Can women be fully liberated?

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Ascended Master Maraytaii through Kim Michaels, May 31, 2020. This dictation was given during a webinar about the liberation of women.

I am the Ascended Master Maraytaii. I hold the spiritual office of the Cosmic Mother. This is an office that is very much in line with the Office of Mother Mary, the Office of the Divine Mother. Only, whereas Mother Mary holds the office specifically for earth, I hold it at a higher level for a larger sphere than just one planet. How large is not necessary for you to know, but it is quite large. It is not confined to merely one galaxy. I have a quite broad, a quite wide, perspective compared to the perspective you have when you are in embodiment on a dense planet like earth. Naturally, in what you might call my daily activities (if there is such a thing at the cosmic level where there is no day or night) I am not attuned particularly with planet earth and with the situation of women on planet earth. I can of course do so and I am doing so now as I am anchoring my Presence here for the giving of this dictation.

When I attune my Being to the situation of so many women around the earth who are severely limited by various conditions, naturally my heart overflows with compassion. I feel a great and deep compassion for the fact that so many spiritual beings are trapped in these very limiting, very difficult, very painful situations that you see so many women on this planet being trapped in. Naturally, I also see beyond, I see what you really are, that you are not women, you are spiritual beings. Nevertheless, that does not particularly help the many women, who are in these difficult situations.

The dispensation of the Comforting Presence

What then can potentially help? Well, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin and myself have taken up counsel and we have decided to give a tool, a dispensation if you will, where we will all three anchor a certain portion of our Presences, our Beings in the earth, in the collective consciousness at the four levels of the earth. The purpose of this is to give women an opportunity to tune in to the Flame of Mother Mary, the Flame of Kuan Yin, if they are more identified in the East, or the flame or myself, which is beyond any divisions on earth and therefore as neutral as anything can be on a planet where nothing is neutral. The purpose for this is to give all women, whether they are consciously aware of it or not (but they might still sense it intuitively) an opportunity to experience a comforting presence.

When you look at the situation of many women, you see that they are often in the role of being the comforter. They comfort their own children of course when they are hurt, when they are feeling bad, when they are upset, but they also comfort sometimes the bigger children of their own husbands. Or they comfort their parents who sometimes go back to an almost childlike state in their older age. You see that many women have by various circumstances been forced to become mothers at a very early age, perhaps even in their teenage years, perhaps before they were emotionally ready to become mothers. Of course, we might ask if anybody is ever emotionally ready to become a mother, but still, at the younger age you have children, the less you are likely to be ready for this. So many women have at an early age been thrust into a situation where they now have to be the comforter of their children, of their husbands and so forth. This raises the question: “Who comforts the comforter?” Where can these women go when they need to be comforted, when they are overwhelmed by their daily lives, by their responsibility, by the chaos they experience around them, by the oppression or abuse they are exposed to? Where do they go for comfort, whether they are mothers or not, where do women go for comfort?

You will know that many women have scarcely experienced comfort even in their childhoods. So many women grow up in societies where they are, as girls, considered worthless. They do not always receive the comfort or the attention from their own mothers because their own mothers never received it, and how can you give to your own daughter what you have never received yourself—when you do not even know what it is? Well, some women can because they have matured in previous embodiments and now they are still able to give comfort, but many women cannot because they have never experienced it and they do not even know how to give it. One of the enduring questions on earth is: How can you give what you have not received? Once the fallen beings have managed to create a culture where for example comfort is not given, how can the people in that culture then give it?

Our purpose is to anchor our Presences so that through the Presence of Mother Mary and Kuan Yin, the greater momentum of me and my office as the Cosmic Mother can be released on earth and can therefore serve as an opportunity for women to feel comfort when there is no comfort to be found at the physical level of planet earth. Some women will be able to tune in to our Presences, many will not. Those of you who are aware of our Presences, I hope you will be able and willing to tune in, to use us in whatever way you can. Some of you will be able to just tune in to our Presences, at least after you have worked on gaining this attunement. Others may need to give a decree, to listen to one of our dictations, to read one of our dictations, to give an invocation or maybe just set aside some time and tune in. You may even just do a simple thing, such as memorize a simple verse from my decree:

O Cosmic Mother, I love you,
your love song keeps me ever true.
You fill me with your sacred tone,
and thus I never feel alone. 

Four lines. Anyone can memorize this and you may give it aloud or silently whenever you feel that you are alone and that you need comfort, and I will be there. I will manifest my Presence where you give it. Truly, all three of us would desire all women on earth to experience that Flame of Comfort. When I say comfort, this might be what people on earth would experience but in reality it is the love of the Divine Mother, which is, as we have for want of a better word called “unconditional” but really it is beyond the conditions that you normally associate with love on earth. What we desire all women to know, to experience, to accept is that you are loved for who you are. There are beings who are not in the physical realm on earth but who are nevertheless very real, and we love you for who you are. We have no conditions in that love. We accept you for who you are regardless of how you may see yourself. You may think you are not worthy of love but it is only your thinking that prevents you from experiencing the love that would actually consume all of that sense of unworthiness.

What women need to be liberated from

You see, this is the central dilemma on earth and it ties in with what other masters have said about the Christ. Christ is the universal liberator, but the thing is, what is it people need to be liberated from? They need to be liberated from the mind of anti-christ. What is the mind of anti-christ? It is the mind that defines conditions. What is the mind of Christ? It is the mind that is beyond all conditions that could be defined in duality. Once you are trapped in duality, in the mind of anti-christ, you think that in order to experience Christ, you must live up to certain conditions. Now, if you could experience Christ for a moment, that experience would change your perspective. It would awaken you from the lie that you need to live up to certain conditions in order to be worthy to receive anything from the spiritual realm. The Christ mind, the Christ experience, the Christ vibration can consume your conditions, but only if you receive it and you cannot receive it as long as you hold on to the conditions. For it is only the conditions that you have defined in your own mind (that you have taken into your own mind after they were defined by the fallen beings), it is only those conditions that prevent you from experiencing the unconditional. How can you overcome those conditions? Well, many can only overcome it through the School of Hard Knocks but it is of course our hope that many women will be able and willing to tune in to our unconditional Presence, our unconditional love and comfort, our unconditional acceptance and thereby let go of this conditionality.

The theme for this conference is the liberation of women. Is it actually possible to liberate women? As we have said before, the answer to that question is yes and no. We must recognize that liberation has two aspects; we might call it an alpha and an omega. The omega aspect of liberation is that you are oppressed by something and therefore you need to be liberated from something—liberated from what limits you. This is one aspect of liberation but it is not the full aspect of liberation. Let us take a woman who has grown up in one of these societies where women are put down, considered worthless, and where all of these restrictions are put upon women. Let us now say that we took such a woman and we transported her to a modern democracy and we said: “Here, now you are completely liberated from all of the circumstances and conditions in which you grew up.” How would she then react? How would she deal with this new freedom? Well, in many cases such women would not be able to deal with the new freedom, they would not be able to know what to do with it because they have defined themselves, they have identified themselves, based on the cultural attitude to women so they cannot instantly make that jump from being so limited to being completely liberated.

Liberating someone from oppression can, as has been proven by history, sometimes leave them in a vacuum, in a chaotic state, in a state of confusion where they do not know what to do with themselves—they do not know what to do with their lives. The alpha aspect of liberation is the liberation to—the liberation to a higher awareness, a higher sense of self. How can this Alpha aspect of liberation be fulfilled? It is what we have talked about—there needs to be an awakening of women to a universal set of ideas that just living life, as comfortable as it may be in the modern democracies, is not enough in itself. Life must have a purpose. There must be a direction, and what is the most universal aspect? It is self-actualization, self-improvement and personal growth. Beyond that, the more spiritual, mystical aspects of raising your consciousness to a distinctly higher level.

How do you raise your consciousness to a higher level? There are many mystical paths, many mystical teachings, many gurus throughout the ages who have promoted a mystical path but what is the essence of this mystical path? It is that you shift your sense of identity and how do you shift your sense of identity? As Jesus explained, by letting a separate, dualistic self, die. This is how you shift your sense of identity. It may not be that much (of a shift) by letting one self, die. Many people can actually do this without even noticing it, without realizing what they are doing. Nevertheless, this is the essence of the mystical path. It is really not that mystical, nor is it that particularly glamorous. Many spiritual students want it to be some glamorous path that gives them a certain status, or perhaps some mystical path that is difficult to understand and therefore they can feel superior because they have grasped some kind of teaching. Have they really grasped the universal aspect of what the path is all about?

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