M04. Knowing What Kind of Planet You Are on

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Ascended Master Guru Ma through Kim Michaels.

I AM the Ascended Master Guru Ma. If you know anything about my last embodiment, you will know that one of my greatest concerns was education. I gave many lectures or talks about the need for a better form of education, even the deplorable state of modern-day education in the United States. However, the greatest lack in modern education is the lack of awareness of the presence of the fallen beings on this planet.

When you look at my life, you will see that my thinking was very much affected by my awareness that there are fallen beings both in and out of embodiment. There are those beings out of embodiment who are seeking to control humankind from the astral realm, the emotional realm, even from the mental and the lower etheric realm. They have set themselves up as the false teachers, as the false hierarchy, and they are seeking to force or fool humankind into following their schemes.

The primary tool that these disembodied beings use is the fallen beings in embodiment, or the people who are either deceived or overwhelmed by, identified with, the fallen consciousness or a certain aspect of it. It is possible for a lifestream not to have directly, personally rebelled against God but to still have stepped into a self, a role, defined by the fallen beings who did rebel against God. The reason this is possible is partly free will and partly the fact that the presence of the fallen beings on earth forces all human beings to react to this fact.

It is impossible to take physical embodiment on earth without being affected by the fallen beings and the fallen consciousness. It is virtually impossible to take embodiment on earth without reacting in some way to the fallen beings and the fallen consciousness. Furthermore, any way that you react to the fallen beings and the fallen consciousness, will trap you in one of the spirals, the downward spirals, created by the fallen beings to suck you down under the surface of the Sea of Samsara.

The basic facts about life

These are the basic facts about life on earth:

There are fallen beings in and out of embodiment.

They have aggressively and deceptively created any number of schemes aimed at forcing you to react to them.

Any way that you do react to them will tie you to them and to their schemes. It will suck you down into a downward spiral that can quickly cause you to lose control over your life, your free will, your vision, your relationship to God.

If people knew this, would you not say that they have a much better chance of avoiding being sucked into one of the schemes created by the fallen beings? You may have seen on movies that people come to an area and there is a sign that says “Minefield.” You may also have seen that there are soldiers who walk into a minefield without knowing that it is a minefield. Surely, it is never a good thing to have to walk through a minefield. But if you do have to walk through a minefield, wouldn’t you say that it was at least an advantage to know that it is a minefield. Especially if you also knew that there are certain signs you can look for that will tell you where the mines are buried so that you can actually avoid them if you exercise due caution and use your powers of observation.

Would it not be at least reasonable that people would know what kind of planet they are embodied on, what kind of conditions they face, so that they would have a free choice as to whether they would react to the fallen beings or whether they would try to find a way to not react to the fallen beings? If you said: “Yes, this would be reasonable,” then it is likely that you are not a fallen being and neither are you identified fully with one of the selves, the roles, defined by the fallen beings. You have started to pull yourself away from identification with the mortal self, the ego, the dweller, the carnal mind, the human mind.

The belief that God gave earth to the devil

There are beings, in and out of embodiment, who would not agree with this statement. They feel that it is perfectly right that human beings do not know what kind of planet they are on. They believe this because they actually have come to believe that God himself has given planet earth, and even the material universe, to the fallen beings as their playground.

These are beings who have created a very peculiar line of reasoning. They have said, long ago in a different sphere: “God has given all beings free will. We think this was a mistake, we resent free will. We want to prove that God was wrong for giving all beings free will. God should have given us, who are clearly the superior beings, free will, and then he should have put all those other beings under our command so that they would have to follow our directions, they would be saved by following our directions. Since God is not willing to do this, we are going to prove to God that his decision to give all beings free will was wrong. How are we going to do this? We are going to do this by taking advantage of the Law of Free Will.”

“We are going to take the Law of Free Will to its absolutely most extreme extent. We are going to use our free will to demand of God that we be given an entire realm with self-aware beings embodying and that God leaves that realm and its future to us. God steps out of that realm and lets us do what we want without interfering with it. This is our right according to the Law of Free Will, and we are demanding that God does this, that God gives us an entire world and says: ‘I will not interfere, this is your world.’”

My beloved, as a human being in embodiment on earth, you have never encountered one of this class of fallen beings for they are no longer allowed to embody on earth. If you could remember very distant past lives, you might remember them from past civilizations where they had set themselves up as the leaders and caused the downfall of those civilizations without ever being willing to acknowledge that it was their doing. In recent times, such beings have not been allowed to take embodiment.

When you walk the path towards the ascension, you will come to a point where you are confronted with this state of consciousness and these beings at inner levels. I actually had almost physical confrontations with such beings while I was still in embodiment and functioning as a messenger. They came to me, not in the physical but certainly in the astral plane and in the mental and lower etheric.

They sent their representatives to me and they tried to either scare me, to persuade me or to deceive me into accepting that God had given them the earth and that I had no right to accept the mantle of “Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood.” I had no right to bring forth messages from the ascended masters for it would interfere with the gift that God had given them. They would say that the ascended masters were violating God’s law by seeking to enlighten humankind, for God himself had given them the right to force and deceive human beings without interfering with them.

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