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Ascended Master MORE, April 11, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

MORE, I am. More you are. More you have been willing to become. My beloved, you may think that discussions like you have had today and yesterday are unimportant. Some may think that you should do rosaries or decrees instead. But I tell you, there is an Alpha and Omega to everything. And the flow will only be there, when the Alpha and the Omega are in balance.

In this new age, the Omega must come into balance, so there can be the completed figure-eight flow. Talks like you have had are essential, not only for making you aware of issues, but because when you come together and have discussions, you are sending your understanding into the mass consciousness. And through your own processing, and through the tie to your culture, you are resolving issues in the mass consciousness, seeking to crystallize that understanding, bringing about that crystallization. So that those who at inner levels are close to breaking through, can now break through and embrace a higher understanding with their outer minds. Thereby, they too become part of the solution instead of being part of the problem.

So everything has its place and certainly you have made significant progress in crystallizing and understanding the potential for this nation and for your own community. This, then, is worthy of my gratitude and recognition—hereby given. It is also worthy of recognition that this is a process that has been going on for several years by the many people in this nation who have studied the askrealjesus and our other websites and who have given rosaries. For each person giving a rosary has contributed to the building of a momentum.

No more room for exclusivity

The reason why we use messengers to give messages is not to raise them up, but it is to show the example, that if you truly want to reach your full potential, you must reach beyond the Mother herself. You must not allow the Mother to become a closed circle, to become an end in itself. You must always reach—reach for more, and that is the Divine Father. Which is the element, the only element, that can bring that quality of MORE into the Ma-ter realm, the realm of the Mother. So that the Mother will continue to transcend and grow, rather than becoming stale and therefore becoming the dirty water that cannot sustain life but becomes a sewer with the stench of death.

In many spiritual organizations there is a culture of exclusivity, that our organization has the only true messenger, or the only true teaching. This is a matrix that was done for a reason, for a testing, of whether the students could transcend the piscean mindset and move into the aquarian mindset. Thus, as Mother Mary spoke about earlier, the early followers of The Way had creativity, were open to that flow of creativity through the agency of the Holy Spirit, which is why the Christian movement grew. And so you have that potential, by coming to realize that the Holy Spirit is not exclusive, cannot be monopolized by any one person or organization. And that it is not our intention in the Aquarian Age to set up one or two messengers and say that they are the only ones.

However, we do desire, that there may be groups in many different nations, and that these groups can have their own messengers. However, these messengers do not see themselves as standing alone, as self-sufficient, or as superior. They see themselves as part of a greater whole. And this is the testing, my beloved. Will you recognize yourself as part of a greater whole and thereby escape the ego-temptation of using even a spiritual teaching, even a sponsorship by the Ascended Masters, to build a subtle sense of ego?

This is a trap, that many have fallen into. That is a trap that we desire to see you avoid through humility and through creating a culture, as we have said before, where the ego cannot hide. And where it is addressed directly and where those who rise to positions in a spiritual movement are those who are most willing to look at the beam in their own eye and not take offense, not leave in a huff but be willing to look at it—even when it is painful and hard.

Be Master MORE’s twin flame

Why does the ascended Master More, the ascended master El Morya, not have an announced twin flame? With a slight twinkle in my eye, I might remind you, that I was embodied as Abraham, a patriarch in the Middle East. My beloved, I had a sizable harem back then. And I do not today intend to limit myself to just one twin flame in embodiment. For you see, I AM MORE than anyone in embodiment and in being MORE – representing the Divine Father to planet earth – I am capable of having multiple twin flames in embodiment at the same time. Thus, the twin flame of Master MORE is not, as was understood in a linear teaching, the divine counterpart that was created as I was created.

The higher understanding of twin flames is that the twin flame of Master MORE is the one who chooses to be that twin flame by accepting him or herself. For surely, we can transcend the outer sex of the physical body and come into that oneness with the Being that I AM. Thus, being the twin flame of Master MORE is not something that one is or one is not. It is something that one chooses. And then, one must be prepared to go through the initiatic process of becoming worthy to hold that office.

Without joy, there is no point in spirituality

What has been missing from religion and spirituality for thousands of years is the joy. Do you not understand, my beloved, that God has given you free will, and he has no desire to force you to be spiritual or religious. He desires you to come into oneness with him because it is your greatest joy.

Look at the churches, look at the spiritual organizations that you have known. You will see in many spiritual and religious organizations those people who are very serious about themselves and their own importance and the importance of their mission, thinking that they will single-handedly – or at least the organization will single-handedly – save the planet or bring The Golden Age of Saint Germain. And then ask yourself, my beloved – knowing that they have a sense of humor in heaven – would they really want heaven to be populated with people with those long faces? I think not, my beloved. Let them stay on earth until they decide to put on a smile and come willingly and lovingly. Then, we will embrace them with open arms.

For we were not forced to ascend. We ascended out of love, because it was our joy. Why is the keynote of Jesus “Joy To The World?” Because he came to bring joy to the world. Because when you know, that there is more to life than what you see in the material realm, that you are more than this outer personality and physical body, well, then you have true joy. And that is the motor of life.

About the spiritual people in the Netherlands

Now, my beloved, a few more remarks, about the potential in the Netherlands. You have the concept, in the Netherlands, of the dike and someone holding a finger in the dike. The spiritual people in this nation have for a long time been holding that finger in the dike—holding back the astral sea from completely overwhelming the Dutch people. But it is time, my beloved, to let the chips fall where they may—that the nation may either sink or swim. For you cannot forever hold back the initiations of people facing their own miscreations and the consequences of it.

For if you do, you will actually prevent them from growing. For a time it is legal, according to the spiritual law, to give them a reprieve, as Jesus took upon himself the karma of the world for the Piscean Age. But then, after that reprieve, people must be “forced” to face their own state of consciousness and given the choice to either transcend it or to identify with it—and therefore be pulled down by the downward spiral they have created.

What then, can give the Dutch people that choice? It is that you, the spiritual people of this nation, stop seeing yourselves as those who are holding back the karma of the nation. You are willing to allow people to reap what they have sown, and then at the same time be willing to be the open doors to bring forth the teaching, that there is an alternative. You can be, then, the little child that cries out that the emperor has nothing on, that there is a better way, that there is an alternative, that we do not have to keep doing the same thing while insisting that one day we will get different results. For truly, you will not get different results—unless you count that things get worse as being different.

Be willing to go through a seismic shift

Thus, what is it that I, Master MORE, represent, my beloved? I represent the Divine Father, but what is that? What does it really mean? As an analogy, let me take the issue of a woman being pregnant. It starts as a very gradual process that is almost unnoticed. A woman might tune in to this intuitively, but it takes a long time before her body starts showing visible signs of the pregnancy. Even then, my beloved, the child grows gradually and slowly and a woman can often feel, that she still has some sense of control over what is happening to her. For after all, the child is contained in her womb.

Yet what is it, then, that happens when the woman gives birth? It was asked why some women have trouble giving birth, and I shall explain to you the spiritual reason. You see, my beloved, the Divine Mother herself can grow. As Maitreya explains in his book, there is a built-in force in the Ma-ter Light that seeks to gradually, and in an evolutionary process, raise life to greater complexity. But that process is only evolutionary—it is not revolutionary. Which is why, if there is not a revolutionary jump, then the evolutionary process will become a closed circle and it will then start to deteriorate and break down. For now the lower part of the figure-eight flow of the spiritual and the material becomes that closed system, and the energies can only go around in a circle. They cannot make the jump through the nexus point of the Christ to go up into the upper part, where they are then multiplied and descend again to make the process of the Mother an upward spiral.

What is it, that a woman goes through as she comes nearer to the point of giving birth? It is that she has to be willing to go through that seismic shift. For you will know, that two plates in the earth’s crust can have a tension, even an increasing tension for a time, but there is equilibrium because the plates are holding each other. But then a seismic event occurs, the plates shift dramatically, and suddenly you have an earthquake, like you recently saw in Italy. And literally, for a woman to give birth to a child is like an earthquake in her body, but more so in her being, in her emotional/mental body, even in her sense of identity. For now she is no longer a pregnant woman but a mother with a physical child separated from her body.

This is a symbol for how you all, men and women alike, experience spiritual growth. For a time, my beloved, you can grow gradually. And you are growing in a gradual, gentle manner that allows you to feel you have some sense of continuity in your own self-awareness. But the other side of the coin is, that it also allows your ego to feel that it has some sense of control over you and your spiritual growth.

What will it take for you to truly transcend a certain level of ego consciousness? Well, it will take that you are willing to feel when the cycle of your evolutionary growth has come to its highest point, and it is now time to make that revolutionary leap. You do this by truly accepting a higher self-awareness, accepting going through that seismic shift, whereby your old identity dies, and you give up the ghost—you let go of that old sense of self. Literally, letting it dissolve even though your ego feels like it is dying and wants you to feel that you are going to die as well. But you know you are not, you are going to be reborn. You – your sense of self – is reborn.

As a child cannot forever continue to grow in the womb, but must go through the seismic shift of being born – being pushed through the birth canal – you, yourselves – your soul – cannot continue forever to grow evolutionarily. It must come to the point, where you are willing to go through that shift and let the Christ – or at least a higher sense of self – be born within you.

The tip of the spear in the Netherlands

This then, is the point that you, as the spiritual people of this nation, are at right now. You who are here physically are what I call the tip of the spear, but you are not the only ones in this nation. Many form the rest of the spear and add their weight behind you, that gives the tip the force to penetrate the resistance. Yet if the tip is not willing, then it cannot break through to a new level. And so I ask you, indeed, to consider whether you are willing to let this conference be that seismic shift in your self-awareness, where you recognize what has been said here of your potential of not denying God and what God can express through you.

I am not saying this is going to happen in a moment, but I am saying that in a short period of time, your sense of self can indeed be reborn, and you can feel like a new person—a new person in Christ. So ponder this, and if you are willing and do not feel you yet have the full understanding, then go back and study our teachings. For again, my beloved, we do not desire in the Aquarian Age to promulgate the image that we of the Ascended Host are far removed from you, and therefore you can only commune with us on special occasions and in special environments and circumstances. You have access to us right within your hearts. We are always with you; the question is whether you will let us enter your outer awareness? Will you invite us in, will you give us the invitation?

The limitations of messengers

Thus again, you can stay where you are comfortable or you can step up and become the tip of the spear. Certainly, we are willing to work with you, individually, on an inner level, as you are open to hearing us. Do you see, my beloved, the Alpha and the Omega, where we have some messengers that are called to fulfill a more universal mission of speaking to the entire consciousness of humankind? And then we have those who have the potential to form the Omega polarity to that and thus speak to specific nations and cultures, so that we have that Alpha and Omega flow, that you cannot have through one person.

For a person does not have in his or her mind the concepts, the understanding, the experience, the vocabulary of a particular culture. And thus, you see that when this messenger is here in this nation – or in South America or in Russia, or wherever – we cannot bring forth too specific of a message. For this messenger is indeed trained to speak universally, and thus his mind must stay at a certain level and not be too specific—and that is where other people can fill in. And so you see, my beloved, the potential to create a community where people are supporting each other, and the whole becomes more than the sum of the parts.

And so, my beloved, it is with great joy that I have revealed to you a little bit of the vision I hold for the future of spiritual movements. Is there more? Well certainly, or I would not be who I am. And that shall be revealed to you, but not in the same manner. For there are many things, as we have said, that cannot be revealed from an outer source, an outer teacher, an outer messenger. It can only come to you from within, but it will only come to you as you start moving, as you start multiplying what you have. And when you have been faithful over the few things you have been given, then certainly we will give you more. For I AM, forever, the MORE and I am dedicated to the MORE in you—forevermore.


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