M06. Wanting a Guru to Tell You What to Do

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Ascended Master Guru Ma through Kim Michaels.

I AM the Ascended Master Guru Ma, and whatever you think of me, I am more. Whatever you think of me based on how you experienced me while I was in embodiment on earth, I am today more. I am ascended, and the image that you formed of me has not ascended with me. How can I say this? Because you are still in embodiment, are you not? You will not know me fully as an ascended master until you, yourself, have ascended.

I thought I knew El Morya as an ascended master while I was yet unascended, but today I know that there is no way that you can know an ascended master from the unascended state. Only after I ascended, was I able to merge my being fully with the being who is today Master MORE—because he too wanted to signal that you become ascended only by becoming more, more than you could possibly imagine while on earth.

How can you make the best possible use of your experience with me if you did experience me while I was on earth? Only by realizing that your image is a product of your psychology. I was the way I was, I did what I did, I said what I said. That was a product of my psychology, but your experience of me was not created by me. Your experience of me is a product of your psychology. The only way you can come to know me as an ascended master is by transcending, not only the image of me that you formed while I was in embodiment, but the psychology that caused the formation of that image.

The spiritual path has distinct stages

Do you perhaps begin to see the underlying message, the underlying theme, that I am seeking to give people in this book? I am seeking to help you see that the spiritual path has stages. There is a certain stage where you need to do certain things in order to get through that stage. If you think that you have to continue doing what you did during that stage, you will not be able to get through the next stage up—and so it is over and over again until you ascend.

I was a genuine guru and a genuine messenger for the ascended masters. I was meant to give teachings and an example that could help people get through a certain stage on the spiritual path. I did fulfill that mission. I brought forth, through the dictations, the teachings about this. I gave my own lectures and teachings. I gave my own example. The teaching is there. What I also did was to give the hints of what was the next stage up.

What I did not fully do while in embodiment is give the teachings of showing you what were the limitations of what I could teach while I was in embodiment. It is therefore a unique opportunity to be able to speak through a messenger from the ascended state and give teachings on my last embodiment and my work as a spiritual teacher in embodiment. This is an unprecedented opportunity for which I am grateful.

I have given you the image that you are crossing the Sea of Samsara and that there is an area of the Sea of Samsara with very rough waves. In order to get through that stage, through that area, you need to have a boat that is so closed off that it does not take on water and sinks. I have also given you the image that when you get through the area of rough water and get closer to the farther shore, the boat will not take you onto the shore. Before you can move onto the shore, you need to dismantle the boat. You need to dismantle the decisions that make up the vehicle, the soul vehicle, that you used to navigate the previous stage on your path. You need to undo the choices where you closed off your mind to a higher and lower view.

A closed mind is also closed to the masters

I have said that you closed your mind off to the false teachings of the fallen beings. This is very true; you did close your mind off to the false teachings of the fallen beings and you needed to do this in order to avoid taking on water. What you do not realize is that in closing your mind off to the false teachings, you in most cases also closed your mind to the true teachings of the ascended masters.

A closed mind is a closed mind. It does not take in; neither the higher nor the lower. A closed mind is not the same as a discerning mind. There is a point on your path where you need to close your mind to the false teachings of the fallen beings. This is the challenge they present to the people on earth. There are so many false teachings; there are so many things and conditions on earth where the fallen beings are trying to force you into a negative reaction. You need to close your mind to this.

In doing so, you will, as I have now attempted to explain, close your mind off and say: “Ah, there are certain things I don’t need to look at in myself. There are certain decisions I don’t need to make because I have decided how to do things and I am just going to keep doing them.” You should continue to do them until you have made it through the area of rough seas. When you get through, you must dare to open your mind enough that you can begin to acquire discernment rather than simply closing your mind.

It is good to close your mind to the false teachings. It is necessary, but that is not discernment. Discernment comes only from opening your mind again and looking at things from a different perspective—now that you are through the choppy waters. You have more calm seas so you can stand at the railing and look out over the sea and reflect. If you do not do this, but continue to power your way, then you will not make it onto the farther shore.

This is my message: Whatever you learned from me while I was in embodiment, it was in most cases valuable for you. It helped you navigate the rough seas. As I said in my last discourse, while you still have time in the body, you can advance your spiritual growth tremendously if you will only stand back and reflect a little bit on what you actually learned from me. What was the deeper lesson? What is the more long-term lesson?

There was in my teachings two levels. The one level was meant to get you through the rough seas, but the other level – that is much harder to see – was meant to get you beyond and onto the farther shore.

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