Love and Life Cannot be Forced

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Ascended Master Mother Mary,  through Kim Michaels, August 31, 2015.

I am the ascended master Mother Mary. I have said in a previous release that the biggest problem on earth is that men and women cannot receive love from a source inside themselves and therefore believe they have to receive it from each other. And when they do not receive it they go into various control games in order to supposedly force others to give them love. But you see, my Beloved, love cannot be forced. There is no mechanical scheme on earth that can force another person or God to give you love. Why is this so? Because love is the force that is beyond anything on earth, that is why all people want it.

Do you not see that most people on earth are completely overwhelmed by life? Many feel that life is something that has been forced upon them, that they did not choose. That they are forced to react to circumstances over which they have no control. But, you see, nothing has been forced upon you, in the sense that at some point in the past you chose to be on this planet. You made choices, many choices, that have put you in your current situation. I am not saying this to blame you, but to empower you. Because only when you begin to acknowledge that your situation has something to do with choices you made, will you be able to start making a new kind of choice that will change your situation.

Do you not see my Beloved most people are in a catch 22, because they believe their situation is not the result of their own choices? And therefore they feel powerless to do something about it. But the only way that you can do something about your situation is if you can make choices that change your situation. And that is why the shift you need to make is to acknowledge that your situation does have something to do with choices you have made. And that any choice you have made in the past can be changed by making a better choice in the present.

This has something to do with love. Because, as I said, there is no force on earth that can control love. And the reason for this is that love is always flowing, love never stands still. That is why you cannot own love and that is why you cannot own other people and you cannot force other people to give you love. Love cannot be forced but it can be received freely, when you begin to realize that it comes from a source that is beyond earth and you cannot control this source. But this source gives love to you unconditionally. And you can control your own psychology and the mechanism that has, so far, caused you to reject love. And when you begin to unravel that mechanism and, bit by bit, remove the illusions that caused you to reject love; then you will begin to feel that life is not so overwhelming, that life is not forced upon you.

And when you then begin to use the many tools I have given, in the form of invocations and decrees, whereby you invoke spiritual light; then you will lighten the load of energy you are carrying with you. And this will begin to make you feel that you are a being who is not identified with the body and with your outer situation. And that is when you will begin to not only believe what I am saying, but experience that you do have choices. And that there are choices you can make that will fundamentally change your outer situation.


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