Let the era of fiat money come to an end

TOPICS: Willingness to submit individuality to the system – Money must flow as love – Do you need a money system? – Everything that is wrong with the money system – The intensity of the Ruby Fire – The myth of equality –

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Ascended Master Paul the Venetian, February 9, 2011 through Kim Michaels. At the Federal Reserve Building in Washington, D.C.

Paul the Venetian is the name of the Being, that you know as the Chohan of the Third Ray. Yet I come not alone. For this is a task that is beyond the level of the Chohan. Thus, I have enlisted the assistance of the Archangels and the Elohim of the third ray of God Love, and they come in the full intensity of God Love, which is indeed the Ruby Fire. I have also enlisted and received Sanat Kumara and Lady master Venus, who will also anchor their Presence here, as we indeed shall endeavor to complete a task as this messenger walks the perimeter of this building, called the building of the Federal Reserve in Washington, D.C.

We will anchor here, and in other centers around this Capital that deal with the economy and the finances, we will anchor here the Ruby Fire, that will serve as the dividing line, as the light of such intensity, that it forces people to make the choice between life and death. And thus, we indeed say, as the Word has gone forth from ancient times, “Choose Life!” Choose the life that will get the economy flowing into the golden age matrix, that Saint Germain has prepared for this nation and the world. Yet before this can happen, these monolithic institutions, that attempt to control the money system, must indeed either transform themselves into non-elitist institutions, or they must be allowed to fail.

Willingness to submit individuality to the system

You have all heard the saying “hidden in plain sight,” and indeed here in the center of Washington, D.C – on what is called the National Mall, that houses the monuments and institutions of American democracy – here in this, what we might call sacred place, sits this building that houses the Federal Reserve system. Its architecture very similar to that of many government buildings, thus to give the impression, that this is indeed part of the government that was charged by the ascended masters through Abraham Lincoln with being a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Yet I assure you, that within the walls of this building, there is very little willingness to be of the people, by the people, and for the people. For how do you gain access to this building? How do you become one of the insiders in the Federal Reserve System? Well, you become so only if you have already demonstrated a willingness to submit your individuality to the system. You cannot be a strong individual and enter the banking system that is tied to the Federal Reserve System; it simply is not possible.

If you are not willing to submit to the system, to surrender your individuality in order to gain access to the system, then you cannot gain entry. And thus, indeed, what you see is, that there is hardly anyone in this entire system who is able to receive the higher vision and the love of the third ray. For what you will see here is, that there is no openness to letting the light flow, to letting money flow.

Money must flow as love

You might wonder, why is it the representatives of the third ray of love who are anchoring their light in the money system? Well, it is indeed because the money system represents love; or rather it should represent love. What is love? It is the drive to always transcend, to never stand still—this is what money should be. Money should be always flowing, always multiplying, always adding real value. So then, there should be a constantly growing money supply, but it should be tied to the addition of something that has real value, that raises up life.

What has happened in this nation, and in most other nations, is indeed that life, that the money system, that the flow of the money system has been perverted by the power elites into being a system that stands still, that sits still where there are those who are attempting to control the money supply and the flow of money. You will see that there are many in these United States who advocate a free market economy. There are even those who will claim, that the United States has a free market economy. There are even those in the Federal Reserve System who will advocate this, even though they surely know better.

For there is no other institution in the world who is more dedicated to controlling the free market economy than the Federal Reserve System—because they control the very lifeblood of the economy, namely money itself. And so, what you see is quite simple. The stark reality is, that those who scream the loudest about a free market economy are those who are the least dedicated to making it a manifest reality. For indeed, they are the ones who will say, that a free market economy will lead to chaos, and thus the government must step in and prevent the collapse of financial institutions that have been built on the clay feet of greed, uncontrolled, unrestricted greed. And so, the reality is that the money system is the problem, not the solution.

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