L03. Wisdom and Love

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Ascended Master Lanto through Kim Michaels.

I AM Lanto and I love you. Why else would I be here with planet earth if it were not for the fact that I love you? I love other lifestreams embodying on this planet. I love the planet itself, and I love the vision and the plan for this planet held in the minds of the ascended masters, in this age, the master Saint Germain.

I am an ascended being. Consider for a moment the vastness of the material universe. Consider how many stars, galaxies, and planets there are. They are innumerable. Now, consider that you had a spaceship that allowed you to freely roam anywhere in the material universe. Would you stay with this little planet, or would you go to far-away horizons to explore what is there? Well, I can assure you that the spiritual realm is far more vast and has far more interesting horizons to explore than does the material universe. When you ascend, this entire vastness of the spiritual realm is open to you. You can go almost anywhere that you are willing to apply yourself. Why then would an ascended master choose to stay with earth? It can be for only one reason: love.

You can validate any viewpoint

As I said in my last discourse on wisdom, what we aim to show students is that you can argue for or against any viewpoint. By excluding contrary evidence, you can prove any point you want to prove. You can validate any dualistic belief to the satisfaction of the ego and those who see through the perception filter of a particular role. There are people on earth who doubt the existence of ascended masters. There are people on earth who doubt our motives for being with earth. There are people who say we should have moved on rather than staying with earth.

These people are completely convinced that they are right, for they are looking at us through a particular perception filter. There are even many ascended master students who are sure that we are real, who are sure we have valid motives for remaining with earth, but who are, nevertheless, trying to force us to fit into a particular mental box. Again, if you pick and choose, you can find an ascended master teaching that validates almost anything you want to believe. Do you want to believe that the ascended masters are like individualized versions of the angry god in the sky, promoted by the three monotheistic religions for thousands of years? Well, if so, you can find certain teachings that seemingly validate this viewpoint, but we are much more than that view. We are much more than any view. What we aim to show people at the second stage of initiation in the Royal Teton Retreat is that, once you have created a closed mental box, it will filter out any contrary evidence; and thus, it becomes a closed system, a closed circle, a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Breaking free of the mental box—by love or by force

There is no way out of the mental box as long as you are looking at life through the perception filter that created the box in the first place. You cannot question the perception from inside the perception filter. You must use the Conscious You’s ability to project itself outside of your current mental box and perception filter. What will propel the Conscious You to do this? In the School of Hard Knocks you can eventually come to a point where the knocks have become so hard, you are so beaten down by life, you are so frustrated, that you are willing to take a look outside your mental box in order to escape the pain.

At the Royal Teton Retreat, we have no intention of putting you through pain until the pain becomes so intense that you choose to seek an escape. We are not here to offer you an escape, and therefore, there comes that point at the third level of initiation where you cannot go any further until you develop a motivation that is based on love. You must love something more than your mental box. You must love a higher wisdom more than the wisdom defined by your perception filter.

If you do not have this love, you cannot move on. What we aim to do at the third level of initiation is to show students that you actually do have that love somewhere in your being. When you go deep enough, you realize that in your lifestream is a love for something that is beyond your current mental box. This love originated before you created your current mental box by stepping into your current role. It is the love that brought the Conscious You to take embodiment in the material universe. You have a love for seeing God’s creation unfold. You have a love for your I AM Presence and your particular individualized God qualities. You have a love for expressing those God qualities, seeing that light radiating in the darkness of the material realm.

This is the motivation that we seek to help you rediscover. Certainly, you have to some degree already rediscovered this motivation as you went through the initiations on the First Ray, but we help you go deeper and reconnect to the love that brought you to this planet. We help you see how you can express love with greater wisdom, with greater discernment. At the Third Ray initiations at our retreat, we aim to help you see that when wisdom is expressed through love, something new suddenly dawns on you. You begin to realize that what people do with wisdom on earth is not driven by love, or rather, it is not driven by Divine Love; it is driven by human love. They use wisdom as the basis for judgment, including a value judgment that is so dear to the ego and the fallen beings, the false teachers.

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