M03. Why You Decided to Hide from the Guru

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Ascended Master Guru Ma through Kim Michaels.

Guru Ma I AM. And an ascended master I am. How do you become an ascended master? You become an ascended master by letting go of everything on earth.

There is literally nothing on earth that you can take with you into the ascended realm. What you can take with you is what is stored in your causal body, but what is stored in your causal body is very different from the memories stored in your soul vehicle. What enters your causal body is impressions, lessons, memories, but they are not filtered through the perception filter of the soul vehicle. They are seen through the neutrality and the clarity of your I AM Presence and the Conscious You in its pure state.

Seeing life without a perception filter

What do I mean when I say the Conscious You in its pure state? I mean in the state it was in when it originally descended, not necessarily to earth, but when it for the first time descended from the spiritual realm into an unascended sphere. You descended in innocence. This means that you had no perception filter. There was nothing to color your view. There was nothing to give you a sense of value judgment.

What would happen if you could look at life on earth as you experience it right now without any perception filter? What would it be like to look at life on earth through that pure innocence of the person that first descended from heaven? What would you actually see?

Why am I talking about this? Because I wish to give you an impression of how the ascended masters see the earth. This is something that is difficult to express in words and it is difficult to fathom for most people, but there is still value in bringing forth a statement in words so that people might contemplate it and therefore stretch the mind.

I do not expect that by reading my words, you will instantly snap out of your perception filter. You will have a certain coloring with you as long as you are in embodiment on earth because there are certain aspects of this perception filter that are inconsequential to your ascension.

Gurus who claim to be fully evolved

I know that if you survey the situation on earth, you will see that there is today, and there has been in the past, any number of spiritual leaders or gurus who have made the claim about themselves, or whose followers have made the claim about them, that they had reached some ultimate state of consciousness—whether you call it enlightenment, cosmic consciousness or being an unascended ascended master.

I certainly made certain statements about myself that were embellished upon by my followers, and a myth was created that Elizabeth Clare Prophet had reached some ultimate state of consciousness. Let me point out to you from my own experience that it is possible to raise your consciousness to a high level while you are still in embodiment. It is not possible to reach some state of consciousness where you have absolutely no perception filter, where you have absolutely no element of the human consciousness.

When you see a guru who claims that he is God incarnate or has reached some ultimate state of enlightenment while still being in a physical body, you should ask yourself a simple question: “If you are so highly evolved, why are you still in a physical body?” The answer, in many cases, will be that the person is still in a physical body in order to do something for the unenlightened people, in order to do God’s work. This may be what the person truly believes. I certainly believed, as long as I was conscious in my physical body, that I had a mission, a purpose, that I was here to do something for God and that I was doing something for other people.

Why are the ascended masters still with earth?

The brutal fact – that you only see from the ascended realm – is that this claim of doing something for God or doing something for other people is still a perception filter. If you claim that you are here to do something for God or do something for others, you are implicitly making the claim that you are here to change something on earth.

This will be a startling statement, surely. Even when he is speaking these words, my messenger senses the reaction from the collective consciousness to these words being spoken in the physical. Surely, many of my own students – and many other spiritual and religious people around the world – will say that this cannot be true. Surely, many ascended master students – whether they followed my church or another – will say that it cannot be true that the ascended masters do not want to change things on earth. But it is actually true.

Why then, you might ask, are the ascended masters with earth? Why have they not simply moved on, as indeed some people on earth claim they should have? There are some people who deny the existence of ascended masters. There are some people who do not deny that ascended masters exist, but claim that they remain with earth only because there is something they have not resolved and therefore they cannot move on—thereby claiming that even an ascended master has unresolved issues.

Strange as it might seem, these people are actually making their claim in good faith. They are even right. Only, they are not talking about ascended masters. They are talking about impostors of ascended masters who live in the lower etheric or the mental realm and claim to be ascended masters. These beings have not moved on. They do have unresolved issues, and this is proven by the fact that they are seeking to change people on earth.

How do you become an ascended master? By leaving behind everything on earth, including the desire to change anything on earth. This was one of the hardest lessons for me to get before I could qualify for my ascension. Oh yes, they tried to help me. Lanello tried to help me, Master MORE, or as I saw him, El Morya, tried to help me. Jesus tried to help me, Saint Germain tried to help me, Mother Mary tried to help me.

I kept reasoning with them, saying that, surely, this could not be true. If it was true, would it not invalidate everything that I had done from my early childhood of sensing I was on a mission to help God bring peace to earth and improve things on this planet?

All of my service during my teenage years, my youth, during my work with Mark, doing my work with the church; all of this would seem to have been for nothing if the ascended masters did not want to change something on earth.

Ah, but you see, the ascended masters do not want to change anything on earth; they want human beings to change conditions on earth. They only want human beings to do this out of their completely free will. This is what is so difficult to understand, to grasp, to accept while you are still in embodiment. Let me attempt to explain why it is so difficult to get this.

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