Discerning reality from unreality

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Ascended Master Lord Lanto, May 24, 2012 through Kim Michaels.

Lord Lanto I am, and I am the Chohan of the Second Ray. The Second Ray has often been seen as the ray of God’s wisdom but when I say God wisdom, how many people focus on the word wisdom and forget the word God? So they think wisdom means the worldly wisdom, for what frame of reference do they have for even envisioning God wisdom? Especially when you consider the fact that they have taken onto themselves a graven image of God, so that even if they did consider a wisdom that is beyond the worldly wisdom, what they would look at would be the wisdom that they attribute to the false image of God, that they have been worshiping now for centuries and millennia and even beyond recorded history.

It could be said, indeed, that the essential problem on earth is the false image of God, that people have had since the original fallen angels first descended to this earth, and spread their own graven image of the external deity, in whatever form they used that appealed to the people of the time. So how can you know God wisdom if you do not even know God? If you think that God can be fit into a little mental box created here on earth, or created beyond the earth by the fallen beings who thought they knew better than God how to run a universe. Yet, I can assure you that had the fallen angels been put in charge of running the universe, that universe would long ago have self-destructed through the mechanism that we have described as the second law of thermodynamics, that breaks down any system that contains internal contradictions, because it is based on the false wisdom created through the duality consciousness; what we have also called the serpentine mind.

A special session at the Royal Teton retreat

And so, as the Chohan of the Second Ray, I come to offer you that if you will give these decrees to the Second Ray for this coming month, or for a month of your own choosing whenever you might hear this dictation, then you will be invited to come to the Royal Teton retreat for a special session. It will help those who are ready, those who are willing, to see through the serpentine wisdom, to see through the mechanism whereby beings who have entered behind the veil of duality think they can create their own definition of wisdom. And thus, you will gradually, according to your own level of consciousness, be tutored in how you can free your mind from the many subtle ideas that have been put into the collective consciousness by the fallen beings, in their attempt to snare humankind in the most common belief you find on earth—namely the belief that we have an absolute truth. We know what is real, we know what is true, we know whether there is a God and what that God is like—for he is according to our religion. Or he is not according to our religion of materialism.

And so, this is a special offer to those who are willing to give the decrees to the Second Ray at least nine times, but preferably giving both the Elohim, the Archangel and the Chohan decree nine times or more per day for a month, and then ask before you go to sleep to be taken to the Royal Teton retreat, which is located over the Teton mountain range in the United States, in the state of Wyoming. The tallest of these peaks is called the Royal Teton [Grand Teton] and it is indeed here you find the golden doors that open up to our retreat. We have in the past described these doors as huge bronze doors but through the alchemy of the spirit and the attendance of so many spiritual people on earth, we have upgraded these doors to being pure gold. For indeed, we want to signal to all who come to our retreat, that behind it you will find the Golden Illumination Flame that burns brightly on the altar in the central hall of our retreat. Which you might picture as a vast space with a huge dome above it, far bigger than the domes you see on earth in famous buildings around the world.

This is a dome that is not held up by columns, but that is held up by shafts of light that have taken on such intensity, that they can indeed carry the dome, which is made, of course, not of physical substance but is still made of a substance that is denser than the light that is holding it up.

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