L01. Wisdom and Power

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Ascended Master Lanto through Kim Michaels.

I AM the Ascended Master Lanto. I have been known as Lord Lanto. I am indeed the Lord or the Chohan of the Second Ray of God Wisdom; yet, I prefer not to use the word “lord” because it has been so misused by both secular and certain religious movements on earth. I am not an overlord of you. I do not see you as you see yourself. I do not see me as you see me.

I have been an ascended master for a very long time as measured with earth time, although it is still in the blink of an eye of cosmic time. I consider myself somewhat of a newcomer in the ascended realm, but as measured with earth time, it is a long time. I have, therefore, ascended to the Buddhic level of consciousness, and as such, I see the reality taught by Gautama that everything is the Buddha Nature.

I see the Buddha Nature in myself, and in seeing the Buddha Nature in myself, I see the Buddha Nature in you, even if you do not yet see this. It is therefore my goal, my only goal, to awaken you to the point where you can see the Buddha Nature in yourself, the Buddha Nature in everything that surrounds you, and even see the Buddha Nature in me so that you will know that we are indeed equals, as all self-aware beings are equals in the reality of the light of the Wisdom of God.

Ultimate wisdom

What is ultimate wisdom? Consider how men have been striving for wisdom for ages, but the ultimate wisdom is that all life is one, that all is the Buddha Nature, and thus, differentiation in form does not mean differentiation in value. Value, then, being a wholly artificial concept created by the mind that has separated itself from the reality of wisdom, that has created the illusion that it is separated from the Buddha Nature, that the Buddha Nature is not where it is, that the separate mind has created a separate abode that has somehow shut out the Buddha Nature.

There will a come a point in your own growth where you will see how ridiculous the claim is that something could be set apart from the Buddha Nature. You will see that the Buddha Nature is all and in all, and that without him was not anything made that was made. Nothing can be set aside from that which is everywhere, which is unconditional, which is all-penetrating. Yet, I fully understand that as you come to my retreat on your journey from the 48th to the 96th level of consciousness, you will not be able to see this. You will not be able to experience it, and why not? Because you are still looking at life through the perception filter that corresponds to the level of consciousness where you are at, and this is, of course, as it should be.

Shed the perception filters of anti-wisdom

My role as a teacher is to help you penetrate the veils of anti-wisdom, the veils created by the separate mind, the dualistic mind, the serpentine mind, the fallen mind—whatever you want to call it. Of course, we who are ascended only use these words because we know that, while you are yet on earth and see things through the linear mind, you need a name. Labels truly come from the mind of separation. We then do not need to label, for we experience the reality of the Buddha Nature, the one mind.

We instantly feel when something is separate from it. To us, all that is separate is, in a sense, like darkness. It is all unreal; it is all something you need to overcome. For us, it is not a matter of creating gradations, value judgments of saying that one kind of darkness is better than another kind of darkness. They are both unreal. They both need to be left behind as the illusions they are.

This is our role. In order to play that role, we do need to go in and look at you, look at your state of mind, look at your particular perception filter, look at the core beliefs that make up your perception filter, and then we need to address those beliefs. When you come to a certain level of consciousness, you are seeing life through a perception filter; yet, may I take this one step further? May I suggest that, as you climb from the 48th to the 96th level of consciousness, you are shedding a particular perception filter, a particular layer of perception filter, for every step you climb.

While you are at the 48th level, you are looking at life through 48 perception filters. Each of these 48 filters represents one step up the spiral staircase of initiation that leads you from the 48th to the 96th level of consciousness. I am not thereby saying that you are free from perception filters at the 96th level. You then start another level, another layer, of working through the 48 perception filters between the 96th and the 144th level.

It is helpful for you to know, and you will certainly learn when you come to my retreat, that the role, the process, you are going through, is to shed one perception filter at a time. This will help you understand that, when you are at a certain level of consciousness, you cannot instantly shed all of the perception filters through which you are looking at life. You may have 40 perception filters left that you are looking through. You cannot shed all forty at once. If this were to happen, you would lose your sense of identity, you would lose your bearings, you would lose your sense of continuity, you would lose your sense of self. You cannot instantly shift from a very human sense of self to the sense of self based on the individuality anchored in your I AM Presence. This would not be possible; you must take one step at a time, shed one perception filter at a time.

This can give you a sense of patience, as Jesus said: “In your patience possess ye your souls.” When a new student comes to my retreat in order to begin the process of ascending under the tutelage of the Second Ray, then that student often is somewhat impatient. This is natural, for you have just passed the initiations, the seven layers of initiations, under the direction of my beloved Master MORE and the first ray of God Power and Will. You need to develop a certain will, a certain determination, you need to have a certain power in order to pass those initiations. It is both natural and right, but one of the most important insights you can come to about the spiritual path is that it has certain stages. What will get you through one stage, will not get you through the next stage.

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