Let go of the fear of being proven wrong

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, October 3, 2021. This dictation was given during the 2021 Webinar for Korea – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

I am the Ascended Master Saint Germain.

What is the greatest hindrance for the manifestation of my Golden Age? It is closed minds, peoples whose minds are closed to anything new, any experimentation, closed to questioning the old, questioning the status quo, this is the greatest obstacle. But what is the second greatest obstacle? It is open minds, people who have open minds, but whose minds are uncritically, undiscriminatingly open.

Unfortunately, you see this, in general, not only in spiritual and New Age movements, but in all areas of life. There are many people whose minds are closed, but there are some people whose minds are open. But, those people who have open minds, they are often open to anything and everything that is out there. And so, as a result of that, many of them end up being very confused, being pulled in all kinds of different directions. After a while, they end up being overwhelmed. Their minds experience a kind of mental emotional fatigue, because now they have been pulled by these various theories in so many different directions that they cannot handle it anymore.

You have seen just within the last year, how there were people who were pulled into the conspiracy theory of QAnon and who believed this. Who were taken on an emotional roller coaster ride by these posts, and this claim of this secret cabal that was running the world, and who then ended up believing the claim that Donald Trump was the one who could save the world from this. Then when he was no longer president, at least some of them were willing to acknowledge that they had been taken for a ride. But then they ended up in many cases, feeling so empty, feeling so depleted, and they ended up with a question that you see in many people with open minds – and the question is this, “If I could believe in a theory like this, how can I trust myself? How can I trust my own mind”?

This, my beloved, is one of the big obstacles to me being able to bring forth the ideas for the golden age. Can I bring forth new ideas to those whose minds are closed and who cling to their privileged position or the status quo? Of course not.

You look at it historically, who are open to new ideas? Well, certainly not the ones who cling to the old, who want to maintain the privilege they have. We have given the example that the scientific establishment was not able to bring forth the ideas that led to the creation of the airplane industry. It took two bicycle mechanics who had no formal education, but their minds were open to what those in the establishment were not open to. Now, fortunately for the Wright brothers, there was no Facebook or internet at the time, or their open minds might have been pulled into all kinds of distractions and blind alleys. They might have ended up being so spread out, so confused that they would not have had the necessary focus to actually invent the airplane.

If you were to look at many of these inventors and pioneers in any field, and I encourage you to do so, you would see that at least some of them have been so open to various things that they have become unbalanced, they have become unfocused, they have become scattered, they have become emotionally disturbed, and they have ended up falling far short of their actual potential.

Go and find some of the movies about famous people, inventors, pioneers. Go and find some of the biographies written about them and study this phenomenon, because you can benefit from it. You can benefit in the sense that you can realize that in many cases, these people really were not so special. You realize that when somebody has achieved something, the power elite always wants to idolize them. You can go back to the time of Jesus, you can go back to the Buddha, and you can see that yes, here were two people that achieved something out of the ordinary. But what have the followers done afterwards, they have put them up on a pedestal, they have idolized them. The same has been done with just about anybody who has achieved something out of the ordinary.

And what is the purpose? It is to create this idea that these people were special, they were in a special category and that is why they could achieve what they achieved. That is the only reason they could achieve what they achieved. And what does that mean? That means that you, who are not as special as these very special people, you can achieve nothing. Don’t think you can do anything. Who do you think you are?

That is what the fallen beings and the collective beasts are projecting into the collective consciousness, projecting at individuals 24 hours a day. Any time there is one person who comes into embodiment with a certain potential, the fallen beings, the dark forces will target that person with these projections. Who do you think you are? Why do you think you are anything special? Why do you think you can do something out of the ordinary? You are not special, there is nothing about you that is special. You are not qualified, you are not good enough, you can’t do this, you can’t do that.

This creates a very particular psychological reaction in many people. Many people, many of  you ascended master students, but many people in the world in general, have for several lifetimes been exposed to these kinds of projections from the dark forces. They may also have been exposed to various situations where they attempted to do something, and they were brutally put down by the dark forces. So, this creates a trauma in these people, not just a one time trauma, but an ongoing pain, an ongoing trauma.

What is the reaction to this? Well, the reaction is often that some people give up completely trying to do anything out of the ordinary. They accept, “I am just a normal human being, I just want to live an ordinary life. I do not want all the conflict, the opposition, the ridicule, the putting me down. I do not want to expose myself to this. In this lifetime I am just going to be an ordinary human being”.

But, there are other people who come in, and they cannot do this. They have decided as part of their divine plan that they will not submit to this, they want to do something. But what drives their desire to do something? It is the pain, the trauma they are feeling.  It often for avatars, goes back to the birth trauma, but it has taken on more of a life of its own, with many more selves created in succeeding embodiments. And so, many people come in with this compulsive drive to do something. But they have a subconscious memory, that whenever you try to do something out of the ordinary on this planet, you will be brutally put down.So this time they are determined not to let themselves be put down. So what do they do? They think it is not enough to create some little improvement, no, we have to truly change the world. We have to really find something that is so revolutionary, that it can completely overturn the old, completely turn back all attacks on it, and really revolutionize the world.

A typical example of this, is the many, many people in the Western world in the 1960’s, and 70’s, who came into embodiment with a strong desire to reform the Western world, the democratic world. But, because they had this deep pain from past lives, they had the desire to find something that would really be decisive, they were pulled into the vortex of communism and socialism. They were pulled into thinking that the only way to truly reform the world was a communist revolution. And this was for these people, a completely blind alley, because now they focused all their attention on reforming these Western democracies based on a Marxist model, which was profoundly anti-democratic from the start.

They used the freedoms they had been given by their democratic societies, to seek to undermine the democratic societies. Whereas, what was really in their divine plans, was to seek to reform these democratic societies making them even more democratic, more free, more aware. But there are many other such blind alleys that people are pulled into. As we have said, people are pulled into fighting for these causes that are ripples on the surface. But beyond that, many people are pulled into these conspiracy theories, that promise some revolutionary change in the world.

My beloved, you who are ascended master students, most of you will if you are honest with yourselves, be able to see this dynamic in yourselves. You come in with a strong desire to change the world. That is why you are open to an ascended master teaching. But because you have the pain you carry with you from past lives, and the pain of being rejected, the fear of being rejected, some of you are open to more than just ascended master teachings. You are also open to some of these conspiracy theories that are out there, some of these seemingly revolutionary ideas.

But if you look at them neutrally, they are not truly revolutionary because they are simply not realistic. They are out of touch with where society is at. There are still many, many people in the world who have grown up in democratic societies but who have been pulled into thinking, that even though you have a democracy, there is still something fundamentally wrong or flawed in your society.

Now, I admit that some of these people have used our teachings to validate this view, because we have given many teachings on the fallen beings and the power elite, and how they are seeking to influence society behind the facade. And there is a group of fallen beings, there is a power elite seeking to influence even democratic societies, there is no question about this. But my beloved, when you have a democratic society, you have democratic means for changing that society. Therefore, you do not need to go into the state of mind that there is something fundamentally wrong with your democratic society, that it has somehow now become a dictatorship, and that it is completely run by a power elite. Because no democratic society is completely run by the power elite or the fallen beings.

How can I say this? Because if a society was run by a power elite and by the fallen beings, it would never have become a democracy. They would have been successful in preventing the emergence of democracy on a planetary scale, if they had total control. Therefore, the very fact that you have democratic societies, that you have the idea of basic human rights, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, all of these ideas, proves that they do not have total control. And if they do not have total control, then you do not need some revolutionary measure to overthrow their reign. You need to use democratic means to gradually improve society.

What have I and other masters said many many times? Any form of government is a reflection of the collective consciousness of the people in that nation. So, you have a country that has a strong power elite, that has a grip on the economy and the financial industry, but is this some evil conspiracy, or is it simply a reflection of the level of the collective consciousness? The people have not risen their awareness to the point where such a power elite can no longer control the economy.

So, again – what have we said during this conference? What is the purpose of the reality simulator? Is it to produce a certain result in the outer, to produce a certain society in the outer? Nay, it is the raising of consciousness. So, you take a country, you can say it has a strong power elite, they have a grip on the economy, they have the grip on the political system, they are running everything behind the scenes, it is almost like a dictatorship. Well, maybe so. But what is the goal of Saint Germain as the overseer of the Age of Aquarius? Is it to overturn that power elite in a flash? Or is it to gradually raise the consciousness of the people, so that they will have the awareness to gradually remove the power elite?

You see, perhaps you do not see, but you can come to see, my goal is to raise the consciousness. There are many ascended master students in past dispensations, who have thought that my goal was to create a very specific society based on their vision that they had at the time, based on the teachings that could be brought forth at the time. They thought that my goal was to create a very specific society, which actually if you look at it, was kind of like a dictatorship, only it had a benevolent dictator, a dictator who was attuned to Saint Germain and therefore was doing what I wanted him to do.

But, you see my beloved, the whole idea of the philosopher king as we have said before, has become outdated. It is not my goal to create a society that has a philosopher king who is open to my directions, and whom I can direct around like a marionette. My goal is to create democratic societies, where the people have the highest possible level of consciousness, an ever increasing level of consciousness, so that through their heightened awareness, they can determine what kind of society they want to live in. Because this is how people grow in consciousness and it is the growth in consciousness that is the main concern, not manifesting a particular outer result.

We have said it before, but have you heard it? Will you hear it this time? Why is this so important? Because again, go and look at all of these inventors, people who have brought forth something. Look at their lives. First of all, you see that they were all human beings like yourself. What do I mean when I say they were human beings? Well, they were products of their psychology, their psychological conditions. They had a certain psychology and so do you, so does everyone else. What was special about this or that person, they had a certain psychology.

Now, if you look at the psychology of these inventors or forerunners, or whatever you call them, you can very quickly begin to identify certain trends. You will often see that they were very unbalanced people. You will see, that there are psychologists or coaches, business people who think that this was an advantage. They had an obsessive compulsive personality and this was what drove them to continue to try and try until they achieved their results. Some people think that this is actually beneficial psychology. But from a spiritual perspective, it obviously is not. It is a very unbalanced psychology driven by these separate selves, that often go back to the birth trauma, or it is even fallen beings that became inventors. Because fallen beings are often completely obsessive compulsive. You could argue that their entire psychology, everything in their psychology is an obsession and a compulsion.

When you see this as an ascended master student, then you can say: “Is this really what I want to emulate”? You can look at these people’s lives, and you can see that often they started out being somewhat able to focus on their work. But later they became completely unbalanced to the point where they could not even function in daily life, and they could not perform their work anymore. They literally, in many cases, went insane because they became so unbalanced. Often they were able to hide this, because now they had made some money and they could, like one famous aviator, isolate themselves in an ivory tower where nobody could see how insane they had become.

Nevertheless, you can see that there is a tendency that when people are unbalanced, they become more and more unbalanced until they literally cross the line to what you would call a form of insanity. We have seen ascended master students do the same. This is not what you want to emulate. You can look at this and you can say: “ I need to be careful that I do not become unbalanced, as I have seen these other people become unbalanced.” And how do you then avoid it?

Very simple. The imbalance comes from separate selves. There are always at least two separate selves that are fighting against each other, and it is what eventually creates such a division in the psyche that you become imbalanced, perhaps crossing the line to insanity. So, use our teachings, use our tools to identify those selves and see it, overcome it and then establish that balance, that inner peace, where you are not driven by a compulsion to do what you are doing. You are, as we have said flowing with the River of Life.

Now, in this respect there is a phenomenon that I wish to comment on. And it is that, there are ascended master students and many other spiritual people who have taken a certain spiritual teaching, a teaching about raising your consciousness, manifesting – whether it is Christhood, whether it is enlightenment, however it is portrayed in their teaching, but a higher state of consciousness. They have taken the teaching, they have studied it, they believe they have a good intellectual grasp of the teaching. The teaching has often prescribed certain spiritual exercises. It can be decrees, it could be chanting, it can be meditation, it can be whatever.

These people have then faithfully, and we might even say obsessive compulsively, performed these exercises and they have done it for quite some time. And there comes  that point where they start feeling, now I have attained something, I have raised my consciousness. So, now I actually have (as we say in this dispensation) Christ discernment. I have manifested a degree of Christhood. Perhaps they even think they have manifested the full Christhood. This is a very dangerous state of mind to be in, because when you go into this mindset of thinking that you have reached a certain level, you become unreachable. You become unreachable from both the Alpha and the Omega aspect.

In other words, there are no people around you who can tell you that you are not as smart as you think you are, because you will not listen. You will only look at how you can refute their arguments. At the same time, you also become unreachable to the ascended masters, because we also cannot show you that you have not achieved what you think you have achieved, that you are not manifesting full Christhood, that you still do have certain areas where your discernment is lacking, your discernment is unbalanced.

And what often happens in the minds of such people, is that they may intellectually understand what we have said about black and white thinking, but they fail to apply it to themselves. They actually think that Christ discernment means that you have a black and white view, where this is right, this is wrong, this is true, this is false, this is Christ discernment, this is not. They become very sure in their minds that they are right. But if you look at the psychology of these people, you will see that they have not used our teachings on the primal self to go back and resolve that primal self.

What now happens in the minds of these people, is that they become convinced that they have Christ discernment. They become convinced that a particular issue is the way they think it is, the way they see it, that they are right about the way they look at it. They take this stand, which they believe is the Christ stand where they for example decide this is right in this case. I will not give a specific example, you know them, if you are willing to look for them, “This is the way it is, this is right.” They now go out and declare it publicly, on Facebook or wherever and now they are trapped.

Because what have we said is the essence of the primal self? You came to earth with the best of intentions, you were hammered down by the fallen beings, this was so painful to you that you created a primal self. The first and foremost job of the primal self is to make sure that you can never experience that kind of pain again. What does this mean? It means you could never be wrong again, in an absolute way. The fallen beings portrayed and made you believe that you were wrong in some ultimate absolute way, some black and white way. You created the primal self and it has one job, and it is like a computer, it will keep doing its job. “I could never be absolutely wrong.”

Now, we have said before, you could never have the same pain again that you had at your cosmic birth trauma, because by the fact that you had it once, you know what it is and therefore it can never be as bad again.  It could never be as big of a shock, as big of a contrast, between a natural planet and an unnatural planet. In a sense, we could say that the birth trauma for an avatar, is simply to experience the contrast between a natural and an unnatural planet. It is something you just have to experience. It is like they say – when you are standing there in the spring in your bathing suit, wondering whether to jump in or not, that you just have to jump into the water because it is cold at first, but then you get used to it. Well, that is kind of what it is like coming into embodiment on an unnatural planet, only it is of course, much more painful.

And so the primal self is created to perform an unnecessary task. That is why it needs to be resolved, because it is completely unnecessary, you have no use for it really. But as long as it is not resolved my beloved, it colors everything you do, the way you look at yourself in relation to planet earth, it colors it completely. The primary task of this self is to make sure you can never again be wrong in this black and white way.

Well, first of all we have said the duality consciousness, the black and white thinking is unreal and therefore you are not really wrong. It is the fallen beings who create a completely artificial impression that you were wrong. It is an illusion. But of course, the primal self does not see this, it is like a computer doing its task “I can never be wrong in an absolute way.”

How can the primal self achieve this? Well, first of all, it is an impossible task, because in the duality consciousness anything can be proven by denying enough contrary evidence. There can always be someone who comes up and accuses you or creates some kind of situation, and the fallen beings are experts in creating these situations where it seems like you are wrong. Now, of course, you can then deny this and the primal self can deny this. But how does it do it? Again, by ignoring, by denying certain evidence. The fallen beings, their psychology is based on denial and what they manage to do to you is, you create a primal self that is also based on denial.

Now, come back to the present embodiment. You have gotten yourself into thinking that you have applied the teachings, you have attained some level of Christ discernment, and now you take one of these stands. “This is right.” What then is your greatest fear? That the issue that you have declared “This is the truth” that this could be proven wrong. Because it is not about the issue anymore. It does not really matter with the issue. What matters is your feeling, your need to not be proven wrong, that is all that matters. And then you go into this very defensive state of mind based on denial where no matter what anybody says to you, you cannot see it, you will not see it. This is what we have seen happen to not a large number of students in this dispensation, but a few in this dispensation and many in previous dispensations.

And the effect of this is what? These students have made some progress, they have reached a certain level on the spiritual path. But now they stop, they cannot go on because they cannot get beyond this reaction of denial. My beloved, there is a certain phase of Christhood where you start having some discernment. You can see: “Oh! This is clearly something that is not in accordance with a higher reality.” You would say at that level, “This is clearly wrong.”

You can see that most people have very little Christ discernment. They have no ability to discern between this or that. And then there comes a phase where you start having some Christ discernment but you are still colored by the black and white thinking of the duality consciousness. You can only conceive of this in terms of right and wrong. This is right, this is wrong, this is true, this is false. And that is why you then declare these, you make these absolutist declarations. “This is true.” And once you have made this and you think you make this based on Christhood, you cannot bear if this was proven wrong. You cannot bear to admit that you took a wrong stand. You must continue to defend it, often for the rest of this lifetime, which means you cannot progress.

There is a very clear dividing line, between students who actually manifest higher degrees of Christhood and those who do not, and it is your willingness to admit that you were wrong. Now, just look at the planet you are on. Take the many teachings we have given, the fallen beings have created numerous illusions based on the duality consciousness. We have told you so many things about the duality consciousness, how it can take one particular idea and exclude other ideas and make it seem like this is absolutely right. The fallen beings have created so many of these ideas. You have grown up in a society, how could you possibly have avoided being affected by some of these ideas, both in this lifetime and in past lifetimes?

We are not requiring our students to fulfill some unrealistic standard. We are not saying to our students, “Now you have found an ascended master teaching, from now on you must never be wrong.” We have never said this. On the contrary, we have given you opportunity after opportunity to overcome this entire mindset of right and wrong. What is it that you have when you have an opinion, a viewpoint, a standpoint, when you take a stand and say “this is truth and the opposite is error.” What is that? It is something that exists in your four lower bodies, primarily in the emotional, mental and lower identity bodies.

Is this who you are? Well, if you have grasped the teachings about the Conscious You, you know it is not. Why would you, the Conscious You who is pure awareness, be fully identified with one of these opinions that exists in the emotional and mental bodies? Why would you think this is you? Why would you think that your survival, or at least your psychological  survival, depends on this idea being right? Well, you, the Conscious you cannot think this way. It can only think this way when it is looking at life, looking at itself through that primal self.

But what have we also told you? You have the ability to step outside of this, you have the ability to step outside and see that Christhood is a gradual process. We have never said anything else. There are students who still believe that it should be like flipping a switch, and from one moment you are not the Christ and the next moment you flip the switch, you find that secret switch, and now you are the Christ. It has never worked that way. You gradually become the Christ by making decisions, by looking at them, by evaluating them and making better decisions.

You have never had a person who attained Christhood who was always right. You become the Christ by making decisions, looking at them, admitting when they were not the highest possible decisions and then learning from that, making higher decisions. That is how you become the Christ. But some students still think it is the black and white, you are either the Christ or you are not the Christ. Therefore, once you have taken a stand that you believe is based on the Christ consciousness, you must not be wrong, because then you are not the Christ.

Well, my beloved, you really are not the Christ – ever, as long as you are in embodiment. Because there is always some illusion you have not seen and therefore you are not fully the Christ. Christhood is not an absolute state. It is a gradual process and it will be ongoing as long as you are in embodiment. This, the Conscious You is capable of grasping, if you are willing to step outside, to make an effort to step outside, or rather to stop making an effort, and allow yourself to step outside the primal self.

As long as you are looking at the situation through your primal self, you cannot grasp it. There is a very simple dividing line here. If you do not grasp or accept what I am saying here, it is because you are looking at this dictation through your primal self. Very, very simple. Because if you are not looking at it through your primal self, you will not be identified with the need to always be right.

And so, you go back to these inventors and you see the same psychology in many of them. Especially when they were in the realms of politics, philosophy, some kind of area of society, they had this need to be right. But you see it in many scientists as well, who have a need to be right, for example about materialism. Or, you can look at Einstein, who had an absolute need to be right about quantum mechanics, that it was not the final theory. Well, of course it was not the final theory, nothing is the final theory, but not the way Einstein saw it. You see that many of these people, they had some barrier in their mind. We have talked about barriers in the collective consciousness, you see many, many people because of their unbalanced psychology, they have a barrier in their mind, “I cannot go beyond this, because this is absolutely right.”

The moment my beloved, the moment you allow your mind to think “this is right, this is the absolute truth”,  at that moment, you have created a barrier that your mind cannot cross until you break down the barrier. And then you are not the open door are you? Because what if I had an idea that I wanted to give you that was beyond this absolute truth that you have a greater nuance, a greater understanding. An idea that was at a completely different level that made all of the previous understanding on the topic obsolete.

There were scientists in the 1800’s, who had a barrier in their mind. The world is made of two completely separate substances matter and energy. If Einstein had had the same barrier, he would not have been able to receive the theory of relativity. But Einstein had a barrier that made it impossible for him to receive the theories of quantum physics. Other scientists were open to this. But to this day, no scientist has been open to receiving the idea that will take science beyond quantum physics, because of course there is something beyond quantum physics.

There are still ascended master students who believe that the Golden Age of Saint Germain is some absolute goal that will be achieved in a black and white way, in the sense that up until a certain point, we do not have the golden age society, but there comes a point where now we have the golden age society, now it is manifest in its final form, and it will then remain that way for the rest of the Aquarian Age. I have talked about it before, but many have not grasped it, that this is not the way it is. The golden age society is an ongoing, unfolding process. It will continue beyond the next two thousand years. But for the next two thousand years I will be the overseer, and then another ascended master will take over and take society even higher.

And so there is always more to grasp, always more to know. But if you think you have the absolute truth and that you have this because you have Christ discernment, you do not have the absolute truth, you have an absolute barrier. Because to your mind, this seems absolute and you dare not go beyond it. Because if you did go beyond it, if you did admit that this was not the absolute truth, what is it you fear? You fear being plunged back into the pain of your birth trauma, and you think you cannot bear it, even though you can. So, you are stuck, you are trapped, you are in a catch 22, you are crucified in your own mind by your own mind.

Who put you on the cross? Who hammered the nails into your hands and feet? Well, your separate selves did. But does the Conscious You have hands and feet? No, it is pure awareness. It is just a matter of realizing, “Hey! I don’t have a body that can be nailed to the cross. I can just shift right out of it.” But what does this require you to do? It requires you to acknowledge, “ I did not have the highest possible view of this situation, there was more to understand.”

For some of you, this will be painful. And those of you who have made the most progress, are the ones who have been willing to go through this pain, to go into the pain, to look for the separate self behind the pain, to look for the belief, to resolve it and let it go. This is how you can become free of the pain.

But there is a period where you cannot become free of the pain without looking at it. And you cannot look at it without feeling the pain. You must be willing to go through this. If you keep walking around it, then you cannot go through it. You cannot walk around it and go through it at the same time. You cannot have your cake and eat it too. It is impossible. But what does the pain come from? It comes because you got yourself into thinking that you had Christ discernment, and you were right about this issue. Could you not consider changing that viewpoint? Could you not consider accepting that Christhood is an unfolding process?

There are no absolutes in Christhood. You understand what I just said my beloved? Perhaps you do not but you can come to understand. There are no absolutes in Christhood. Many people will object to this. If you were to tell this to the students of previous dispensations, they will say this is a false teaching, this must come from the false hierarchy, this can only be an impostor of Saint Germain because of course there are absolutes in Christhood, that is what Christhood is all about, giving us the absolute truth compared to all the lies and manipulations of the fallen beings.

You understand perhaps, perhaps you do not understand, but you can come to understand that there is a difference between the duality consciousness of the fallen beings and ongoing raising of awareness. In the duality consciousness, everything is relative, relative to what? In the duality consciousness, everything is relative to something else in the duality consciousness. Only that something else is not seen by the duality consciousness as relative, it is seen as absolute. So, in the duality consciousness, everything is relative, everything is unreal, but for those trapped in the duality consciousness, there are certain things that seem to not be relative, they seem to be absolute. The duality consciousness elevates certain relatives to the status of absoluteness and then all the other relatives are relative to that absolute. That is how the duality consciousness deceives.

So, yes everything is relative, and everything the fallen beings come up with is a relative truth. But I am not saying that everything in the Christ Consciousness is relative in the same way. What I am saying is that Christhood is an interim stage. It is an interim stage between the human consciousness where you are trapped in duality and the ascended state. In the ascended state, you are not in Christhood, strictly speaking, you are in the ascended consciousness, which is a fundamentally different state of consciousness than what you see on earth.

Christhood is a series of steps that brings you from the human consciousness to the ascended state. But even in the ascended state, there is progress as we have said towards higher levels of consciousness. I am an ascended master, I am a Chohan, I have attained the Buddhic consciousness. But my beloved, when I travel to some of the higher realms and meet these masters, like Surya, the Great Divine Director, Alpha and Omega, I am in total awe of their level of consciousness. And I know very well that I have not manifested the highest possible level of consciousness, there is so much more to strive for. I also know I can attain this, but that it will take a considerable amount of what you call time.

Christhood is a process of qualifying for your ascension. Once you are in the ascended state, you do not really need what we call the Christ mind. Because you do not need to discern between the relative and that which is not relative. You see that Christhood is a process that takes you to ever higher levels of consciousness until you reach the 144th level and can ascend. You still grow in the ascended realm, but it is not through the Christ mind, because the Christ mind is the mediator between unascended and ascended. If you, you, my beloved, you, if you do not grasp this, you cannot fulfill your highest potential in this lifetime. It cannot be done. If you set up these absolutes, and you stop there, you will not achieve the parts of your divine plan that are beyond that barrier.

What will have limited you? Was it the fallen beings? Was it the ascended masters who suddenly left you behind and did not want to give you any more ideas? Nay, what limited you was you, your psychology, your separate selves. But they are of course not you. So, it was not really you that limited you. It was the outer you that limited the outer you, but you allowed it to happen.

My beloved, the reality of Christhood is that if you are not willing to be wrong, you cannot be right. It is not necessarily that your viewpoints need to be viewed as right or wrong. But as I said there is a phase on the path where this is the only way you can see it. And that is why you get yourself into this trap of thinking that when you take an absolute stand, and if it is proven wrong, then you are wrong. But you are not wrong. You just made an experiment. Yes, you made it more difficult for yourself by declaring that you were absolutely right and you do not need to do this, but it was all you could do at the time.

The question is do you want to keep defending this illusion that you were absolutely right, and that this is Christhood? Or do you want to just admit, “Well, you know, I thought I was in Christhood but I was not really, there are higher levels of Christhood, there is more to understand about this.” Then you can move on. And you can more quickly, once you realize this dynamic, make progress on the path to Christhood. This messenger has said many times that there is no viewpoint he holds today that could not be expanded upon by a higher understanding. He knows he may tomorrow come across some idea out there that will expand his present understanding. He knows that we of the ascended masters could at any moment give him something that would expand his understanding.

What I want you to do here is watch carefully your reaction to when I say this. Is there in your mind this thought that “Aha, then the messenger will one day come to see what I see about this topic. Then he will one day see that I was right. He just has not gotten there yet”. But my beloved, this is your reaction, in your consciousness. You will not make progress on your path by changing the messenger’s mind or anybody else’s mind. You will make progress on your path, only by changing your mind. Do you not see the irony here? You claim to be a spiritual student, you are walking the spiritual path. What is the essence of the spiritual path? It is, you go from one level of consciousness to another. What does it take to go from one level of consciousness to another? You have to be willing to change your mind.

What sense does it make that you claim to be walking the spiritual path, but there are certain topics where you think you have an absolute view and therefore you are not willing to change your mind. It is cognitive dissonance. It is an illusion, it blocks your growth. My beloved, in a sense you could say that Christhood is about overcoming selfishness. But there are many enigmas on the path. In a sense, you could say that in order to overcome selfishness, you have to go through a period where you are completely selfish. So, look at yourself and say: “What is the most important thing I can do for my personal growth? It is to stop thinking that I have to change other people and focus exclusively on changing myself”. That is how you make the most progress on your path. What does it profit a man that he changes the minds of all people in the world, but has not changed his own mind? And the same for a woman.

If you have an absolute in your mind, how can you be the open door for Saint Germain’s Golden Age? You look at everything that humankind knows today, you will get all of the knowledge that has been accumulated over these past few centuries of the scientific age. You would be overwhelmed by how vast and complex it is compared to what they knew a few hundred years ago. There is not one single thing in all of this knowledge that is an absolute, there is not one single thing that could not be expanded upon, or even replaced by a higher understanding.

Everything that human beings think they know, is just one particular way to look at the universe and how it works. It is just one explanation among many possible. The explanation you have today has certain limitations, because it is based on certain premises. And the premises always set a limitation to how high the theory can go. This is the basic fact, the basic realization about the expansion of knowledge. You must, you can do nothing else, you must start out with some foundation for your worldview.

You go back, you look at philosophies, you look at theories, you see that they always define certain initial conditions. This is what we believe is reliable knowledge that we can base our theory upon. You cannot do anything else. But, you need to recognize that when you formulate those basic conditions, these basic truths, these self-evident truths, it is based on your present level of first, understanding of the world and second your level of consciousness.

You can only see what you can see based on your level of consciousness. And you can only express what you can see based on your understanding of the world, the language of concepts, words and ideas that you are using. Before the scientific age, they had a certain worldview, a certain way of looking at the world, and based on this they formulated certain theories. Go back to the Greek philosophers and see how they had a certain worldview, based on this they formulated certain theories. But now, so many years later you can see the limitations of those theories and the worldview that they had, because it has been expanded and you know more about the world.

There is always the danger in every age that they think we have reached the highest possible stage. We now have the final truth about how the universe works. This theory is the final theory, this is an absolute natural law. What is the greatest limitation today for the manifestation of the golden age? It is science itself, or rather, the unwillingness of scientists to think beyond what they think is their absolutes. It can be materialism as an ideological overlay, but also specific theories. Just take one example of this, the second law of thermodynamics, the first law of thermodynamics. Both of these laws relate to energy. Energy in any interaction is always conserved, you cannot get more energy out of a process than you put into it. At the same time, entropy will increase in a closed system until it reaches the lowest possible energy state.

Well, these laws were formulated at a time when technology was much more primitive, much more imprecise than it is today. Have they truly been questioned? Have they truly been re-examined based on modern technology? Have they been measured? Have you experimented? Or do you just assume that they are still absolute laws? As we have said, scientists have used the second law of thermodynamics to reason that the entire material universe is a closed system. But cosmologists have observed that the universe is expanding at an ever increasing rate. And this expansion must be driven by energy, so if the universe is a closed system, where does the energy come from that drives the expansion? Instead, the universe should have been in a steady process of deceleration since the Big Bang.

Of course, as we have told you, the simple answer is that the material universe is not a closed system but is part of a bigger energy system. There is constantly energy streaming into the material universe from these higher energetic realms, higher vibrations that are being lowered into the spectrum of the material universe. Well, does that mean that you could never get more energy out of the process that you put into it? Of course not. If you can learn to harness the energy that is constantly streaming into the material universe from a higher source, well then you can have free energy as it is called. Can you not already do this by harnessing the energy of the sun? Are you here on earth, putting anything into the sun in order to receive the sunlight? If you look at the earth as an energy system, then sunlight does not conform to the first law of thermodynamics.

Of course you can say well, the earth is not a closed system that is why it receives sunlight from the outside, yes, yes, yes, of course. And if you keep going up towards the universe as an entirety, you will see that it is not a closed system either. That is why there is expansion. You see again, why do scientists have this belief in these absolute laws, these absolute barriers? Because scientists are human beings and human beings are psychological beings, and they are driven by their psychology. They also have the same dynamic, the fear of being proven wrong. Once a person has declared: “Materialism is an absolute truth, there is not and cannot be anything beyond the material universe.” He goes into that exact same dynamic, of fearing to be proven wrong and he will resist even scientific discoveries that proves his theory wrong.

My beloved, the biggest obstruction to science is not religious people. Or at least not the religious people who follow the Christian religion or other religions. The biggest obstruction to science is religious people who follow the religion of materialism. That is the biggest obstruction I face as I am sitting here in the ascended realm, not really sitting, but being, and I am looking at how can I release the ideas that will take the planet to the next level. If you step back from planet earth today, if you look at planet earth as an entirety and say: “We can go back in time, we can see that there have been certain stages in the evolution of earth, there has been a certain progress, there was a certain jump from this to the next, that has brought society forward.”

There was a time when people had not discovered fire. The discovery, in other words, the release of the energy, the knowledge of fire, was a major step forward. There was a time where people were hunter gatherers, they had not discovered agriculture, agriculture was a major step forward. Then there was a time where they could only use animals or human power to produce work. The discovery of the steam engine was a major progress, then electricity, then fossil fuels and the combustion engine, then the nuclear fuel and nuclear reactors. You can see that what can actually drive the progress in society? What determines how far a society can go? Well, it is the energy sources to which you have access, how much energy do you have to drive progress in society.

You can see based on this when you project this into the future, that it just does not make any logical sense that you have reached the apex for energy production, that there is no higher forms of energy production. But what you have reached the apex of, is the production of energy through force based means. Where you take something and you break it down, you burn it, you explode it, you split the atom, you use force to free the energy that is stored in what you call matter, and then you use that energy to perform work. Why have you reached the limitations of this? Because this form of energy production is subject to the first law of thermodynamics, the conservation of energy. You cannot get more energy out of a force based process, than is stored in the matter you are breaking down. That is correct. But given that the universe is not a closed system, it is indeed possible to step beyond this force based approach. And this is the next logical step for the progress of the human race, for the progress of society.

Technology that harnesses unlimited energy, energy that is not stored in matter, and does not have to be released by force because it is available in means that are not force based. This is the next logical step that the planet needs to make. It is a giant leap. It is a giant leap in consciousness. And what is the biggest limitation I face in terms of taking the planet through this? You realize I hope, that I have all of the knowledge, all of the ideas right here ready to release, the knowledge is there. The earth was round when people thought it was flat. The atom was there before it was discovered. Free energy is here, even though it has not been discovered.

What is the biggest limitation I face in releasing this knowledge? It is that so many scientists have created an absolute in their mind that this is impossible, that this is a hoax, that this cannot be. Why have they created this? Because if there is a source of energy beyond the material universe, then materialism is wrong. And they will not entertain the idea that materialism could be wrong. Therefore, they are willing, even though they may not realize this consciously, but they are willing to hold the planet in a much lower state just to defend their idea. It is exactly like the Catholics that they so abhor, who were willing to keep society in a medieval state in order to defend the infallibility of Catholic doctrine. They are doing the exact same thing.

Why are they doing the exact same thing? Because they are the exact same people who are sitting now in the scientific establishment, who were a few hundred years ago sitting in the Catholic establishment. They are doing exactly today what they did back then, upholding an absolute idea and defending it with all means available to them. Do you see why I do not want you, who are our direct students, to fall into that same trap? Do you see why I want as many people as possible around the world who attain this openness to these new ideas, that are beyond the status quo?

There is a famous book about the structure of scientific revolutions, that says that for a time, scientists are simply expanding on the present paradigm. But it comes time where this has gone as far as it can go, and now it is necessary to question the paradigm and expand the paradigm. Well, this is exactly the situation faced by science today. Not only in regards to energy technology, but to many other things. In fact, all other aspects of society. So much progress, so much research has been done that you have almost reached the limits of what can be discovered in the present paradigm.

This paradigm is bulging at the seams, threatening to burst but it has not burst yet, because not enough people who are part of the scientific field have opened their minds to these new ideas. Will it happen? Yes, of course it will. Can you who are ascended master students speed the process along? Yes, either directly if you have some experience with the field, or by making the calls for it. I am not saying that if you have some standing in the scientific community, you will need to go out and promote ascended master ideas. I am again telling you to be balanced, take one step at a time, one idea at a time that brings society forward.

You do not need to attain everything in one afternoon. You need to take it very gradually and say: “What are people open to? What could explain some of the questions we have? How might we conduct new research one step at a time, rather than this revolutionary approach where it is all or nothing. It has to happen all right now or it is no good.” This is the black and white approach that we have done so much work, given so many teachings to help you transcend. And we sincerely hope that you can transcend it, because it is not the black and white approach that provides me with an open door, it closes the door, either from one side or the other. It is the balanced approach, the middle way, that is the open door.

With this, I have given you a very long, very complex discourse that you will need to study many times, listen to many times, listen beyond the intellectual mind to truly gain the full benefit from. I leave it up to you of course, whether you want to benefit from this, or whether you want to brush over it like some of you do with our dictations just looking for something new, something exciting that can make you appear as the wise ones among men. We know that many of you are truly our sincere students. We know that many of you are open, and you may sit there and feel, is he talking to me? Is he talking about me? Well, yes and no.

There are of course students who are more unbalanced, whose minds are more closed. But all of you can benefit from these ideas because you are at a certain level of consciousness right now. You are closed, your mind is closed to certain ideas that are beyond that level. But how will you receive them? How will you rise to the next level? Only by opening your mind, by questioning what you now know, what you now think. The most constructive thing you can do as an ascended master student is realize that you do not have the full grasp, the full understanding of the teachings of reality. That is why you are in a movement based on progressive revelation. How will you receive progressive revelation unless your mind is open to a progressively higher understanding.

You may listen to progressive revelation with the outer mind without grasping it. But in order to truly internalize it, and allow it to raise your consciousness, you have to be open. That there is always something beyond, and once you get there, you will feel very relieved. But of course, how do you get there? Only by resolving that primal self that somehow got fixated on an absolute. As long as you have the primal self, you will have a need for some absolute in your mind, in the world, and as long as you have that, your path will be a struggle. You are struggling between opening your mind to a higher understanding and holding on to the absolute. And we wish all of you would come to that resolution, where you have let the primal self die so you can accept there is no absolute, there is nothing I need to hold on to. It is as this messenger realized many years ago “It is not what I hold on to that will get me to the ascended state. It is what I let go of that will get me to the ascended state”.

With this, I have given you what I wanted to give you. I am grateful for your attention, that so many people have been willing to tune in to this conference. I have used your chakras as broadcasting stations to broadcast this message far and wide into the collective consciousness. It has already awakened some people in various fields that were right on the precipice of making a new discovery, accepting a new idea. And so, it has already had an effect, and the effect will continue to spread as rings in the water. I hope you will allow yourself to be carried along with those waves on the water, that are spreading out from the center that I am. Saint Germain I AM, the Hierarch of the Aquarian Age I AM. The architect of the Golden Age I AM.


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