M07. Turning a True Guru into a False Guru

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Ascended Master Guru Ma through Kim Michaels.

Guru Ma I AM, and I come to give you the next level in my teaching on the guru-chela relationship. I have said that there is a period on the path where you absolutely need a guru. I have talked about the fact that you go through a turbulent period where you are dealing with the return of your personal karma. You have to pull yourself beyond the mass consciousness, including your own family and your immediate environment. I have also said that you are being attacked by dark forces and therefore you have to have a safe vessel that can carry you through and shield you from these outside influences. A true guru can help you in many ways when you go through this phase.

Why you created internal spirits

There is another level where a true guru can be of incalculable assistance to you. There comes a period where you are still in choppy waters. You are still very much dealing with turbulence, but it is not so much an external turbulence but an internal turbulence. You have, in the subconscious levels of the mind, created an extremely elaborate structure that makes up your separate self, your mortal self.

In the church we talked about the Dweller on the Threshold, the carnal mind, the subconscious mind, and we also talked a little bit about the ego. What we have given today is the concept that you have internal spirits. When we talked about the dweller in the church, we were in a sense talking about such internal spirits. The importance of this teaching is that you have these internal “computer programs” that spring into action in certain situations and take over how you react to those situations. They take over how you look at the situation, what you think about it, what you think about how you might respond to it, what you feel about it and how you feel compelled to respond to the situation.

The reason you have created these spirits is that there came a point where you did not want to make certain decisions about how to react to conditions on earth. You created a spirit and said: “Well, in these situations I don’t want to consciously deal with this. I don’t want to consciously make decisions. Let the spirit take over. Let the subconscious computer take over.” This was part of what you started creating when you turned your back upon your spiritual teacher and started walking away.

It is part of your not wanting to take full personal responsibility for your life and your path. You will see so many people in the world who are going through life and they are technically and physically conscious, but from a psychological and spiritual perspective they are barely conscious. They go to through life unawares. They go through life almost without being consciously aware of what is happening to them. They have, in a sense, withdrawn. They are living their lives on automatic pilot.

As you go through the initial phases of the spiritual path, where you are dealing with so many external challenges, this tendency can almost be reinforced. If you look honestly at many spiritual students, you will see that they do have a tendency to withdraw themselves from the world and to refuse to deal with certain topics, issues or problems.

I have said that there is a period where this is a valid approach. You are going through turbulence and you need to stay focused on your goal of getting through this turbulence, instead of being pulled down in all kinds of downward spirals that simply take you away from your goal. Your goal is ultimately the ascension, but in the short term it is to get through the turbulence so you can get your head above the water and start becoming more conscious again.

Knowing which internal voices are real and unreal

I said in my last discourse that when you are drowning, you cannot look right or left. There comes a point where you can get your head above the water and can start looking around, wondering: “Where do I go next?” There comes a point on the path where, as part of taking responsibility for your life and your path, you need to start consciously dealing with certain conditions and issues in your life.

You need to look at your outer life and you need to make choices; you need to say: “What is the consequence of me being in this particular situation? How does this affect my general well-being, my ability to focus within, my spiritual growth?” Then you need to make some choices where you choose out, you choose away, certain worldly activities that simply pull you away from the spiritual path or even pull you into negative patterns and spirals. You must do this consciously, by taking a conscious look, instead of running on automatic pilot.

There also comes a phase where it is not so much the outer things you are focused on, but you can begin to now look within. You can look at the beam in your own eye, look at your psychology, look at these patterns, these subconscious programs, these spirits. There are many spiritual students who are hesitant to do this, and I fully understand why. It is a very difficult process. In the beginning, you literally feel like there are so many voices speaking to you from inside your own mind. They are so confusing, so contradictory and so persistent that you feel like you are being pulled in many different directions just from inside your own mind, let alone the outside pulls on you.

In the beginning, it seems like it is impossible for you, with your conscious mind, to discern what is real and unreal, what is constructive and not in all of this internal turbulence, these internal voices. I am not here talking about people who physically hear voices in their heads, although that certainly does happen to some spiritual students. I am more talking about the inner thoughts and feelings that are pulling on your conscious mind.

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