Loving your Divine plan more than a daydream 

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, January 8, 2019.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain. This is the third level of initiation at my retreat, which corresponds to the Seventh Ray of Freedom and the Third Ray of Love. Freedom and love, of course, does not mean free love, as so many people interpreted it back in the 1960’s and beyond. What it does mean is that we need to look at love, and the opposite of anti-love, when it comes to your relationship to the physical realm, the matter realm, the Mother realm. Now, I said in my last discourse that I wish to speak about how you can bring harmony between your spiritual life and your everyday, practical life. This is a topic that is very important for all spiritual people, especially as we move more and more into the Aquarian Age.

Separation between spiritual and everyday activities

My beloved, if you look back at the last 2,000 years in the western world, you will see that the Christian churches have created a relatively clear separation between what you might call spiritual (or at least religious) life and everyday, practical life. Now, in all fairness, this has to some degree been happening because people had to work so hard physically in order to make a living. You could not expect them to work ten hours a day and have much attention or energy left over for any kind of spiritual considerations. For the six days a week where people were working, they could not really focus on anything religious or spiritual so they had the one day where they could go to church.

However, the effect of all of this has been that in the collective consciousness of the West there has been created this very clear distinction between what you call normal, everyday life and a religious or spiritual life. You have many, many people who thought that if they go to church on Sunday, if they confess their sins, if they participate in the Mass and light a candle, then they can go out and live the way they want to live their normal lives for the other six days of the week. People did in many ways make some kind of bargain between God and themselves where they said: “God, I give you Sunday and then you give me the other six days to do what I want. Then, when Sunday comes around again, I go in and confess my sins and I am absolved from whatever I did during the week.”

Now, many, many spiritual people have, especially since the 1960’s, come to an inner realization that this clear separation of “church and state,” so to speak, is no longer valid as we move into a new age. We need to find a different way to look at the spiritual aspect of life and the practical aspect of life. This is a big challenge for many spiritual people and it has, of course, required quite a bit of experimentation on people’s part.

Hatred of the Mother realm

What we need to talk about first is that many spiritual people have built a sort of unrealistic daydream about what it means to live a spiritual life. There are, of course, many individual variations of this. There are also different groupings out there of spiritual and New Age movements where each of them have created their own vision of what it supposedly means to live a spiritual life. Common for many of these visions is that they are based on a certain attitude to the matter realm. This is, of course, also something that goes back, not only in the western Christian tradition but even in the East, in the Hindu and Buddhic traditions. There is a very, very strong beast in the collective consciousness that portrays matter as the enemy of your spiritual growth.

This, my beloved, is a complete illusion, created by the fallen beings. There is no other way to put it. It is a complete illusion, deliberately created by the fallen beings to prevent what they consider a big threat against their rule on earth. You see my beloved, what the fallen beings have done, is they have created this separation because they are in the consciousness of separation so they cannot help but create separation. They have created a separation between groupings of fallen beings. Some are focused on taking control of religion and religious life, others are focused on taking control of the secular life. That is why you have a certain division there. It is basically said that if you obey the fallen beings who control religion on Sunday, then you obey the fallen beings who control secular life on the other six days.

This is an attitude that is based on the fact that the fallen beings themselves hate matter, they hate the Mother realm (the matter realm). They hate it simply because it gives them consequences and they do not like consequences. Fallen beings hate consequences. Many of them believe that if you truly have free will, you should be able to make any choice you want without facing the consequences.

Of course, many spiritual people have, as we have talked about before, taken over some of this attitude, and it is not realistic. We have said it before: If you make a choice and there was no physical consequence, how would you know that you had made a choice? If you did not experience a consequence, how could you adjust your state of mind accordingly? If you cannot adjust your state of mind, how can you actually grow?

You see, for the fallen beings, growth is not the purpose of life because they long ago refused to grow, refused to transcend themselves. Their goal is to set themselves up in a powerful and privileged position and maintain that position indefinitely. What you see here is that the goal of the fallen beings is completely different from the goal of true spiritual seekers. Therefore, why does it make any sense to you, as a spiritual seeker, that you would have the same attitude to the matter realm as the fallen beings have?

Why spiritual people dislike matter

Now, we understand, of course, why so many spiritual people have this attitude. It is because you have also experienced consequences, or rather, you have experienced conditions in the physical that were very harsh and very unpleasant.

We have given you teachings about avatars who have come to earth and often been severely attacked by the fallen beings, maybe even tortured and killed brutally in their first embodiment. This is not a direct consequence of something you did, because you did not do anything to the fallen beings. It is a consequence of you making a choice to come to a planet as difficult as earth where the fallen beings have such influence. You see, it is not a direct consequence but it is an indirect consequence.

Naturally, on a planet like earth where there is so much violence, so much struggle, it is very, very understandable that people build this almost hatred or at least resentment towards the Mother realm, the matter realm. It is the matter realm that outpictures these very harsh, very unpleasant consequences. In many cases, it is your physical body that gives you this very intense pain and, naturally, the physical body is made of matter. Again, we have said this over and over and over again: There is no blame here from our side. It is perfectly understandable that so many spiritual people have this resentment of the matter realm, of the physical octave, of the Mother realm. You have now reached a point on your spiritual path, in this course, where it is time to just realize that while it is understandable that you have a certain reaction, it is no longer (or in fact it never was) constructive for you to have this attitude.

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