Overcome Your Dramas

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, January 4, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

Saint Germain I AM, and I AM free! Why are you not free? Because you are not me!

What is the key to being free? You should know by now that everything is an expression of the Creator’s Being that has taken on a certain characteristic, be it love, wisdom, power, truth, peace or freedom. You too are out of the Creator’s Being.

What is the key to experiencing, and being the open door for, the expression of a particular quality, such as freedom? It is to allow your own being, your conscious self – or however you wish to see it – to become one with the flame of that God quality, as I AM one with the God quality of freedom. You will then be the open door for that God quality to be expressed to the earth, to be expressed in the earth, to be expressed on the surface of the earth, and to be expressed in the hearts of men and women, as they are willing to be freedom.

Your drama takes away your freedom

What then is the key to being free? It is, of course, to realize the reality that what prevents you from being free is that you have created a drama, a personal story, that you think you have to keep outplaying indefinitely. You somehow have become trapped in it, identified with it. You think that the drama gives you something that you need, something you cannot live without.

That something is – as has been expressed by other masters – something from the material world that you think you need, that you think will complete you. As has been said before – and as we will say again until you finally get it – you can never be fulfilled by anything in the material world. You can only be fulfilled by something from the spiritual realm, namely one of the flames of God. You can only experience something from the spiritual realm by being the open door for it to stream forth in the material realm and thus raise up all life.

You know that I was embodied as the person who gave birth to a substantial portion of the Shakespearian plays, thus you should realize that I enjoy drama as much as anyone. Even when you watch other people outplay a drama, you are out-picturing certain roles in your own mind, depending on how you see the drama, how you look at it, how you look at the persons who are on the forefront of it. Your way of looking at the drama, your way of experiencing it, will – if you are honest and willing – show you your own drama.

Are you embarrassed by certain things? Then you are outplaying a certain drama. Are you afraid that certain things will be said? Then that is your drama, giving you the fear, the desire to limit what can be said in a conversation. When you have a drama that gives you a need to limit what can be said, then you obviously are not free to let communication flow from the heart, for you seek to restrict that flow.

Free communication has no standard

Sometimes you may think that communication from the heart has to live up to a certain standard for what you believe is “heartfelt,” or “spiritual” or “loving” communication. As has been explained earlier, sometimes the heart can take on a certain coloring, depending on the person’s basic world view. If the person is still willing to speak in the open, then they have an opportunity – by bringing it out in the open in front of other people – to see it in a different light than they have seen it before. Therefore, they move closer to that breakthrough point where they finally clearly see it for what it is. They see that it is only something their conscious selves have taken on, that they are so much more. They can finally make that decision: “I no longer need this drama in order to get what I need, for I know I can get it from inside myself.”

Your personal drama is like a maze. You are trapped in the maze and you cannot find your way out. You have come to believe – because you have come to identify yourself with the drama – that you are trapped there by external forces or other people and that you cannot escape. You will never escape the drama – the maze, the labyrinth – until you realize that the drama was not created by God, by other people, by fate, by chance. It was created by you!

You are the only one who can find your way out of the maze, for you are the only one who can decide that you will no longer see yourself as the person who is trapped in the maze. You will shift your focus and realize that you are more than that person, more than the maze, more than the subconscious database that prevents you from getting out.


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