Let us bring Light to earth in this dark season!

TOPICS: How to turn back calamity – The cycles of returning karma –

The Ascended Master Mother Mary, November 21, 2004

My Beloved hearts, I am come to you this day with glad tidings but also with a request for your help. I am indeed your Mother Mary, and I come to you in this hour to congratulate those of you who have studied my previous messages, and especially those of you who have taken up the use of my rosaries.

I must tell you that one year ago, when I gave my first message through this messenger, I would not have believed it possible that so few people could have such a great impact on planet earth. Think about the millions of people around the world who have great devotion to my heart and who pray to me and give the Catholic rosary daily. I want you to realize that although they do help the progression of humankind, their efforts simply cannot stem the tide of the rising darkness that is being flushed out by the rising light. Therefore, even though I have great love for the millions of people who pray to me by using the old rosaries of the Catholic dispensation, I must tell you honestly that their efforts simply cannot bring planet earth safely through the transition ahead.

I must tell you that the prophecy I gave almost a year ago, about the potential for earthquakes in the year 2004, was indeed accurate at the time. If nothing had been done beyond the prayers and rosaries given to me by traditional Christians, the earthquakes that I prophesied would indeed have come to pass. These earthquakes would have had a major negative impact on life in many areas of earth. Many people would have been killed and even the economy would have suffered as a result. Why did these earthquakes not come to pass? Because I released my new rosaries and because so many people have taken up the use of these rosaries.

I will be straightforward with you and tell you that although the rosaries you have given have had a major impact, there are still not enough people giving these rosaries to completely turn back and consume the darkness that could cause much upheaval on this planet. Yet if you will contemplate the story of Sodom and Abraham [Genesis, Chapter 18], you will see that Abraham pleaded with God to spare the city if only a few righteous people could be found. What you can learn from that story is that even when a certain group of people have created karma that threatens to come back and destroy them, there is still the possibility of mercy from above. It is still possible that the returning karma can be held at bay by the ascended masters for a season, so that the people receive another opportunity to turn back from their old ways and embrace the path of light.

My Beloved hearts, please understand that this mercy is not automatic. It is given only when some people have shown a willingness to raise their consciousness and come apart from the consciousness that produced the karma. You who have studied my discourses and used my rosaries have indeed demonstrated your willingness to come apart from the old consciousness and enter into the spiritual initiations that can bring you into the consciousness of the new cycle.

So what has truly happened over this past year is that the people who have taken up the use of my rosaries, have taken the role of the righteous people on earth. You have become the justification, whereby we of the ascended masters could hold back some of humankind’s karma for a season. If those of you who are using my rosaries will continue to do so without increasing your numbers, we can hold back that karma only for a season. Yet if you will make an effort to increase your numbers, the karma can be consumed before it descends into the material realm and manifests as actual events on earth.

How to turn back calamity

I come therefore to give you an important teaching about how events come to pass on earth. My Beloved Son has given you an important discourse about the four levels of the material universe. He explains how light descends from the spiritual realm into the etheric, or memory, body, then into the mental realm, and from there into the emotional realm before it finally enters the material realm.

Jesus also gave an important discourse about how wars can manifest, first as events in the mental or emotional realms and then spill over into the material realm. These are extremely important lessons for all of humankind to know.

They can teach people that what is happening in the visible realm of the material is only the tip of the iceberg of the energies and the forces that are guiding humankind’s future. So many people live by the old saying, “Out of sight; out of mind.” They believe that if they cannot see and touch something, then it isn’t real, and therefore it could never become a problem for them in the future. Oh my beloved, this is one of the most dangerous illusions found on this planet, and it has certainly become no better by the rise of scientific materialism, which denies even the rudimentary knowledge of the spiritual realm given by traditional religions.

You would all do well to study the story of Damocles’ sword. It is the story of a Greek nobleman who was invited to be king for a day and was making merry until he noticed a sword suspended over his throne, hanging by a hair. He knew that any time the hair might break, and the sword would fall and wound him. This is indeed the situation of humankind at the moment, because the accumulating negative energy combined with the returning karma form a sword hanging over the heads of humankind.

As we approach the year 2012, humankind’s karma will return to them with greater intensity. Some of this karma still exists only in the mental realm, yet much of it has already spilled over into the emotional realm. The pressure is building in the emotional realm, and on a regular basis some of that pressure spills over into the material realm, and you then see it in the form of natural disasters, wars or other human calamities.

So the lesson I desire all people to learn is that once the karma, once the negative energy created by humankind, has spilled over into the material realm, it is literally as if a dike has been broken and there is no way to stop the rushing waters. Most of you might have heard the concept of the water rising behind the dike, starting to break through small holes, so that someone has to put a finger in the hole in the dike. Yet eventually the hole can become so big that the dike cannot hold back the pressure and a crack is created. Once the crack is created, there is no stopping the force of the water behind the dike. Yet before the dike breaks, it is relatively easy to mend the small holes if only there are enough people to carry sandbags to the dike.

Oh my beloved, those of you who have given my rosaries over this past year have indeed been holding your fingers in the dike. That is why you have not seen greater calamities, even though this past year has indeed seen many natural disasters. You have also seen the horrors of the war in Iraq that has killed so many civilians, indeed many more than have been reported by the mainstream American media. You have also seen the humanitarian disasters in Sudan that were again underreported by the media. And you continue to see the misuse of people around the world, especially the misuse of children in pornography and sexual slavery.

The cycles of returning karma

I also desire to tell you this day that there are indeed certain cycles in the return of humankind’s karma, as there are cycles in nature. A year can be divided into four spiritual cycles, lasting three months each. The first three months of the year correspond to the etheric realm. The next three months correspond to the mental realm, the following three months to the emotional realm and the final three months to the physical realm. Therefore, there is indeed a buildup of karma and negative energy throughout the year. This increases the potential that the pressure of negative energy in the emotional realm can spill over into the physical. And therefore there is indeed a greater risk of natural disasters or the outbreak of war in the last three months of the year.

Many of you will be aware of this by simply realizing how often you feel heavier as the year comes to a close. Why do you think so many people feel uplifted after New Year and feel the optimism that makes them set New Year’s resolutions? It is indeed because we have now entered a new cycle and some of the pressure has been released.

This then is my message for this day, and once again I want you to feel my deepest and most sincere heartfelt gratitude for every single rosary that was given in this past year. I wish each and every person who has given one of my rosaries could feel the joy, the gratitude and the optimism felt by myself and the angels in heaven. We consider the year 2004 as a major turning point in the forward movement of humankind and in the materialization of the coming golden age. And we consider those who have given my rosaries to have given the single most important – although certainly not the only – contribution to this forward movement.

Again, I thank you with all of my heart and I ask you to perform a simple meditation the next time you give one of my rosaries. After having completed the rosary, take a few moments in silence to tune in to my heart and open yourself to an experience of the joy, the peace and the gratitude of my heart and the gratitude of the angels of heaven that we pour out to you every moment of every day.

In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Miracle Mother, I seal you now in the infinite nurturance and gratitude of a Mother’s heart. Amen.


Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels