Why affluent nations go from crises to crises

TOPICS: Brainwashing and time – The manipulation of materialism – Exposing the human struggle – Capitalism must have an opposite – Going from one extreme to another – The opportunity of the middle class – How can we help others? – Why affluent nations are stuck – Older people are a resource for society – Money suppresses the people – Why civilizations fail –

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Ascended Master Lord Lanto through Kim Michaels, June 16, 2012. This dictation was given during a conference near Melbourne, Australia.

Lanto I AM, and the rain you hear is the rain of wisdom that rains upon the just and the unjust, the evil and the good, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, a 100 years per century, 1000 years per millennium and many more years throughout the eons of time that this planet has seen. It would perhaps be helpful if people would open their minds to the immensity of time, and realize that intelligent life has a history on earth that goes far beyond what you call recorded history.

Brainwashing and time

What have we said is the essence of the inferiority/superiority dynamic? It is that you name something, that you capture the privilege of naming something. Look at how the elite has always attempted to capture this privilege. Look at how those who have used religion to set themselves up as an elite, have always attempted to define doctrines and dogmas and then to create a mental box that is as closed as possible so that no one dares to let their minds venture beyond the box.

Look at how the Christian Bible claims that life was created fairly recently by God. Look at how some Christians have attempted to take the Bible literally and calculate the age of the earth to only a few thousand years. Can you not see, perhaps, that this is a deliberate attempt to shorten the time span that people have in their minds?

My beloved, how many of you have been exposed to a salesperson who attempted to get you to buy an item, perhaps an expensive item, and attempted to create a sense of urgency that you had to make a decision now, in order to take advantage of this offer before the offer expired or before the item was sold out? Do you not understand what you have been exposed to?

It is the fallen beings and their knowledge of psychology that if you can make people feel like they have to make a decision right now, based on the information and the knowledge they have right now, then you can cause them to make decisions that they would not make if they had a longer time span in their minds. If you can narrow the time span that people can envision in their minds, you can control them far more easily. Do you not realize that in brainwashing techniques, or even in torture or interrogation techniques, they do exactly the same? They make you feel like there is an urgency, there is pressure upon you and you need to make a statement—right now.

The manipulation of materialism

Then look at science which claims that it has attempted to free people from the shackles of religion. And certainly science has expanded the time span where you know that the earth is far older than some 6,000 and some years. And you know that life goes further back than religion, at least what orthodox religion, says. Nevertheless, can you not see that science itself is caught by the materialistic paradigm, which also causes them to shorten the time span for the acknowledgement of intelligent life on earth?

For it is proclaimed with great certainty and fanfare that the physical brain produces consciousness, and thus there was no sophisticated consciousness before the physical brain had evolved. And even scientists realized that this could not evolve in a short time span, so they think they have to allow this very, very long time span of millions of years from when life first appeared on earth, until human beings appeared with their present level of intelligence and consciousness. Yet I tell you, intelligent life in humanlike bodies and with humanlike minds has existed for a very long time as Maitreya explains in his book.

Thus, civilizations have arisen and fallen over and over and over again. And when you open your mind to the possibility that this could have happened, and when you then begin to understand how the duality consciousness works, then you can look beyond your own current lifetime and realize that you could potentially have embodied for millions of years on planet earth, and this means that you could have lived in hundreds or even thousands of embodiments in societies that were completely enveloped in the dualistic struggle, which always can be traced back to the superiority/inferiority contrast.

Exposing the human struggle

For when there is struggle there is always the elements of a superiority and inferiority, where you are either seeking to destroy what you think is inferior or seeking to attain or even maintain what you feel is superior. And when you begin to sense this, then you can perhaps free the Conscious You from its identification with your current body, with your current family background, with your current society, your current belief system.

Then, perhaps, you can begin to sense how this dualistic struggle is truly the vanity of vanities, the absolute vanity that never leads anywhere. For when you begin to tune in – not only to the short-sighted wisdom of the current age – but you tune in to the wisdom of the ages. Then you can begin to sense that the dualistic struggle can never have the decisive outcome that is proclaimed by both science, religion and political philosophies. It simply is not possible to produce a decisive outcome through the dualistic struggle.

Look even what you have experienced in your current last 100 years, where you have seen the epic struggle between what they have labeled as communism and capitalism, or as the forces of totalitarian nations and those of free nations. Can you not see that even though communism has “fallen” – at least in the Soviet Union – there is a still a new dualistic struggle emerging between the West and terrorism or whatever they choose to label it as. So even if there is a seeming outcome where one of the dualistic polarities is defeated or dissolved, then there will immediately be a period where a new dualistic struggle begins to form.

Capitalism must have an opposite

For you see clearly that capitalism cannot exist without having a dualistic opposite, for it is defined out of the duality consciousness. A free market economy can exist without having an opposite, but the west does not have a free market economy, neither does of course Australia or those other nations in South East Asia who are not under Chinese communism or another form of communism.

There cannot be a free society when society is dominated by the dualistic consciousness. For this consciousness must and will inevitably name and define everything based on the dualistic scale, where differentiation is turned into opposites that then have the value judgment of good and evil, inferior and superior.

My beloved, when you strive to be superior, you will put yourself right in the soup, and when you think you are inferior you become infantile because you become like the naïve children who cannot reason with any sophisticated wisdom. Do you not see that whether you think you are inferior or whether you think you are superior, you are a victim?

For either way you define that there is an opposite that either controls you, or that might attempt to control and threaten you. So if you have attained a position where you think you are superior, you constantly have to defend it and you might have to engage in a struggle to destroy what you see as the threat, those who are inferior. And if you are inferior, you see yourself as inferior, you must see that there is a superior elite that is holding you down, that is suppressing you, that is controlling you, that is enslaving you. And thus you might see yourself more as a victim, but yet those that think they are superior and those who think they are inferior have victimized themselves, have put themselves in the consciousness of being a victim of the opposite polarity.

Going from one extreme to another

This consciousness can live on for an almost indefinite period of time, where people in one lifetime belong to a group that thinks they are superior, but because they then send out an unbalanced impulse into the cosmic mirror, often in their next lifetime or a few lifetimes later, they will be embodied in a group that is the victim, that is inferior. What happens to many people is that they get trapped in this game, where they think that when they are in embodiment and seeing themselves as being superior, they are so focused on looking down upon or destroying those they think are inferior that they create an impulse that catapults them from the superior extreme to the inferior extreme.

You see, the tendency to go towards one extreme in one embodiment, will often push you into the opposite extreme in the next embodiment, and so what is the net result? It is that for many, many lifetimes you are simply caught in this see-saw motion of going from one extreme to the other. In one embodiment you are so focused on establishing or maintaining the superiority that you catapult yourself so far to that extreme, that the pendulum must swing to the opposite extreme. And then in the next embodiment, you are in an inferior group and so focused on destroying your overlords, or freeing yourself from these shackles, that you create another imbalanced impulse that then causes the pendulum to swing towards the opposite extreme. You never – from embodiment to embodiment – experience anything in between, for you are always going from one extreme to the next.

The opportunity of the middle class

What do you indeed see in modern society? You do see that there has been the emergence of what you have called the middle class, which are actually people who are not in either extreme. They do not belong to the upper class as the elite in society, yet neither are they the poor or the downtrodden or the enslaved. This has given many people in a more affluent part of the world an opportunity to experience life without being in one of these extremes. And therefore, they do have an opportunity to take the logical next step in human evolution, which is exactly that you begin to look for the Middle Way, which is not the midpoint between the two extremes as we have said many times, but is the transcendence of duality, the transcendence of the see-saw motion from one extreme to the other.

This is a golden opportunity for millions of people in the more affluent countries, including of course here in Australia, where you have a high degree of material affluence that gives people lots of free time—if they will see free time as an asset, rather than seeing it as a curse, so that they have to indulge themselves in all kinds of activities and forms of entertainment that prevent them from ever being in a position where they can step back and think about life.

And thus you see indeed both here in Australia and in many of the affluent nations, that the middle class are not making use of their golden opportunity, for they are indulging themselves in the so-called good life, or they are making themselves so busy thinking they have to make more money, so they can feel even more secure in their retirement, or they can have a bigger house or two cars, or bigger cars, or a boat or a vacation home or this or that or the next thing.

The greatest riches you can have is actually the freedom of time, the freedom of mind, to step back, to tune in to your Higher Being, to ask yourself these questions of what is the greater meaning and purpose of life. And what is the opportunity you have been given, by not being on the see-saw motion of always being the underclass or the upper class, always having to defend or conquer or maintain or destroy something that threatens you? Is it not, a unique gift for millions of people to live in a society, where they do not need to fear that at any moment, some barbarians or Huns can come in from the East and overthrow their society, and kill or destroy them and steal all of their possessions.

What an opportunity to live in a society that has at least some rule of law, that has some stability in the economy, that has some stability in the institutions of society, what an opportunity to step back and consider the deeper questions of life, and also consider that you actually have so much material affluence that you really do not need any more, and therefore you have a unique opportunity to help other people.

How can we help others?

Thus, even as a nation that has affluence you can consider: ”What is our opportunity to help those other people who are not as fortunate, for they have grown up in countries with far less material affluence?” And that is why there is some reasonability in the fact that most rich nations have taken in immigrants or refugees. But of course we are not as the ascended masters looking to a future where the rich nations absorb all of the people in the poor nations, for surely you can see that even on a continent as large as Australia, it would not be possible for you to assimilate the population from South-East Asia.

Thus, there must come a point where the affluent nations begin to say: “Will we help people by taking them onto our soil, or will we become more outgoing and go out and try to help people on their own soil, so that these countries can go through the same transformation from poverty to affluence that we have gone through?”

For do not we of the ascended masters say: “What one has done, all can do?” Well, what one nation has done, all nations can do, if they receive the guidance and help from those nations who have already gone through it. For we of the ascended masters are of course also strong advocates of hierarchy, and therefore we are ascended masters working with the earth because we have accepted our role in the hierarchical chain. Thus, we accept that because we have ascended, we take upon ourselves the responsibility to help and inspire those who have not yet ascended.

My beloved, imagine that all people who had ascended from the earth had said, “Hasta La Vista, Terra! We will move on in the infinite realms of the spiritual spheres, we will enjoy our newfound freedom and focus just on ourselves, and we will leave you to your own devices so that you can reinvent the wheel and rediscover the path to the ascension all over again.”

This is of course not responsible behavior, nor is it loving behavior, nor is it for that matter wise behavior, for as you do unto others you will do to yourself, and can you actually remain an ascended master if you only focused on yourself? Can you become an ascended master if you only focused on yourself? Nay you cannot. So my thought example is of course only a thought example, because an ascended master could never be indifferent to those who are not yet ascended.

You see exactly the same mechanism on earth. Those who have risen to a certain level need to come to a point where they see their responsibility to help those who are below them in the hierarchical chain, for they have not yet risen to that level – be it material affluence, be it wisdom, be it knowledge – or whatever.

Why affluent nations are stuck

It is only when you see yourself that way, that you will be able to transcend a certain level, and that is why indeed both Australia and most of the other affluent nations are stuck at a certain level, because they have not yet risen to that willingness to reach out. Why do you think there is a financial crisis in most of the rich nations? Because they have not been willing to reach out in sufficient measure and with the sufficient degree of selflessness, and that is why their towers of Babel in the economy must crumble, so that they perhaps can have another opportunity to develop more compassion.

But do not overlook the fact that other nations face similar challenges. China has risen to a level where it also needs to begin to lock in to the responsibility to take care of those below. Not through the communist mindset. For communism is the opposite of the path of initiation and seeks to destroy the path of initiation, but where China does not allow the new-found affluence to form a new elite and keep the majority of the population in a degree of poverty that although better than what they experienced in their villages, is still a very fixed station in life.

So many of these affluent nations think they have reached some ultimate stage of affluence and comfortability, and they are just focused on maintaining it. This is indeed what you see very prevalent in Australia, where many people who belong to the middle class just want to maintain their comfortable lifestyle, and want to maintain the conditions in the country that they think have given them that lifestyle. And thus, they are threatened by the new influx of people, or by changes in society because they fear they could only lose.

My beloved, what did I say earlier about those who are in the inferiority polarity and those that are in the superiority polarity? Both of them are dominated by the sense of loss, the fear of loss, and what does the fear of loss cause you to do? It causes you to hold on to what you have, instead of doing what Jesus told you to do: multiply your talents.

Older people are a resource for society

Whatever you have, do not be content with it and bury it in the ground – multiply it by reaching out to those who do not have what you have. And that is the way you will keep yourself in the flow of the river of life, where you can continue to have more and more affluence, instead of thinking that there is only a fixed amount, and you need to hold on to what you have captured so far.

What sense does it make to work for 40 years and then only look forward to your retirement and think that for the rest of your life you have to live on a fixed income? This is like saying that I have spent 65 years of my life, but I have learnt nothing that I can use to help other people, and therefore I just need to sit and do meaningless entertainment instead of using my experience and my wisdom to help the younger generation, to help my society.

And if you do reach out and seek to help others, is it not possible that there would also be a reward even a financial reward? But even if not a financial reward and you just live on your fixed income, there will be a reward in the sense that you will keep yourself alive, active, you will get the return flow of gratitude of those that you help.

There are many societies that are more primitive in terms of affluence, where the older generation become the ones who take care of the children of the working generation. And so they are at least still engaged, and this is a far more constructive approach than what you see in the so-called affluent and sophisticated societies, where the older generation are just parked in some kind of home, and society sees them as having no value but just being an expense. This is not constructive, there are many elderly people who could have the potential to play an active constructive role, by sharing their wisdom and their experiences. They are a resource for society not a burden upon society.

Money suppresses the people

For again, why do you look at people in terms of their value? Do you not see that this is dualistic? If they are able to produce, so that they are part of the production apparatus, then they have value, otherwise they have no value to society. What nonsense this is. Can you not see that this is precipitated by a power elite that uses money to gain privilege and power, instead of raw physical force like you saw in the feudal societies. Instead of using religion to suppress the people, in the modern world it is money that suppresses the people.

You may not be enslaved as the people in the feudal societies or the slaves in America were enslaved by physical bonds, but you are enslaved through money. Whether you owe money or not, you are enslaved by this consciousness that says that if you are productive you have value, you are superior, but if you are not productive then you are inferior, have no value, you are worthless.

This is another shading of the superior/inferiority dynamic that needs to be exposed and needs to be debated. But it can only be debated when the more affluent nations begin to see that their greatest asset is that they can step back and consider the deeper questions of life. And thereby they can strive to attain a richer, more nuanced, more sophisticated approach to life, an approach that embodies the wisdom of the ages.

Why civilizations fail

For what folly is it that so many of the civilizations you have seen in recorded history – and so many more in what was before recorded history – have seen themselves as being superior to any previous civilization, yet they have refused to learn the lessons from those previous civilizations.

And how can you be superior to the previous civilizations if you are just reinventing the wheel all over again because you have not learned the ageless wisdom that makes it possible for you to see through the see-saw motion, from one dualistic extreme of superiority to the other dualistic extreme of inferiority. And see how the fallen beings and the fallen consciousness have kept civilizations trapped in this dualistic struggle for thousands of years and for eons going back.

Is it a sophisticated society that does not see this very simple dynamic? Is it truly wise? Nay, I Lanto think not. And I hope more and more of the spiritual people around the world can be awakened to also wake up and say: “The Emperor has nothing on, the emperors of duality have nothing on, the emperors of superiority have nothing on, the emperors of finance and money, the money beast, they all have nothing on, for we will no longer play their game. We will reach for a new approach to life.’

“We will strive for true wisdom, the unconditional, infinite, formless, beyond form kind of wisdom that cannot be captured into a system, created by those fallen beings who have taken upon themselves the privilege of naming everything. For we will reach for the nameless wisdom that helps us know that beyond all differentiations, beyond all shadings of value judgments, all life is One.”

This is true wisdom, when you know the underlying oneness of all life. I Lanto am that wisdom. Apply to my heart and I shall indeed show you how willing I am to fulfill my place in the cosmic hierarchy, when you are willing to see yourself as also being part of the cosmic chain of hierarchy that is beyond superiority and inferiority, because it seeks only to raise up all life into oneness with Source.

Thus, I seal you in the intensity of the Wisdom Flame that I AM. Lanto is my name but I am far more, and you can experience it when you are willing to open your heart and mind to the flame that I am. Be sealed then for the action has been fulfilled in full measure.


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