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TOPICS: The body is not sinful – Why we cannot see the masters – Form is not sinful – Eternity is a meaningless concept – Making temporary conditions permanent – Why God allows suffering – Taking back your power – Becoming an open door – How Archangels work – How to fight darkness – How the fallen beings manipulated everyone – Dealing with the daily grind – Let go of outdated concepts –

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This dictation was given by the Ascended Master Archangel Michael on May 23, 2015 at an event in Holland.

I am the ascended master Archangel Michael and I am here. Where is here? Is there a particular location on earth that can hold me, that can limit me, that can imprison me? Nay, I am everywhere in the mind of God. That is why I am here. That is also why you are here. You can only be here if you are everywhere. Of course, when you are in a dense physical body, it is difficult to be aware that you are everywhere in the mind of God.

The body is not sinful

You have chosen to enter the body to have that particular perspective. It is not wrong; it is not sinful. Your body is not sinful. You are not a sinner because you are in the body; you are not a sinner because you have an outer self. You are still everywhere in the mind of God. The barrier that seems to exist is not created by God; it is not created by the ascended masters. It is only an illusion, a veil of energy that separates you from me. It does not separate you from me in a real sense; it only seems to separate you from me.

This veil of separation has two aspects, a personal and a collective. In your own mind, there is a belief that causes you to see yourself as a distinct, separate being. This is partly necessary, as Mother Mary said, in order to keep you in the physical body. Again, this is not a sin, this is not evil, this is not wrong. It simply is the condition that needs to be fulfilled in order for you to take embodiment in an unascended sphere, on a planet as dense as earth. It can be no other way. Of course, what the false teachers and the fallen beings have tried to make you believe is that this is inherently sinful, that this is somehow wrong and that you need to run away from it.

Why we cannot see the masters

Then there is the collective aspect, which is that humankind has collectively created so much energy of a certain vibration that it literally forms a veil so that you cannot, with the outer senses and the outer mind, sense that there is anything beyond the veil. You cannot see us directly with the physical senses. I am here, my beloved. I am here right now as you are hearing these words. Wherever you are when you hear a recording of this or read it in a book: “I am here with you.” You cannot see me physically because your eyes cannot see beyond the vibrations that make up the spectrum of light that your eyes are capable of detecting.

You also cannot see me because your mind holds an image of a form and you are trying to see that form rather than trying to see the formless being that I am. Your physical eyes are actually capable of seeing me, seeing the light that I am, but your mind has for so long superimposed these images on what your eyes are supposed to see. If you have a strong image of what Archangel Michael or any ascended master is supposed to look like, if you have imprisoned us in a form in your own mind, then you are trying to see that form.

If we were to take on that form so that you could see us as having the form you have in your mind, what would we do? Would we help your liberation from form or would we hinder your liberation from form? We would indeed hinder your liberation by conforming to the mental image you have. What is it that keeps you imprisoned in form? It is the mental image you have of yourself, of God, of the world. There is nothing else that keeps you imprisoned but the mental images that your mind is superimposing upon what we might call “reality.”

Form is not sinful

What does it mean to be a fallen being? It means to be a being who is completely identified with an image and has lost touch, lost contact, with reality. Most people on earth have been affected by this state of consciousness. They see themselves as human, limited, sinful beings and this is truly one of the most subtle and most powerful manifestations of anti-love in Europe and elsewhere.

It is the entire idea that you are trapped in the form you have right now. You see, my beloved, there is nothing sinful or wrong about form—when you realise that any form is temporary, is constantly in the process of moving with the River of Life, transcending itself. Do you understand that you have been programmed by the dualistic mind and those who are trapped in the dualistic mind? There are those who seek to trap you to believe that certain forms are evil and certain forms are good.

The reality is that form is just form. No form is permanent; every form is in the process of transcending itself.  It will either be pulled up by the upward movement of the rest of the universe, the River of Life, or it will go into a self-destructive spiral where what we have called the second law of thermodynamics will ensure that the form breaks down.

Eternity is a meaningless concept

Even a form that is being broken down is also transcending itself, whereby I mean that no form can be permanent. If you understand this, then you realize that you cannot be trapped in form for an indefinite period of time and certainly not forever, as the Catholic Church would have you believe that sinners will suffer in hell for eternity. Truly, a meaningless concept, for if something is eternal where is time? You cannot really talk about an eternal time period, an eternal time span. You cannot measure eternity by time so the idea that your suffering could last for all eternity is truly meaningless—when you make that switch in the mind and realize that nothing could be permanent.

You are not a permanent being either, in the sense that you are in embodiment to go through the process of transcending yourself. When you realize this and realize that no form can trap you, you can start freeing yourself, liberating your mind, from the illusion created by the dualistic consciousness. The challenge of taking embodiment in an unascended sphere, especially on a very dense planet like earth, is that when you are in the dense body  – and you look at some of the limitations you face and that cause you to suffer – it is so easy to think that you do not have the power to change these conditions and therefore you are trapped in them indefinitely or at least for the rest of this lifetime.

What the fallen beings really want you to believe is that some of the limitations you see on earth are permanent. They are either created by God or by some immovable laws of nature. You also know from science that there has been an evolutionary process and that things do not stay the same even in the very short time span of what you now call recorded history. You see how much change there has been so if all of these conditions can change, is it logical to believe that there are some conditions that cannot be changed?

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