L05. Wisdom and Vision

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Ascended Master Lanto through Kim Michaels.

I AM the Ascended Master Lanto! I come to discourse on the initiations that you go through when you come to the fifth level of initiations in the Royal Teton Retreat. This is, of course, the level of the Fifth Ray, which has often been called the ray of truth, the ray of healing or the ray of vision. What I would like to make you aware of here is that there is an element of the Fifth Ray that has generally not been known, even by students of the ascended masters.

The Third Eye Chakra

The Fifth Ray is, of course, related to the so-called Third Eye Chakra in the center of the brow. It is said that when this chakra is activated, you gain the ability to see things that you cannot see with the physical sight. Many spiritual people have heard stories of those who have had their third eye opened and can now see auras or other phenomena. Many think this is highly desirable and it is a sign of spiritual attainment. In reality, it may not be the sign of spiritual attainment at all, as you will clearly see in many of the so-called psychics you find in the world. They may have some ability to tune in to something beyond the material realm, but they often do not have the spiritual maturity to know how to deal with this.

There is an element of the Fifth Ray, of spiritual vision, that is not generally known. You will, of course, know from yourselves and your own experience how many people in the world are very attached to the concept of truth. I have spoken about this before, of how people think there is one particular expression of wisdom, one particular thought system or belief system, that is the superior truth or the superior wisdom. Many ascended masters’ students are so attached to one particular outer teaching that they cannot even follow us as we move on with the delivery of the Living Word that is an ongoing flow that will not stop until the last person has ascended from earth.

The dream of a secret formula

When people come to the fifth level of initiation in my retreat, they often think that now it is a matter of them going into our library and discovering a secret book that contains a secret formula that will suddenly give them these superhuman abilities. Just look at how many people in the world are chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Some people are literally chasing a physical pot of gold in the form of material riches, but look at how many spiritual students are chasing a metaphorical pot of gold by seeking to acquire some kind of knowledge, or formula, or ability that is beyond the normal. This is a great hindrance for students on the spiritual path, and you need to shed it at some point or another and why not right here in my retreat at the Royal Teton?

We are fully capable of helping you acquire the wisdom that will allow you to dismiss this ego-based chase for superhuman abilities. What have I said about the ego? It seeks ultimate security. If you suddenly had some kind of secret formula or some kind of superhuman ability, would that not give you and your ego a sense of security? Yet, if you were to acquire this ability and if it would give your ego a sense of security, then would that actually further your spiritual progress? On the contrary, it would hinder your spiritual progress and put you in a blind alley.

We have many students who come to our retreat being in such a blind alley where they either have acquired some knowledge or some ability or where they dream of acquiring it. They come, thinking that we should help them acquire some superhuman ability. They also come, of course, thinking that truth can be expressed in words and that it must be possible to find some worded statement that is an absolute truth. We have a library at the Royal Teton Retreat that contains all of the spiritual teachings ever brought forth on earth. It is a parallel to the famous Library of Alexandria but far more extensive. Our library goes all the way back to previous civilizations long forgotten. You know of Atlantis and Lemuria, but our library goes back to civilizations that have never even been named.

When people have this quest for truth, for ultimate truth given in words, we put them into that library and we say: “Spend as much time as you like here searching for this truth, and let us know when you have found something.” They eagerly throw themselves at this library. At first, they are enormously excited and almost overwhelmed by the amount of books in the library, for there truly are millions of volumes. They pick some and they start reading. They become very excited, thinking they have found a very high expression of truth.

Then, they find another book that also has seemingly great authority and great depth and great wisdom, and they now read this. They go on and read another, and it is just a matter of how long it takes before they start realizing that there are many different expressions of truth that all seem valid, that all seem to have authority, but they are all a little bit different, or in some cases very different.

This leads students to a point of frustration where they don’t know what to believe. You will recognize this, perhaps, from your own life or at least from many people in the world who have become agnostics as a result of the unresolved war between science and religion. They don’t know what to believe, or they believe that there is no ultimate truth. Am I hereby saying that we want ascended master students to become agnostics? Not in a worldly sense, but we do want you to come to the point where you realize, as I have mentioned before, that no statement made with words can be an ultimate truth.

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