Let the winds of change be unleashed

TOPICS: The free trade agreement between North and south America – People in South America must want freedom –

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, July 4th, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved, there can indeed be no freedom without a whole being, a whole energy field, a whole mind, heart and emotions. Thus, dedicate yourself to healing your psychology, to establishing wholeness. And I must tell you that even if you have established that wholeness, even if you think you have healing, even if you think you have manifested a certain degree of Christhood, I say to you, be willing to be whole for there is indeed hardly anyone who cannot benefit from making an effort to establish greater wholeness in the psyche. For not only do you heal your own psyche, you heal the collective psyche and that of the planet. And surely you must be able to see that there is much healing needed in the collective psyche on this planet, especially on this continent of South America, where the people are indeed oppressed to the point where they do not know what is for their own good.

The free trade agreement between North and South America

Thus, you see a situation in this place where they strike against the free trade agreement that may in the short term seem to be not in their own best interest. But nevertheless, from the greater perspective and in the long term it is a step forward. I am not thereby saying that the free trade agreement is perfect or flawless. Indeed, as always happens, the prime force behind this agreement is the power elite who are seeking to establish a free trade zone for their own benefit and for the benefit of multinational corporations. Yet I must tell you that as flawed as this agreement is, it is still a step in the right direction and we can work with it over time. For when you think about it, how can there be an age of freedom if there is not free trade, the free movement of goods and services across national borders.

Thus, it is indeed essential to establish greater freedom and greater trade between the North and South American continents, for we have spoken of the necessity of establishing a figure-eight flow of spiritual energy from the North to the South and back. And the physical equivalent of this figure-eight flow is indeed the flow of goods and services, the flow of ideas, so that the people of South America can learn from the greater progress that has been made in the Northern hemisphere.

When you look at the conditions under which people live, it is obvious that much change and much improvement is needed in the economy, in the social system, in the educational system, indeed in the establishment of true knowledge of the people so that they are not held back by ignorance. Even the willful ignorance that causes so many of them to be unwilling to change, to be unwilling to reach for something more.

People in South America must want freedom

What we have established is indeed a greater focus of the Freedom Flame in South America that will bring a greater outpouring of that Freedom Flame. And this has the potential to awaken those who are the most sensitive among the people here. For indeed, I must tell you that for change, for positive change, to happen in South America, there must be a greater love, a greater longing for freedom among the people. They must want freedom from their present living conditions. Even the physical living conditions of living in poverty, living in housing that is at a standard that was abandoned centuries ago in the Northern hemisphere.

Unless the people long for the freedom from oppression, material and spiritual oppression, how can there be progress on this continent? Indeed, it is not possible. And thus we see that much change is needed. There is indeed a great need for social reform, for economic reform. But I must tell you that there is also an equally great need for religious reform. For it is a sad but inescapable fact that for centuries the Catholic Church has been the main instrument for oppressing the people of South America by oppressing their minds, locking their minds into a very small world view that simply is not conducive to the cause of freedom.

This stranglehold on the minds of the people of South America must be broken, and it will be broken only when the freedom flame kindles the love for freedom in the hearts of the people. Thus, those of you in South America who are open to our spiritual teachings, open to our rosaries, and those elsewhere who are likewise open, I ask you to envision that there is indeed established a focus of the Freedom Flame here on the Island of the sun in Lake Titicaca. And I ask you to visualize how it spreads out over the entire South American continent, even up into Central America and rekindles the love for freedom in the hearts of the people, the love for freedom that many souls that have embodied on this continent for thousands of years have not had ever. Because they have always lived in societies that were highly oppressive, highly elitist, centered around a small elite that were treated as gods on earth, as you see in the Inca culture and other cultures.

When you study these cultures, you clearly see why they have disappeared, for there was not the love of freedom, neither on the part of the people nor on the part of the rulers. Everyone wanted to maintain status quo, but as God Meru so clearly explained – and as I have explained so many times – it is not possible to maintain status quo. For indeed, change is the order of the day as my guru likes to say.

Thus, I, Saint Germain, come with the Presence of the Great Divine Director to say, on this day, July 4th, 2006, I release the Flame of Freedom that will break up all rigidity and all resistance to freedom. And therefore, I say, “Change is the order of the day! Change is the order of the next 2,000 years, where we will see the age of freedom and the Golden Age of Saint Germain be manifest!” But only after massive changes have occurred in the physical and the spiritual realms of planet earth.

Therefore, I say let the winds of change be unleashed this moment. With a force and an intensity that cannot be held back, that cannot be stopped by the collective consciousness or the forces of anti-freedom, for I Saint Germain am the God of Freedom. And I am speaking through a physical instrument but I am practically in physical embodiment, speaking these words. And thus, they carry the absolute full power of the God of Freedom and I say, “Change is manifest now! The winds of change will not be stopped! Thus it is finished! Amen.”


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