The Flame of More

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Ascended Master MORE, May 3, 2012 through Kim Michaels.

Master MORE I AM, and I come to you with the Flame of More. I come to you on the wings of the Bird of More that flutters its wings and creates a rushing flow of air that causes it to soar aloft, where it can see all that happens on the earth. And it can see whether it is more or whether it is less. And so indeed, I too can see all that is more and all that is less, all that is not more. For you see, I am indeed the Being who has embodied the Flame of More, that is the very driving force that caused the Creator to start the process of creation. The drive to be more, the desire to be more, the desire to express, the desire to create, even the desire to create self-conscious extensions of itself, and to enjoy watching them unfold, even if they struggle as many of you on earth struggle. As indeed many of us struggled when we were still in embodiment.

For you who know about the ascended masters need to be aware of the tendency of the ego to build a subtle, or sometimes not so subtle, idolatry of us. You sometimes think we are so far above you and we must have been so special when we were in embodiment on earth, especially in our last one or several embodiments. You tend to look at our embodiments as famous beings and you tend to think that we must have been near perfect in those embodiments. But dare to look again. Dare to read about our various lifetimes, both mine, Saint Germain’s, Jesus’ and other masters. And see that we were not so perfect after all. We had our idiosyncrasies, and in many cases we carried with us various ghosts. And as you see with Jesus hanging on the cross, giving up the ghost—well we did not give up the last ghost until right before we ascended, my beloved.

Be Humble and Do Not Get Discouraged

And so it will be for you, for the simple reason that when you do give up the last ghost, you can no longer maintain a focus in the physical octave. And thus, your lifestream begins to stream beyond the body. And the Conscious You that is the core of your being sheds the last snake skin of identification with the outer self, and thus realizes and acknowledges its total oneness with the Presence. This, my beloved, is a process that is delicate, that is subtle, that cannot be completed in five minutes (as the self-help gurus would have you believe) or even in five lifetimes as things are on earth today.

Yet it can be completed by all who are willing to continue to meet the one requirement, that is the absolute requirement for making progress on the path – the willingness to observe yourself, to look in the mirror, to look in your own psychology, to look for that which is hidden, the subtle, oh so subtle layers of the ego that are hidden behind so many beliefs and justifications that it is beyond belief. And only when you have seen it in yourself, only when you have unraveled the layers in your own being, can you truly believe and understand what it is we are going through as we rise towards that final exit of the ascension.

My beloved, I am not saying this to discourage you from striving to be more. But I am saying it to discourage you from feeling the pride that many ascended master students and many other spiritual people have built up, sometimes over many lifetimes, of thinking that because they always belonged to what they consider the only true church or the only true organization sponsored by the ascended masters or some other higher authority, they were truly superior. They must be special, they must be favored by God, or the ascended masters, or whomever they see as the ultimate Being in heaven.

My beloved, humility is an absolute necessity. For if you are not humble, there will be something that your pride will stop you from looking at. Or you will be afraid of losing that pride. And thus you will define limits for how far you can go towards the ascension. You will create safe zones for the ghosts that are hiding behind the beliefs that your pride will not allow you to look at with openness and honesty. And thus, you are the one who defines your own path back to God, for you were the one who defined the path that led you away from God. And only you can undo what you have done. Only you can un-co-create what you have co-created, using the free will and the self-awareness that God gave you as the ultimate gift of life.

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