L07. Wisdom and Freedom

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Ascended Master Lanto through Kim Michaels.

Lanto I AM, and I AM free
because I know reality.

The seventh level of initiation at the Royal Teton Retreat is, of course, about freedom. How does freedom relate to wisdom? There are those who will say that you can only be free when you have the highest wisdom, the ultimate wisdom. There are those who will say that freedom can only come when you accept the highest wisdom.

The unreality of dualistic belief systems

You may take almost any belief system on earth, and you will see that those who are the linear followers of that system say that those who know the system – those who accept its doctrines, dogmas and wisdom – they are free. All others are enslaved by ignorance, by the devil or whatever the system defines as the adversary. Truly, there is an adversary, but the adversary is unreal. The adversary is not what most belief systems on earth make him out to be, namely the opposite of the good, the opposite of God. As we have said many times in various teachings, the duality consciousness creates two opposite polarities that exist only in relation to each other. What most belief systems on earth define as good and what they define as evil both spring from the duality consciousness.

Even if a belief system labels the good as God, it is not the real God, the formless, transcendent God. It is a god that has been given form by the system, that has been defined by the system. Of course, the system was defined by those in separation, meaning the false hierarchy of the false teachers on earth. They have used the duality consciousness to define a system, to define God within the system, and then to elevate this system to the ultimate authority by claiming that it has the ultimate definition of God.

Anytime you think you can define God by words on planet earth, you are demonstrating that you do not have true wisdom. You only have the false, relative, dualistic wisdom where you have created your own system that seeks to define wisdom. Having such a system offers certain advantages, especially to people who are below the 48th level of consciousness. If you want to feel superior to others, if you want to feel that you and your group alone are being saved and all others will be condemned to an eternity in hell, then you need such a system. When you become an ascended master student and have it as your goal to climb from the 48th to the 96th level of consciousness, then you cannot continue to hold on to this approach to wisdom, this approach to wanting to define some ultimate truth. You cannot be free in expressing wisdom if you always have to compare it to something defined with words.

Be the open door for the Spirit of Wisdom

What have I said is the ultimate key to really knowing wisdom? It is to go beyond the worded systems on earth and tune in – inside yourself – to the Spirit of Wisdom. Until you experience that spirit – as the Conscious You can do when it steps outside

the perception filter of the outer self – then you do not know wisdom. If you do not know wisdom, why would you then seek to force what can only be a limited vision upon others? Why would you set yourself up as the judge of others?

Of course, you can set yourself up as such a judge, but then you really cannot be a true ascended master student at the same time. You may claim to be an ascended master student who has the superior wisdom in a particular ascended master teaching, but you are not a true student. You are one of the false students. You have simply used one of our outer teachings expressed in words to validate your view of the false path.

We, of course, are not fooled by this. People on earth may be fooled by it. We certainly know that there are many people who claim to be our students and who have fooled themselves, and even fooled certain others, into thinking they have some superior ascended master wisdom. If you are using your wisdom as a weapon against others, you demonstrate that you have only outer wisdom. You have not locked in to the spirit, and therefore you are not free. How do you know with the outer mind what the Spirit of Wisdom desires to express through you in a particular situation? If you are always demanding that before any expression of wisdom can come through you, it must be compared to an outer system and it must conform to that outer system, then what room do you give the spirit?

You may say: “But I have an ascended master teaching that was given by a sponsored messenger. It must be a valid teaching.” Certainly, it may, indeed, be a valid teaching. It was valid at the time it was given because it was an expression of the Spirit of Wisdom or another spirit at the time. It was given for a certain level of consciousness. It is most likely still valid for people at that level of consciousness and below it, but how do you know what the Spirit of Wisdom decides, desires, to express today, through you or someone else?

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