M08. Why Did This Happen to Me?

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Ascended Master Guru Ma through Kim Michaels.

I AM the Ascended Master Guru Ma. I have spoken in previous dictations about the students who come to a spiritual guru, and they want the guru to tell them what to do. Then they become resentful when things do not turn out the way they expected. What I wish to talk about now is the students who come to the guru and they describe a situation that has happened in their life, and then they want the guru to answer the question: “Why did this happen to me?”

Underneath that conscious question there is often an unspoken question: “Why did God allow this to happen to me?” You will notice, I am sure, that when something unexpected or unpleasant happens to you, it is almost inevitable that a question comes up in your mind: “Why did this happen to me?” You will probably have noticed that this is the same for almost every human being on this planet. From this we can conclude a couple of things. First of all, it is almost a universal tendency that all people ask the question: “Why did this happen to me?” What is behind the asking of the question? What does the asking of the question say about the state of consciousness of the person asking it?

Well, does it not say that there is a universal, subconscious recognition of the fact that you live in a world of cause and effect? Therefore, you assume that when something happens to you there must be a reason why this happened. When you are a spiritual person, you tend to believe that there must be some spiritual reason. When you find a spiritual guru who has an elaborate and sophisticated teaching, you tend to assume that the guru should be able to answer all of your questions about life and therefore should be able to tell you exactly why something happened to you.

I freely admit that while I was an embodied guru, I projected out the image that there is a reason why everything happens to you. I even somewhat projected, and certainly reinforced, the image that I had many of the answers to why many things happened to people. I projected out the image that this could be explained mainly by your karma. What I wish to give you now is a more sophisticated understanding of this than I was able to give you while I was still in embodiment. Why I was not able to give this more sophisticated understanding then is unimportant in this context.

All people are connected in a web of energy

What I will focus on is giving you the broader view that you attain when you become an ascended master. What you can do from the ascended state is that you can participate in some of the council sessions held by other ascended masters who are more experienced than yourself. This may be the Karmic Board, the Darjeeling Council and other councils set up by the ascended masters to deal with the situation on earth.

What you realize from the ascended state is that what is happening on earth is incredibly complex. It would be almost

impossible to fathom the complexity from the unascended state. In fact, when I say “almost impossible,” I can say with certainty that it would be impossible to fathom the entirety of how complex the situation is. I still wish to give you at least some impression of what is happening on a planet like earth.

I did, while I was in embodiment, talk about the Antahkarana or the web of life. I taught that all people on earth are connected by this web, this Antahkarana. The web is made up of energy that has taken on certain forms, certain vibrations. What makes it take on form is the consciousness of human beings.

What you see from the ascended state is this intricate web of these threads of energy, literally like ropes formed by finer energies, that tie many human beings together. In a sense, there is an Antahkarana that ties all human beings together on earth. When you go to more specific levels, you see that there are many groups of people who are tied together by these ropes, lines or strings of energy.

Some of this energy vibrates in the emotional frequency spectrum, some of it in the mental and some of it at the identity or etheric level. You could compare this to a map of earth where all of the cities and all of the houses are connected by roads. Or you could look at one of the nighttime satellite photos that shows all the street lights and other lights that are lighting up the night and forming an intricate pattern.

You can begin to see how specific groups are connected by certain lines of energy, and certainly you can call this karma. What I wish to give you here is an understanding that goes beyond the traditional view of karma, given by Eastern religions and to some degree also by the teachings by the ascended masters. It is not that this view is wrong; it is simply that there is more to it. There is a higher level of understanding of how karma works.

A higher view of how karma works

There has been a tendency, especially in Eastern religions, to believe that karma is set in stone. If we are to talk about energy, as I have done here, we could say that in the past you made a choice. This sent a karmic impulse, an energy impulse, into the four levels of the material universe. If this karmic impulse is allowed to return to you without being changed, it can trigger a certain situation in your life. For example, this can be an accident, an illness, the loss of a business, the loss of a loved one, whatever tragedy people experience, even the death of your physical body.

You can say that, yes, this was your karma coming back to you, but what I desire to give to you here is the understanding that karma comes back only if you have not changed your consciousness. We could then say that karma is not the punishment of an angry God, as it is sometimes seen by people, neither is it an entirely impersonal law that simply returns to you what you send out.

Karma has the purpose of teaching you how to use your creative faculties. How do you co-create anything? You use the mind’s ability to formulate a mental image. You project that image onto the Ma-ter light, which causes the formation of a matrix of energy. This matrix has a given form, it has a given level of vibration and it has a certain momentum or strength. You then project this matrix outside the sphere of your mind. Once it has left the sphere of your mind and has been projected outside your mind, it has generated an impulse that will cycle through and eventually return to you. However, this return is not simply mechanical, impersonal or guaranteed. This return can come to pass or it can not come to pass.

There are two main reasons why it may not come to pass. The one reason is that the Karmic Board, or the ascended master who oversees your personal evolution, sees that you have a karmic return coming back to you, looks at your growth in consciousness, sees that you are close to breaking through to a higher level of consciousness and then decides to hold back the karmic return for a time. This is done in order to give you an opportunity to break through to that higher level before the karmic return comes back.

What is the point in you having the karmic return if you have learned your lesson and shifted your consciousness? This does not mean that the karma is completely gone, but it does mean that you can now balance it from a higher level of consciousness. It will be much easier for you to consume the karmic impulse in the identity, mental or emotional level before it manifests as a physical event in your life. This is only possible when you have shifted your consciousness.

The other reason a karmic return may not come back as a physical consequence is that you have changed your state of consciousness, you have transcended the state of consciousness in which you generated that karmic impulse. Therefore, you are now free of that former state of consciousness, that former self. This means that when the karmic impulse comes back, it is – often without you being consciously aware of it – consumed in the three higher bodies before it becomes physical. This is especially the case if you make the calls and use the violet flame.

We can now go back to the question: “Why did this happen to me?” You can now see a more sophisticated answer. It did not happen to you because there is an angry God in the sky who wants to punish you for something you did in the past. You will notice that even many people who are aware of karma and reincarnation still think that there must be an angry God who wants to punish them, and that is why he has created a universe in which karma is returned to you. This is simply not the case.

Why did this happen to you? Because in the past you made certain choices that generated an energy impulse, a karmic impulse. You have not sufficiently changed your consciousness, and therefore the karmic impulse from the past came all the way full circle and descended into the material frequency spectrum where it manifested as a specific event in your life.

Many people will take this teaching and say: “Yes, but that still does not explain why this happened to me. What did I do in the past to deserve this or to generate this impulse?” Here is where we come to another layer of complexity.

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