L06. Wisdom and Peace

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Ascended Master Lanto through Kim Michaels.

I AM the Ascended Master Lanto. I come to give you a discourse on the initiations you face at the sixth level of instruction under the Second Ray of God Wisdom. The sixth level corresponds to the Sixth Ray, which has often been called the ray of peace or the ray of service. How can you give true service unless you do so from a state of mind of being at peace? How can you be at peace unless you have attained the wisdom of knowing what is real and what is unreal, what is important and what is not important?

I have talked in previous discourses about the belief, so common on earth, that there must be some superior or ultimate wisdom, some absolute truth. When you look at the concept of wisdom from the dualistic mind, the mind that is based on separation from oneness, then you can look at wisdom in only one way. You look at wisdom as that which divides, for you think that true wisdom is set apart from false wisdom, superior wisdom is set apart from inferior wisdom, absolute wisdom is set apart from relative wisdom. The reality is, however, that everything that is expressed in words is relative wisdom. What does this mean?

The sixth initiation under the Second Ray

What we attempt to show students at the sixth level of my retreat is that it is not wisdom in a worded form, in any worded form, that will get you to the ascended state. I have talked before about how we can make visible on a screen what happens at the energy level. What we do at the sixth level of initiation is that we ask the students to go into the library and pick what they consider to be either the highest wisdom or, at least, a true and valid form of wisdom. When they come back with a book or a scripture, we then show them what happens at an energy level if they use that worded expression of wisdom.

We can show them that their path is like a spiral staircase. We can show them where they are right now. We can then show them the path of light that leads them higher towards the 144th level. We can then show them how the expression of wisdom that they have picked can take them up the staircase but only to a certain level. We can show them how, when they come to that level, their progress will stop. We can show them that, from that point on, the energies that are flowing through their beings cannot be translated into further progress on the path.

The simple reason is that they have now reached the highest level for which that particular teaching was given. You cannot go higher by clinging to the outer teaching and insisting that the light that flows from your I AM Presence should conform to and validate the outer teaching. Your I AM Presence is forever committed to your growth, leading all the way to your ascension and beyond. When you have reached the maximum level of growth that you can reach with a particular teaching, your I AM Presence will give you both light and ideas that go beyond the teaching.

This does not mean that you have to necessarily throw away the teaching, but you have to be willing to let your I AM Presence take you beyond the teaching. This may necessitate that you find a teaching that is given for a higher level of consciousness. It may necessitate that you have no teaching or that you have no teaching for a while. It may even be possible that you can keep a certain teaching and continue to use it as a foundation, but your I AM Presence takes you beyond it so that you develop a deeper understanding than what is expressed in the words of that teaching.

Your I AM Presence can only take you higher when you are willing to question the teaching. If you are not willing to do so, if you are not willing to look beyond, then the I AM Presence will continue to send you light, but the light will now become a factor that will disturb your inner sense of peace or equilibrium. It will disturb the sense that you have developed, namely that you are saved because you are following the highest teaching. There will be an inner pressure that will continue to build, and you will either transcend the outer teaching or at least your approach to it, or you will then do what you see so many religious people having done on earth. You will turn the outer teaching into a weapon to use against others in putting them down and raising yourself up.

Transcend words, don’t cling to them

You will see many people who have gone into the dualistic game of seeking to establish their teaching, religion, political philosophy or scientific philosophy as the superior one. They have gone into the state of battling with others. They are convinced that, because they have the superior truth, they must destroy false truths, they must make other people conform. This goal of changing something outside yourself is nothing but camouflage. You will not make your ascension even by getting all people on earth to follow a particular belief system.

The reason for this is simple. You will reach the ascended state only by going beyond any and all worded expressions on earth. It does not matter if you have a teaching that is the word of God or is expressed as a dictation by the ascended masters through a sponsored messenger. As I have said before, once the teaching is expressed in words, it is no longer the Living Spirit of Wisdom. You will not ascend by clinging to a worded expression. You will ascend by transcending words and becoming one with the spirit. First, you become one with the spirits behind each of the seven rays. Then you become one with your I AM Presence, your personal spirit.

We can show students on a screen what happens to the energies as they become attached to an outer teaching. Take note of the subtle difference. There is a stage where following an outer teaching helps you grow. It helps you rise up the spiral staircase. There also comes a point where the outer teaching cannot take you further, and it does not matter which outer teaching it is. Do you understand what I am saying? Do you grasp this with your outer awareness, with your conscious mind? I can assure you that many students find this difficult to grasp, even when they are at our retreats, and are not quite as colored by their outer minds. It is important that you grasp this with the outer mind.

There is no teaching given in words that corresponds to the 144th level of consciousness. There is no teaching given in words that corresponds to the 143rd or the 142nd. There comes a point, and I will not tell you what that point is, where you have reached a level of consciousness from where no worded teaching can take you higher. You must, at that point, go beyond words and make direct inner contact with the spirit behind the worded teaching. If you do not make this contact, you cannot go higher. This is to make sure that you cannot go beyond a certain level while retaining elements of the consciousness of separation, the consciousness of duality, the desire to put others down in order to raise yourself up.

When a student grasps this reality, a big burden is lifted from the student’s shoulders. Suddenly, he or she feels a greater sense of peace, for now the student knows that it does not have to go out and battle other belief systems. The student becomes aware that there are many belief systems on earth that can take people to higher levels of consciousness. It truly does not matter which one of these valid systems a person is following, as long as the person is growing. You cannot with your outer mind – at least not until you have reached a very high level of consciousness – judge whether other people are growing or whether they should be following this or that outer teaching.

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