Manifesting the golden age through the Wisdom of the Divine Mother

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, October 29, 2023. This dictation was given during the Webinar for America 2023: Coming into unity with Saint Germain’s vision for America.

I AM the Ascended Master Mother Mary, and I hold the office of the Divine Mother for Earth. What is the Divine Mother? How can you understand the Divine Mother? How can you grasp the Divine Mother? How can you experience the Divine Mother?

Creation of two complementary forces

We will begin our inquiry by looking at the Creator. In the beginning of this world of form that we are all part of, there was the Creator. The Creator is One Being. Regardless of the images that have been projected on earth, the Creator is not masculine or feminine. The Creator is beyond any kind of distinction. Yet, when the Creator started the creative process, it generated, out of its oneness, two: an outgoing force and a contracting force. An expansive and a contracting force. This can be described as the expansive force being masculine, the contracting force being feminine. But it is somewhat deceptive to describe it this way because the images associated with masculine and feminine on earth are not in alignment with what the Creator originally created.

The Creator did not create two opposing forces, even though it seems that way to the linear mind. The Creator created two complementary forces that exist in a symbiotic, holistic relationship. In other words, you cannot separate the two. You cannot have just one force. You cannot turn them into a dualistic polarity and make them opposites. You can, of course, do all this in the mind that is separated from reality but you cannot do it in the Christ mind.

We can say that even before the expanding and contracting forces were created, there was the creation of the One mind. In a Christian context, we have, when we talk about this, often called it the Christ mind. But again, the images created on earth about the Christ are not in alignment with what we mean with this One mind. You can in a Buddhic concept, which we have done also, call it the Buddha Nature. But again, the Buddha Nature in reality is different from what many Buddhists project of images upon the Buddha Nature. What we can say is that there was the creation of this one mind, the unifying mind, that is meant to keep the two forces in a symbiotic relationship so they do not become opposites.

Why is this essential for creation? Because the Creator intended to create a sustainable creation that would not self-destruct. And in order to avoid any form from self-destructing, the two forces, the two creative forces, must be seen as unified, as two sides of the same reality, as both being necessary for the creation and sustaining of the world of form. Somewhat like the Tai Chi seen in Taoism, where the two forces are not opposites but complementary. This, of course, presents a conceptual difficulty for those of you who are in physical embodiment and attempt to understand this because even the language and the concepts that are so common on earth are meant to show differences, distinctions. And therefore there is a tendency to see everything as opposites. When I talk about an expanding force and a contracting force, you immediately think that since these seemingly go in opposite directions, they must be different, they must be separate, they must be working in opposite directions. But they are not. They are complementary. One cannot exist without the other.

Connecting with reality outside your own mind

Why is this important? Why does this matter? Well, for many reasons. But if we project what will happen in America over these coming decades, we will see that there will be the emergence of a new awareness. And this awareness can be described in various ways, but I will describe it in one way here. If you go back in history, you see that during the Middle Ages, there was a process known in Europe as the witch hunts. There was also the Inquisition. But primarily the witch hunts was a persecution of women. They were called witches. But really, a more correct way would be the term also used that they were wise women. They were women who had a greater understanding of how nature works, how the human body works. They were therefore able to use natural remedies such as herbs and others to heal various diseases. This meant that they had what we can call the Divine Sophia, the feminine wisdom of how the world actually works.

Why was this seen as a threat? Well, it was seen as a threat by the Catholic church because the Catholic church was based on a patriarchal male-dominated view of life. We have explained many times that this goes back to the fallen beings who simply made the decision to make men the dominant sex on earth and to suppress women in order to create this inherent, irreconcilable conflict at the most basic level of society. You see that the Catholic church from its inception as the Jewish religion and as later religions was an expression of this attempt to suppress women. Why is this important? Why is it important to understand this? Because when you understand what we have said about the fallen beings, you realize that they are out of touch with reality. This has two ramifications. They are out of touch with the spiritual world and therefore with the One mind, the Christ mind. But they are also out of touch with the matter world, with the natural world, and therefore how the universe actually works.

You can say that when the Creator decided to create self-aware extensions of itself and give people free will, it foresaw that some beings could use their free will to go against the very creative process itself. The Creator created these beings as co-creators, but it could see that some might use their free will to go against, to rebel against the creative process. To give these people the greatest possible opportunities to come back from this choice, to transcend this choice, to free themselves from this choice, the Creator created two ways for this to happen.

One is the Christ consciousness, which is what we have primarily focused on in this dispensation. In other words, however low you go, even if you go to the lowest level of consciousness possible on earth, you cannot lose the opportunity to contact the Christ mind and by contacting the Christ mind, see through the illusion at your present level of consciousness so you can rise to the next level up. However, it is entirely possible when people go into separation, into the illusion of separation, that they can refuse to make use of this safety mechanism of the Christ mind. The other safety mechanism is that the material universe works in certain ways. There are certain of what science calls natural laws. They are really spiritual laws, spiritual principles. They are, of course, defined by beings in the spiritual realm, the Elohim who created the earth. The safety mechanism is that even when you rebel against the co-creative process, you can observe how nature, how the universe, actually functions.

Now why is this important? It is important because when you rebel against the co-creative process, you can do so by going into the duality consciousness. In the duality consciousness, what do you do? You take these two basic polarities of the two basic forces, and you turn them in your mind into opposites. Then you superimpose a value judgment upon this dualistic thought system, this dualistic worldview. And you say that something is good, something is bad, something is right, something is wrong, something is good, something is evil. When you do this, without realizing what you are doing, you are enveloping yourself in a veil of illusion. The Buddha called it maya. Jesus called it the consciousness of death. You are enveloped in an illusion because you have lost touch with a reality beyond your own mind, a reality that is not created by your own mind. Your mind becomes what we have called a closed system, a self-validating, self-reinforcing system. This means that you are now projecting an image of what you want the world to be like, how you want the world to function. And you are convinced that you can do this and that you can force the world, force the entire universe to function according to your vision. As I said, once you have stepped into this, it becomes a self-reinforcing process because when you are only looking at what your own mind generates, you cannot see that it is entirely an illusion. You cannot see this from inside your mind. The only way out of this state of illusion is to contact something outside your mind. And the one way to do this is to contact the Christ mind, the other way is to observe how the material universe actually works.

Cutting off people on earth from the safety mechanisms

What have the fallen beings done? They have attempted to cut off both of these ways out for most people on earth. They have done this primarily in two ways. They have set themselves up as the leaders of religions and the leaders of society, including, but not limited to, science. This means that the fallen beings are now defining what human beings can receive from a higher source, the Christ mind. You see, the Christian religion was the creation of the Catholic church. It was the fallen beings setting themselves up as the ones who could define what Christ is and what Christ can do and what Christ can tell people. And they defined it in such a way that Christ is some remote being up there in heaven that is way beyond normal human beings and that can only be contacted by a few special people, namely the fallen beings themselves. In other words, the fallen beings used Christianity to create a barrier between the people and Christ. Yet the reality of Christ is that there is no such barrier and there never could be. God has not set up a barrier between people on earth and Christ. The kingdom of God is within you, meaning all people have access to the Christ mind directly within themselves, they do not need anything exterior to themselves, such as a power elite or an institution on earth.

At the same time, the fallen beings have attempted in various ways, first through religion, then through science, then through political ideologies, to define an image of how the material universe is supposed to work. And they have again set themselves up as the experts who can define this image, who can, for example, interpret scientific findings or even define what scientific research should be done by defining the paradigm upon which scientific inquiry is based. They have attempted to distort both the Christ mind and the observation of the matter universe.

Tuning in to the office of the Divine Mother

Now, this brings me back to the fact that I am the representative of the Divine Mother for Earth. What is the office of the Divine Mother? Well, it is first of all, the office that helps people look at the world, look at the material world, and grasp how the world actually functions. This does not mean that the Divine Mother, the office of the Divine Mother is cut off from the office of Christ and the planetary Christ. But it does mean that Jesus, who holds the office of the planetary Christ, is the one who more directly works with people who can tune in to the Christ mind. Whereas the office of the Divine Mother works with people who can tune in to the material world, to this feminine wisdom of how the world actually works. I have, or rather my office has, before I ascended, worked with many people who were able to tune in to how nature works. This is not just women, it is also men, but it is primarily women who are open to tuning in to this. Therefore, there are more women who can work with my office than there are men, although there certainly are many men also.

Why am I talking about this when the topic is America? Because one of the things I see happening in America in these coming decades is that there will be an expansion of the number of people who are willing to tune in to and work with the office of the Divine Mother. This does not mean they have to know about ascended masters or the ascended master Mother Mary, or even that there is an office of the Divine Mother. They can tune in to it intuitively without understanding what they are tuning in to. But they can still receive ideas and intuitive promptings that can help them improve some aspect of life on earth. There are, of course, many people who are already working with my office, many people in the healing arts for example, many people in education, but also many people in science.

What will happen is that in the coming decades much of the technological progress that will happen, and as Saint Germain talked about in his vision for the Golden Age, will happen through the office of the Divine Mother. Because what is technology really? Well, it is an attempt to look at how the material universe works and then use these observations to create some form of technology that can allow people to do something that they currently cannot do with their minds or with their physical bodies. You can create machines that can perform work that cannot be done with a physical body or even done with animals as was done before technology.

Working with two complementary forces

This, of course, has many ramifications, but the reason I started talking about the two complementary forces is that I look for a growing number of people, primarily women, in the field of science to be open to this idea that the entire world is generated out of these two complementary forces. They can be described in various ways because there are actually many such forces, many levels of forces, but there is always a complementarity. They are not opposites, they are not working against each other. However, when you go into the duality consciousness and create these two opposing polarities, then you lose touch with the two complementary forces. This means that everything you create from the duality consciousness cannot have a balance between the two forces and that which does not have a balance between the two forces will over time crumble, self-destruct. It cannot be sustained over time. It can be sustained for some time, but not indefinitely over time.

The gravitational and the upward moving force

When more people begin to tune into this, there are many avenues for scientific research that will open up. And I will give you one example here that Saint Germain briefly mentioned, and it is gravity. So far, scientists have looked at gravity as a single force, as existing on its own. It pulls all matter towards a gravitational center, such as the center of the Earth. But the new understanding that will begin to emerge is that gravity cannot exist alone. It must exist as a complementary force to another force that pulls matter in the opposite direction. If there was not such a force, how do you explain that the sun can radiate light? The sun has tremendous mass. Surely, if there was only gravity, the sun should have created such a tremendous force of gravity that light could not escape the sun, so how does light escape the sun and reach the earth? Because light is propelled by the other force that works in complementarity with gravity. These two forces are in this complementary relationship. What does this mean? It means that they are always in a balance. This balance can shift, it can change, but there is always a balance. What actually maintains that balance is the One mind, the Christ mind. But the important discovery that can begin to break through in the scientific field is that there are always two complementary forces, and therefore, gravity must have a complementary force and if we can find out how to make use of this force, we can create technology that seemingly suspends the force of gravity. It does not completely suspend it, but it allows us to create technology that has a different balance between the two forces than we have with technology that rests on the ground, such as cars.

Hovering vehicles

Cars represent a form of technology that has the same kind of balance between the two forces as your physical bodies. Therefore, they are pulled towards the center of the earth, meaning they come to rest on the surface of the earth. Now science is currently thinking that the density of the earth prevents a car from sinking into the earth and continuing its journey towards the center. But it is not actually the density of matter. It is the complementary force, the expansion force, the upward moving force that causes all objects, all loose objects, to rest on the surface of the earth. When scientists begin to realize this and research this, they will discover this force and they will discover that all forces are really vibrational in nature. Even gravity is a form of vibration, because energy itself is vibration and this means that if you can change the vibration, if you can discover a specific type of vibration, you can actually change the balance between the gravitational and the upward moving force.

And this will allow you to create, let us just use the example of a car, a car that can hover at a certain height above the surface of the earth. What scientists will discover is that there are certain vibrational zones depending on their distance from the gravitational center. Each zone has a certain level of vibration and when you can shift the vibration of an object, you can make it ascend or rise to a higher gravitational zone than on the surface of the earth. This means you can now create a vehicle that can hover at a certain range of elevations. This will of course have many ramifications. First of all, as Saint Germain mentioned, that if you have cars that can hover in the air, you do not need this expensive complicated road system. You can also completely avoid accidents, because you can have cars at different levels so they do not crash, run into each other. You can, of course, install sensor technology that will also prevent this crash. You can create cars that do not need a human driver to make it go to a certain location. This can all be controlled by computer technology more advanced than you have today, but still.

Of course, you can also use this technology to send objects into orbit around the earth, such as satellites. Instead of having a rocket that burns huge amounts of fuel, you can adjust the vibrational field of the object and make it rise to your desired height above the Earth and go into orbit. There will be many ramifications of this. But in order for this to come about, there needs to be an increase in this understanding and attunement that you have always the two complementary forces and when they are in balance, you can create something that is sustainable. When they are out of balance, whatever you create will eventually crumble, fall apart, self-destruct.

The shift from the force-based mindset

This then is an alternative to what we have called force-based technology. Now you may say, am I not talking about two forces? Am I not talking about having one force suspend the other force? But I am not talking about forces as opposites. This is what you see currently in science, in the entire mindset, because this is what goes back to the fallen beings. The force-based mindset goes back to the fallen beings. They have cut themselves off from the Christ Mind, they have cut themselves off from the Divine Mother and the wisdom of the Mother, and therefore they are trying to force their vision upon the universe. And this can be done to some degree because of free will and your co-creative abilities. But you will always create an imbalance and the imbalance will continue to grow. And this is why you need to apply more and more force to maintain your creation. And this is what will eventually lead your creation to self-destruct because you cannot produce enough force. Whereas when you are seeing the basic forces of creation as complementary, you have virtually unlimited energy, virtually unlimited force, because you are not trying to force an unbalanced vision upon the universe.

What does it require to discover and implement such technology? It requires a shift in mindset away from this dualistic mindset that is force-based. And what does that mean? It means you need to have people who are able to both tune into the Christ mind and realize that there are higher principles that were defined from a higher level of awareness. And then you need to also tune in to the Divine Mother and to the wisdom of the Mother for how the universe works. And this requires people to shift their mindset from what is so prevalent today, where so many people are willing to use force to get their way. And this means that they are in a mindset that we have called the mindset of lack. They think the universe has limited resources. They think the earth has limited resources. They think the Divine Mother has limited resources and wants to withhold something from them. This means that they think they live in a hostile universe.

The abundant life on earth

The shift that is required is what we have talked about before, where people shift into realizing they actually live in a friendly universe. Jesus said: “Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” What is the kingdom? Well, it can be seen as the spiritual world where you can ascend to the spiritual world, and it is the Father’s good pleasure to have you ascend because the Father has not put any obstacles in your way. The fallen beings have attempted to put obstacles in your way, but they can only affect you if you make choices to let them affect, you because you separate yourself from the Christ mind. It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Christ consciousness.

But you could equally say: “Fear not, little flock, for it is your Divine Mother’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom on earth.” In other words, to give you the abundant life, the affluent life. The Divine Mother is not the one restricting your abundance, your nurturance on earth. It is the consciousness of antichrist, the consciousness of death, the force-based consciousness that has projected these limitations on the material universe, that has created the lack, created the poverty that people currently think is a reality or even the only reality on earth. Therefore, they think they live in a hostile universe that wants to withhold things from them and they have to take it by force, by forcing the physical earth to give them what they need.

The reality is that the Divine Mother is not only capable but also willing to give people everything they need without the use of force. But this requires people who are willing to shift their mindset to overcome this force-based mindset and tune in to the wisdom of the Mother, become wise women and wise men. Again, both men and women can do this, but it is foreseeable that it will be a larger group, a larger number of women who will be able and willing to do this. And this is what I look for in America and, of course, in all other nations. The emergence of these women who are willing to tune in to the Divine Mother, who are willing to tune in to the physical realm and discover, receive from me and from my office, from other ascended masters, this knowledge of how the universe actually works. And how to work in cooperation with the material universe instead of seeking to force it to give you what you want.

Tuning in to the wisdom of the Divine Mother

This also requires them to tune in to realize that the Divine Mother has no favorites. The Divine Mother is not elitist and therefore will not allow a small elite to monopolize wealth or resources. And to force them into their own control by forcefully taking it from the people or taking the fruits of the people’s labor. Technological growth must go hand in hand, as Saint Germain said, with a raising of awareness and a willingness to raise up all life. This, of course, is something that has already begun. Many, many people have started to tune in to this in various ways. Many of them have come from sources of knowledge that are relatively primitive, that are not really sophisticated enough to bring about the change I am talking about. But as more and more people open their minds to this, they will be able to receive these ideas from me and from my office that will raise this to a higher level. So far, many of the people who have tuned in, have tuned in to beings in the emotional but especially in the mental realm. And then have received some ideas that are not necessarily wrong or destructive, but they are not the highest possible ideas that people could receive, because they can, of course, receive this only from the ascended level. It is not beings in the emotional, mental or identity realms that have created the matter universe. It is beings in the ascended realm that have created the matter universe, so if you really want the wisdom,  the Divine Sophia, you need to tune into the ascended level and not the identity, mental or emotional levels. Or even for that matter, the physical.

Multiplying talents

This can be, and will be, a tremendous change in society. And it will shift society in so many ways that it would be overwhelming for most people if I told them exactly how society will shift. I have lifted the veil just a little bit in terms of technology. But another important area is, of course, the economy. There will be a rising awareness of how the economy actually works, how money works. And this will be based on the principle that we have referred to many times with Jesus’ parable about the three servants who receive talents. And those who multiply them receive more. You do not multiply the talents by seeking to take by force from other people the value of their labor and concentrating it in your own hands. You only multiply the talents when you use money and wealth to raise up all people in a society. And this is, of course, where America is currently lacking compared to many other democratic nations, where there is a higher level of this what we have called social awareness or basic humanity. And the question of how quickly the new technology can be brought forth is very much tied to this development of the social awareness as you called forth in this invocation you gave before this dictation, because whether the technology can be released in America or in other nations will very much depend on the level of social awareness. And if Americans do not develop the necessary level of social awareness then many forms of technology cannot be released here. This, of course, does not mean that America cannot make use of this technology, but America will not be the forerunner for manifesting it, because there is too much of a risk in America that it will be attempted to be monopolized and attempted to be used by the elite to enrich themselves. This technology cannot truly be monopolized but nevertheless the elite can do something to attempt to use it to enrich themselves rather than all other people.

A new look on labor

Some of the changes that will happen will be a shift in how societies look at labor. What is labor? So far there has been this consciousness that has been driving the way societies look at labor, and that is that you produce something that for example is: you are working in a factory, you are producing certain goods and they can then be sold for money. Or you are working on a farm and you are sowing the crops, tilling the fields, harvesting the crops, tending the animals and so forth. You are doing something that can be monetized, that can be evaluated based on money, that can be given a monetary value. This has the ramification that the labor that you perform, you are not necessarily given the monetary value of that labor, not the fullness of it. But there is someone else who is reaping perhaps more monetary value from your labor than you do. It can be the noble man who owns the land that you live on, so he does not even pay you money to do the work, you get a place to live and food and that is it.

It can be somebody who owns the factory and you may be paid a certain salary but the factory owner reaps the majority of the monetary value created through your labor.

This is, of course, the system created by the fallen beings so that they can set themselves up in these privileged positions where they do not have to perform physical work in order to accumulate money because other people are doing the physical work and the fallen beings are reaping the majority of the monetary value that is created. But what will emerge in the golden age is a new look on labor and the monetary value of labor. For example, you have many societies today where women are not only giving birth to the children but are primarily responsible for doing the labor of feeding the children, keeping them alive, bringing up the children and so forth. You have societies where, when the parents grow old it is primarily women that are given the task of taking care of the older people. However, what do you see beginning to happen in certain societies such as China and Japan? You see that the birth rate has fallen so low that the population is actually shrinking. And the result of this is that the population is aging so that the percentage of older people who are not able to work is growing.

How can you as a society move beyond this unsustainable level? Well, you have to say that giving birth to children, raising children, has a monetary value. It is labor. What has so far by many societies been taken for granted that women should do this can now be seen as being labor that has a monetary value. In other words, so far in many societies women have been like the feudal peasants of the Middle Ages. They were required to do work and all they received was room and board, a place to live and food. But they were not given a monetary value of their labor. If these states that are experiencing a decline in the population, a decline in the birth rate, if they want to reverse the trend, then society needs to say: “Women giving birth to and raising children is of value to society, so we must put a monetary value on it and pay women to do this. Women who take care of the older people in the family, this has a monetary value to society because otherwise society would have to do this, so we must pay the women, or for that matter the men, if they choose to do it, but we must pay people to do this.”

The concept of a basic income

You can also come to a point where you realize that just living, just existing, you are actually giving a service to society because you have to have a place to live, you have to eat, you have to have clothes and therefore you are contributing to the economy. And this can lead to the concept of a basic income where you are saying that it is actually in society’s interest to pay people this basic income so they can survive at a basic level. And then if they want a higher standard of living, then they can work or they can start a business. But there is always that bottom level so people can survive, and it is in society’s interest to keep people at that level.

You can see how these ideas would meet enormous resistance in the United States with the “rugged individualism,” with the attitude that: “I make my own luck, I have done all the hard work, I should receive the reward, I should not pay taxes to support other people.” And much of this attitude that is more prevalent in the United States than in most other democratic nations, in fact all other democratic nations, and therefore you can see that there are some dramatic shifts that are required. And who can bring this shift about? Well, for the largest part, women. Women are the ones who can tune into this, the wisdom of the mother, and they can see that even though from a certain perspective this seems to be unrealistic or outrageous or just plain wrong, from the perspective of the Divine Mother, the wisdom of the Divine Mother, it actually is perfectly sensible, it is very constructive because it will actually take the economy of a nation to a higher level. However, before this can happen, of course, you need to overcome this so-called capitalist system, or free enterprise system as some call it, that allows an elite to reap the fruit of the people’s labor. You need to instead shift and say the people should receive the majority of the monetary value of their labor, and then they should pay a fair amount of taxes to the state for providing the public services that the people need.

You can see that there are some calculations out there that if the top ten percent of the rich people paid a fair tax rate, it could generate so many billions of dollars on a worldwide basis every year. And you can see therefore that if there was a different system where the top ten percent were not even allowed to make that much money, then societies could easily afford to pay people a basic income, to pay the people who do labor with the children, with the elderly, and so forth. This could easily be achieved by a fairer distribution of the monetary value of people’s labor, and when you do not allow a small elite to steal the majority of the monetary value of people’s labor.

Ideology vs. the wisdom of the Divine Mother

Of course, there will be some, especially in the United States, who will cry out: “Communism! Socialism!” But it has nothing to do with it. Communism was an ideology that created an artificial, unrealistic view of how the universe was supposed to work, and attempted to project it onto the universe by force. Capitalism is likewise an ideology that creates an artificial image of how the universe should work, and attempts to project it upon society. Both are unsustainable.

What has sustained the so-called capitalist system is that capitalism still gives more freedom for individual initiative than communism could ever do, and that is why the capitalist system has not collapsed. It is not because of capitalism itself, but because there is still enough freedom that enough people can be creative and can come up, produce the wealth that keeps society afloat. But as you can clearly see, there are certainly dangers of a collapse of the system, which has happened several times, and which will happen again if the economy is not reformed. What I am proposing here, is not an ideology. You need to make a distinction here, those of you who are able to do this, and realize that what has been created from the duality consciousness is ideologies, is images of how the world is supposed to work, how certain people, especially the fallen beings and the power elite, want the universe to work. But what I am talking about is the wisdom of the Divine Mother, which is not based on wanting the universe to work a certain way. It is based on an observation, an attunement of how the universe actually works. This is a fundamental difference, and what I am talking about is that, in the coming decades, more and more people will begin to tune in and grasp that difference.

What you see outplayed right now in many nations around the world, including democratic nations, and especially in the United States, is the rising up of this group of people who are becoming more desperate in trying to force their image, their mental image, upon the universe and upon society, forcing other people to conform to it. And this is what Saint Germain talked about, must be allowed to happen, so that the expressions of this become more and more extreme, more and more desperate, until a critical mass of people see this, see the lack of balance, see the futility of this entire mindset of thinking that human beings on this little planet called Earth can force the universe to conform to their mental images. Whereas the alternative is to tune into the Christ mind and the Divine Mother and therefore learn how the universe actually works, so that we can start working with the universe, with nature, with the planet. And therefore, we can open ourselves up to receiving the nurturance and the abundance that it is the Divine Mother’s good pleasure to give us. We can also open ourselves up to receiving the higher awareness that it is the Divine Father’s good pleasure to give us. And when a critical mass of people begin to see this, that is when you can see the release of this technology, of these ideas that will begin to truly manifest the Golden Age and create these huge changes that we have talked about that are so dramatic that most people currently cannot even imagine it or believe it. But when people begin to realize and get in touch with this wisdom of the Divine Mother, they will be able to accept that this can be a reality. As we have said before, it is not enough to release technology, an idea for technology. There has to be a critical mass of people who can actually accept that this is possible, otherwise the technology cannot be released.

You see how the progressive, the creative, the more open-minded people can play a tremendous role in bringing about this shift in consciousness, where we stop seeing nature, the planet, the universe as a hostile force, where we have to take whatever we want by forcing it, but instead start seeing it as a friendly force that will gladly give us everything we need if only we stop using force, but start accepting it instead.

With this I have given you the vision I wanted to convey. I am after all also the Archeia of the Fifth Ray of Vision. And as has been said, without vision the people perish, because without the vision of the Christ mind and the mind of the Divine Mother, people cannot create something sustainable. The United States was meant to be a nation where there was a certain level of Christ awareness and a certain level of the feminine wisdom. And without that it is not sustainable. Many Americans take it for granted and think that America could never decline or disappear. But I will remind you that many Romans thought the same about the Roman Empire. And where is it today? You can go to Rome and see the ruins of the Roman Empire and you could just as easily have the ruins of America if Americans are not willing to tune in to this source of the inalienable rights that they take for granted.

I am grateful for the opportunity to bring this forth, to project it into the collective consciousness through your chakras. You have achieved not only the highest potential for this conference, you have gone beyond it and for this we are very grateful. I therefore seal you in the joy of the Divine Mother, for it really is my joy to give you a vision of the Kingdom.


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