Knowing the will of God in the Year of the Mother

TOPICS: Are you looking at reality or an image? – What is mastery? – You think you need to know ahead of time what is the right decision – The race between the masters and their students – The illusion of the ultimate truth – Transcending the need to raise up yourself – Knowing the will of God as the will of God is – Understanding non-decisions – Why the devil cannot judge the Christ –

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Ascended Master Master MORE, January 5, 2011 through Kim Michaels.

Are you looking at reality or an image?

Master MORE I am, but how do you Master MORE? Step back now and think about how the human mind has a tendency to create certain images of everything. And then, once you have created that image, you are no longer – as we have now attempted to explain in several ways – you are no longer looking at actual conditions.

For you are only looking at the image, that you have etched on the inside of your glasses, or that you have etched inside the mind. Instead of truly perceiving what is happening in the world, or perceiving what is coming from Above – from your I AM Presence or the ascended masters – you are only perceiving the graven image, that you have set between you and the matter world, and you and the Spirit world. How can we, who are your spiritual guides and teachers, how can we reach you inside your little image bubble—that you are so in love with, that you will only let us in, if we meet the conditions that you have defined?

What is mastery?

So look at the word “mastery.” What does it mean to master something? Well, in human terms it means, that you acquire a certain skill, so that whenever you perform that particular activity, you are guaranteed to produce a certain outcome. What have I just talked about, of how you have surrounded yourself with mechanical devices, that always produce the predefined result, when you push the right buttons. Can you see, that there is a clearly mechanical element in this? Can you then see, that when you look at someone who is a master craftsman or a master sportsman or a master politician, you think that mastery means, that you can always produce a certain result—and often that the master produces a result that is better than other people who have less mastery.

You would think, based on this definition, that a master is someone who is constantly in competition to be ahead of other people, or to live up, as closely as possible, to a predefined ideal. Yet is this true mastery, or is it only mechanical skill? Who is it that can actually attain this mechanical ability to perform a certain result over and over again? Is it not the kind of people, who have been willing to kill the creative flow in their beings, for the sake of being able to mechanically produce a certain result?

Look at sportsmen and women, who train for years in order to be able – competition after competition – to run 100 m in less than 10 seconds. Certainly, they are always striving to break the record and run a little bit faster. And when someone knocks a few hundredths of a second off the old record, then the world is supposed to cheer and see that this was a great result. Or when someone makes a little more money than the person who was previously the richest person or the greatest, so to speak, investor, then that is supposed to be commendable. But is it commendable to be able to produce the same result over and over again, as opposed to bringing forth something new, something that will not reproduce but will be rebirth, where new ideas come forth, new solutions to the problems that seem to have no solution?

Is this not what is true mastery? And so, how do you become the master of MORE? Is it by producing more and more in a mechanical sense, or is it by producing more and more within a certain framework, such as running 100 m faster and faster but still doing the exact same activity? Or making more and more money by investing the same way as others have done? Nay, this is not the mastery of MORE, that I am. I did not become Master MORE, the Chohan of the first ray, by being better and better at doing a mechanical skill. Nor did I become the chohan of the first ray by being better than Jesus, or Kuthumi or Saint Germain.

We of the ascended masters do not compare ourselves, for how can you compare uniqueness? I became Master MORE, I won my ascension as El Morya, by becoming the open door. Master MORE, is always the open door. How do I know what the Spirit will bring forth through me one second from now? Do I need to know? Nay, I do not need to know.

You think you need to know ahead of time what is the right decision

Do you need to know what the Spirit will bring forth through you one second or one day or one week from now? Yes, you do; you do need to know. For in your mind you have a graven image of how the Spirit should or should not express itself through you or anyone else. And so, you want to make sure, that the Spirit will live up to that graven image, before you open the door in your mind to the flow of the Spirit. And that, my beloved, is why I am Master MORE and you are not Master MORE, or the master of any God quality. Because you still worship the graven image in your mind, instead of worshiping your I Will Be Who I Will Be Presence, that wants to express itself through you every moment, and BE MORE through you. This is the only difference between you and I.

If you look at my embodiments, only some of which are known, you will see, that I too had mental images in my mind, to which I was at times very attached. Look, for example, at my embodiment as Thomas More. Read just a few of the books, read a little history, about that embodiment. And you will see a person who was very attached to certain ideas and beliefs, even to the point of being willing to persecute others for their religious beliefs being different than my own. Even being willing to use the power that I had to send them to the scaffold, as I ended up going to the scaffold myself. Again, partly because of an attachment to an idea.

This is not to say, that there are not times, when you need to take a stand for an idea. But the stand must be taken based on true perception, and not based on the mental image you have in your mind. Did I, as Thomes More, have true perception? Nay, I had partially true perception, but I did not have the fully clear perception. And thus, even though I did take a stand, I did not win my ascension after that embodiment but had to embody again several times in order to purify my perception, in order to let go of the mental images, that I had created of what it means to take a stand for the will of God.

Was it the will of God, that I was so inflexible that I ended up being executed? Was that the will of God, or was that my own will through my partially colored perception? Well, read the story of that lifetime and then go within and ask me to show you, when you know more about the actual circumstances, what exactly was the will of God and what was not.

So many people on this earth have created an idolatrous image of what is the will of God, that there is no way that the real Creator, the Living God, or any of his representatives in the ascended masters, could communicate to them what is God’s true will. Even if the Creator spoke to them out of a burning bush, they would not be open—unless the Creator’s words conformed to their mental images. You see this in many who look at our words and reject them because they do not live up to their predefined conditions.

The race between the masters and their students

This is, indeed, the race, if you will, that we of the ascended masters have been engaged in since we have been able to release teachings on this planet in a more direct form. The question is simple: We release a teaching. It attracts a certain amount of students. They are attracted to the teaching because it resonates with something within them. Yet, if these students had already had clear perception, they would have ascended and therefore would not have needed the teaching. So the very fact that they have not ascended means, that they do not have entirely pure perception. They have a partially pure perception, which is what allows them to recognize the teaching. But then the real question is: will they use the teaching to purify their perception and give up all their graven images? Or will they use the teaching to reinforce certain of their graven images, especially the images that make themselves seem somehow superior to other people?

Take note of what I said. There is the concept of mastery being someone who can do something better than other people or who have understood more than other people. And there are many of those who have found ascended master teachings, who have a partial perception, a graven image, where they have a need to see themselves as being in some way superior to the average person on this planet. And so, these people use the ascended master teachings to reinforce that image. And the more profound the teaching is, the more complex the teaching is, the more these people will think, that they are surely superior to those who cannot understand the teaching.

We are seeking to always stay ahead of our students and their ability to use one teaching to create a mental image, that prevents them from moving on, as our expression and as our flow of the Spirit moves on. Read again Jesus’ latest dictation on what it means to be the Living Christ. You are not here to validate peoples’ egos or mental images; you are here to shake them out of their mental box by challenging their perception.

The illusion of the ultimate truth

So many people have become attached to another mechanical idea – another satanic idea – namely that there is some ultimate truth, that can be given through a specific teaching, or religion, or scientific method. There is no ultimate truth, that could ever be given on earth, for as long as the earth has not ascended, how can ultimate truth be expressed here? As long as there is a gap between your perception and reality, how can there be given an ultimate truth? And when there is no longer a gap between your perception and reality, you have no need for an outer teaching expressed in words, for now you are experiencing reality directly within yourself—so what is the need for an outer teaching.

Even if we gave a teaching through one messenger and organization, and even if that teaching was very pure and very valid, it does not mean, that the teaching was or could ever be the ultimate teaching that could be given. For if a large number of students took the teaching and used it to reinforce their mental images, well, then what would we have to do? We would have to give another teaching, that would challenge the former teaching we had given, even though that former teaching was valid. We would still have to challenge it, in order to shake people out of the mental boxes, that were now slowing down or aborting their progress, rather than doing its intended purpose of speeding up their progress.

For what is progress? It is that you transcend your mental boxes, that you become the open door by letting go of your mental images. If you are not letting go of your mental images, then you are perverting the teaching. It does not matter how pure the teaching is. You have created your own mental image of the teaching, and it is a perverted image. For the reality is, that the true goal of any ascended master teaching is not to get you to focus on the teaching, but to get you to embody the teaching to the point, where you have attained such attunement with the beings who gave the teaching, that you no longer need the teaching or an outer messenger. For, as I have already said, you are now the open door.

Transcending the need to raise up yourself

This is what Jesus also talked about. There comes a point, where you attain a certain level of Christhood, where you do not want to raise yourself up further. For your goal is now to raise up others. This is a very important turning point, a very subtle turning point, that very, very few have actually attained.

You can take two approaches, and if you are honest you might find reason here to look at yourself and learn something important about yourself. Those of you who are open to me speaking through this messenger might find, that when you listen to or read the teachings given through my new messenger, who is the female counterpart of this messenger, you might find that your mind is evaluating or analyzing: Does this sound like what we are used to?

This is a sign that you have used the teachings given through this messenger to build a mental image, or at least reinforce a mental image you have had all along. And this should give you cause for concern, for it is precisely this kind of mental analysis and evaluation that is what Jesus called the “judging after the appearance.” For you are not judging righteous judgment by perceiving what is, you are only perceiving your mental image, that you have overlaid on everything in the material world or everything that is coming from the Spirit world.

This, my beloved, will not get you through the initiations of the Year of the Mother. There are two ways you can go in this coming year. You can make a conscious decision, that you are willing to look for the mental images that you do not see, because you take them for granted. Or you cannot make this decision, and thereby subconsciously make the decision, that you will seek to hold on to, to cling to, those mental images. The first decision can lead to tremendous growth. The second decision will lead to tremendous strain, and possibly a breakdown of some kind, where you feel like you have lost your grip on reality.

For truly, during this year, many things in the matter realm will be challenged. Many conditions will challenge the graven images that people have. And thus, it will be very difficult for you to hold on to these images. As always – as we have now said several times – the choice is yours. I, of course, have no desire to tell you what to choose. For indeed, I know that the will of God is not that you make a certain choice that produces a certain outcome.

Knowing the will of God as the will of God is

The will of God is that you grow in self-awareness, and any choice you make can bring growth. Even making a choice that leads to strain or suffering, can in the end bring growth. And if you made that choice, then it was because you needed to go through that strain and suffering in order to experience what you needed to experience, before you were ready to let go and transcend the old self-image.

A number of years ago, this messenger went through a period, where he contemplated the will of God. At the time, he had an inner conflict, because he had all of his life felt, that there were certain decisions that he had to make. Yet because he had heard certain teachings about the will of God, he had created the mental image, that perhaps his own decisions were not right or were not the highest possible. And therefore, he had come to the point, where he was – reluctantly – willing to submit himself to the will of this external God, that he had a graven image of. An image that was created not exclusively because of certain teachings, but because of the traditional monotheistic image of the angry being in the sky.

He did not realize consciously, that he was going through a process of having to let go of this mental image of the external God. Yet as he contemplated the will of God – and felt the conflict of not wanting to let go of his own will in order to blindly follow an external authority – he eventually came to a point, where he realized, that a person’s will can be the will of the ego. And so, he decided that because he did not want to make ego-based decisions, he was willing to submit himself without conditions to a higher authority, as he saw it. One day, he came to this experience of completely letting go, of completely surrendering any predefined idea of what his own will should be or what the will of God should be. And so, in this willingness to surrender, he said: “God, show me your will and I will do it.”

And the answer that came to him was this: “What if God wants you to make your own decisions?” This was a complete shock to his being, but instead of rejecting it based on a mental image, he accepted that this was indeed a message from Above, that he needed to internalize. And so, he did what he has done many times in his life. He deliberately surrendered his preconceived opinions and ideas and beliefs. And he seriously pondered the answer that he received. And after some time, he came to a higher resolution than he had before, where he realized, that, yes there is indeed a will of the ego, that you need to learn to see and see through. But there is also a legitimate will of your own, where you truly need to make your own decisions based on the knowledge and the perception you have at any given time. And then, you look at the results of those decisions, and then you learn from that.

He also realized, that in a sense what he had done, was that he had built this image, that if he submitted to the will of the external God, then he could do nothing wrong—if he always followed this will of the external God. And he then realized that this was actually not true surrender to the will of God. For it was simply the easy way out; the easy way out for a student who has begun to realize, that his will is partially colored by the ego, but he has not yet attained the Christ discernment to see what is the coloring of the ego and what is not.

It seems difficult to part the veil of Maya and to know what is right and what is not right. And so, it seems easier – in order to avoid making mistakes – to just say to the external deity: “”Tell me what is your will, so I can do that.” And do you see how this ties in with what I said about the mechanical mastery? For so many students think, that if only they follow the will of God or the will of an ascended master, then they will always do the right thing and produce the right result. But what is the right result? Is it that you produce a particular outcome here on earth? Or is it that you grow in self-awareness?

What does it matter to the process of your ascension, or to the process of the ascension of the planet or the entire material universe, that you produce a particular result in a particular situation? Do you really think, that the decisions you make in certain situations in your life here on earth have an impact on the entire universe? Nay, it is not a particular outcome – whether you do this or do that, whether you run 100 m in 9.1 seconds, whether you marry this person or divorce that person or take this job or lose that job – these are not the things that matter in your ascension. What matters is how your consciousness shifts as you go through certain situations.

It is not the external outcome that is important; it is the internal outcome. If a situation reinforces your mental image, then that situation did not help your growth, regardless of the external outcome. But even if the situation has a seemingly wrong or undesirable external outcome, but the internal result is that it shifts your frame of reference and purifies your perception, well then that situation was a success in terms of bringing you closer to your ascension.

This is what this messenger realized: that there are many decisions in life that he had to make himself. Because it was the only way for him to grow in self-awareness. If he had a booming voice from heaven telling him what to do, and he did it, what would he learn from that? And so, there are many of those, who have been students of the ascended masters for years or decades, who have still not come to the point, where you are willing to make your own decisions and take responsibility for your state of mind, or the way you react to the outcome of those decisions. And even then go beyond and take responsibility for the state of mind with which you make your decisions.

Understanding non-decisions

What did I say earlier through my female messenger? I said that you must be willing to be creative, to experiment, rather than always seeking to just push the button and produce a mechanical result. If you want to know ahead of time what the results of your decision will be, then you are not in the right frame of mind as a student of the ascended masters. There are many times, where you are in a particular situation on earth, where you have a particular perception of the situation, and where you simply need to make a decision based on that perception—and then learn from the outcome. For that is how you grow—by experimenting.

Of course, as you experiment, you will learn to make better and better decisions. But if you do not experiment, how can you learn to make better decisions? If you stand there, still, paralyzed, out of your fear of making a mistake, and you say, subconsciously: “Oh, I will not make that decision now. I will go study the teachings of the ascended masters and give decrees or rosaries. And then, hopefully, one day I will know what is the right decision before I make it.” Well, this is your right to take this approach, but then you have essentially said to me, Master MORE: “Don’t bother me now, Master MORE. Let me give my decrees and study the outer teachings; don’t try to tell me something from within. For am not willing to hear it; I am not willing to be your student, for I am not willing to experiment with the creative flow.”

You see, my beloved, there is a delicate balance to be found. We have talked about you being the open door for the I Will Be Presence, expressing itself through the lens of the Conscious You. We have talked about the Conscious You becoming a clear pane of glass by experiencing pure awareness, so that it knows it is not the outer personality, the separate self. But how do you come to that point of being the open door? You come to that point only by experimenting, by making decisions. You see, making a decision and learning from it is better than making no decision.

The concept I wish to introduce to you here is, that there are decisions and there are non-decisions. A non-decision is where you want to know ahead of time what the outcome will be or what is the right decision. And therefore, you are not willing to simply make a decision and experience the outcome. You want to postpone the decision until you know what the outcome will be, so that if you do not want to experience a certain outcome, you can either refuse to make a decision or make a different decision. This is a non-decision, and you do not grow spiritually by making non-decisions. You think you are not making a decision, but you are making a decision. It is just that it is a non-decision, which postpones your growth. People who make non-decisions are not students of the ascended Master MORE, nor any other ascended master.

You will know, of course, that the first ray is the ray of the will of God. What is the will of God? It is that you make your own decisions, for it is by making decisions, that you learn and grow and expand your self-awareness. So you will not move further on the spiritual path until you master the initiations of the first ray. And you will not master the initiations of the first ray, until you stop making non-decisions and become willing to make true decisions, where you make a decision regardless of whether you know the outcome, or even if you know that the outcome might not be pleasant.

For, or course, I acknowledge that there are situations on earth, where it will seem like any decision you make will have an undesirable outcome, and thus you would rather not do anything. But you see, as I have just attempted to explain, any outcome is a potential for learning, so what does it matter whether it is pleasant or not, according to the standard, the mental image, you have created for what is pleasant or not? If something brings you closer to your ascension, does it really matter whether it was pleasant or not at the moment? For certainly, it will be pleasant when you walk through that gate into the ascended state, and I and other ascended masters will be there to greet you; not any longer as our student but as our brother and sister of Spirit. For you have become what we are, and that is the ultimate joy and the ultimate experience you can have at the end of your sojourn on earth.

But you will not get there without making decisions, where you take responsibility for the decision, for making the decision based on what you know now, and then you take responsibility for evaluating the result, not the outer result but the effect it has on your consciousness. What will help you grow is that every time you make a decision, you evaluate: “What is my reaction and what does my reaction show me about my state of consciousness?”

If you react to a certain decision by condemning yourself because the result was not pleasant, or did not live up to some outer standard, well, then you can use that reaction to see, that you have taken on some worldly standard. And you have taken on the satanic tendency to judge yourself based on an external standard. Instead of being willing to be the Christ, for which there, is as Jesus said, no standard.

Why the devil cannot judge the Christ

Do you see, that the devil cannot judge the Christ, for the devil can only judge – as anyone can only judge – by having a standard, by creating a standard? And a Christed being is one who has transcended all standards, all graven images. And so, when the devil comes to tempt you – by wanting you to live up to a certain standard – then you do not accept the judgment projected at you by the devil, perhaps through other people, perhaps even through those closest to you. But you can, in your own mind, say: “Get thee behind me, Satan, for you have nothing in me.”

Any decision you make can show you something about your reaction. And when your reaction is not in peace, you know that the only thing that can take away your peace is, that you have some standard in your being. And then, you should know, as an ascended master student, that any such standard will keep you out of heaven. For it is precisely one of the more subtle satanic lies, that you will get to heaven only by living up to a standard defined on earth. And as long as you think, that you will get to heaven only by living up to a standard defined on earth, then you will not be able to step through the door that leads to heaven.

For the door that leads to heaven is the door that no man can shut. No standard on earth can shut the door and keep you out of heaven. But how can you go through the open door to heaven? Only when you become the open door, so that you have no standard to which you are attached. And then your openness allows you to pass through the open door to heaven. For only those who are open – who have become as little children – can pass through the door to the spiritual realm.

The oldest lie, promoted by so many religions, is, that you will get to heaven only by living up to a certain standard defined by that religion. It is one of the most successful plots applied by the fallen beings to keep people from attaining their ascension, or from manifesting and expressing their Christhood while still in embodiment. This Year of the Mother is a unique opportunity for you to question, whether you have such a standard to which you are attached. Those who will honestly question this, can experience a fundamental shift in their consciousness. And thus, they can truly begin to express their Christhood during this year. These are the kind of students that I am looking for. Will you be one of them? The choice is yours!


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