L04. Wisdom and Purity

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Ascended Master Lanto through Kim Michaels.

I AM the Ascended Master Lanto. I come to give you some thoughts on the initiations that students go through at the fourth level of the Royal Teton Retreat. These are the initiations of the Fourth Ray, meaning wisdom expressed through purity or acceleration. “Purity” means purity of intention, and what we seek to help students attain at this level is clarity about their intentions for using wisdom.

When students come to my retreat, they have the typical desire that is so prevalent on earth. This is the desire that is fueled by the ego’s quest for security in this world. People blinded by this desire are seeking to find a kind of wisdom that they can elevate to some status of infallibility. If your wisdom is infallible, then your security must be at its maximum, or so the ego reasons. This means that students tend to use wisdom in order to validate what makes their ego’s feel secure. The difficult task I face at this level is to get students to see the hollowness of this approach.

I seek to help students see how illogical this is, how hypocritical it is. People who are trapped in this desire to validate the ego will claim that they have the highest possible motives for their use of wisdom. They believe they have an absolute and infallible expression of wisdom, and it is in the interest of other people and in the interest of some higher cause, possibly even the cause of God himself, that they seek to force their wisdom upon others.

They claim they have an absolute form of wisdom. In reality, their wisdom is entirely relative. It is completely relative to what their egos have accepted and to a sense of security that the ego has built. As we have said many times before, the ego can never find absolute security. It seeks to build security in this world, but it will always be a house built on sand because nothing in this world can be unchangeable. Of course, nothing in the spiritual world is unchangeable either, and therefore the dream of some static state of perfection or security is nothing but an empty dream. This, of course, the ego can never see.

Absolute security in the River of Life

The Conscious You, however, can experience this by experiencing pure awareness. Hereby, it realizes that its own nature is an absolute state of security—not in the sense that it is unchanging, but in the sense that it is ever-transcending. Or rather, we could say that at the core of your being is that which is unchanging, namely awareness, and once you connect to that unchanging awareness, you then find security in constantly transcending the outer expressions of awareness, what your awareness is focused upon. You, therefore, do not need to stop the flow of the River of Life in order to feel secure; you feel secure in flowing with it. This is absolute or ultimate security, but it is security through self-transcendence. It is the security that is ever-flowing.

What have I said about the River of Life? It is constantly transcending itself. What have I said about Divine Wisdom? It is constantly transcending itself. Nothing, therefore, stands still—certainly, not the fount of living wisdom. This, again, means that the ego is on an impossible quest of seeking to create a static expression of wisdom that can never be changed, that can never be threatened, that can never be overturned. As we have explained with the second law of thermodynamics, anything that becomes a closed system will break down because its own internal contradictions will increase the chaos that breaks it down.

The fourth initiation of the Second Ray

The reality is that the harder a student is trying to maintain the outer security of its ego, the more the student will generate energy impulses that are sent into the cosmic mirror. These energy impulses will be returned as conditions that seek to threaten the student’s sense of security. The student must, therefore, send more powerful impulses to counteract this return, and this, of course, generates an even stronger return. This “arms race” can go on until the student breaks under the strain and can no longer do this.

We, of course, seek to help people see the fallacy of this before they break under the strain, but there are some students who come to our retreat and have to go through that process of breaking. They realize that they do not have the force, the power, to counteract the threats to their sense of security. What must you then do? You must give up; you must surrender. There is no other step.

The acceleration of the Fourth Ray is not the same as accumulation. You might think that if you need to generate an energy impulse to counteract something that is coming at you, then you need to accumulate more and more power, more and more material, physical power. As I have said, accumulating more power only means that you generate a more powerful impulse coming at you in the future.

Acceleration means that you go beyond accumulating power at a certain level because you accelerate your vibration to a higher level where you are no longer feeling the lower energies, that you generated in the past, when they are returned to you by the cosmic mirror. They pass right through you. They are insignificant to you. They are irrelevant to your life experience. This is true acceleration, and in this there is security in the sense that you go beyond the past.

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