessary and justified to destroy those people, those ideas, those nations that we have named as inferior.

This is a dynamic that has been going on on this planet for literally millions of years, far beyond known history. I can assure you that this dynamic has outplayed itself before on this continent of Australia. There were two races, two distinct groupings of people, in this nation, centered in the East coast and the West coast, who got into a conflict and the result was a nuclear war. Contrary to the hopes of both of these civilizations that they would be the victors and would be superior and the others would be destroyed, the result was that all of them were destroyed and that the ecology, the nature of the entire continent was destroyed.

Instead of having a continent that was fertile almost all around, you now had a continent where the vast interior was a desert where hardly anything can grow and where certainly a popular civilization cannot exist. You can only have the level of population of native tribes, such you see in the Aborigines.

What you need to overcome today is precisely the large remnants of this consciousness and we will give you further teachings on this. But for now I will recognize the fact that you have received more than you can handle in one sitting, and thus I will express my deep gratitude for your willingness to be here.

As you hear these words spoken through a physical messenger, you become, if you are willing, extensions of the ascended masters in a material realm. As the words go through your consciousness, your energy field, your chakras then become as loudspeakers that send these words and the vibration behind the words into the mass consciousness. Each and every one of you, when you are attuned to the release of the light, you become a magnifier of that release.

The more people are here, the more there is a multiplication factor, just as you experience in your decrees and invocations that your numbers multiply the effect. For this I express the deep and profound gratitude of myself and of all ascended masters, and thus I bid you a fond adieu. May you be sealed in the true flame of the Will of God.


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