Let go of the old!    

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Ascended Master PadmaSambhava through Kim Michaels, October 1, 2021. This dictation was given during the 2021 Webinar for Korea – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

I AM the Ascended Master PadmaSambhava.

I AM the Buddha PadmaSambhava. I AM the Vajra Guru PadmaSambhava. There is reality, there is myth, there is fact, there is fiction. There is an elaborate construction created in Tibetan Buddhism, other forms of Buddhism around PadmaSambhava – the name PadmaSambhava, who PadmaSambhava was, what he did, when he appeared, how he appeared, why he appeared, which manifestations he took on and so forth.

If you look at this elaborate, quite elaborate material, you have to say that the vast majority of it is fiction, it is myth. This does not mean it is completely useless in the sense that there are people throughout the ages who have been able to make use, constructive use of the material.  But there are also many people, in fact the vast majority of people who have become trapped in the outer form of the material. Who have become focused on the outer form of the material and who have not been able to see beyond the outer form.

This is, of course, the challenge that we who are ascended masters, we who are spiritual beings face, have always faced and will always face on an unnatural planet. We will face this as long as the earth is still an unnatural planet, because there is then that barrier, that gap where you cannot directly perceive that matter is a form of energy and that the material realm is not separated from the spiritual, but is an expression of the spiritual, an extension of the spiritual, a manifestation of the spiritual.

And so you go to some of these myths and ideas that have been created, and you see that there is a tradition that Gautama Buddha or Shakya Muni as he was called in these traditions foresaw the coming of PadmaSambhava. Some traditions hold that Gautama actually foresaw the coming of a future Buddha who would be even more enlightened than himself. But as these traditions say, since Gautama was fully enlightened, there cannot be anything more than fully enlightened, so  this could not be the real meaning. But it shows how important PadmaSambhava was in the mind of the Buddha. This is a typical example of how the linear mind takes spiritual concepts and attempts to make them linear, so that the mind can grasp and control it.

What is the reality? Well, the reality is that Gautama was a being who took physical embodiment. We have taught you as ascended master students that Gautama first took embodiment a very long time ago on earth, that he descended into the duality consciousness, was trapped and lost in duality but after many lifetimes of this, he started awakening from duality. After even more lifetimes, he had reached the level of consciousness that qualified him to incarnate in his final incarnation and become the Buddha – because in that incarnation he attained Buddhahood. Therefore, Gautama is an example for all human beings to follow. Gautama is meant to be an example for all human beings to follow, that all can attain enlightenment. Why? Because everything has the Buddha nature within it. So every human being has the potential to reach the state of consciousness that Gautama called Buddhahood, or nirvana or enlightenment.

So, Gautama was meant to serve as the example. What has the linear mind done with Gautama? Well, the linear mind wants to compare. No religion appears in a vacuum, so Buddhism appeared in a country, in a spiritual tradition, in a region that was dominated by Hinduism and had been dominated for a very long time by the Hinduist mindset. Gautama presented an alternative to the Hinduist mindset, but the linear mind of those who became the self declared followers of Gautama wanted to compare the Buddhist religion to the Hindu religion. What does compare mean? Well, it needed to be better, it needed to be higher, it needed to be more advanced than the Hindu religion.

Therefore, they created this myth that Gautama was not just a human being who through many incarnations reached the level of Buddhahood.  Gautama was special from his birth, he had perhaps not even as some say any previous incarnations, but incarnated as an enlightened being.

He was very special in the way he was born, there were miracles surrounding his birth, just as there were miracles surrounding the birth of Jesus and all of these things. So, what has the linear mind done with the example of Buddha? It has made it null and void because Gautama was so special that nobody could emulate him and follow his example, you had to be either born that way or you had no chance of reaching the same state as Gautama.

So, as a result of wanting the Buddhist religion to be superior to the Hindu religion, in fact to be the ultimate religion, Gautama had to be the ultimate enlightened being, he had to be fully enlightened. Therefore, when Gautama himself said that one would come that was more enlightened than him, well, the linear mind cannot accept such a claim because it can only consider enlightenment in one way. That if the Buddha was the ultimate spiritual teacher, then he must have reached the ultimate level of consciousness. The reality is of course that the simplest explanation of what enlightenment means, is that you have reached the highest level of consciousness possible on earth, and beyond that of course is the ascended realm.

In the ascended realm, there is a long progression through various planets associated with this unascended sphere, into the higher previous spheres that we have told you about. So, there are many, many, many, many, in fact innumerable beings in the ascended realm that have a much higher level consciousness and therefore a much higher level of enlightenment than what was demonstrated by Gautama in his final embodiment. Or Jesus in his final embodiment. So, up until the full Creator consciousness and even beyond there is the possibility of a transcendence of consciousness. And so, from the very beginning of this myth of the appearance of PadmaSambhava, there was misunderstandings that crept into the interpretation of it.

What is the reality? The reality is that everything has an Alpha aspect and an Omega aspect. The Omega aspect of what we can do from the spiritual realm is through an incarnation. A person incarnates who in past lives have attained a high level of consciousness. In his or her final embodiment that person demonstrates the highest level of consciousness that could be achieved on earth, or at least a very high level of consciousness, then after that the person ascends. This is the Omega aspect, there is an actual physical incarnation.

The Alpha aspect is that in certain circumstances, under certain conditions, an ascended master can be allowed to appear to people in embodiment. This is not an incarnation. PadmaSambhava was an appearance, it was not an incarnation. I did not take physical incarnation in a physical body. I did not even take on (as has been done on rare occasions by ascended masters) a physical body. My appearance was strictly spiritual – which means what?  It means it was not physically visible. Most of the people, if they had been exposed to my appearance would not have been able to see it. You could have two people standing next to each other, one person saw nothing out of the ordinary, the other saw or rather experienced the appearance of PadmaSambhava.

What is the purpose of this? It is to demonstrate the way that spiritual progress happens on earth. It happens through the physical incarnation and through what we today call progressive revelation, ongoing revelation. If you really look at this – what the Buddha said, he was acknowledging the need for and the process of ongoing progressive revelation. He came to bring forth a certain teaching, a certain truth. But a higher teacher would come, an ascended teacher would come and bring forth an even higher truth than what Gautama was allowed to bring forth given the collective consciousness of the time. This is how it has always been. So, the reality here is that PadmaSambhava as I am, I was, I am an ascended master. Where and when I had ascended is not relevant to the current discussion, but it was a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, and I appeared on earth as an ascended being, as an ascended master. We did not use that terminology because it was not used back then but nevertheless.

So, the concept I came to bring is that there are certain hidden teachings (terma) that can only be found by students who have made themselves able to find it (tertons). This is what we today would say: There are teachings revealed from the ascended realm that are not descended into the physical, that are not written down, that are not spoken by a messenger in embodiment. They are strictly existing in the identity realm and only those who are able to raise their consciousness to that level and tune into them directly will be able to grasp these teachings.

So, you have an enlightened teacher who appears in a physical form, gives certain teachings. The purpose of this teaching is two-fold. First there is, as was also the case with Jesus, he taught the multitudes in parables. So, certain teachings are given for the broad population who are not ready to understand a higher teaching. This gives them something that they can lock onto and they can use to raise their consciousness if they are willing. But then there is a higher teaching, as Jesus expounded all things to his disciples, when he was alone with them. So did Gautama expound all things to his disciples when they were alone together, and there were only those who were ready for the higher teaching.

But beyond this Jesus and Gautama both acknowledged that there would be other teachers, higher teachers, “I will pray the Father that he will send you another Comforter,” and so forth. Therefore, there has always been that ongoing progressive revelation for those who are able and willing to raise their consciousness and grasp it.

Now, what is it that we would like to see happen as a result of the revelation we have given through this messenger? Well, we would like to see that at least a certain number of students are able to take the outer teaching we have given, go beyond the teaching and grasp what we are giving directly from the ascended level so that you do not need to go through a messenger.

This is somewhat of a unique opportunity, because most previous messengers that we have had throughout the ages have become attached to their position, to the outer teaching they brought forth, wanting it to seem like the highest. Since this messenger has transcended that need, that desire, we can state it openly and clearly, that it is of course not our goal that all of our students should remain dependent on this messenger in physical form in order to contact us, the ascended masters. We want our students, as many as possible to be able to contact us directly.

This does not mean that you will all start taking dictations or bringing forth teachings that will compete with this messenger’s teaching, because that would create confusion. It does mean that many of you have the potential to receive something directly from us, that you can then use to enlighten a specific area where you have experience and expertise. This, for example, applies to all religions, there is a great need for a renewal of all religions. If you take Buddhism, you will see that Buddhism has by and large gone through the same process that Hinduism went through and become fixated on, entrapped in the outer form of the teaching. This of course was never the intent. The focus on the outer form is not the purpose of a teaching – it is the transcendence of the outer form that is the purpose of the teaching.

And so, some of you will have experience with Buddhism, various forms of Buddhism, Zen Buddhism – others, and you have the potential to bring renewal. You may benefit from the teachings that this messenger has given in order to open your mind. But some of you have vastly more experience and knowledge of Buddhism than this messenger has. Therefore you can bring forth, you can receive from us ideas and teachings that he cannot receive unless he spends considerable amounts of time studying the topic, which is not really what we need him to do. The same of course goes in Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and it goes in many other areas of society.

Obviously science – there is a great need, some of you have training as scientists. You have the potential to receive something from us. This does not mean you now need to stand out and say: “I am a physicist but I still believe in ascended masters.” You just bring out the ideas as if they came from yourself, from some inspiration. Because the important thing is to get the ideas out. This is also something that you will find, most of you, will be a relief for you, because there is a certain opposition and resistance to the idea of ascended masters and someone being a messenger for the masters which of course this messenger has had to deal with since the very beginning. And it will be much easier for you that you do not have to declare where they come from, but can simply present the ideas and let the ideas do what the ideas can do. So naturally all areas of society, education, healing, culture, philosophy, any aspect of society, there is that potential.

The concept that I introduced those many years ago, was that there are certain people who are treasure hunters. They are looking for these hidden treasures. Now, many in Buddhism have of course interpreted this to mean that we are talking about some physical treasure that you can find, or even some physical scripture that you can find in some hidden cave in the Himalayas when suddenly it opens up to you. This is not what was meant at all. It is a teaching, often not even given in words but sometimes given in words that you receive directly from the ascended realm. This is what we desire to see from as many of our students as possible.

It does not mean you need to separate yourself from this messenger, look down upon the messenger, tear him down, prove him wrong or anything like that. It just means that you recognize here that there is that potential to go within, use the outer teachings to establish that inner connection and you receive something directly from us.

Now, what exactly does this mean? Have we not had a similar idea in previous ascended master dispensations. Well, of course we have. Unfortunately many people in those dispensations have interpreted this in a certain way. They have interpreted it in such a way that they thought that they were ready to receive these ideas, whenever they heard about the idea it must be because they were ready to receive it. And therefore they just needed to give decrees, or study dictations, or hear dictations and tune in to the master and receive the ideas.

But you see my beloved, how did this messenger become a messenger? This is something that you rarely consider and that he sometimes does not even realize himself. What were the first impulses he received from the ascended masters?  It was not some advanced revelation or insight or some teaching. It was insights about his own psychology and what he needed to resolve in his psychology. This was a period that for him lasted for more than fifteen years before he was ready to go into direct training with Jesus, and become the messenger that he became, which he of course has gone beyond today.

So, what is the first revelation you will receive from the ascended realm? It will be hints, directions, sensations, visions, impressions about what you need to heal in your own psychology. This is the training. This is what everybody has to go through. You did notice, did you not, I said everybody. None is exempt. If you think you are exempt, you are deluding yourself, and you will go into a blind alley and possibly make a connection to the false hierarchy imposters, who will gladly tell you how great and special you are to keep you trapped in that blind alley for the rest of this embodiment.

You will all have to go through it. Many of you have already started the process, many of you have already received many impressions from us, have used them constructively to raise your consciousness. I am not saying that all of you start at the bottom right now, but you all have to be willing to look at something in your psychology. If you are not willing to do this, well then you are blocking the door to your mind. The door to your mind is not open.

What do we mean with the door to your mind? Well, of course the door to your mind can be blocked at the identity level, at the mental level, at the emotional level, or at the physical whereby we mean the conscious mind. Ultimately, in order for you to shift your consciousness, you need to have a conscious insight. You need to make a decision that you are willing to let go of something old and embrace a higher understanding, a higher vision, a higher awareness. You need to be willing to let go of the old. Did you hear me my beloved?  You need to be willing to let go of the old.

This is the single biggest limitation we face as ascended masters. Students who are not willing to let go of the old. So many things people are attached to and not willing to let go of. We are ready, we are willing to give you that higher insight. You have prepared yourself, there is a clearance in your identity body, in your mental body, in your emotional body. But at the conscious level your outer mind is attached to something that you are not willing to let go of, and therefore you cannot consciously anchor the insight we are giving you. An example – strong opinions.

Some of you have over this last year or two expressed strong opinions about Covid, vaccines, wearing masks. Some of you have expressed strong opinions about the United States election and a certain President. I am not here to argue with you about these opinions. I am simply here to point out, anytime you have a strong opinion that you are not willing to look beyond, that you are not willing to question, you are not willing to consider there could be a higher view.

Anytime you have this, you are blocking the flow. You are not a terton, you are not a treasure hunter because you think you already have your treasure, which is your opinion. This is your treasure. You feel “this is absolutely right, this is very important to me”. So this is your treasure and you are holding onto it. You clutch your ideas as the Zen Buddhist’s say. Whatever is your treasure, my beloved, we accept your free will and your right to hold on to it for as long as you need the experience of holding on to that treasure.

I am not telling you what to do or not to do. I am simply pointing out that you cannot have your cake and eat it too. You cannot hold on to anything on earth and receive higher ideas from the ascended realm. It – cannot – be – done.

Perhaps some of you are getting a little tired of hearing this. Perhaps some of you think we have said it many times over these last couple of years.

Well, that is because we are at a certain point here, where many students have become willing to move beyond the level of teaching we have given so far. But we have not yet reached a critical mass of students who are willing to do this. Therefore we cannot take this to a higher level and release a higher level of teaching. The messenger is capable, the messenger is willing. But there needs to be the Omega aspect of enough among the student body who are willing to look beyond the old ideas, not grasp them, not clutch them.

Many of you feel you have a good grasp of what ascended masters are, what we teach, how the universe works. You understand all the creation of previous spheres, fallen beings and all of these things. But there is more to be given. So the question is, when will enough of you want that more so that we can give it?  Again, we are not telling you what to do or not to do. We are simply making the situation clear to you. In the meantime what we are also saying is, that those of you who are open to our higher teaching, well, do not wait for the rest. Go directly within and grasp that teaching. There is a limit to what we can bring out in a physical form through the messenger. But there is no limit to what you can receive individually within. The only limit is the openness of your mind.

And so, the reality of the situation on earth is that the vast majority of people in embodiment today, have these what we have called “mental holy cows” that they are holding onto, that they are grasping, that they will not let go of. And this is what blocks the shift into the golden age consciousness. As Gautama Buddha so carefully explained in the webinar on ideology, so many people are attached to an ideology which can be – not what is traditionally seen as an ideology, but ideas that they do not believe should be questioned. And as Kuan Yin expressed in her magnificent discourse, so many misunderstandings, so many limitations, so many barriers in the mind about matter, the nature of physical matter and what can be changed and what cannot be changed.

Let me tell you what can and cannot be changed on earth. Everything can be changed. Every – thing – can – be – changed. There is nothing that cannot be changed. Because the moment you raise matter to a lesser density, things become possible that seem impossible today. Why do you think there are more resources under the ground that have been discovered than ever before? Well, you might say that it is because they have technology such as various sensors and ground penetrating radars and this and that. But the real question is why do they have that technology today and not fifty years ago? Well, because the collective consciousness has been raised and as a result of the collective consciousness having been raised, matter is not as dense.

This means that this technology now works, where as it would not have worked fifty years ago because matter was more dense and these rays could not penetrate matter at the time. There are so many, so subtle, so far reaching ramifications of these thoughts and ideas that we realize it is overwhelming to most people. It may also be overwhelming to you who are our students. But again, you do not need to know everything about every area of society. What have we said many times before?  Pick an area that really appeals to your heart, focus on that, educate yourself in that, become an expert.

You do not need necessarily, (even though I am not saying you should not) but you do not need to go to a university and get a PhD in this area. But you make yourself an expert, so you know more than the average person. You are smarter than the average bear in this area. And therefore you can speak with greater insight and make people think.It is not a matter my beloved, of convincing people, of converting people. It is a matter of making them think.

If you are not aware of it, study the dialogues of Socrates, study what is called the Socratic method. Socrates did not have the purpose to convince people to believe in a certain philosophy, or religion, or theory. He only wanted to make people think beyond their present ideas. So, he did not tell them what to think, he questioned their existing beliefs and ideas, pointed out inconsistencies, contradictions, lack, and therefore he made some people think. Others became angry, wanted to reject him and ultimately condemned him to death, but this is not as likely to happen to you in the modern world. And so be of good cheer, be willing to question, be content with getting people to question ideas.

My beloved, it is extremely important as spiritual people, to do away with the entire consciousness that your efforts have to have a physical, measurable result. There is a very, very strong consciousness in the physical, in the emotional, mental and lower identity realms created by the fallen beings, that unless you have visible, measurable results, your efforts have failed. What have we told you over and over again? The real decisive factor in the progress of earth is the raising of the collective consciousness. Whatever you do, educating yourself, opening yourself  to new ideas, studying a topic, you are raising your own consciousness, thereby you are pulling up on the whole.

Already there, you have had an impact. Giving your decrees and invocations has an impact. You may not see a direct physical result. We understand very well that you have grown up in this culture (especially those of you who have grown up in the West) where cause and effect, you have to be able to isolate a single effect, you have to be able to find a single cause. But what have we told you in these last few years, interdependent originations, everything is connected in a very complex web of life. You cannot in this interconnected world, single out a separate cause and a separate effect, it does not exist, it is a fiction. It is  as mythical as the talks about PadmaSambhava, or Gautama being so special. It is a scientific myth instead of a religious myth but it is still fiction.

There are no separate causes, there are no separate effects. What you can do is say: “What is the effect on my consciousness, can I see that my involvement with the teachings, my making use of the teachings and tools has raised my consciousness.” Well, there you have a measurable result and that is the only result you need. But you need to know of course, that when you raise your consciousness, you will raise the consciousness of others. You can also, as you start speaking to other people, see that perhaps you helped other people, perhaps you inspired other people. But again, do not fixate your mind that now you are going to talk to this person, and now you have to convert them to believe in ascended masters and believe everything about ascended masters that you believe, and they have to start doing decrees, and they have to do this and they have to do that.

That is not what we are saying. We are saying, become ambassadors for ideas, spread ideas. If people are interested in where you got the ideas from, you can of course tell them, but it is not your purpose to promote ascended masters, ascended master teachings, this messenger, specific books. The messenger is content with remaining as anonymous and relatively unknown as he is for the rest of his lifetime. He does not need it personally, and you do not need it personally either when you get rid of these separate selves that cause you to think you need it.

You need to simply be here, raise your consciousness, make the best contribution you can make. But my beloved, this is sort of the motto for all ascended masters, although we do not really need a motto – but anyway it is: “When the gift is given, your task is fulfilled.” It is not a matter of how the gift is received or not received, that is not your responsibility. Because what is the ultimate law of this universe: free will. You do not want to make the karma of trying to control how another person reacts to what you are giving them. You need to set them free, let them be. Be content that you sow the seed, perhaps it will grow into a plant later, but that is not your responsibility. That is the other person’s responsibility, it is their free will. You should be concerned only with one thing, giving the gift, being the open door.

It is not a matter of what happens. You are the open door which means, light and ideas are streaming through your consciousness into the energy system of earth. Once they have left your door, your responsibility is done. It is not a matter of having to have a certain result, or having something come back. Many of you are so used to another of these hidden things that people never question, and it is that you are supposed to have a reaction whenever you do something.

As we have said before, if you do not see a consequence of the choices you make, how do you know you have made a choice. But that is at a lower level  than when you start manifesting Christhood. Because when you manifest Christhood, you are content with giving, and when you have given the gift, you have no concern for the result. That is part of what Christhood means.

But we see many students who for decades have remained attached to a result. There are still people from previous dispensations, who dream about the day when their teaching and their messenger will be recognized as the most significant spiritual figure in the Aquarian Age. Where they will be recognized as the advanced students, just like the disciples of Jesus. They were the ones who broke through, they were the ones who saved the planet for Saint Germain, and all of these things that they dream about. But as long as you have that, you will be trapped at a certain level of consciousness – because you will want a response from earth.

What have we said? You need to overcome your attachments. You need to come to the point where the Prince of this world and the demons of Mara have nothing in you, whereby they can tempt you into a reaction. Well, what is the most basic reaction you have? It is that you want a reaction from the world, from the physical realm, from other people. As long as you have that attachment, the demons of Mara have something in you. Because how easy it is to manipulate people to reject you. But even if you could get all people to validate one of your strong opinions, that too would keep you trapped. So, whether you get a positive validation or rejection, you are still trapped in the response game. You want a response.

Action – reaction. You take an action, you expect a reaction from the universe. It is natural, we understand it. What have we said many times? You may say, I am contradicting what we have been saying, that the universe is a mirror, whatever we send out will be reflected back to us. Yes, my beloved, that is true at a certain level of consciousness. But as you attain the higher levels of consciousness, the higher levels of Christhood and Buddhahood and overcome your attachments, you will be completely unmoved whatever the response is or is not. You are not concerned with a reaction. You are not seeking to get validation, to achieve a certain result. That is non-attachment.

Certainly, easy for me to say as a being who has not been in physical embodiment on earth. But I have been in physical embodiment on other planets, and I know how easy it is to become attached to things. Nevertheless, the fact that it is easy to become attached to things, does not change the basic fact. You will only be free from things when you are free of your attachment to things. There is no other way, there never has been, there never will be.

If you find yourself having strong opinions about anything, whatever it may be, consider why you have those strong opinions, those strong beliefs. Why is this topic so important to you? Figure out what it is you are trying to get as a response from the world through this topic. Are you trying to get validation? Are you trying to get other people to agree with you, to like you, to see you as smart, to see yourself as smarter than them or what? What is it that your separate selves get out of having this attachment to something on earth? There is always a self that gets a benefit. What you have to do is become conscious of this and say: “Is this benefit really what I want to continue to allow to dominate my life, or do I want to simply let this self die?”

How do you become the open door? Well, your door has to be open, your mind has to be open. What is the very essence of the teachings of the Buddha? How to have your mind become open. What is the essence of the teachings of Jesus? How to have your mind become open to the flow of the spirit. “What is that to thee, follow thou me.”  There is no other way, it is so simple. So basic, yet so difficult for so many spiritual people to grasp, so difficult. You look at the world, you look at the history of spiritual people on this planet, and you look at how difficult it has been for people to grasp this one thing, this one element of the path.

You look at the time of the Buddha dominated by Hinduism. What had Hinduism become? It started with some scriptures or oral traditions of the Vedas that were actually meant to be a direct revelation. It became gradually mixed with other things. But gradually more and more of an elaborate construction was built upon it. And suddenly there were conflicting theories and the Brahmins had discussions about this or that. How was it in the spiritual realm, was it exactly this way or was it exactly that way, and you had all of these academic, intellectual discussions.

The Buddha looked at this and said: “With all of these different opinions that are out there, how could this ever be resolved? How could I bring forth a teaching that could resolve all of this quagmire, all of this discussion, all of this chaos, various opinions, split factions that held one opinion over another and they were fighting with each other”?

“What could I do here”? Gautama thought to himself. “How could I possibly bring forth something that would make a difference and not just become another cause for division and conflict and discussion”? So, his insight that he received (incidentally from me and other ascended masters) was to bring forth something that did not attempt to settle the disputes of the Hindu religion, but actually side-stepped the issue “is there a God and how is the spiritual realm” and simply said: “Let us be practical, let us focus on something that can change people’s consciousness, that can raise people’s consciousness. Then when we have raised our consciousness, perhaps we will become better at looking beyond all of these outer divisions.” So, this is the aim of Buddhism in its pure form.

Of course, you look at Buddhism again, and you see the elaborate construction that has been built upon it, and where that original element has been vastly forgotten. But it could be rediscovered, could it not, by those who care about Buddhism, who have insight and background?

So, do you not see the same here with ascended master teachings? “Oh, this dispensation is the only right one, this messenger was the highest messenger, no later messenger exists, there has not been a later messenger than this one.” All of these arguments, all of these divisions. There is only way beyond this, and that is that people individually tune in to the ascended realm. Because we are beyond the human quagmire. Only when you make contact with us, will you have an experience that there is something beyond not only the human quagmire but your own outer mind.

Your outer mind may be ferociously attached to a particular opinion. But it is just an opinion on earth. You can only be attached to it as long as you have not had an experience that there is an entirely higher level of consciousness where this opinion just does not matter because it is just one among so many other opinions. So, the only thing that will make a difference is that you experience this. You experience what we have called the Conscious You. Pure awareness that is not pulled by all of these divisions and opinions and attachments. It is the only solution. The only progress.

We want all of you to have that experience. Some of you have had it, you know exactly what I am talking about. But you will also see that the people who have had the experience are not the ones who are out there promoting strong opinions about anything. And so those who have this attachment to their opinions, this desire for validation, you need to consider what it is you want to do with the rest of your life. Are you willing to take your path to a higher level? Because we have now told you in many different ways that you are not at that level now. Are you willing to shift?

We have given you teachings and tools that will allow you to do this. That will empower you to do this. Just listen! Listen to the teaching again. Really listen. Open your mind to listening instead of looking for validation of an existing opinion. How else will you become an open door? Many of you dream of receiving these high ideas, these advanced ideas that will give you fame or fortune. But how will you receive them unless there is an opening in your mind? And how can there be an opening if you are attached to all of these outer things? It cannot be done my beloved. You are trying to do the impossible. You have an impossible dream. Then you allow yourself sometimes to get into this; “I should have results by now. If the teachings were really working, I should have had results. Since I don’t, there is something wrong with the messenger, there is something wrong with the teaching, perhaps ascended masters don’t even exist” and so forth and so on.

It is not that the teachings are not working. It is that you are not working them. You are not applying them. You are not listening. You are as Mother Mary said; “seeing without seeing, hearing without hearing.” It is not just you. You look at the 99.9% of the people on earth, they see without seeing, they hear without hearing. You take all the Buddhists who have followed these teachings, you take some of the Buddhists who are in their minds very devoted to PadmaSambhava. Do they hear what I am trying to give them in their inner minds? Nay, because they are so attached to the form. The outer form. The outer form. Do not conform to the outer form.  If you are a terton, if you are a treasure hunter, if you seek the termas – do not conform to the outer form.

Well, my beloved sometimes you may wonder why we keep saying the same thing. You may wonder if we are expecting different results and therefore qualify for Einstein’s definition of insanity. But we do not actually expect the results. We give a teaching from a certain perspective, with a certain energy and it reaches some people. This teaching that I have just given reached some people that have not been reached by the previous teachings and this is how progressive revelation works. There were many people that were not touched by this teaching and that is perfectly the way it should be.

But there is a vast, vast potential for spiritual students, not only ascended master students, but many other spiritual students, who would become more conscious and become willing to step back and consider: “What is the spiritual path really all about, have I really grasped it, have I really grasped what it means to transcend myself, to shift my consciousness, to raise my consciousness?  Do I really see the need to come to see something I cannot see now? Do I really grasp what it means? That it is not a matter of gaining the ultimate insight but of continually seeing a higher and higher revelation. That this is an ongoing process as long as I am in embodiment. Have I accepted that? Or am I still dreaming about reaching some ultimate state where people will fall down and worship me?”

So many of you have it in your Divine plans to reach much higher than you have reached at this particular moment. But you will not reach it without stepping back and re-thinking, asking questions so you come to see what you cannot see now. You are where you are because you cannot see beyond a certain barrier. You will go beyond it only by seeing beyond it.  And that means being willing to open your mind and ask some questions you have not asked.

This messenger as he has written about and talked about, started out with a very naive understanding of spiritual growth and what it meant. How could he not, given that he grew up in a Western society that denies all spirituality. There came a point where he realized that the essence of the spiritual path is to look at something in yourself, to see it even though it is very unpleasant and your ego rejects it. Rejects the idea, resists it. But if you are willing to see it, look at it, work through it, work through the pain of it, then you will actually suddenly find you have changed. You have shifted. You are at a higher level than you were before. Perhaps a higher level than you thought you could be at.

This is the essence of spiritual growth. It is not glorious, it is hard work. It is one small step at a time. There are no enormous breakthroughs and glorious epiphanies. Well, there may be some breakthroughs and epiphanies, but as you go higher on the path, they become less and less glorious because there is less and less contrast. So, nirvana is not all it was cracked up to be – to use a popular expression, nirvana is grossly overrated by people who think it is some ultimate state of bliss. But nirvana is a completely neutral state of mind compared to the dualistic, polarised state of consciousness that most people have. There is no high or low, there is no pleasure or displeasure. There is no suffering. But neither is there the artificial elation and success that you can gain on earth. It is neutral, at least compared to what most people experience on earth. There is of course an ongoing joy, a sense of fulfillment. But it is not something that has an opposite.

In the ascended state, your consciousness has no opposite polarity. There is no contrast. There is no swing between this or that, and this is one of the things that you have to give up. You have to give up the drama. The drama that you are so special, you are doing something so special. So I have given you much to ponder if you will re-read or listen to again this release. There is much hidden between the words. Hidden between the lines. And if you will use this dictation and the recording of my mantra given before it, you can tune into me.

You can find the hidden treasure that I long to give you. You can become one of my tertons, some of you already are, so continue the good work, for I am not holding anything back from you. You are the ones holding something back from me. That is of course your choice. Your right to make that choice. I am again only saying: “Do you want this, or do you want that?” Because you cannot have both, that is the essence of life on earth, certain things are mutually exclusive. Closed mindedness and spiritual growth are mutually exclusive. Attachment to ideas and spiritual growth are mutually exclusive.

So, my beloved with this I seal you in the joyful flame that I Am. For PadmaSambhava I AM. I AM the Vajra Guru which means “I claim my right to manifest myself on earth through those who can tune in to my Presence, my Being.”


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