Let go of the fear of the physical consequences and dare to be the Christ!

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, April 10, 2023. This dictation was given during the 2023 Easter webinar – Taking Christianity and yourself down from the cross.

I AM the Ascended Master Mother Mary and I hold a spiritual office as the Divine Mother for earth. You will know from the Christian scriptures that when Jesus was crucified, I was standing there at the foot of the cross looking up at him. Now, I hold the office of the Divine Mother for all people on earth and I am standing at the foot of each of the crosses upon which the sons and daughters of God are crucified, looking up at them. When I stood there in a physical body in front of Jesus, my desire was to see him come down from the cross and be alive. Now, as I stand before the crosses of every human being on earth, the desire is for all of them to come down from the cross and be alive. I am now an ascended being, which means that I am not focused in one particular body, in one particular mind, and thus I can, metaphorically speaking, in the mind, stand before every human being on earth.

Being in a physical body

What is it that crucifies people? Well, the other masters have talked about various aspects of this. We have said that what crucifies you is the selves that you have in your emotional, mental and identity body. But, of course, there are four levels of the material realm, so what about the physical? We have told you that the cross is a symbol of what is happening in the mind, yet many people on earth take the story, the Easter story, literally and they focus on the physical aspects. That is why you see so many Christian churches that have an image of the crucified Christ and not the resurrected Christ. This is, of course, very understandable. I am in no way blaming people. I am simply describing what is happening. It is very understandable that people are focused on the physical interpretation of everything because, after all, you who are not ascended are still in a physical body. You are in embodiment.

What is meant by being in a body? What does it mean? Well, one of the things it definitely means is that the physical body is made of matter. It exists with many other bodies made of matter and with many so-called non-alive things made out of matter. Matter on earth has a certain density. The body is made out of the same density as all other matter and that is why the body cannot, or so it seems, escape matter. If your body, which is a biological thing, and therefore, has a certain density as most biological things, comes in contact with a rock, then the rock is a harder substance and it will hurt your body. You can look at the material world, the matter realm, the mother realm, and see that there are so many things in this world that can hurt your physical body. And, of course, this can have an effect on the physical body. Your body can die, your body can be ill, your body can be handicapped in various ways that affect the functioning of the body.

The Conscious You

But, of course, what is a human being? A human being is more than the body. Even Christianity recognizes this, although it has taken out the deeper understanding of what it means. Christianity talks about a soul inhabiting the body, but it does not give a sophisticated understanding of what the soul is and how the soul can be saved. We have, of course, given this understanding with all of our teachings, especially the teachings about the separate self. But the most revolutionary aspect of our teachings is the concept of the Conscious You. In other words, you have this outer personality, what most people call the soul, but you are not that outer personality, because there is a core of your being that can step outside of that outer personality made up of all these separate selves. And this is, of course, the very foundation for you being taken down from the cross or stepping down from the cross with the help of Christ. Because you can realize that as you are not the outer personality, you are not the body. Most spiritual people realize they are more than the body. And yet, when the body gives them pain, the conscious self is often pulled into the body and you forget that you are more than the body. Again, this is understandable because the physical body is capable of delivering such a strong pain that it is very, very difficult to ignore it.

Characteristics of the physical realm

What is it that I would like to give you as part of this conference? Well, the question is, it may be fairly easy for people to see that after you leave the physical body, you can let these separate selves die, come down from the cross in your mind, and you can ascend. But it is more difficult for people to acknowledge that you can actually come down from the cross while you are still in a physical body. What does this require you to go through? What is the process you can go through for coming down from the cross while you are still in embodiment? Well, let us start with people who are not in direct physical pain, who are not suffering a handicap or severe illness.

Let us start with the average person who are living a normal life, not particularly ill, not particularly in pain. What is it that is characteristic about the physical realm, the mother realm? Well, you can say that in your emotional body, you can have some very, very strong emotions, but they do not leave a physical consequence. It is possible that your emotional body can return to a calm state. Therefore, in a sense, from a certain perspective at least, your emotional body can be compared to the ocean. When a storm blows the ocean into hot, tall waves, they can be very destructive. But when the storm subsides, the ocean will, by itself, return to a calm state. But the physical body is not like the ocean. If something happens to the body, say you are in a car accident and you lose a leg, nothing on earth can undo this.

In other words, in the three higher realms, you can have various consequences and it is easy enough to see that they can be undone. But in the physical, there can be consequences that cannot be undone. Now, most of you have probably experienced in this lifetime that you have been in these situations where you did something or something happened and you knew it created a physical consequence that could not be undone. Many women experience this when they realize they are pregnant, whether it is planned or not, but especially if it is not planned. Many experience it, for example, if you have a car accident that is not serious for bodily injury but it destroys your car and you realize that nothing is going to put the humpty-dumpty car together again.

The “nothing can fix this” self

There are many other situations, of course, but what I am bringing you towards is this recognition that this is not your first embodiment. You have, in many past embodiments, experienced these unchangeable consequences, physical consequences. And when you look at the violent history of earth, it is not difficult to see that in past lifetimes you have most likely experienced more severe consequences than you have experienced in this lifetime. What has this created in you? Well, it has created a number of these subconscious separate selves, but it has created one overall self that fears this experience that now you are again facing one of these unchangeable consequences, one of these situations where you realize something happened in the physical that cannot be undone.

And this self has not only a fear of this happening, it also has a very strong reaction to this happening. It can be a sense of being overwhelmed, a sense of dread, a sense of guilt. It can have various overarching feelings for different people, but there is always this sense of: “Oh, it happened again. Nothing can change this. Once again, I cannot escape this consequence.” And again, there is no blame here. We are not saying, we are not blaming you in any way for having developed this. I was in physical embodiment. I had such a self. And when I stood there looking at Jesus hanging on the cross, it was activated and I had this overwhelming sense of: “Nothing can undo this. Nothing can fix this.”

But the thing is, if you are to step down from the cross while you are still in embodiment, you have to come to see this self. And first of all, it is difficult for most people to see this self. Now, you who have followed our teachings, who have applied the teachings, who are coming to see other selves, even coming to see the self that is just as difficult, namely the primal self, you will have some understanding of the process, some momentum on the process. And in a sense, you could say that this sense that nothing can be undone started with your primal self. Because when you received your cosmic birth trauma as an avatar, you had that sense: “Nothing can undo this.” But, of course, many of the original inhabitants of the earth, have also gone through the birth trauma, are realizing: “Nothing can undo this.” There is both a very strong collective self, but most of us also develop this individual self that dreads this experience.

And this is a tricky self to undo while you are in physical embodiment. Many people who have ascended have not actually managed to undo this self while they were still in a physical body. They have carried this self with them, but they have still qualified for their ascension. And then when they ascended, it was easier to overcome this self because now they knew: “I am never going to have to go back into physical embodiment.” But it is possible to overcome this self while you are still in a physical body. I did not achieve this in my embodiment as Mother Mary, but Jesus had largely achieved it.

And that is why he was not in panic during his arrest and trial and crucifixion. He still had a ghost, but it was not this fear of the physical consequences. It was more an expectation of what might happen so that he could continue his mission on earth. But he had overcome this self and you can see this exemplified in some of his statements, such as: “Tear down this temple and in three days I will rebuild it.” In other words, he did not fear the death of the physical body or any pain that could be inflicted on that physical body. Of course, when he was whipped, when he had the crown of thorns put on his head, when he was nailed to the cross, there was a physical pain. But because he was so non-identified from the body, it was not nearly as severe of a physical pain as it otherwise would have been. And why was this? Because he did not experience the physical pain through that self that is so in panic about avoiding these unchangeable physical consequences.

Of course, we understand fully that for many people this is difficult, but some of you have worked with the tools and teachings we have given where you can begin to at least contemplate this self. And you can begin to go through a process in your mind where you look at it, examine it, examine even your view of the matter world, the physical octave and the consequences. And there are certain steps you can take which I will describe.

Now you might begin with this entire concept that we have given that what really affects you is not what someone else does to you, but your reaction to it. And with ‘someone else’, we can expand this to say the entire matter realm, including your own physical body. When you have started disidentifying yourself from the physical body and know you are more than the body, then in a way, the physical body is someone else doing something to you as a being, as a psychological-spiritual being. You are inhabiting the body. And you see the body as most people see their cars. They get into their car and they do not think they have become the car by getting into the car. And if the car will not start, they are thinking their car is doing something to them. But they do not think their bodies are doing something to them because they are so identified with their body.

When you start disidentifying from the body, you can also disidentify from the material world and say: “The material world is not really doing something that affects me. It might affect my body, but if I am not the body, then even what happens to the body is not directly affecting me. What is affecting me is what takes place in my mind. In other words, how I react to what happens to the body is what affects me.” And this, as we have explained before, now gives you this distance between you and the external event where you can see that there is a layer between the material world and you, which is the contents of your mind, your reactions, the selves that cause you to react. And you can, then, begin to look at: “What selves do I have that react to events in the physical world?” And you can begin to unravel these selves and let them go.

The purpose of the spiritual path

You can also take the approach that Gautama Buddha has described on a couple of occasions where he has talked about the interdependent originations. You have grown up in the Western world, many of you, or even in the modern world that is affected by the rational, logical thinking. And rational thinking, logical thinking is very much linear. You think that: “Here is a separate effect that affects me, something happened in my life that affects me, and that separate effect must have a separate cause. And if I want to escape the effect, I have to identify the cause, and then I have to do something about that cause.” This is the approach of modern science, modern medicine, and so on. You are always looking at the world as being made up of separate objects, separate phenomena, separate effects. And you want to think that for each effect, there is a line, a succession that goes back to the ultimate cause behind that effect. And if you can identify that separate cause and do something to that separate cause, you can overcome the effect. But as Gautama has explained, in reality, the world is not made of separate objects or separate beings. The world is made of an interconnected web of these interdependent originations.

There are many spiritual people and religious people who have taken this very approach, and they have used their religion or their spiritual teaching in an attempt to find a way to change their physical situation or to avoid certain physical events. It is not that this is completely invalid. You can certainly call for the protection of Archangel Michael, but as we have said, this does not override the Law of Free Will. The more constructive approach to this is to acknowledge that the purpose of the spiritual path, at least as we teach it from the ascended level, is not that you become able to create any physical circumstance you want. It is not that you attain some kind of supernatural power to manifest, for example, all the money you need to buy whatever you want, or to manifest perfect health, or to manifest the ideal situation where nothing bad ever happens to you.

This is not the purpose of the spiritual path. It might be the purpose of the left-handed path as taught by the false teachers, but it is not the purpose of the path taught by the ascended masters. Because if you actually did acquire the abilities to create the absolutely ideal situation you can imagine here in the physical realm, what would happen to you? You would become very attached to that situation, wanting to maintain it, and when you go out of embodiment, what would have to happen? Well, you would have to come back until you have had enough of that experience. Our path is, of course, the path that leads to the ascension, which means we want to free you from your attachments to earth. Our path is to help you overcome any attachments, any reactions to anything in the physical realm.

And you can overcome this by realizing that you live in a world that is very complex. You have this very complex web of these interdependent originations, so you can never actually be sure that something will not happen to you. You may give decrees and invocations to protect yourself, but you can never be completely sure. Something can happen. What can you do when you have the teachings? You can say: “It is not a matter of preventing things from happening. It is a matter of refining my reaction to whatever might happen, to the point where I can come to this inner resolution, this inner peace where I do not fear the future.” You can actually come into a state also demonstrated by Jesus when he was sitting in the Garden of Gethsemane where he said: “Father, if it be thy will, take this cup away from me.” But, then, he also said: “Nevertheless, Father, not my will, but thine be done.” This is a come-what-may attitude.

Quantum uncertainty

Of course, how can you develop this attitude? Well, you cannot develop it as long as you have this self that fears this unchangeable, epic consequence. You need to look for that self and let it go. What could we say is the goal of this process? It is actually to come to a point where nothing on earth can give you this sense that: “Oh, this is an epically bad consequence. This is the worst that could possibly happen.” Nothing on earth can give you that sense. And when you realize this consciously and start working on this, you can gradually come to expose this self and there will be other selves that are supporting it that you need to deal with first. But you can come to that point where you recognize that if you want to avoid this feeling: “Oh, now the worst thing has happened.”, or: “Now it happened again”, this sense of something unbearable has happened, then, you, the Conscious You, cannot feel this. It is not the Conscious You that feels this dread, this sense of shock, this sense of disaster. It can only be a separate self that feels this way, and it is a separate self that is attached to a specific outcome on earth.

What does the Buddha really mean when he talks about non-attachment and when he talks about the interdependent originations? Well, what he really means is that you cannot predict anything on earth with certainty. This is like quantum physics that says that before you conduct an experiment, you can only predict the probabilities of what would happen, but you cannot predict it with certainty because the outcome is not decided until you conduct the experiment. And it is the same with any situation in life. You can say that any situation in your life is a quantum experiment. There is a quantum waveform, as the scientists call it, that has certain probabilities, but you cannot know ahead of time exactly or with certainty what will happen. You cannot know until the experiment happens and the quantum waveform collapses, as the scientists say it.

Now, instead of a quantum waveform, we could talk about a karmic waveform, a karmic probability. And in a specific situation that involves several people, there is a quantum or a karmic wave that gives certain probabilities for the outcome of their interaction. But until the physical interaction actually happens, no one, not even God, can predict with certainty what will happen, what will be physically manifest. No one can know how the karmic waveform collapses or, as the Buddha has expressed it, how the cookie crumbles. You can actually come to a point where, as the Conscious You, you realize what kind of a world you are living in. You realize that nothing can be predicted with certainty, which means what? It means there are certain situations in your life, no matter how spiritual you are, no matter how many invocations and decrees you give, you cannot avoid that physical outcome. And why is this? It is because you are living in an interdependent environment where there are many other people that are part of the equation, and all of them have their free will. You are not an island.

A karmic probability for Jesus’ mission

You can come to a point, as Jesus also demonstrated by being crucified, where you have balanced your personal karma. It was not Jesus’ karma from past lives that mandated that he should be tortured and crucified. There was nothing in his personal background and past that made the Crucifixion necessary or inevitable. It was part of his larger plan. But that was because he had volunteered to play a certain part, whereby other people could outplay their free will choices. When he entered Jerusalem riding on a donkey, there was a karmic probability waveform for how the people of Jerusalem would receive him. There was no way to predict whether they would accept him, or whether they would be disappointed because he did not play the role that they expected from the King of Israel, and therefore, end up rejecting him. It could not be predicted in advance. Of course, if the people had accepted him, he would not have had to go through the Crucifixion, but could have actually continued his mission beyond the Crucifixion.

And it was not an absolute certain outcome, there were probabilities. But until he actually stood there, in front of the group of people, and Pontius Pilate gave them the choice of whether they would see the Living Christ released or whether they would see a convicted murderer released, the outcome could not be predicted with certainty.

Why are you here?

You, most of you, are avatars. You came to earth, knowing ahead of time, that you were entering such an environment where nothing could be predicted, because so many people were in duality consciousness. You came here to help change this situation, to help raise the collective consciousness. And therefore, in a sense, you could say that your mission for coming to earth as an avatar was the same as Jesus’ mission. That is why we have used him and said he is an example that you can follow to manifest and express your personal Christhood. But what is the essence of this Christhood? It is that you come to the point where you are not attached to anything on earth.

In other words, you are not attached to a specific outcome of what happens or does not happen to you, including your physical body. You are, as Jesus, willing to demonstrate that you can remain one with your higher being, no matter what happens to you. That you can remain centered on your mission and your higher being, even when you are crucified as Jesus was. Of course, in this day and age, you do not need to be crucified. But there could be other things that will happen to you that your outer mind would rather avoid.

What I am pointing out is that when you created this self that fears this terrible consequence, this self is covering over, it is eclipsing, your real mission on earth. It is preventing you from seeing why you are here. Because the self is very attached to avoiding this terrible feeling that something has happened that cannot be undone. And you are so identified with this self that you fear these consequences. Again, it is understandable. There are constant projections from the collective consciousness, but we are still saying you can overcome this.

And if you can overcome it, you will find that you will be in peace about your life, your present situation and what might or might not happen for the rest of this lifetime. And, of course, we desire to see you have this peace that passes understanding. Why does it pass understanding? Because it passes the understanding of this world that says: “But you are in the physical world. You never know what could happen. You could become ill, and then what? It would be a disaster.” You have all of these selves in the collective consciousness that are projecting at people, including you, all of these terrible things that could happen.

Now, these selves, these collective selves, where do they come from?Well, partly they come from people, but many of them were actually created by the fallen beings, as we have explained now, that the fallen beings create a problem, and then they set themselves up as having the only solution to the problem. Many of these selves are created to fear physical consequences. But who created these physical consequences, such as war? Well, the fallen beings, of course.

The hatred of the mother

Then, you have other selves, created by the fallen beings, that project that: “If you can just avoid these consequences, then you are okay.” All of the life of many people is trapped into avoiding these terrible consequences, which means they are never there to do anything, they are never there to take any chances, they just live. They submit themselves to whatever conditions there are in society, so they can avoid these consequences which you see in many nations around the world, including Russia right now, where people have submitted themselves and said: “Well, the government can do whatever it wants as long as we have our daily lives.” This, of course, cannot lead you to manifest Christhood. These are some of these considerations you can take to identify whatever your personal self is that fears these terrible consequences, these undoable consequences in the matter realm.

Of course, this very self, it hates the mother realm. We have before talked about the concept of hatred of the mother. And the very core of this, for most people, is this desire to avoid these terrible consequences, and a hatred of matter, because it can create these terrible consequences that nothing can undo. You can create a consequence in matter that nothing in matter can undo.

Freedom from your past choices

And, of course, we have told you that the law of free will states that you must be able to make any choice you can imagine, but you must also be able to free yourself from any choice you have made in the past. And many people look at this, even many people who understand karma, and they say: “Well, but I can make a choice in a physical consequence, or in a physical realm that causes me to be in an accident, and I end up sitting in a wheelchair, and I will sit there for the rest of my life. How can I undo that choice? You say I should be able to free myself from any choice I have made, but this choice cannot be undone in the matter realm.”

And this is, of course, true. The cause of it is that the matter realm is the school of hard knocks for most people on earth, because you are on an unnatural planet. And on an unnatural planet, matter is so dense that there are certain physical consequences that cannot be undone. But we have not said that the law of free will mandates that you must be allowed to make any choice you can make in the physical realm, and you should be able to undo any physical consequence of any choice you made. The nature of the physical realm is that you can make choices that cannot be undone in the physical realm. What have we said? We have said, you must be able to free yourself from any choice you made. And, of course, even in the physical realm, the unavoidable consequence is only felt by the body, at least the physical consequence. And when the body dies, you are free from that consequence, or at least somewhat free from it. Even in the physical realm, there is the possibility of escaping a consequence. But what we mean when we say that you must be able to free yourself from any choice you have made, is that any choice you made was made through a certain separate self, and you can always free yourself from that self.

The essence of Christhood

And we also mean that what actually really affects you, the Conscious You, is your reaction to the physical consequence. And that reaction comes from another separate self which you can also free yourself from. What is the essence of Christhood, of demonstrating Christhood? It is to demonstrate that it is possible for a human being to free yourself from any attachment, any reaction, any identification with physical conditions. Your peace of mind does not depend on physical conditions. You can attain peace of mind, a certain acceptance of physical conditions, regardless of how severe those physical consequences are. I am fully aware that the more severe they are, the more difficult it is. But consider this as a possibility. If you have experienced very severe physical consequences, could this be part of your divine plan? Could it be something you chose because you wanted, as we have said before, with illness, to demonstrate that you can still be a spiritual person even though you are facing this consequence?

This will not always be the case. Sometimes, even a severe physical consequence can be a result, as we said, as the outplaying of the interdependent originations and how the karmic cookie crumbled. But this you can also make peace with, and this is also part of Christhood to demonstrate that you are willing to be in this world and let people outplay their free will, whatever that means for you, but still remain centered in peace. Again, I know, for many of you this will seem harsh, this will seem insensitive, this will seem impossible to achieve, but it is not impossible. What one has done all can do, but in this case, we can say what many have done all can do. Because many people have achieved this throughout the ages, not even all of them in the Christian tradition.

Giving up unrealistic expectations and desires

Now, in order to actually overcome this self or this conglomerate of selves, I want to give you a different view of Christhood. And I would like to begin with what Jesus has actually said, on several occasions, that the ascended masters are like used car salesmen who are using the bait and switch technique. In other words, we have to approach a group of people based on their present level of consciousness. What are their expectations? What is their motivation? And then, we have to give them a teaching that caters to that, so they can connect to the teaching. And, then, the hope is that as they make use of the teaching, they would reach a higher level of consciousness where now we can give them a higher teaching, a higher motivation, a higher understanding of what the spiritual path is about.

What am I saying here? I am saying that it is natural, it is unavoidable that when many people first find the spiritual path, and even when they find an ascended master teaching, they, of course, have certain expectations, certain desires. To really walk the spiritual path, you have to make an effort, and something has to motivate you to make an effort. Human beings, again, in their linear mind, they think that: “ If I am to make an effort, I have to get something out of it. What is it I want to get out of it? What effort do I need to make, so I can get that result?”

In other words, they think there is again this linear cause-effect sequence. The cause is: “I make the effort”, the effect is that: “I get something that I want.” All people find the spiritual path and they have this expectation of what effect they will get out of making an effort. And again, this is unavoidable, this is perfectly fine. But most people, when they first find an ascended master teaching, they have an unrealistic expectation, they have unrealistic desires. Because they think that the teaching, the purpose of following the teaching and making the effort is to get certain physical conditions, or to avoid certain physical conditions. Their motivation is focused on the physical realm. But what is the purpose of the path to Christhood? It is to transcend dependence on, and identification with, the physical realm, and to demonstrate that you can be in the world, but not of the world. What does that mean? That means that you need to, at some point on the path, have one of these moments of truth where you realize your earlier motivation, your earlier expectations were just unrealistic.

If you want to go to a higher level of the path to Christhood, you need to let them die. You need to give up that life in order to receive the higher life of Christ. You need to let the dead bury their dead. You need to be willing to die. Let those selves, those expectations die for the sake of following Christ. Many ascended master students that we have seen throughout the ages have been in this mindset. Many religious people, spiritual people are dreaming about achieving some kind of result on earth where they either have special abilities that can manifest the outer situation they want, or they will be acknowledged and validated by many people. Even some of Jesus’ disciples, which you can read between the lines in the scriptures, had this dream of some glory they would achieve when Jesus was recognized as the Messiah and they were his early followers, Peter among them.

You can come to that point where you realize these kinds of expectations, these kinds of desires are actually part of what keeps you nailed to your personal cross and if you want to get down from that cross, you need to let them go. This is where we run into one of these dilemmas that we face as the ascended masters. We have given you these teachings that Jesus was an example to follow. He came to demonstrate the path to Christhood. And many of you look back at this and you see that: “Oh, but Jesus is known all over the world. He is known as a very special person. He is acknowledged and admired by all of these people.” And as a part of your ego, a separate self that desires something like that. However you envision it individually, but you desire some kind of recognition by the world. But did Jesus ever have that experience of being recognized by the world? Did he ever have the experience that you imagine that you would like to have as a result of following the spiritual path and expressing your Christhood?

The dream of being recognized by the world

Well, he did not. I was standing there, at the foot of the cross, watching him. In the end, he had these expectations of what might happen and some of them involved being recognized by the people so he could fulfill his mission. I saw him going through in his mind these expectations and come to the point where he saw that they were unrealistic, that this was not what was going to happen. He was going to die on the cross, and then, he gave up that ghost. He gave up that expectation. What I am saying is: Jesus gave up the expectation of some kind of worldly glory, so he never experienced it. While he was alive, he never experienced this. All of this idolatry around Christ that has been built up by the Christian religion, Jesus never experienced it while he was alive.

Why do you think you can experience it? You think you are more special than Jesus? The Christ rarely experiences recognition from the world. This may change somewhat as we move further into the golden age, but we are not at a point yet where you can be consciously walking the path to Christhood and realistically expect to be recognized and validated by the world.

I am not saying it cannot happen to some degree, but you should certainly not expect that it will ever happen to the degree that you imagine based on the idolatry built around Jesus over the past 2,000 years. You have to come to a point where you give up that dream, you let that die and you have a more realistic view of what it means to be the Christ in embodiment, to be the Living Christ, and to express your Christhood.

Being the Christ in the Aquarian age

Now, you will see that there was even a question of, if a certain number of ascended master students have reached the revolutionary phase of their divine plan, why have they not had a bigger impact on the world? Many of you expect that when you look at Jesus and the impact that Christianity has had on the world, you expect that you should be able to do something similar. Jesus said: “The works that I do shall ye do also on greater works.” You think that you should, when you express Christhood, be able to have this dramatic impact on the world. But again, Jesus did not have that experience while he was in embodiment. Quite frankly, what has had an impact on the world is not so much Jesus’ true teachings, but the false teachings created by the fallen beings when they created the religion of the Roman Catholic church.

You see that being the Christ does not necessarily mean that you have this dramatic impact on the world and this is again one of these dilemmas we face, because what would make someone decide that they will make the effort to walk the path of Christhood? Well, you have to have a motivation, right? What motivation did you have when you started the path? What motivation do you still have? What do you think is the dramatic impact you are supposed to have on the world when you attain your Christhood and begin to express it? What is it in your mind? What do you envision? What do you imagine? Be willing to look at this at least, if you want to get down from the cross because you have to come to that point where Jesus was at in the Garden of Gethsemane as I described. He had certain expectations of what it meant to be the Christ. But now he was facing one of these undesirable consequences of being arrested and possibly executed and he wanted God to take it away from him. But he also said: “Nevertheless, not my will, but thine be done.”

You have to come to that point where you surrender your expectations of what it means to be the Christ, and open yourself up to whatever your I AM Presence wants to do through you. Why do you have to do this? What does it mean to be the Christ? It means that you are the open door: “I can of my own self do nothing. The Father within me, he does the work.” You are the open door for your I AM Presence. The I AM Presence is doing this through you. You are not acting through your human expectations. It is in the surrender of the human expectations that you attain Christhood. Therefore, your human expectations cannot be fulfilled as a result of you attaining Christhood. They block your Christhood. You have to let them go. You have to let them die in order to manifest Christhood.

What does it mean to be the Christ? How will these 10,000 Christed beings, that Jesus says, are in embodiment, have an impact on the world? Well, first of all, he has not said that there are 10,000 people with full Christhood in embodiment. He has said there are 10,000 people with the potential to attain Christhood. They have not all attained it yet. And there is no guarantee that all 10,000 will attain it in this embodiment, because the fallen beings are doing everything they can to prevent it. But nevertheless, what does it mean to be either in full Christhood or partial Christhood? Well, it means that you are open to receiving something from your I AM Presence, from the ascended masters. But what is it you are receiving? Are all those 10,000 people going to have a mission as dramatic as Jesus’ and start a new religion? Does the world need 10,000 new religions in the golden age? You can see that it is a different impact that is meant here. And what is it then? Well, in the Aquarian age, in the golden age, we are looking for Christed beings to live a seemingly normal life in society.

You might have children and a family, you might have a job, you might fill a position. From an outer perspective, it may not seem that you are doing anything special but you might, during your lifetime, receive certain ideas that can help transform the field you are in, whether it is family life or a particular occupation. But more than that, you are demonstrating to the people around you that it is possible to live in the world but have a different approach, a different attitude. You are demonstrating another level of consciousness that is beyond what most people have. This may not be recognized by the world at large, by your country, even by your family. But the fact that it has been demonstrated means people have been given an opportunity they did not have before.

Now, again, be careful here. On the one hand, I am saying you need to get rid of your human expectations of what it means to be the Christ and certainly, that is the case. Because the Christ will not conform to human expectations, which is why Jesus said to Peter: “ Get thee behind me, Satan.” But on the other hand, you cannot then say: “Oh, that means that being the Christ means nothing out of the ordinary.” As a Christed being, you would not do anything out of the ordinary. But that is not what I have been saying either. I have been saying, you are the open door. Whatever your I AM Presence, whatever the ascended masters want to express through you, you are open to it, but you are not attached to it. You are not seeking to get somewhere in this world. You are not seeking to avoid something in this world. You are willing to be the open door: “Not my will, but thine be done.” That is what it means to be the Christ. It means something different for each person. We are not so much looking for the world to come to a point where they say: “Ah, there are the Christed beings. This is how they change the world.” The world will not recognize it. Most people who were in embodiment 2,000 years ago, the vast majority of them, did not recognize Jesus as anything special. If you look at the number of people when Jesus was crucified, who recognized something special in Jesus, it is a relatively low number. Most of you have more friends on Facebook than the number of people who recognized Jesus at the time.

All of this, all of these expectations that the world will one day recognize that here were the spiritual people, here were the forerunners, this all has to go. You have to come to the point where you are neutral. You are neutral about the conditions you are facing in your life. You are neutral about what might happen or what might not happen. You are willing to meet any circumstance by not acting through the outer selves, but by reaching up for your I AM Presence. And you, as the Conscious You, you come to this state where you are neutral. We have called it pure awareness, but it really means you are neutral. You do not have any of these dualistic, relative, self-centered desires to have something or to avoid something. Therefore, you are the open door. Nothing obstructs it.

It is when you reach this state of neutrality, for want of a better word, that you can get off the cross. You can decide to let go of that self that is so attached to outcomes. That means you suddenly look around and say: “Oh, I have no nails in my hands and feet. Why am I hanging on this cross? Nothing is holding me here. Let me just jump down and get on with life.” This is what you can achieve and many of you are closer than you think because you have been working on these separate selves.

There are just a few selves left that you need to see and identify, separate yourself from, and just let them die. What is that to me, the conscious self, I will follow thee, the Christ. But you come to a point where you are not even saying that anymore. You are not saying: “I am following Christ as an external”, because you become one with Christ. You become the Christ. You are not seeing yourself as separated from Christ or from your higher self. That is another switch in consciousness that is more subtle, but it is possible, when you overcome all of these selves, you can come to that point where the Conscious You can acknowledge that: “I am the open door, nothing less, nothing more.”

Women as a driving force in society

Now, I want to make one more remark here because, as the representative of the Divine Mother, I am, of course, very much involved with women and women’s situations around the globe. We have said that the 2020s is the decade of women. And, quite frankly, of the 10,000 people that are in embodiment who have the potential to manifest Christhood in this embodiment, two thirds of them are women. Two thirds of the 10,000 are women. This is a significant number because you have some teachings that say that this is a certain breakthrough of the Christ consciousness. For example, the King’s Chamber in the Pyramid, in the Great Pyramids, is two thirds from the top of the pyramid. There is a certain significance to this that I do not want to go into, because it really is not important for your growth.

But, two thirds of these 10,000 are women and that means that women are already beginning to be, and will become even more so, the driving force that drives change in society. You can see this already, as we have talked about before, women are more open to talking about issues and problems. Many of the blogs and chat rooms and this and that and Facebook groups, women are talking much more openly about their problems than men. What does that mean? Well, it means that if you are open to talking about your problems, you are open to looking at them, and therefore, you can make progress in overcoming them. What are these women doing? They are following Jesus’ call. First, pull out the beam from thine own eye, and then, you can see how to help your brother pull out the splinter from his eye. Women are, in general, making faster progress on the path to Christhood than men. It is inevitable that they will more and more begin to express this, and they will have more and more of an impact on society. You will see this in the remaining years of this decade.

You have already seen the situation in Iran, driven by women, started by the way women were treated and although this has been clamped down upon by the authorities, there are still major changes happening in the identity, mental, and emotional realms that will again break through to the physical. You can see these recent situations in Israel of how there have been public demonstrations in large part driven by women. You can see, in Russia, what is going to create a shift in Russia, the shift that needs to happen? Well, it can only be created by women because, first of all, they have their mothers, their sisters, their daughters and they see their husbands being unnecessarily killed in Ukraine and they are the ones who can cry out and say: “This must stop. We cannot continue to do this.” The men in the Russian power elite cannot do this in the government apparatus, because they are too trapped in their ideological mindset. Women are less trapped in ideology than men. Women are less likely to be overshadowed by these grandiose ideas, these epic ideas.

Women are the ones who can pull the world away from the epic mindset, above the epic mindset that men are so focused on achieving. You look at the Catholic church which is in the epic mindset. They will not see it that way. Most Christians will not see it that way, but they are trapped in the epic mindset. The Catholic church is the only path to salvation. It has to withstand the onslaughts of Satan and the devil and any attempt to reform the Catholic church is of the devil. But what is the Catholic church saying between the lines about women? They are still maintaining this illusion, going back to Genesis, that it was women that were tempted by the serpent. And therefore, women cannot be trusted. Women cannot be allowed to make decisions. What is the Catholic church doing? They are denying the Christ in women, the Christ potential of women. They are saying women cannot pull the world into the golden age. What have I just said? It will be women that will pull the world into the golden age because only women can pull the world away from the epic mindset, the epic causes that so many men are attracted.

They are not created by men, they are created by the fallen beings. But many men are trapped in this epic mindset, as are all of the leaders of the Catholic church and all other Christian churches. There are hardly any, there are a few, but very few Christian churches that honor women, that give equality to men and women. As we have said, the reality is, all people were tempted by the duality consciousness that had nothing to do with women as such. This whole upholding of this idea that women are dangerous, that women are an opening for the devil, and therefore, the Catholic church and the Christian churches must resist giving women influence. If you look into the mindset of the popes and cardinals and priests of the Catholic church and many Christian religions, they have this deep hatred of the mother which is expressed as hatred of women, a complete distrust of women. They actually believe that if women were allowed to make decisions in the Catholic church, the Catholic church would not survive. After 2,000 or 17 centuries, the Catholic church would be destroyed and would collapse, if women were allowed to make decisions.

And here is the irony of it all. They are actually right. They are completely right. If women were given decision-making power in the Catholic church, then the Catholic church, in its present form, would be destroyed. But women would create a new kind of church that was more in alignment with the true teachings of Christ. What is the Easter story all about? It is that the old must die for the new to be born. It is that you must die before you can be reborn. The Catholic church is so steeped in the consciousness of anti-christ that if it has any chance of surviving, it would have to be reborn. And only women could do this. Men cannot. Which is proven after 17 centuries. Now, I am not saying that we of the ascended masters particularly want the Catholic church to be reborn, but we certainly look to see some form of Christianity in the golden age. If the Catholic church will not allow women in to decision-making positions, then they will just go elsewhere.

But what will happen to the Catholic church, if the men continue to make all the decisions? Well, it will fade into insignificance. There might be some dramatic events that will cause exodus of many members, because certain things can be exposed that the men are trying to keep hidden. But over time, it will just fade into insignificance and other forms of Christianity will emerge that are much more in line with the true teachings of Christ.

This concludes the remarks I wanted to give you on these topics. There are many, many clues here, not only in my release, but in the release of the other masters, that you can study, read between the lines and use to get closer and closer to the point where you can step down from that cross that you are hanging on in your own mind. You are not actually hanging on a cross. As you are not hanging on a cross with your physical body, neither are you hanging on a cross with your emotional, mental and identity body because there is no external force that has put you on a cross. You are put on your cross by the separate selves but they are not you, and you are not them. Therefore, when you come to see this, you can let them die, one by one, until you are the one. You let the selves die, one by one, until you see yourself as the one.


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