Laugh at the devil—and yourself!

TOPICS: We never wanted our students to take themselves too seriously – Don’t take the devil seriously – I am grateful for the rosary vigil – Experience true freedom – A taste of heaven on earth –

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Ascended Master El Morya, March 28, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

We never wanted our students to take themselves too seriously

A twinkle of mirth is needed on earth. And Oh, what a joy it is to us, when we don’t have to provide the twinkle but that you can do it yourselves. Because truly, that is what we desire to see happen, that we can retire, that Saint Germain and Jesus and I can sit at my retreat in Darjeeling and have a nice little chat by the fireside, not having to worry about instructing our students to do this or do that, because we know that you have come to that inner recognition of who you are and why you are here. And you are going on your own internal power, and we are no longer needed.

This is the true joy of any teacher; to bring the student to the point where the teacher is no longer needed. That is our reward. That is what we are looking for. We are not looking for those who sit in their churches and take themselves and the teachings and the path so seriously, that they think that they have to do all these outer things and they think the world is such a serious place and the conditions are so dire and so burdensome that unless you put on a long face, you are not doing the right thing.

How many times have you seen this in Christian churches? And how many times have you seen it even in spiritual organizations? I would like to settle the question once and for all of whether God has a sense of humor. He indeed has a sense of humor; otherwise how could he possibly have created you?

Don’t take the devil seriously

And for all of the prayer work and all of the serious work that can be done – and indeed it must be done and we commend you for putting forth the effort – I can tell you that in a few minutes of laughter of coming together, you can transmute so much that it would literally take hours and hours of prayers or decrees or rosaries to obtain that same effect. Because it was said by Thomas More, who was one of my previous lifetimes, “The devil, the proud spirit, cannot endure to be mocked.”

And so true it is. The devil takes himself so seriously. He believes he is the most important being in the universe, and everybody should take him seriously. So, when someone shows that they are not willing to take the devil seriously and they are not willing to go into the doom and gloom consciousness, thinking that the earth is going to hell in a hand basket, then they show the ultimate disrespect for the devil by simply laughing at him and his illusions that he is trying to put upon you. And so the devil will withdraw, and if you keep laughing all the way to the bank, he will withdraw from this planet.

I am grateful for the rosary vigil

And my heart overflows with love for you who have come together in this gathering, that put the apex of the pyramid that was built during the vigil of the Rosary to God’s will. Truly, as the representative of God’s will for earth, I am infinitely and eternally grateful. I have loved the will of God for so long. I have loved it with such passion, with such joy. And there is no greater joy for me than to see those who are willing to spend their time in devotion to God’s will.

I am so grateful for this rosary and for those who have given it. And I say again, if you have any devotion to the will of God and to his representative, El Morya, then take unto yourself this rosary and give it on occasion. Do not ignore the vigils you are being asked to participate in, but do not forget the rosary to God’s will. Because God’s will is truly that all life be free of the illusions created by the anti-mind and the anti-will that seeks to take you down instead of raising you up into the joy and the freedom of God.

Experience true freedom

And what you have just experienced, in the sharing of your hearts with no ego, no posturing, no personal agendas, but just the free sharing of hearts that naturally led into the laughter and the joy—that is what God desires to see on earth. And I can assure you that that is the way life is in heaven—most of the time.

We are joyful. We are free. And there are only certain times when we have to get serious and that is when we consider how to help our unascended brothers and sisters avoid blowing themselves up through this or that technology and this or that folly of the ego consciousness. Then we can get a little bit serious.

I congratulate you for coming together, for Being together. I congratulate all those around the world who have participated in this vigil and all those who have taken to themselves Mother Mary’s rosaries. I congratulate those in Russia, who have participated in the vigil of the Rosary for Russia. You have done a mighty work for a nation that has always been close to my heart.

I congratulate those in South America, who have taken unto their hearts these rosaries. This is a mighty work.

And it is easy to say, “Well, what does it matter in the world? The world is so big. The world’s problems are so serious that they seem insurmountable.” But truly, that feeling, that the world is such a serious place, is all an illusion created by the devil himself and all those who support him. And once in awhile it is very healthy to have a good laugh at the devil’s expense, and to refuse to be pulled into the net of seriousness that hangs as a black cloud over this planet. Truly, life is joy. Life is the flowing joy that always finds a way around every obstacle. And if there is no way around the obstacle, it goes through it and dissolves the obstacle in the process.

A taste of heaven on earth

I ask you to consider that while you have come together for this gathering, you have not come together in a physical location in the material universe. You have literally opened up a doorway and you have passed through that doorway so that your gathering has been a taste of heaven on earth. You have pierced the veil, the energy veil, evil itself between heaven and earth and you have had a taste of the freedom from the human consciousness, the freedom from the ego, that we enjoy in heaven and that we long to see you enjoy here on earth. What a planet this can be, when more people discover the freedom to BE God.

I seal you now. I seal this conference and the release of Light. I seal the vigil of the Rosary to God’s will. And I, Morya, will multiply the energy released in this vigil with the fire of my Diamond Heart. And thus, you will see an even greater acceleration that will truly be focused through the next vigil of the Rosary of Wisdom that will awaken people around the world to the reality that life has meaning, life has purpose, and that their particular lives have a purpose and a divine plan.

And thus I give you again, my heartfelt gratitude and the gratitude of all ascended masters, and I ask you to consider that we have been here with you and that all of us say with Jesus, “I AM with you always.” And as the saying goes, in the little book of lighthearted sayings, “Which part of always don’t you understand?” I bid you farewell. It is sealed.


Copyright © 2005 by Kim Michaels