Knowing your divine plan through the crystalline structure of divine direction

TOPICS: A cosmic perspective – The core of your being – Pure awareness cannot be understood – Your divine plan – A necessary step – Become a true student by questioning your perception – How do you ascend? – What is divine direction? – The false masters and their false students – Give a novena to me –

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Ascended Master Great Divine Director, December 14, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

EUTAY (chanted 14X). If it were possible, I would raise you up in consciousness, that you might see the cosmos from the elevated perspective of a cosmic being. The Great Divine Director I AM, and I am a cosmic being. Do you understand, what a cosmic being is?

Now, check your reaction to that question. Were you tempted to say “Yes?” For if you were, I must tell you, that one cannot “understand” what a cosmic being is. The linear analytical mind cannot fathom, cannot span the vast expanses of a cosmic being. Thus, it is not a matter of understanding, but of knowing—of experiencing, of coming into oneness with and attaining what the ancients called gnosis.

Thus, if it were possible, I would raise you up, so that you could see – even for a split second – the perspective of a cosmic being. I would raise you with me, all the way up through my Being, through that crystalline structure that I AM. I would raise you all the way up, to the very apex of the crystal pyramid of my Being. And that apex is the single point, a singularity my beloved, centered over the white cube that sits between Alpha and Omega in the Great Central sun.

A cosmic being is a cosmic being because it – mind you, not “he” or “she” as you conceive it on earth – it has raised its consciousness, its self-awareness, to that point of knowing, that it originated in the singularity that is, indeed, the nexus point of the figure-eight flow between Alpha and Omega. That nexus point, that singularity, is the portal, the gateway, the open door, between this world of form and the Creator who created it out of its own Being.

Certainly, you can say, “Without him was not anything made that was made.” Certainly, that means that the Creator’s Being is everywhere inside the world of form. Yet there is no place in the world of form, save in that central sun, where there is a direct opening to the Creator’s Being. Thus, this is where the command of the Creator issued forth into the world of form: “Let there be light! Let us make man in our own image and after our own likeness, and let him have dominion over the earth, over the world of form, over the material universe.”

A cosmic perspective

If I could take you, even for a second, to sit on that white cube and look out over the vast cosmos before you – with its billions of galaxies, billions of layers and spheres and compartments – if you could see that for a split second, your life, your perspective on life, would be instantly changed. Take note, of what I said. Your perspective on life IS your life—until you realize that you are more than your perspective, that you are more than any perspective, than any sense of self created to facilitate your expression, your experience, in the world of form.

You cannot experience the central sun, the white cube, the comforting, healing, completely whole Presence of Alpha and Omega, you cannot experience this as a human being, seeing yourself as a human being. How then can you experience the ultimate reality, the very starting point of the world of form? You can experience it because the core of your being is an extension of the Creator’s own Being.

This core of your being has been known to – or rather experienced by – the true mystics of the ages. You will see it mentioned and described in words in the ancient Vedas, you will see it described in Taoism, in Buddhism, in Christianity, sometimes veiled, sometimes more obvious. But in all the mystical, spiritual teachings of the world – Kabala, Sufism, they all have it – the description of that something, that is the core of your being, that something that makes you conscious that you exist as an individual being. For indeed, you are an individual being, you are an extension, an individualization, of your Creator.

Take note of the subtle distinction, that has given rise to a subtle lie. Individuality does not necessarily mean separation. You were not created as a separate being, as a separate self. You were created as an individual being, which has a particular perspective, seeing the world of form from a particular vantage point. That point, however, is not a separate point in space or time. It is another singularity, for truly, every point in space is a singularity—if it is conscious of itself as an extension of the Creator’s Being.

This, then, is your potential to raise your self-awareness, until you reach the full awareness of the Creator. Contrary to what some teachings claim, this does not mean you lose individuality. For even your Creator has individuality—although so far beyond that of any human being on earth, even that of an ascended master, that you can scarcely fathom it.

Yet, your particular Creator created this Universe as an expression of its own creativity and individuality. There are other ways that a universe can be constructed, and your scientists have begun to realize, that your particular universe depends on a series of constants, that are so delicately balanced that your particular form of life – especially the carbon-based form of life that makes up your physical bodies – simply could not have existed if any of these crucial constants had been slightly different.

Well, it does not mean that had these constants been different, there would have been no life. There would have been other forms of life, but your particular Creator chose to balance the constants in this particular way in order to create this particular form of life that you see in your universe. Truth be told, you can go to other galaxies and systems of worlds, even in your world of form, where you can find other forms of life, for there, there is slightly different balance. Nevertheless, my point is this: Your Creator is an individual being out of the Allness of God. You are an individual being out of the All of your Creator. You have the potential to raise your self-awareness to that level of the Creator consciousness, whereby you can then qualify to create your own world of form as an expression of your being, your individuality, your creativity. That is why you are a co-creator. You learn by co-creating with your Creator, until you become a creator who can define your own creation.

The core of your being

And what is it, then, that is the core of your being, that can grow in self-awareness? Well, it is that singularity, that point-like extension of the Creator’s Being. We have called it the Conscious You or the conscious self. Other mystical teachings have called it with other names, be it the “atman” or whatever the case may be.

Unless you enjoy splitting hairs, the word is not important. What is important is the concept that, whatever you call it, there is a core of your being, that makes you conscious—not conscious of a particular form of self. For this core of your being, this Conscious You, is not a self as the kind of self you have created for expression in the world of form. That self – that is meant for expression – has a form; your Conscious You has no form. It is pure awareness.

Take note, that the linear analytical mind cannot grasp the concept of the Conscious You. You cannot grasp the concept of the Conscious You—if you see the concept of the Conscious You as a concept. It is not a concept. But when we give you a teaching expressed in words, we are bound by the limitations of the words themselves. And therefore, as soon as anything is described in words, the linear analytical mind can take it and turn it into a concept—that you can then describe, put words on, argue for or against, call real or unreal.

But you see, we gave the teachings on the Conscious You because we know, that there are some who will understand. They understand because they have experienced themselves as the Conscious You, separated from any specific self that they have created, for the Conscious You is pure awareness. And there are those among the top 10 percent who have spontaneously – or through various practices, such as meditation or contemplation – experienced that pure awareness. Whereby the Conscious You experiences itself as more than any self it has created in the world of form—and therefore experiences that it is free. It is not bound by anything in the world of form. It can never be bound by anything in the world of form. Unless it chooses to go inside of that self and identify itself fully with that individual self, so that it now sees the world from inside that self, sees the world through the filter of that self, and therefore can momentarily forget that it is more—that it is pure awareness.

There are indeed many people on this planet, the vast majority of them, who have never experienced pure awareness. We are quite aware, that if you have not experienced pure awareness, then our teachings of the Conscious You will be just another concept for you—that your linear analytical mind will do its usual work with. Depending on your state of consciousness, depending on your dramas, your understanding or lack of it, you will project images upon the teachings about the Conscious You. You will do with it what you please. You might nail it to a cross, and call it this or that, turn it into a graven image—instead of doing what you ideally must do, to fathom the depth of any spiritual teaching, namely, go beyond the words, go beyond the words until you attain gnosis with the Spirit behind the words.

God is a Spirit, and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. They that would know God must know him in Spirit, for you cannot know God through the finite mind. God is infinite—cannot be fathomed by the finite mind. It is a simple truth, but there are those who have been embodied again and again in religious circles – even have been, for many decades, in spiritual or mystical organizations – yet they have not understood this very basic concept of going beyond the outer teachings, going directly to the Spirit and experiencing the gnosis with the Spirit. Whereby you know – you experience – that oneness.

Pure awareness cannot be understood

The beauty of your conscious self is, that it is pure awareness. This is why your conscious self can project itself into a limited sense of self and actually believe – and experience as a believable experience – that you are a limited human being, a mortal sinner. If you desire to have that experience, you can have it, because your conscious self can go inside such a self and experience the world from inside of it.

But the beauty is that your conscious self is always just pure awareness, and thus it can also project itself the other way. Instead of projecting itself down into the lower levels of vibration, it can equally project itself up into the higher levels of vibration and therefore project itself into oneness with a spiritual being, even project itself into the Great Central Sun—and beyond it to experience the Creator, out of which it is, after all, simply like one drop taken out of the ocean of the Creator’s consciousness.

Until you go beyond the linear analytical mind, until you go beyond the separate self, then your existence as an extension of the Creator’s being, as pure awareness, will be simply a theoretical concept. You can argue for or against it. There are people who have argued for or against various spiritual concepts for lifetime after lifetime. We of the ascended masters honor free will. If people desire to have this experience indefinitely, let them do so, within the confines of the Law of Free Will. Yet we of the ascended masters are not using our attention to seek to help such people, for they have put themselves under the law of action and reaction—the school of hard knocks.

They may call themselves religious. They may have developed a holier-than-thou attitude, where they think they know everything better than everyone else, for they have created this perfect belief system, that they believe they can fit everything into, even the Creator himself. And thus, the law was set up to make sure, that these people will have reflected back to them by the cosmic mirror exactly what they send out. And they will keep reaping what they have sown, until they have had enough of it and say, “There must be more to life than what I am experiencing right now.” And when you come to that point, of wanting more than what you have projected into the cosmic mirror, at that point you can start the spiritual path where we of the ascended masters can help you.

We can give you teachings designed to elevate your consciousness, your understanding. We can give you techniques and tools designed to help you invoke spiritual energy. And therefore, you can start the journey of parting the veil, the veil of Maya, until you begin to see through it. But what is it you see, when you start to see through the veil of Maya? It is not, as some expect, this wonderful kingdom of heaven up there, with all of these beautiful characteristics that you might have heard or read about.

Take note of what I am saying here, so that you do not confuse it with some image in the linear mind. There are indeed people on earth who have had genuine experiences of the spiritual realms. And they have come back to tell about them. But my point is, that when you start the spiritual path, when you start breaking through the veil of Maya that clouds your own particular mind, what you see is not some elevated vision of the spiritual realm with all of its beauty, although that beauty is real and it is there. No, what you see, at first, is glimpses of pure awareness, pure consciousness. Where your conscious self – which so far has been conscious of itself as a human being – starts seeing itself as more than a human being, experiencing pure awareness, that makes your conscious self conscious of the fact, that it can never be confined to this world of form or any sense of self created within it.

There is nothing that can hold your conscious self, and that is what your conscious self realizes, when it experiences itself as pure awareness, beyond any self in this world—pure, unpolluted awareness. This is what you begin to see. There are spiritual traditions, such as eastern Buddhism, where they have time-tested techniques and methods for helping people still the mind, until they experience pure consciousness.

Your divine plan

The goal of all true teachers of the East has been to take a student to the point, where he or she experiences pure awareness, pure consciousness. Many of these tools and techniques, many of these systems, are valid and valuable, but they are primarily valid and valuable for the kind of souls, the kind of lifestreams, who tend to embody in the East, and who are more geared towards experiencing life—a devotional form of Yoga.

The lifestreams who primarily embody in the West, are more geared towards an active life. They want to understand, they are more practical realists, who are here not simply to experience but to co-create—not simply to perceive, but to project a higher vision onto the Ma-ter light. If you are born in the West, it is likely because at least in this embodiment you desired to have the experience of not passively perceiving, but of actively co-creating. This is an important realization for those, who are interested in discovering their divine plans, fulfilling those divine plans in this lifetime.

What exactly is a divine plan? It is a plan that is made from a state of consciousness, that is beyond any of the characteristics that are so common among human beings on earth. You do not have the kind of self that you have created over many lifetimes – you do not look at life from inside that kind of self – when you create your divine plan, in co-operation with your spiritual teachers. Your conscious self has stepped outside of the expressive self, that you have created over many lifetimes. You therefore clearly see the limitations of that self. You see where it needs to be improved, but you also see the beliefs that it has come to accept and how those beliefs must be transcended before you can step up to a higher experience, and especially before you can become a true co-creator, who is helping to co-create the kingdom of God on earth instead of some other manifestation.

Do you see what we have said about the Conscious You? The Conscious You cannot stop being conscious, and therefore, the Conscious You cannot stop co-creating. Even if the conscious self identifies itself as the lowest human being on earth, the most self-centered, the most primitive human being on earth – a psychopath who is only out to torture other human beings – even that person is co-creating constantly, by using the mind’s ability to project images upon the Ma-ter light. Those images are low, they are not in any way in alignment with the higher vision for the kingdom of God on earth, but they are still a form of co-creation. Because they are projected onto the Ma-ter light in exactly the same way as a higher image is projected onto the Ma-ter light.

Your conscious self is who it thinks it is. It is who it identifies itself as being, in the sense that it is co-creating through the sense of self that it has at the moment, that it identifies itself with. Whatever images are in the pattern, the structure, of that self, those are the images through which the light of the conscious self are streaming. And those images form the filmstrip of the separate self, that is projected onto the screen of the Ma-ter light.

Do not be fooled by appearances. The highest spiritually evolved person on earth is not co-creating in a fundamentally different way than the person who is the lowest in consciousness. They both have a conscious self that is the open door for the light from the I AM Presence to stream into the material frequency spectrum. They both identify with a certain self, a certain mental box, and they project the light through the images in that mental box. It is only a matter of how pure the sense of self is, how much the sense of self is in alignment with the I AM Presence, or out of alignment with the I AM Presence.

Thus, certainly, a person of high spiritual attainment has a sense of self that is far more in alignment with his or her I AM Presence. As a result of that, there is a greater opening through which the light can stream through the outer consciousness of that person. And thus, that person has far greater powers to self-create, as Jesus demonstrated when he raised the dead, when he healed withered limbs, when he purified the body of leprosy and performed other so-called miracles, that the lowest psychopath on earth could not possible perform. Yet understand that it is the same consciousness in quality, only different in intensity, different in quantity.

A necessary step

When you come to the point, where you desire more, where you desire a higher path, when you come to the awareness, that maybe there is a purpose for your life, maybe you have a plan for your life—and you would like to know that plan, you would like to see with clarity that you might consciously execute that plan. At that point, you need to take one step that is an absolute necessity. You will never discover your divine plan consciously until you become conscious of the mechanism of perception.

Perception is the great trap for the conscious self. Once you have created a separate self, once your conscious self has stepped into that creation, that mental box, and has identified itself with it, then the conscious self will believe, that what it perceives through that mental box is not perception but reality. It is not an image of how reality works—no, it is reality itself. That – right there – is the dividing line between those who can be helped by the ascended masters and those who cannot be helped by the ascended masters. The dividing line is the realization that your perception – your present perception of life – is not the highest possible. It is not the only way to look at life.

What is the reality, that we have explained over and over again in dictations, what is the one thing we have expressed, explained? It is that you are currently in a lower state of consciousness than the ascended masters, and in order to pass through the nexus, that leads you to the ascended state, you need to raise your consciousness. You need to purify your consciousness from human elements, that cannot fit through the opening.

How many times have we said this in different ways? How difficult is it to understand the connection between your current state of consciousness and your perception? How difficult is it to fathom, that because you are in a lower state of consciousness – which I trust you recognize – because of that, your perception is not pure. It cannot be pure. If it was pure, you would not be in a lower state of consciousness, for your lower state of consciousness is like a pair of colored glasses, that color your perception, because your conscious self is seeing through those colored gasses. And thus, everything you see in this world, is colored by your state of consciousness, your mental box.

This is the very key realization that catapults a person into the realms, where we of the ascended masters take notice and say: “Ah, there is a student we can work with.” Take note, that finding an ascended master teaching, becoming a member of an outer organization, giving decrees or rosaries for hours and hours, all of this will not in itself qualify you to be a student, that we of the ascended masters can work with directly on inner levels. Many of the members of spiritual organizations are not ready for an inner, direct relationships with us—that is why they are in the outer organization and attached to the outer teachings. That is why they cannot or will not look beyond the teaching, to hear us, to experience our Presence directly.

Become a true student by questioning your perception

What, then, will it take to become a true student—a student who can begin to grasp your divine plan in a conscious manner, instead of fulfilling that divine plan in a non-conscious way, as many of you have indeed done? Many of those who are indeed members of spiritual organizations are so, because they have followed their divine plan in important details in their life. With the big important decisions, they have felt some guidance that enabled them to make the right choice. Only they have not seen the big picture, they have not seen their plan, they have not understood why they had to make that choice, why it was so important. They have not understood what they were meant to learn from a given situation, although in many cases you have learned it anyway through the school of hard knocks.

Yet those who are willing to graduate from the school of hard knocks, what is it you must do, what is it you must see? You must come to the point, where you are willing to question your perception. Where you are willing to say: “Beloved Jesus, beloved Mother Mary, Beloved Great Divine Director, beloved Saint Germain, beloved Master MORE” – whichever master you feel is close to your heart, you must say: “Teach me, show me what I cannot see with my current perception, with my current state of mind. Part the veil, created by my current perception, so that I may see beyond it and see that I am more, that truth is more, that Spirit is more, that you as an ascended master are more than the image I have of you right now. For I would know you in spirit and in truth, not according to some image that is limited by my current perception.”

Why do you think so many masters have said: “I AM MORE than this?” Because it is time, for those of you who are ready, to step up and realize that as we are more, so you are more. You are more than your perception. But you will not see that you are more than your perception, until you open your mind and recognize: “There is something I do not see. My perception is colored by my current state of consciousness, even by my sex, my race, my religion, my background, my nationality.”

Even your analytical linear mind can help you see that your perception is colored, if you look at how you were brought up to look at life a certain way, according to your religion, your political system, your race, your nationality or what have you. And you realize, when you meet other people who have grown up in a different environment, that they look at life slightly – or perhaps very – differently from the way you were brought up to look at it. And this, then, helps you realize, that your way of looking at the world was simply one way—not the only way, not necessarily the only truth.

How will you ever know truth, the real truth? Only when you recognize, that what you see as truth right now is not the ultimate truth. It is something that is colored by your perception, it is a mental image. That is the beginning of wisdom, that is the beginning of the spiritual path, where you can be guided by the ascended masters. And where you can begin to part the veil, so that you can see your divine plan consciously, start to fulfill it consciously, start to flow with the River of Life. Instead or fumbling around in the dark, sometimes hitting your divine plan, but many times missing important opportunities, that you do not see, because you only see what you want to see, what your ego wants you to see or what you, as a conscious self, want to experience.

How do you ascend?

I have released a decree that unlocks my causal body for those who are willing to know me as the Great Divine Director, as a cosmic being, as a crystalline structure that reaches all the way to God, to the Creator, to the Central sun, to the white cube between Alpha and Omega. Yet the decree itself is no guarantee, that those who give it, even those who give it many times, will part the veil. You must be willing to fulfill the Omega requirement—to recognize the limitations of perception. You must be willing to see beyond it, to see something you have never seen before, to see something your ego does not want you to see, to see something that your peers may not want you to see—because they do not want to lose you, they do not want you to rise above them, they do not want you to boldly go, where no man has gone before, as they say.

Do you not see, that the only way we of the ascended masters can help you is if you are willing to see what you do not see? What is divine direction? Is it a straightjacket? Is it so, that if you choose that you want divine direction, I require you to give your free will to me, so that you become like a robot or a puppet on a string that I direct?

Do you think I sit up here as some dictator, who wants to take over your free will and tell you what to do in every step in your daily life? “Buy this clothes, do this, eat this, don’t eat that, go here, go there.” Do you think a cosmic being wants to micromanage you and take over your free will? Do you think that taking over your free will, will ever help you grow on the spiritual path? How can taking over your free will possibly help you take the one step that is necessary for you to ascend, to become an adept, to become a master—namely to take full and final responsibility for your own state of mind, for your own use of your free will?

How can forcing you possibly help you take responsibility for yourself? You cannot be forced to take responsibility for yourself—if that was the case, then the devil himself would long ago have forced every human being to ascend. For that is his aim—to prove that you can indeed ascend through force. But it cannot be done, or the devil himself would have ascended, but he has not, and he never will, because you cannot ascend through force, you cannot be forced to ascend.

You can ascend only by being willing to take responsibility for yourself, by recognizing that your perception is polluted by your mental box, by your personal drama, by the epic dramas that you have come to accept. Those epic dramas are created by the devil himself to keep you trapped in a lesser state of consciousness, so that you will never be able to grasp the reality, that you are more than that separate self, that thinks it has to fight in the epic drama.

You are MORE than any sense of self created in this world, because you are pure consciousness. If you are a sense of self that has any worldly characteristics, then you can never, YOU can never transcend this world. But you CAN transcend this world, as proven by those who have ascended before you. But what ascends? It is not the worldly self. No man shall ascend back to heaven, save he that descended from heaven. And the man that descended from heaven is the conscious self, the pure awareness.

Yet, when you ascend back to heaven by becoming aware of your self as that pure awareness, you are also aware of your experiences in the world of form. And thus, you are more when you ascend than you were when you descended, yet you are not different from what you were when you descended, you are more of it. More of that essential quality with which you were endowed, your individuality anchored in your I AM presence.

What is divine direction?

Thus, I am a cosmic being, I AM one with the flame of divine direction, but what is divine direction? It is not a specific instruction, to do this or to that, to believe this or to believe that. Divine direction is a living stream of consciousness. You have heard that I was the personal guru of Saint Germain, but I was not Saint Germain’s first guru. He had other gurus, before he rose to a level of consciousness, where he was willing to recognize the limitations of his own perception. And that is when he was able to take advantage of the divine direction that I gave him. For you have heard it said, that Saint Germain ascended by making one million right decisions. Well, those were not decisions where I told him “Do this,” and he chose to obey blindly. Those were decisions where he faced a choice, whereby in the outer mind there was no telling what was right or wrong.

And thus, he tuned in – in his inner being – to the Presence that I am, to the stream of consciousness that I am. And thus, he read the vibration that I am, and through that reading of the vibration, he was able to know that what seemed like two possible choices to the outer mind, neither of those choices was the right choice. They represented only one extreme and another extreme on the dualistic scale of consciousness. And thus, through locking in to divine direction, he was able to see a third option, that he could not see before. And he knew, that that was the right choice in that particular situation.

Do you see the essential key here? When you are facing a situation in this world, where you  think, “I have to choose between two polarities, two extremes, two causes of action,” then, if your perception is polluted, you will look at that situation through your perception. Your perception will be supreme to your mental state, you will think your perception is accurate. And therefore, you will make a choice based on that perception—and therefore you will choose one of the dualistic extremes. Because with your polluted perception, you will not be able to see anything beyond those two dualistic polarities. And thus, any choice you make will not be the highest possible choice.

You may still learn from it, but you learn through the school of hard knocks, not through the school of divine direction. For you have not even entered the school of divine direction, for you have not been willing to look beyond your perception and tune in to my Presence. You do not tune in to my Presence by saying “Great Divine Director, should I do this or should I do that.” For I am a cosmic being who is not in the state of duality.

So do not come to me and ask me for direction on what specifically you should choose. Instead, come to me and ask me: “Beloved Great Divine Director, show me your true Presence. I would know your flow of consciousness, I would be one with that flow of divine direction, I would follow that stream of divine direction up through the crystalline pyramid structure that you are, until I may sit on the white cube between Alpha and Omega and thus have the cosmic perspective on my situation on earth. So that I may then see what I do not see now, that I may grasp the real choice, the Christ choice in this situation. The Christ choice that is beyond the dualistic extremes—that I recognize are created by my perception, the perception that springs from my dramas, even colored by the epic dramas of the fallen consciousness, the consciousness of anti-Christ, that will make me think I only have two options, that are both defined by duality. Great Divine Director, part the veil that I may see beyond duality and see truly the clarity of divine direction.”

The false masters and their false students

That my beloved, is when I can help you. That is when I can be your guru—when you are willing to see the fallacy, the bias, the duality of your own perception—that you have been so sure was accurate. You are willing to endure the shock of suddenly seeing how limited your perception was, how biased it was, how inaccurate it was, how far away it was from the ascended master perspective, from Christ reality. This can be a severe shock. And when you start the process of parting the veil, you will go through many of these shocks.

This willingness to endure the shock of having your perception questioned, having your perception revealed as being inaccurate, this is the hallmark of a student of the true ascended masters. In contrast, there are those who only look for confirmation that their perception is accurate—who only want to hear what confirms what they want to see, and that what they want to see is the absolute truth, even divine direction. Such are not students, students of the ascended masters. They are students of the false hierarchy, those who parade themselves as ascended masters and promise you, that they can take you to heaven, without you having to take the beam from your own eye, the beam of polluted perception, that makes you see reality in a certain way—and think that this is reality and not just some mental image, that you have put before the real God.

There are myriad of these false hierarchy impostors. There are even those, several of them, who portray themselves as the Great Divine Director. But if you will look at them with the inner sight – if you will read their words, if you will read their vibration – you will see that they are not clear. They are murky, they are hazy, there is something hidden, something you cannot see. And they will project onto you, that you cannot see it because your consciousness is not pure, and this is why you should blindly follow their direction. But I tell you: It is a lie!

Your conscious self is capable – this instant – of tuning in to the Presence of the real ascended masters—if you are willing to recognize that your perception, the perception of your outer mind, is just that: perception. And if you will reach beyond it, your conscious self can have that experience of pure awareness, that experience of the pure awareness of the ascended masters.

I am not a murky being. There is nothing hidden. I have no desire to hide anything from you. When you tune in to my Presence, you can see all that I am, you can see every aspect of my crystalline structure. There is nothing hidden to you, and if you are willing to follow the stream of my consciousness, you can go all the way to the Central sun—and beyond it to the Creator itself. Nothing is hidden from you in divine direction, and if you think it is, you are not dealing with divine direction.

If there is something murky, something hidden, something that is anger, fear, then it is not divine direction. How can there be anger in divine direction? Do you think that my vibration right now is one of anger, or do you think it is one of reality, where I am simply cutting through the density of your consciousness—therefore giving you an opportunity to attune to my Presence, if you are willing?

Surely, you can sit there with your polluted perception, and you can project an image onto me, onto my word, onto my vibration. You can see it as anger, you can see it as an attempt to induce fear into your being, but it is simply reality. Reality that gives you a sense of co-measurement, of what is real, what is the real vibration of an ascended master, what is the real vibration of a cosmic being. For I am the Great Divine Director, I AM a cosmic being, I AM PURE, I AM REAL.

You, your conscious self, is real, and you can know that I am real, if you are willing to look beyond the perception that is polluted, that is not real. Are you willing to know me as I am, or will you be satisfied with an imitation, that tells you what you want to hear? That affirms for you that: “Oh sure, your perception is real—certainly the way you see things is real.” If that is what you want, I bow in full respect to your free will. I am content to let you project any images upon this release that you wish to project.

Give a novena to me

But from now on, I shall address only those who are willing to go beyond their perception, who are willing to know their divine plans. For I have come with an offer. If you are willing to know your divine plan, then do a novena to me. Use my decree, give it 14 times a day, listen to this dictation if you will – or listen to just a part of it as you have time – to tune in to my vibration, that is truly flowing as a crystalline structure through these words. Tune in to my presence. Give the decree, and then sit with a notebook and a clean white page, and write down whatever comes to you, whatever comes to you without analyzing, without judging, without evaluating. Write, and let it flow.

If you will do this for 33 days, you will have a different perspective on yourself, on your life, on the spiritual path and on your divine plan. What will be revealed, will be in accordance with your willingness to see beyond your current perception and to recognize the limitations of perception, to recognize the mechanism whereby you need to reach beyond your current mental state, beyond the perception that springs from a higher mental state, that is your etheric, your identity level, outlook at life. Be willing to see the deeper approach to life that you have, and then be willing to see beyond it, to see its limitations, to see, that there is a different way to look at life—a Christ way to look at life. A way that is so far beyond the human way, that the outer mind cannot fathom it. But the conscious self can experience it, can be one with it, can see through it. And thus, you can then express it through your outer mind and your physical body. You can live it, you can co-create that higher reality, but first you must tune in to it and experience it, and know that this is the real you.

And thus, my release is complete, your cups are running over. Some of you, if you are honest, will notice that even some time ago your chakras were so filled, that they could not handle any more light, and thus you experienced various kinds of discomforts and you just wanted this to end. There are even those who will not be able to listen to the entirety of this release, for the light will stir up their own substance, will stir up their unwillingness to look beyond their perception, and thus they simply had to stop, for they cannot take it any more.

The school of hard knocks is not a pleasant place to be. We offer you an alternative. If you will take me up on my offer, I will give you a sense of divine direction. But you must be willing to look beyond your desire to have your current belief system, your current world view, even your current perception, confirmed. And I must warn you also, that if you will know true divine direction, you must transcend any desire, any need, to use any form of divination, any form of mechanical device that supposedly gives you answers, especially devices or techniques that give you “yes” or “no” answers. For “yes” and “no” should be clearly seen as being in the realm of duality.

But any device, any technique, where you ask questions and seek answers should be recognized as being limited by your questions. And your questions are the products of your current mental state and perception. So how can you ask questions beyond your mental state and perception? The simple reality is that you cannot, and therefore the answers you get through such techniques cannot take you beyond your mental state and your perception. And thus, there is a great risk, that they will simply solidify your mental state and your perception, until you believe it is the only form of perception. It is the highest perception, the only truth, and that is when you are truly stuck in a catch-22, where you cannot tune in to anything beyond the mental box, that has now become like a bank vault, that is impenetrable to anything from the spiritual realm.

I, the Great Divine Director, cannot for very long work with a mind, that is not willing to question its perception, but wants mechanical answers from the realm of duality. How can such a mind fathom the crystalline structure that I am, the stream of consciousness that I AM, the soundless sound, produced by the crystalline structure and sent as a flowing stream of consciousness to the entire cosmos?

Ah, this is beyond the music of the spheres. It is a sound so delicate, so beautiful, so moving to those who are willing to attune, that it will lift you up on wings of angels, so to speak. And you will float upwards on that soundless sound, tuning in to ever higher expressions of it, being lifted by it, up through the crystalline structure. You may think for a while that at the top, will be some clearly defined form, some clearly defined being, that is the Great Divine Director. But when you come to the very top, to the very apex of the pyramid, you are no longer looking up. You turn around and you look at the entire structure, and you realize that it is the entire structure that is the Great Divine Director, every level of it, every part of it, for it is a whole, an indivisible whole—and that is divine direction. You may be part of that divine direction, but only if you know pure awareness, know yourself as the nexus between the Creator and its creation.

Divine direction is a flame of such beauty that, untold eons ago, I fell in love with it. I too was an individual being, I too had a localized self-awareness. I was not in embodiment on earth or even in the material universe, not even in your sphere; it was in a higher sphere. But I had raised my consciousness until I could hear this beautiful sound, like a homing beacon calling me home. And as I meditated upon it, merged with it and followed it, I recognized it as the flame of divine direction, the vibration of divine direction, the stream of divine direction. And I decided, that I wanted to know every aspect, every possible expression of divine direction. And so, I merged myself with it, until I transcended the stage of an individualized being and attained the level of consciousness of a cosmic being, holding the office, the flame, the vision of divine direction for an entire cosmos. Yet being able to manifest my Presence at any point in that crystalline structure that stretches throughout the cosmos.

Certainly, there are pockets of such density, that no being inside of it can tune in to divine direction. Yet divine direction is beyond time and space and is thus everywhere present. You are a conscious self. If you will look beyond your perception and your mental state and tune in to the pure awareness that you are, then that pure awareness can also tune in to divine direction. And you can know me even as you are known by me. For the knower and the known become one in the gnosis, that is the oneness between Creator and creation, between the masculine and feminine aspect of God. Where those who are in a Mother realm, in the realm of expression, awaken to know themselves as extensions of the Father. And thus, in them, Father and Mother are one. Be sealed, my beloved in the gift of divine direction—if you will follow it all the way home. For I am home.


Copyright © 2009 by Kim Michaels