Knowing the true purpose of democracy

TOPICS: When people think their government is good enough – The responsibility to protect the people – The right to freedom from exploitation – Democracy and power elites – A benevolent power elite – What is the purpose of democracy? – Exploitation by disinformation – Public debate about exploitation – Programmed to accept limitations – How can people accept the golden age? – The real goal of democracy – Why elites cannot rule – What kind of beings are we? – Universal spirituality that unites people – The most severe form of exploitation –

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, June 2nd, 2017, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given at a conference in Holland

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain. It is my privilege and my choice to be the primary ascended master working with earth for these next 2,000 years. My beloved, in my ongoing unfoldment of the vision I hold for the golden age, and how the golden age can be brought about, I wish to bring to your attention a topic that is of quite large importance.

When people think their government is good enough

Now, one of the primary shifts in consciousness that happened in most democratic nations when they became democracies was that people in general started having more faith in their governments. They started having the sense that their governments were not out to dominate them, to abuse them, to enslave them, to take advantage of them. They started having a sense that they were living in a more benevolent time, a more benevolent society, where there was not the obvious abuse and enslavement that they had known in the past. This of course is a positive and necessary development. There is, however, a downside of everything when it comes to the human consciousness, the consciousness of duality, and its uncanny ability to take everything into an unbalanced state.

What has happened in many, especially of the older democracies, is that there has developed this consciousness that has become very powerful and often takes over the minds of those people who are part of the democratic government, whether they are among the elected representatives, the bureaucracy, the media, the educational system, whatever. This consciousness is that these people, who are the leaders of democratic societies, basically believe that what they are doing now is good enough. They are fulfilling their responsibility towards the people by ensuring a somewhat peaceful and stable society and a stable economy, and so forth and so on. The perception is that as long as a democratic society is functioning reasonably well according to the standard, then the leaders are fulfilling their obligation and their responsibility towards the people.

Now, what is the standard you are using to judge whether a democracy is functioning well? Well, it is often that you look at other democracies. You look at the history of democracy and, of course, you look at societies that do not have a democratic form of government, and they may not have the same freedoms that you supposedly have in a democratic society. Based on this comparison, then people say: “Well, our democracy is doing quite well, isn’t it?” And the other people say: “Yes, yes, we are doing quite well compared to how it was before we had democracy and compared to this other nation.” You build this sense that what you have done is good enough.

The responsibility to protect the people

What I would like to point out to you is that, when I look at the state of democratic nations, I see very clearly that there is not a single democratic government that is anywhere near to fulfilling its responsibility towards its people. Why is this so, my beloved? It is because it is the responsibility of a government to protect the people. Well, we should say this is one of the responsibilities, but it certainly is a primary responsibility.

You think that, if you have some kind of army, if there is not war and the threat of war, if you have a police force, if you have various services in terms of health, and so on, if you have an educational system, this is good enough. But is that truly protecting the people? Well it is, but is it sufficient protection? We need to step up here and recognize that there has always been two kinds of evil on earth. One is the obvious one that everyone sees and sees as evil. The other is a hidden one that most people do not see. We have the more obvious forms of evil, and most democratic nations think they are protecting their people against those, and many of them are to a large degree. How many democratic nations have honestly and openly acknowledged the hidden forces of evil, and have acknowledged that they are not protecting their people against them? How can you protect your people against something that you don’t even know exists, and you don’t understand the nature of it and therefore, what chance do you have? How could you protect your people against cholera before you knew that there is a bacteria that creates this disease?

The right to freedom from exploitation

I am not at this point envisioning that most people in the democratic world are ready to step up and consciously acknowledge the teaching that we have on fallen beings and dark forces. Naturally, the gap between the understanding that people have been given, either from materialism or Christianity, is very large. But there are universal aspects of our teachings that certainly can be grasped. If you look at democracy, you see that a very important idea behind democracy is that all people have certain rights. You have a right to happiness, life, liberty.

What has not so far been defined in any democratic constitution, but which needs to be defined, is that all human beings have the right to live in freedom from exploitation. You will see that democratic nations have, to some degree, freed their people from the more obvious forms of exploitation. You do not have a dictatorial leader who has a right to kill anyone he wants. There is a rule of law, there is a certain protection against the abuse of power. There is a certain protection against being exploited by other people for various purposes. But these are not the only forms of exploitation. They are only the forms that have been recognized by society or by people at large.

It is necessary for the golden age to be manifest that there is a rising awareness that there are many more subtle forms of exploitation that are being imposed upon the people. I will therefore attempt to express this without referring to fallen beings and dark forces, but simply referring to what most people in democratic nations can lock in to, namely that there has throughout history been various power elite groups who have attempted to exploit the people.

Democracy and power elites

It is not so difficult for a critical mass of people to step up and realize that just because you enact a democratic form of government, this does not mean that you automatically get a society that is free from all power elites. This is not difficult to grasp for many, many people who have already started grasping this. What we need to envision, what we need to make calls for, is that they will be raised to a higher vision of this than what they get through the conspiracy theories and various websites that are always trying to be sensationalist. They are often portraying this in such a way that people don’t think they can do anything about these hidden elites that are seeking to manipulate and take over society. The reality of the matter is, of course, that people can indeed do something about any power elite group. But they can do it in only one way: through awareness.

The people cannot free themselves from any power elite until they become aware that the power elite exists, that it has certain intentions, that it has certain methods, and that it has used certain ideas to hide from the people and hide its intentions and methods from the people. Naturally, you have seen in history how people in various nations have become aware of a certain power elite, and they have done what has happened so many times: used violence to defeat the power elite. This, of course, will in no way bring the golden age. Violence and force cannot bring Saint Germain’s Golden Age into manifestation, for it is a golden age based on an entirely higher vision.

We need to step up and recognize that the key to overcoming the power elite, the key to freeing yourself and the people from exploitation by a power elite, is to raise awareness. Why is this so? Why is it not enough to just know that a power elite is there so you can put them all under the guillotine? Well, it is because if you put one power elite under the guillotine, my beloved, another power elite will immediately start forming. Was that not the lesson you can learn from the French Revolution? Was it not the lesson you can learn from many other situations in history?

What will it take for the people to be free from the power elite? It is that you recognize the influence of consciousness. The power elite can never suppress the people only through violence and force. There must be some mental idea, as Mother Mary explained, that is fooling the people into thinking that they cannot do without the elite, or into simply not seeing what the elite is doing. There is always a limited awareness in the people that creates the opening for the power elite to step in and exploit the people. Therefore, raising awareness is the key, but the awareness needs to be raised beyond simply knowing about the power elite.

My beloved, this is also the main reason why most conspiracy theories have no constructive role whatsoever. They attempt to raise people’s awareness as this or that secret conspiracy, but they never raise the awareness further, even if it’s true what they are saying, which it often is not. They never raise the awareness to the point where the people start seeing what is the element of their own consciousness that allows the formation and existence of that elite. This is the vision I am asking you to hold, and of course make the calls that we can enter a spiral where more and more become people become willing to reach for this increased awareness.

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