Let go of your mental image of Nada and experience her Presence

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Ascended Master Master Nada through Kim Michaels, June 6, 2023. This dictation was given at a conference in Seoul, Korea.

I AM the Ascended Master Nada. You may find a certain irony in the fact that we have talked about the linear mind and yet here we are, the Chohans, lining up in a linear fashion. Nevertheless, as we have said, there is, of course, a linear progression from the Creator through the levels of creation, the previous spheres, to this sphere. You cannot say that everything that has a progression is necessarily what we mean when we talk about the linear mind. For the linear mind is a specific phenomenon that exists in an unascended sphere. And as we have said, the linear mind is not really a problem when it is seen for what it is, namely a tool to deal with the practical aspects of life.

A linear progression in practical life

You know very well that in your life you have a certain schedule, you have certain obligations. Perhaps you go to school, perhaps you take your children to school, perhaps you go to work, so you are there, you have to be a certain place at a certain time and therefore you need to have a certain linear progression, a certain linear schedule in your daily life in order to make everything function.

This is a very practical thing. You know, for example, that if you want to build a house, you need to set up a linear progression. You buy the property, you get the plans, you line up the different contractors that can do the work and everything needs to happen according to a linear progression, a linear timeline. The same in society, when things have to be done, when a big construction work has to be completed, or just to get daily life to function in society, the buses have to be on time, the trains have to be on time and all of these things, so the linear mind is a very useful tool.

Using the linear mind to reason about the spiritual realm

The problem comes in when people start to use the linear mind to deal with other topics than practical life in the physical octave. This has been a problem throughout history. As we have explained, at the time of the Buddha, the Brahmins of the Hindu religion had used the linear mind to reason about matters that had nothing to do with practical daily life, but that dealt with cosmological issues, including what it is like in the spiritual realm.
The Buddha saw how this had created all kinds of confusion, because what the linear mind does is it looks at conditions in the material world. It tries to set up a certain linear progression, a linear cause-effect sequence that it can detect in the physical world, and then it wants to extend that cause and effect sequence into the spiritual realm. And therefore it uses the conditions in the material world to reason backwards into what it is like in the spiritual world. Can you grasp why this is such a dangerous, we might say, approach? The conditions in the material world are not a pure reflection of the spiritual world. We have explained to you that there is a certain linear progression from the Creator to the highest level of creation, the first sphere. The Creator set a certain matrix. The beings in the first sphere worked within that matrix. They created the second sphere, then the third, and so forth. Everything that was originally created in your sphere is an expression of all of the layers above.

Therefore, you can say that there is a certain progression. But first of all, this progression leads from the highest possible level through these levels of more and more expressed forms. And it is not even a linear cause-effect sequence. It is not the result of mechanical laws. It is the result of a creative process that is not entirely linear. Yet what I am saying is that there is no way that you, from a planet like Earth in an unascended sphere, can fathom what it is like in the higher spheres. You cannot grasp this while you are in embodiment. And therefore, trying to reason based on what you see on earth about what it is like in the spiritual realm is a fool’s errand, a futile quest.

Projecting impure conditions on earth onto the spiritual realm

But then comes the next level of difficulty. We have explained that originally the earth was created by the seven Elohim. They are, of course, ascended beings. They are, of course, one with the entire hierarchy leading up to the Creator. They create within the framework of the previous spheres. Yet what the Elohim created is not the conditions you see on earth today. You could say that if you could see the original conditions created by the Elohim, then you could see certain principles, certain of what science likes to call natural laws, although they are more spiritual than natural. And you could then say: “If we understand these laws, we can reason about why the beings who defined these laws did define them the way they did. And therefore, we can reason something about what these beings thought, what their consciousness is. And therefore, we can look at the original conditions on earth and we can use the linear mind to reason about what it is like at the level of the Elohim.” That can be done with a linear mind. But you cannot go beyond that level of the Elohim with a linear mind, because from the sixth sphere to the fifth sphere, it is not a linear progression. The linear mind cannot reason very far up into the spiritual realm. But now, of course, we have also told you that conditions that you see on earth now are not what the Elohim originally created. And the reason for this is, as we have explained many times, that humanity went into the consciousness of separation and started to use the duality consciousness, which has resulted in dramatic changes on earth. The densification of matter, the lack of natural resources, and the entire collective consciousness has been taken down to a level that is much lower than when the earth was first created.

You now have a condition on earth that is not natural, not a pure extension of what the Elohim created. What was it that the Brahmins of the Hindu religion did? They looked at current conditions on earth, they attempted to discover patterns, regularities, and then they used the linear mind to project the regularities, the patterns we see in the physical realm, can be extended upwards into the realm beyond the physical. And this can tell us something about the gods, and why the gods are the way they are, and why they created the world the way they created it. But can you see that this can never give you an accurate picture of the spiritual realm? You are taking conditions that are not purely spiritual and projecting them onto what is spiritual. It is, of course, not only the Hindu Brahmins who have done this. As we have explained also in the Judeo-Christian tradition, the angry god in the sky is an image projected by human beings based on the fallen psychology and the duality consciousness. You see throughout history, around the world, people have taken an observation of how conditions are right now on this unnatural planet and used the linear mind to project this onto the spiritual realm, the heaven world, or whatever they have called it.

Changing the effect at the level of effect

And basically, why have they done this? Because they are disturbed by current conditions on earth. They are suffering, as the Buddha said, because when you go into the duality consciousness, life is suffering. You are being driven hither and yon by the Sea of Samsara. People want a way out of suffering, and they sense intuitively there must be a reason why they are suffering. And this is a true intuition. There is a reason why you are suffering. And now they observe that it seems like there are certain things in the physical octave, certain effects in the physical octave that have a cause. And sometimes it is a hidden cause. If you hold a stone in your hand and let go, it falls to the ground. There must be a hidden cause that causes the stone to fall to the ground. This is a basic observation that human beings have made for a very long time. They intuitively sense there must be some unseen, non-physical causes for their suffering for current conditions on earth. They now try to use the linear mind to reason their way backwards from current conditions to the cause of these conditions, the cause of their suffering, because they intuitively sense that if they can discover the cause, and change the cause, then they can also change the effect.

This is again a true intuition. If you can change the cause, you can change the effect. In fact, the only efficient way to change the effect is to change the cause. But of course, people have also attempted to change the cause at the level of cause, at the level of effect. They have attempted to change the effect at the level of effect. And this is what you see that science has been doing now for several hundred years, where science has been looking at the physical octave and attempting to understand physical conditions based on physical causes.

You see there are two approaches that people take with the linear mind. Or we could say that they are two sides of the same coin. You are looking at current conditions, you see them as an effect, and you attempt to use the linear mind to reason backwards until you find the cause of the effect, and then you attempt to change the effect. What science has been doing is attempting to find a cause in the physical, in the material world, and use that knowledge to change physical conditions. What religious people have been doing for thousands of years is to go further than just physical causes, but look for non-physical causes. Therefore, find some kind of god who is responsible for the area where they suffer, then find some way to appeal to that god so that the god will change the conditions that cause your suffering.

The blind alley of the intellectual reasoning

In a sense, these are two sides of the same coin. But the real problem, from a spiritual perspective, comes in in the religious tradition, where you not only seek to find a cause for your current suffering, but you seek to create these elaborate images of what the spiritual realm is like. And this is what caused the Hindu Brahmins to go into these multiple blind alleys where they used intellectual, linear, analytical reasoning to project God is like this, conditions are like that. This is the real spiritual cause behind this effect, and so forth. And what happened at the time was that they split into so many different branches and sects, they had so many different ideas, each of them claiming, of course, that theirs was the ultimate understanding.

What you saw was this incredibly complex phenomenon with all of these people claiming they had the ultimate truth, but none of them had the ultimate truth because they were reasoning with a linear mind based on their observation of current conditions. You can extend this to today and say, well, some of the people who were incarnated as the Hindu Brahmins thousands of years ago are now incarnated as the materialistic scientists who are essentially doing the same thing, only they have now decided that: “We do not go beyond the material world, we look for deeper and deeper causes in the material world for material phenomena.” But they are still split into different sects, different groupings, they have so many different theories about this or that complexity, even multiple universes, black holes, dark energy, dark matter, all of these complicated topics.

And what does all of this prevent people from doing? Attaining peace of mind. What do you see today? What did you see at the time of the Buddha? All of these conflicts between people based on what? Some subtle intellectual reasoning. One group of Brahmins interpreted the Vedic scriptures this way, another group of Brahmins interpreted same scriptures in a different way. Each was sure they were right, each felt it imperative to convince the others or to convince people that the others were wrong, and so there was this constant ongoing struggle.

A new philosophy focused on raising consciousness

This is what the Buddha saw. He saw that what they were doing was futile because they were using the linear mind. You might remember that around the time of the Buddha, there was a Greek philosopher Plato who brought forth the allegory of the cave. People are chained inside a cave in such a way that they cannot see out of the cave, but there is light shining into the cave from outside, and there are people walking between the light and the cave, casting shadows on the wall of the cave. The people inside the cave are only seeing the shadows, and they are observing the shadows, and they are attempting to reason backwards about what is going on outside the cave, but they see only shadows, and this is what the Buddha realized that the Hindu Brahmins were seeing, shadows only, and how can the shadow of an object tell you everything about the object?

For example, how can the shadow of an object tell you what color the object is? The shadow is a two-dimensional projection, how can it tell you about the three-dimensional form of the object? You see the limitations. The Buddha saw the limitations, and that is why he said: “Let us create a new philosophy, a new movement, that does not seek to reason backwards about what conditions are like in the spiritual realm. Let us focus on the practical aspects of raising consciousness, helping people overcome suffering, and then when they have raised their consciousness sufficiently, then they might be able to grasp some truth from beyond the material world.”

Why am I giving you this very long discourse? Well, because I am the Chohan of the Sixth Ray of Peace, and it is precisely this reasoning with a linear mind, this taking the linear mind that is a practical tool for everyday life in the material world, and wanting to extend it beyond the material world, to tell you something about what is beyond the material world. And as long as you do this, you cannot attain peace, nor can you connect to the Sixth Ray of Peace. If you really want to understand the Buddha’s teachings, you need to realize one simple thing, which is not so simple for the linear mind. The purpose of the Buddha’s teachings was not, NOT, to bring forth some superior truth. It was to give people practical teachings and tools for raising their consciousness, transcending the level of suffering, the Sea of Samsara. This is something that the vast majority of those who call themselves Buddhists today would violently object to, or at least vehemently object to. They would say that since the Buddha was an enlightened being, what he gave was a superior truth, even an absolute truth. But it simply is not the truth.

The Buddha was not concerned about some final truth, because he saw that this was what the Brahmins wanted to do. And why do the Brahmins want to do this? Well, as we have explained, what does the linear mind want to do? It wants to put everything on a line, a progression, and then say, there must be some ultimate end to that line, there must be some highest level. If I can put truth on a line, there are levels of truth, levels of understanding, I can understand more and more about the world as science has done now for a long time. But if we extend that expansion of knowledge, there must come an ultimate truth. But as Hilarion said, it does not come until the Creator, and there is a very large gap between earth and the Creator in terms of the different levels.

The practical approach of ascended masters

The Buddha realized this and was only focused on what could raise you, what could raise people to the next level up. Now look at what has happened in the intervening time. Science has become more dominant in the modern world, and science is also based on the linear mind. We must be able to start with our observations of the macroscopic world, discover subtler layers, deeper layers, and keep going until we reach the ultimate level, the God particle, or whatever you call it. Why is this important for spiritual people? Because you have grown up in a modern world, you cannot avoid being affected by this mindset. Here you are, you have grown up with this mindset, now you find an ascended master teaching. And now you are saying: “Well here, finally, here is something that does not come from this world, that is not the linear mind reasoning backwards from the conditions in this world. Here we have a teaching that comes from the ascended realm, from the ascended masters who are beyond this world. That teaching must be an absolute truth. For surely the ascended masters see absolute truth, and why would they give us anything else?”

Well, we have explained many times from different perspectives that we cannot give you the absolute truth that we see because you cannot grasp it on an unnatural planet. What are we doing today? The exact same thing that the Buddha was doing 2,500 years ago, taking a practical look at where people are in consciousness and saying: “What can we give them that they can grasp with their present level of consciousness and that can help them rise to higher levels?” We are not seeking to give you an absolute truth. Again, many students from previous ascended master dispensations would vehemently object to this statement. But why do they object to it? Because they are trapped in the linear mind: There must be an ultimate truth and if you cannot find it in the religions of this world or in scientific materialism, surely you must be able to find it in a teaching given by the ascended masters. I am not saying our teachings are wrong or are illusions or are deceptions, but they are adapted to the level of consciousness, not only of ascended master students, but even the collective consciousness. It can be no other way on a planet like Earth.

What has happened in previous ascended master dispensations is that people have used a linear mindset to take the teachings, reason based on the teachings, create mental images based on the teachings and project them upon the ascended masters. This is what the linear mind does. It looks at current conditions on earth, it creates a mental image based on those conditions, such as, what is the cause of current conditions on earth. Then it extends that image, it projects that mental image upon the spiritual realm.

Projecting a mental image upon ascended masters

When students found an ascended master teaching, first of all they used the mental images they had grown up with or mental images from other spiritual teachings they had studied. Then they took the ascended master teachings, they used that to refine their mental images and then they projected those mental images upon the ascended masters. Why is this relevant to the topic for this retreat, connecting to your spiritual teachers? Well, my beloved, I am an ascended master. How do you connect to me? Do you think you can connect to me by projecting a mental image upon me, a mental image that was created in a material world in your mind? No matter how good that image is, no matter how accurate you think it is based on an ascended master teaching, it is still a mental image. I admit that in previous dispensations, it was difficult for students to grasp this because the teachings had not yet been given. The teachings that we have given in this dispensation about the separate selves, and how the separate selves form perception filters, and how the Conscious You is not those perception filters, has not become the selves and therefore the Conscious You can step outside the selves. But how can the Conscious You step outside the perception filter of a self? Only by acknowledging that what the self sees is just a perception filter. This means you must acknowledge that whatever mental image you can create in your mind of an ascended master, it is just that, a mental image.

And of course, you could say within the law of free will, there is nothing wrong with people creating a mental image of an ascended master because it gives them a particular experience. You can look at students in past dispensations and you can see that many of them had very elaborate mental images of what ascended masters are like and how their interaction with ascended masters should be. Many of these students have even felt that they did connect to ascended masters, they did have experiences with ascended masters. Now, I am not saying that those students from previous dispensations had genuine experiences with the masters, but there were students who thought they had a genuine experience but they were connecting to beings in the mental realm because they were so attached to their mental images. Those who had genuine experiences were those who were not so attached to their mental images. Because what are you doing when you are projecting a mental image? You are essentially saying: “Nada, I do not want to connect to you as you are. I only want to connect to you according to my mental image. So, if you want to connect to me Nada, you better live up to my mental image.” And as other masters have said, if I were to do that, what would I do? I would validate your mental image and that means you would think: “My mental image is not a mental image, this is how Nada really is.” But how would that advance your spiritual growth? How could I help you grow by validating the mental image that keeps you from growing?

The question is always, if you want to connect to an ascended master, do you want to connect to the master or to the mental image of the master? Are you willing to let go of the mental image to experience the Presence of the ascended master? That is the question. We are not seeking to hide from you, but many students are seeking to hide from us. And if you want to hide from us by projecting a mental image upon us, we must allow you to do this. We must allow you to have that experience, we must even allow you to connect to impostors in the mental realm that will live up to your image, because they will live up to any image you project on them if you give them your energy. I do not need your energy, I am not willing to live up to your mental images because I need nothing from you, and I do not want to have you think that the mental image has been validated by me.

Basically, if you want to be very direct, you can say, if you do not experience, if you have never experienced the presence of an ascended master, it is because you have a mental image that is pushing the real master away from you. There is again no blame, you have free will, we understand you live on a very difficult planet, we understand you have many past lives that have created all of these selves in the four levels of the mind. There is no blame here. We are only saying if you want to really connect to us, you must be willing to look beyond the mental images because they are the ones who are preventing you from connecting.

El Morya – a strict disciplinarian?

What does a mental image do when you form a mental image of an ascended master? What does that image do? It allows you to have a certain view, a certain experience, and the experience cannot be challenged by the real master, so you can hide from the master. To give you just one example, in one previous ascended master dispensation, they had created a very particular image of El Morya, now Master MORE, and that is one reason he decided to change his name, because they still have that image of him, this very fiery blue-ray master, this very tough disciplinarian who would challenge people and expose their egos mercilessly, and they had created this concept that those who were the real chelas of El Morya, they had these qualities and they had the right to go around and blue-ray people by challenging them, telling them what they were doing wrong, and there were many people in that organization who took pride in being able to blue-ray those that they considered below them.

What were these people doing? Well, you could say their egos wanted the experience of being superior to other people, being the disciplinarians who could tell other people what to do, and they used their mental image of El Morya as an excuse for justifying their behavior, their ego-based behavior, even though they would again vehemently object to this being ego-based behavior, but it was.

Again, these people had their free will right to take an ascended master teaching to create this mental image of El Morya, and to validate the experience they want to have until they hopefully one day will have had enough of it, as some people have done and they have moved on, but some have not. But what I am also saying is that even though some of these people thought they had genuine experiences of El Morya, they did not. For why would El Morya validate that image of himself when he clearly sees that it would only trap people and prevent them from actually connecting to him?

All I am saying is, in this dispensation you have a deeper teaching about the selves, the subconscious and separate selves, mental images, perception filters, and therefore you can go through a process of freeing yourself from your mental images, stop projecting, and thereby you can come to the point where you can really connect to us as ascended beings. And connecting to us not through teachings, not through the intellectual mind, not through understanding and grasping, but just connecting to our Presence is the most valuable experience you can have on the spiritual path because it gives you a direct frame of reference from beyond the material world. And that means there is really nothing in the material world that can fool you anymore, or pull you into a reaction. And if this is what you want, then you have the tools to accomplish it.

A practical tool from Nada

But I will give you a practical tool that can help you on the Sixth Ray. I started out talking about the linear mind wanting to project this image of an absolute truth and how this takes away your peace of mind. What you can do is use our teachings to realize that the real goal of the spiritual path is not to know the absolute truth but to raise your consciousness from your present level to the next level up. But there does come a point, as we have said, where you begin to move into these levels of personal Christhood. And personal Christhood can be said to be the very key to peace which is why Jesus was called the Prince of Peace because he represents the Christ Consciousness to humankind. But how is Christhood, the Christ mind, related to peace? Well, it is through the Christ mind that you connect and you experience that there is a reality beyond the material world. And only when you have experienced this directly can you do what the Buddha told people to do: overcome your attachments to this world. As you experience the Christ Consciousness, you overcome your attachments. Where are your attachments located? In the separate selves, yes, but they are also very much based on the linear mind and the mental images projected by the linear mind. You want the world to be a certain way. You want your life to be a certain way.

An image of what life on earth should be like

If you look at the basic understanding of suffering—what causes suffering? It is that you in your mind, the linear mind, formulate an image of what life on earth should be like. You project that image out, but then you experience that life does not conform to your image. And that experience of life not conforming to your image is the very basis for suffering. That is what causes all suffering. When you begin to experience the Christ mind, you realize there is something beyond your mental image. You experience there is something beyond. But now comes, of course, the second challenge of Christ. Will you use your experience of the Christ to let go of your mental images, to let go of those separate selves, to overcome those attachments? Or will you do what Peter did and attempt to pull the experience of Christ into your mental images so that it seems to you that Christ has validated your mental images? This is what many students did in previous ascended master organizations, as I gave the example of El Morya. You can do this, of course, even with this dispensation, if you do not apply the teachings. But you also have the tools to avoid this.

How do you then attain more peace of mind? By continually reaching for the Christ mind, using the Christ mind as your frame of reference to look at your own life, to look at the conditions you face in your life. We understand that some of you face very difficult conditions. We are not trying to sound like we do not understand this. But nevertheless, the eternal promise of the Christ mind is that you can use the Christ mind to gain a different perspective on your physical conditions, overcome the attachments, overcome the mental images. And when you see conditions without projecting upon them that they should be different, then you can face these conditions without suffering.

I know this is a difficult concept to grasp for people who have very difficult conditions. It is easier to grasp for people who are not facing such difficult conditions. I understand this, but it is still an eternal truth. What causes your suffering is not your conditions, the physical conditions, but the way you look at those physical conditions. And in many cases, the physical conditions cannot change until you change the way you look at them. This is the promise of Christ, that Christ can give you that different perspective, and that can give you a peace of mind.


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