Love Matters More

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Ascended Master Guru Ma through Kim Michaels, November 9, 2015

So, I am, indeed, the Ascended Master Guru Ma, and I am extremely happy to be here and to be able to speak this in the presence of my two beautiful daughters, Moira and Tatiana. I did not know, when I was still in the denseness of the body, just how beautiful you are. You can only fully see this from the ascended realm. Of course, I did not see how beautiful you are because I did not see how beautiful I am. For again, none of us can see the beauty of our Divine Beings while we are still in such a dense body.

I want you to know that an ascended master does not give a dictation on command. There is nothing on earth that can force us. We do, of course, respond to human beings or we would not be ascended masters associated with earth, and love can magnetize us. There is no force in love, but there is beauty.

So, I come, not to say any specific words to you or to those of my students who have accepted my book. I come only to share the love. The love that we had for each other before we came into embodiment together. The love that was so often overshadowed by the temporary concerns we had while we were in those very often hectic and difficult situations. Often, as you and I both know, the hecticness, the stress was created by me, very often. Too often, one might say, but, as an ascended master those words fade away.

What, my beloved, is love? So many words have been associated with it, but there is really only one thing that matters. Love is beyond anything in the material world. It is that which connects us to what is beyond. Ultimately, it is what connects us to the fact that we are beyond the material world. When we are in the flow of love, in the presence of love, we gain a different perspective on everything on earth.

It is not that I expect you, all of you – my students, my children – to look at what happened while we were in physical embodiment together and suddenly say that it didn’t matter. I know very well from my own experience that while you are still in the body, the things that happen in the material world do matter. But, I hope you can all see and sense through the book and through my Presence that when you reconnect to love, and when you know that you are beyond this world, then it is not that the things that happened do not matter anymore, but it is so that love matters more.

Suddenly, you begin to look at what has happened to you as if it happened to you, but it did not change you, control you, own you. When you realize that what happened to you does not own you, you can begin to own it. You can begin to accept that what happened to you was a result – partly – of choices you made and partly by choices other people made. When you own that, you can give it away. And then, you are set free to once again flow with love and know that love matters more.

This dictation is also found in the book: Don’t Drink Your Own Kool-aid.

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