Let the Estonian people share their Presence

TOPICS: A revolution through song – The law of oppression and judgment – The Estonians think they have nothing to offer – Do Russians think they fool anyone but themselves? – Love does not pretend – Share your songs –

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Ascended Master Venus, October 30, 2011 through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given as the messenger was driving in a car towards Tallinn, Estonia.

Lady master Venus I AM, and I AM here to anchor a special flame in the country of Estonia. The Estonian people are very dear to the heart of myself and Sanat Kumara.

There are rumors and myths, that say, that the Estonian people are ancient people, and far away back in time, came from far away in the East, even from the area around the Gobi desert. And while one should be careful not to take ancient myths too literally, there is indeed a truth, that many among the Estonian people were among the 144,000, that came with Sanat Kumara from Venus so long ago.

Of course, those among the 144 000, who have not ascended, are spread throughout the earth and can be found in many nations. But given its size, Estonia has a larger portion of them than most other nations. And this, then, is why, when you look at the three Baltic countries as a threefold flame, it is obvious, that Estonia holds the pink plume of love.

This can also be seen, when you look at the Estonian nation, its history, its literature, its creative expression. You can even see it in the difference in architecture found in Estonia compared to the surrounding countries, including the neighbor to the south. Where there is a subtle difference in the architecture, that reflects the Estonian people’s love for beauty.

A revolution through song

This is, of course, one of the explanations why the Soviet occupation was so difficult for the Estonian people. For the Soviet suppression did indeed seek to eradicate creative expression and also eradicate beauty. How is it even possible, that some of the buildings built during Soviet times could be so ugly compared to most people’s sense of beauty? And thus, you also see why a people who are sensitive to beauty found it difficult to endure a regime, that had so little respect for the very quality that they value so highly.

Now, my beloved, when you look at the recent history of the Estonian people, you will see that after fifty years of brutal suppression, they grabbed the opportunity to be free, when they saw that it had arisen. There was not even a thought of a violent rebellion against the Soviet Union, partly caused by the brutality of Soviet repression, which made it obvious to anyone that such resistance was futile.

Nevertheless, the Estonian people had the love and the patience to wait, until the Soviet regime had outplayed its role. And then, when the saw the opportunity, they jumped on it with their greatest asset. And what did the Estonian people do to say to the Soviet Union, that enough was enough and that they wanted their independence? Did they rise up in violence, did they start a civil war, did they even gather together and destroy cars and stores?

Nay, they did gather together, but they sang, my beloved. They sang their hearts out. And through sharing their Presence, their love flame, their love for beauty, through the beauty of their songs, they sent a peaceful message, that penetrated the layers of defenses, that those who were the representatives of the Soviet Union had built. And thus, they realized that this people could no longer be suppressed. And this, then, is just one lesson that the world could learn from the Estonian nation, and indeed the three Baltic nations.

The law of oppression and judgment

For of course, we do wish to acknowledge the wonderful event of the people of the Baltic nations joining hands and forming a chain of people stretching so far through the Baltic countries. Truly, an example of a peaceful protest, but not even a protest: a signal, that was clearly beyond duality, and therefore signaled clearly, that when the people are willing to transcend the dualistic struggle, then those who have played the part of the dualistic oppressor must withdraw.

For this is the law, my beloved. If they do not withdraw, then that refusal to withdraw is indeed the judgement. Do you not see, that what Jesus told the world so many years ago, was to turn the other cheek. And this is what the Estonian people did. But Jesus, of course, did not say you had to remain silent while turning the other cheek. So singing is indeed in the true spirit of Christ.

Thus, the world could learn and could be inspired by the Estonian people, not only how they stood up to the Soviet Union through song, but how they have carried on this tradition. For I can assure you, that on the planet Venus, we have for many eons of time gathered together tens and hundreds of thousands of lifestreams, and we have joined in oneness though song and dance. These are indeed powerful tools for giving people an experience of the oneness, that transcends the boundaries built by the ego.

The Estonians think they have nothing to offer

And this could be another source of inspiration for the world. Indeed, as was said in the dictation in Denmark, there are people, who are afraid to stand up and say: “We have something to offer.” It is not a coincidence that Denmark and Estonia are two of these nations. They are both small nations, they have both overcome their aggressiveness. And therefore, they sometimes tend to think that since they do not so aggressively promote themselves as other larger nations, it must be because nobody really cares and—perhaps it is because they have nothing to offer.

Yet, take note of the fact, that there is an ancient link between Estonia and Denmark, in that the Danish flag is said to have fallen from the sky, while the Danish king was enveloped in a battle in the Estonian territory. Take note of the fact that we have two messengers, one from Estonia, one from Denmark. And so, learn from this, that even small nations have something to offer, when they decide to look at themselves, not with the self-deprecating criticism and somewhat false sense of humility that they normally do. But with the realism that comes from true love, unconditional love. For love is not blind; true love is not blind.

It is the ego-based love that is blind, but true love sees all. And therefore, true love not only sees your shortcomings but it also sees your strengths. It sees what you have to offer. And thus, if you withhold the gift, that you could bring to the world, you have not yet mastered true love. You have instead allowed yourself to be persuaded by the serpentine logic of the falling beings, that says that you should not boast, you should not step forward, you should just sit there and try to be invisible and let the other aggressive nations do what they want to do. You should always think, that the initiative must come from somewhere else, from those who are bigger or have more resources and more aggressiveness.

Do Russians think they fool anyone but themselves?

Yet I tell you, that there is much that the smaller nations throughout the world have to offer. For how many times have you seen that wars and conflicts were initiated by the big nations. My beloved, take note of what happens at sea.

Is not a little boat easy to steer? And so, it can easily change course, when it sees that conditions on the sea have changed. Yet take note of a big oil tanker: once it is set on a course it takes a long time for it to turn. And thus, the same with a big nation: it takes a long time for it to change course. Even when it has seen the dangerous cliffs ahead, it cannot always avoid them.

Thus, you will see, for example that the Estonian nation has made far greater progress in the twenty years since the demise of the Soviet Union than has Russia itself, even though Russia clearly has far greater resources. And so, how can this be? It can be only because the people in smaller nations are not as set in their ways, for they do not have the arrogance found in many bigger nations, where they are not willing to look at their past, not willing to acknowledge their mistakes. For they think, they must have always been perfect, and thus no matter what happens, they seek to always interpret it as something that was basically okay.

And they are even willing to rewrite history in saving the facade that they have built, but which fools no-one but themselves. Do the Russian people seriously believe, that they fool any of the people in the former Soviet republics? Do they seriously believe, that they can fool those who suffered under the brutal Soviet repression for so many years into thinking that Russia can become an equal among nations, without going through the self-honesty and observation that Germany has gone through in its attempts to transcend the Second World War.

No-one is fooled, save those among the Russian people who are not willing to look at themselves. Is it, my beloved Estonians, true love to just say nothing to those who live among you, yet still see themselves as Russians rather than Estonians? Is it true love to not speak out about what you endured by the heavy hand of the Soviet oppressors? Nay, it is not love; it is not true love. It is the false love, that has been persuaded into thinking, that if we just pretend like nothing happened, then nothing happened.

But I tell you, something did happen in Estonia and other occupied territories. And you had better make your voice heard, or the Russian people will start sliding right back into thinking that you are basically lost Russian territory. And that you should one day either voluntarily, or with a little bit of help from the East, come back into the fold.

For you do not belong in the fold, you do not belong under Russia. You never have, for you are meant to be part of the greater European nation, of which Russia is meant to be a part also. But as has been explained by Lanto, this is something that was derailed, and it will take time for the big ship of Russia to truly change course. And they will need help from the little lighthouses, that send their beacon of light out across the dark sea, that they may see that there is something up ahead that they might pay attention to.

For of course, you might think of the ancient joke, where a big battleship in sailing on the dark sea, and they see a light up ahead and they signal to the light: “Turn away. I am a battleship. I have the right of way.” And the little light signals back: “You have better turn away, for I am a lighthouse, and the cliffs upon which I stand, are no match for your armor.”

And thus, you see indeed, that the Russian nation needs these beacons of light. For otherwise, they will not right their ship, before it is wrecked on the cliffs of reality. And who have a better right to speak out, than those nations who endured the absolutely inhumane suppression of the Soviet regime.

Of course, that regime was equally brutal in suppressing the Russian people, but the Russian people have not awakened to this fact. And they think that because it was Russians who did it to Russians, they must accept what happened and just pretend like it was not so bad or pretend that it never happened.

Love does not pretend

Well, the Estonians are not good at pretending, for love does not pretend: Love exposes reality. And thus, make use of your history, tell your stories, speak out, demand justice. Even consider the unheard of step of asking for economic compensation in international courts for the damages done during Soviet occupation. I am not saying, that it is realistic that you will get this, but that is not the point.

The point is to make a statement, that something happened that was not right, that that something was perpetrated by the nation that is today Russia. And that Russia deserves the opportunity to be held accountable by the international community, rather than everyone in that international community continuing to tiptoe around the sleeping bear, hoping that it will not wake up and growl at them again.

But you see, the bear needs to wake up and realize that it is a bear. And acknowledge its history, before it can settle down and transform itself into a benign bear, a bear that will play along with the other animals. Rather than thinking it is the king of the forest, because it is the biggest and is seemingly the most invulnerable—yet, truly, is more vulnerable than most other animals precisely because it does not move as swiftly, and thus cannot adapt to changes.

Truly, few nations have shown more willingness to adapt than the Estonian nation and the Estonian people. And this is also a function of the love flame embodied by so many. Truly, few nations would have been able to endure what this nation has endured and still maintain a sense of continuity as a nation and a people. This is again a natural function of love, for what do you love? Do you love something tangible, something material, or do you love something intangible.

When a hundred thousand people come together in the searing heat of summer and dance and sing, is it for physical reasons that they do this? Nay, it is because they have a love of something intangible. And when all else is stripped away, what they love is oneness. And that oneness is both the horizontal oneness among people and the vertical oneness of loving that which is above the material, that which we normally call spiritual.

And thus, it is indeed good to see that some among the spiritual people in Estonia have started to recognize that they have two messengers of the ascended masters living on their soil, and have started being willing to invite them and listen to them. For although these two messengers have no desire whatsoever to run an organization or tell other people what to do, they are willing to share their Presence. And indeed, if the Estonian nation is to fulfill its highest potential in the Baltic region and on a world scale, then all that is required is that the people share their Presence.

Share your songs

Why would you not share your songs, share the beautiful melodies, share you dances? Travel abroad! Do you really think that no-one else wants to see what you have? Are you so lost in your self-preoccupation as a small nation, that you cannot see you have something to share? Much more than just song and dance but this is a start. Translate those songs, so that the melodies might be heard.

For as you truly know and realize, that the world will not learn the Estonian language, then realize that the Presence of the Estonian people – while beautifully expressed in the Estonian language – well, the Presence transcends the language itself, and can easily be expressed in English. And it is the Presence that needs to be shared, not words, not the language—despite the fact that the language has a beautiful rhythm and cadence of its own.

Nevertheless, be willing to look beyond your little shell here, your little oyster shell, and realize that even though you are the smallest nation in the Baltic region, you have much to share, much to give. And you have the ability to give it without having any strings attached, without making demands, without expecting anything in return. But you also have the ability to know in your heart that true giving is always rewarded from Above, even if there is no reward from the horizontal level. So, do what you have a momentum of doing.

Give, truly give of what you are. Share the Presence that you carry with you from so long ago, that loving Presence that can remind the people of earth that there is a better way. There is a higher way, there is a higher approach—and that therefore many among the people of Terra might be awakened to what they can learn from the planet and the people of venus.

Thus, my flame is anchored; not in a particular location but in the hearts of those among the Estonian people who remember from whence they came. Lady master Venus I AM, and I am one with Sanat Kumara And we do indeed acknowledge the talents of the Estonian people and we say:

“Now multiply them!”


Copyright © 2011 by Kim Michaels