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TOPICS: Persecution is part of the path to Christhood – A monumental shift in consciousness – Personal relationships with fallen beings – The fallen beings put down women – The sense of ownership over people – Breaking free from fallen beings – The dream of an ultimate argument – You are the one who has to change – The spirit that is your personal cross – Help those who can be helped –

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Ascended Master Jesus, March 30, 2013, through Kim Michaels.

I AM the Ascended Master Jesus Christ, and I wish to give you a different perspective on the Easter story. Instead of focusing on the resurrection, I wish to focus on the fact that I was arrested by the powers that be, the power elite, and that I was imprisoned, that I was humiliated in various ways, that I was judged by them and that I was eventually executed after being tortured.

Persecution is part of the path to Christhood

This is a parallel to what all of you experience when you are in physical embodiment and when you begin to approach your Christhood. It will not, of course, take the same physical form where you will also be nailed to a cross made of wood. It will take some form or other, perhaps not even physical. Perhaps you will be persecuted and crucified in the emotional realm, the mental realm or the identity realm.

There will be some persecution even in the physical. It is simply part of the deal, my beloved, when you volunteer to embody on earth. It has always been so since the fall of this planet and the first fallen beings embodying here for they will attack those who are the Holy Innocents. They will attack those who are the lightbringers, those who dare let their light so shine before men, those who will not hide it beneath the conditions defined by the fallen beings.

These fallen beings form a force on this earth, and in their blindness – their spiritual blindness – they have such spiritual pride and arrogance that they believe they control life. They believe that they can shut out the Christ and the Christ light from this planet. I came 2,000 years ago to prove them wrong, and I did prove them wrong for there was a group of fallen beings that was taken out of embodiment back then, and they will never again embody here.

A monumental shift in consciousness

You may look at Christianity as it has unfolded over the past 2,000 years and you may see that it has not produced millions of people with the same level of Christ consciousness. You may think that even though the fallen beings could not kill me by killing my body, they have still killed my example, they have killed the church, the religion that claims to represent me.

I tell you, it is not so for there are still the 10,000 and the millions more who are ready to manifest Christhood in this embodiment and they are coming ever closer. Some have found the teachings we have given through this and other messengers. Some have known from within or even through a teaching not given directly by the ascended masters.

People are beginning to awaken and realize that we are standing before a monumental shift in consciousness on this planet and that they have a role in it. In order to fulfill that role, they need to transcend that sense of self, they need to transcend themselves, their former limitations and conditions.

Personal relationships with fallen beings

I would give you a deeper teaching than I have given before about how you deal with the fallen beings. There are many of those who volunteered to come to earth with Sanat Kumara, or after Sanat Kumara came, who have volunteered, as Venus explained, to give an opportunity to those who are trapped in the fallen consciousness. Many of the spiritual people on earth have embodied in close relationships with those in the fallen consciousness. It may be parents, spouses, children, family members or people that you otherwise associate with. It is often people where you have a very close physical relationship that can even be a physical dependence.

This is a common scenario because when you are on your last embodiment or close to what is your last embodiment, you want to pass the initiations and you want to pass them quickly. There is no better way to pass the last initiations than to be in such close association in your personal relationships with a fallen being. Not all of you are meant to stand up to the fallen ones in a public setting, as I did. Many of you who have, at least as an initial step, chosen to embody with fallen beings in these close, personal relationships.

What is the key to passing this initiation? Well, first of all it is that you do not allow the fallen beings to change you to the point where you deny your Christhood. You will often have to hold back your Christhood in order to even associate with the fallen beings, but this does not mean that you have to compromise it to the point where you cannot express it—when you have fulfilled divine cycles and you no longer need to be concerned about adapting and maintaining a relationship.

What is the key to moving to the next level of initiation? In many cases you have a deep sense that you are meant to help this other person. You may, over time, begin to see certain patterns in that person’s psychology, and you may see that the person is not willing to look at this, is not able to look at this, and will not acknowledge that he or she has a problem even though you may have demonstrated how you have transcended yourself many times during the course of the relationship. This makes it easy for you to come to that point of thinking that you have to change the other person.

However, if you allow yourself to believe that you need to change a person who is in the fallen consciousness, you are making your own progress and your ascension dependent on the choices of another self-aware being. In fact, we might say that the person in the fallen consciousness is not truly self-aware at the highest definition of that word. Thus, you are making your life dependent on the choices of an unenlightened being who may think that he or she is smart and spiritual, but who is nevertheless trapped in the blindness of the fallen consciousness.

This is something you do not want to do, my beloved. Many of you who are the spiritual people, many of you who have that Holy Innocence buried somewhere deep within your hearts, you need to consider that perhaps it is time for you to look at the people in your circle of influence, to begin to identify who are the ones in the fallen consciousness. You can begin to look at how your relationships with these people have affected yourself, your view of yourself, your view of spirituality, your abilities to express your light, your abilities to do things in the physical.

There is no one in the fallen consciousness who is not trapped in the pattern of wanting to control others, wanting you to be in a co-dependent relationship that you cannot move out of because they have managed to put on you the belief that you are somehow limited, that you should somehow hold yourself back in order to maintain that relationship. They want to keep you trapped, they often even believe that they are the ones who have given you a certain position or a certain ability, and therefore they have some sense of ownership over you.

The fallen beings put down women

Lady Venus has already given instructions in her dictation for the Song of Life Healing Matrix, but I wish to have my say on this also, for it is indeed the initiation that I had to pass during my arrest, my trial, my crucifixion. I myself had taken on several people in the fallen consciousness as my personal disciples, most notably Peter who was an original fallen angel. He was a typical example of those who are so trapped in the fallen consciousness that he believed he could tell the Christ, the embodied Christ, what should or should not happen to me – how I should and should not teach him as my disciple.

This, my beloved, is an important sign to watch out for: How there are people who believe that they are smarter than the ascended masters. They know better than the ascended masters what the masters should say or what they should do, whom they should choose as a messenger, how they should express themselves. This you will find in many spiritual movements.

You will even find it in many religions, where, of course, those who have taken over the Christian religion believe that they have a right to define how the church of Christ should be. They believe that through the fallen consciousness they can determine how they should represent Christ on earth. But you see, they do not represent Christ for I know them not, those who sit in their council meetings, in their elaborate cathedrals and their palaces, and who think they can determine who should represent Christ.

Look at the new pope, my beloved. A good sign is the humility. Yet then look at the fact that he comes from a tradition that still will not allow women to have any position in the church. Ask yourself if those who believe they have a right to put down women can truly be said to represent Christ? Nay. No one who puts down women represents Christ for women are the key to the golden age. Not only women, as a physical sex, but as the representatives of the divine feminine have explained, that all of you see yourselves as part of the divine feminine.

How can you do this if you put down women in a physical way? How can you put down women unless you put down your own femininity? If you do not have balance between the masculine and the feminine, how can you represent Christ? Christ did not come to elevate men by putting down women. Christ came to raise up all so that all might have life and that more abundantly.

The sense of ownership over people

Be careful to recognize the signs of those who have a sense of ownership over you. As long as you conform to their image of how you should be and how the relationship should be, everything is fine. But when you no longer conform, all of a sudden they turn against you from one moment to the next and they become like the angry mob who first welcomed me when I rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, and then at my trial turned against me and cried, “Barabas, Barabas,” preferring a murderer to the embodied Christ.

This is a sure sign of those who have put down the Christ in themselves to such a degree that they think they have the right to put down the Christ in others—not only a right but an obligation. They even think it is doing God’s work that they put down the Christ in others for they think they can own the Christ in this world. Such is their arrogance.

Look at how many examples you will find from world history of how people have suddenly turned. First, they idolize you and turn you into a hero. Then they put you down and demonize you. This flip-flopping from one extreme to the other is a sure sign of the spiritual blindness that can come only from the fallen consciousness. Where else would it come from, my beloved?

When you see people around you who have this tendency, this sense of ownership over you – and when you know that if you do not conform to their standard, then they will attempt to control you and in all ways put pressure upon you in order to come back into the fold, so to speak – when you see this pattern you know whom you are dealing with. What then is the key to being free of such beings?

Breaking free from fallen beings

Well, in the beginning you must break free of the relationship. Often this will mean a physical break-up, but it can also be done by you breaking free in consciousness. There are, of course, some relationships that you cannot break up easily, such as that with parents and children. But you can break free in consciousness by realizing that you are not here to submit to these beings.

I admit that when you first realize that you are not here to submit, it is very easy, and it is almost inevitable, that for a time you go into the opposite extreme and realize that you have to rebel, you have to go against them in order to be free. You even saw this in my own embodiment when I many times engaged the scribes and the Pharisees in heavy debates. I had many of these debates, many more than what you see in the Bible. You saw me overturn the tables on the money changers in the Temple.

Do you not see that in the end, when I was captured by them, when I was put on trial, I said nothing. By then I had begun to realize that it was not my personal role to fight against or rebel against the fallen beings. You are not here to submit, but neither are you here to rebel because either action ties you to an action-reaction game with the fallen beings. You do not want to be in an action-reaction game with them for there is no end to it, no ultimate outcome is possible.

The ultimate outcome is the judgment of Christ, but that happens only when you can meet the fallen beings and their accusations with complete non-attachment. That non-attachment can come from only one place: unconditional love. As long as you have conditions, you cannot be non-attached to the fallen beings. There will be something in you that the prince of this world will use to reach in and grab a hold of you and force you into an action-reaction pattern.

Only when you have let go of your conditions, can you be the open door for the love of God, which then is the ultimate judgment. There is no greater judgment than those who are receiving unconditional love and yet reject it and reject the one who is the open door for it, persecute him, crucify him, kill him, ridicule him, mock him in various ways. Or her, of course, as many Christened beings are women in this age.

The dream of an ultimate argument

You see, my beloved, at my trial I had realized it was not my personal task to convert or change or awaken those in the fallen consciousness. I knew because at that time I had realized that there was nothing I could say that would convince the Sanhedrin, or even the Romans, that would awaken them from their blindness. For several years of my mission I had hoped that there was some way to demonstrate to them some argument that could come up from the Christ mind that would convince them. That is why I engaged with the scribes and Pharisees.

I thought somehow there must be an ultimate argument that will convince these people and help them see how they are out of alignment with the reality that I see through the Christ mind. The Christ mind has no ultimate argument against the mind of anti-christ for in the mind of anti-christ there is no ultimate argument. When you are in the mind of anti-christ, you think that you are God. You think that your definition of good and evil is the ultimate one. As long as you uphold that definition, you can disprove any Christened being who tries to reason with you. You can even disprove an ascended master for you think you know better than the ascended master.

This is the condition of those who are the most trapped in the fallen mind. Your arguments have no effect on them whatsoever for they have no truth in them wherewith the truth of your words can resonate. There is no resonance in them for they have killed truth, they have killed Christ in themselves, thinking they are actually elevated to a superior status.

My beloved, this is what I finally realized shortly before my arrest and trial, and that is why I stood there and did not defend myself. What would have been the outcome of me defending myself? They would only have mocked me and rejected anything that could be said. Yet still, even though I knew that they would execute me, I still thought that until the very end God would send angels to rescue me and demonstrate that a Christened being can win over the fallen beings even here in the physical. I thought that God would show an undeniable sign that those who killed the Christ cannot fail to see what they have done.

Again, there is no undeniable sign. Even God and his angels cannot show an undeniable sign for the fallen consciousness can, as I have explained, deny anything. This I did not realize until I was hanging on the cross where I was expecting that I would be rescued by angels. Then it suddenly dawned on me that it was not the fallen ones who needed to change; it was I who needed to change.

You are the one who has to change

The fallen ones, what they did to me was in a sense inconsequential because there was never an opportunity that those who were the most blind among them would be awakened. There was a certain opportunity that those that I had taken on as my disciples could be awakened for they were not as trapped in the fallen consciousness as the Sanhedrin and the Roman leaders. Nevertheless, those who are the most trapped cannot be awakened by anything that you might say or that you might demonstrate.

I came to the realization while I was hanging, feeling the weight of my body threatening to suffocate me, feeling the intense pain of having so much of my body weight hanging on the nails in my hands, feeling how my lungs were filling up so that I could barely breathe knowing that in just a matter of minutes my physical body would expire. As I was hanging there, I finally saw that the crucifixion and my entire mission was never about changing the fallen beings.

It was about changing my own attitude and outlook so that I could make the decision to be completely non-attached to the fallen beings and to leave them behind. I had to be willing to leave them behind completely and utterly, to be willing to let God and God’s law take command of what should happen or should not happen to them. I was finally non-attached to their fate, to their destiny. It was no longer my responsibility to do anything with or for the fallen beings.

This is one of the last initiations you must pass on earth. It often takes an individual form, for as Venus said, you descend with a certain vision that you want to improve things on earth. You want to produce a certain result, and that vision is your personal cross. The vision that you need to do something that depends on the choices of other people, especially those in the fallen consciousness, that vision, that belief, becomes your personal cross.

The spirit that is your personal cross

You will be hanging on it until you see this and until you desire to do what I did: Give up the last ghost, give up that last spirit that you created when you experienced the initial shock of taking embodiment on earth. This was when you experienced that you came here with the best of intentions, but that you were viciously attacked, ridiculed and mocked by the fallen beings. At that moment, you created a spirit to deal with this, and ever since then your life has revolved around trying to give that spirit the outcome that is defined by the matrix, the thought matrix, that created the spirit.

It can never happen, my beloved. You can, as Venus explained, help raise the earth by becoming an open door for love, but you cannot help raise the earth if you hold in your mind a fixed, physical outcome. This is what you need to let go of. There are many, many spiritual people on earth today – the 10,000 with the potential to manifest Christhood but millions more that can manifest some degree of Christhood – that are precisely in the situation that they still hold the image that they can change someone else. Let go of it, my beloved and focus on changing yourself so that you win your complete freedom of non-attachment to the choices of other self-aware beings.

Do you see what I am trying to explain to you here? There are phases of the spiritual path. There is indeed a phase where you need to awaken from the mass consciousness. In order to awaken yourself, you realize what is the problem on earth, and you realize the need that someone must seek to raise their individual consciousness and the collective. Someone must take a stand. Someone must do something. That is why the Christ went out and ministered to the people. There is nothing wrong with this; it is a natural phase on the path.

What I am seeking to help you see here is that it is not necessary for you to maintain the illusion that you are here to save the fallen beings until moments before you exit the physical realm for the last time. You can overcome that illusion earlier. It will only help you actually fulfill your divine plan and the full potential for your Christhood when you let go of all attachment to other people and to saving specific people who cannot be changed because their minds will reject anything you say, anything you show them.

Vanity of vanity, all is vanity. It is vanity to think you can change those in the fallen mindset. Nothing could ever convince them. They can be changed from within when they have had enough, but those who have not had enough there is nothing you can do to change them. As long as you think it is your job to change them, you cannot manifest the fullness of your Christhood. You cannot help those that you can help, those that can be changed.

Help those who can be helped

So many times we see people who are close to manifesting Christhood become attached to helping a specific person or a specific group of people. They spend time and energy on this, but they would never have a chance to change these people’s minds anyway. In pursuing this impossible goal they then neglect the fact that there are many people that they could help. There are many people who could be changed for they are open to changing their minds, they simply need some guidance, they need some statement of truth that resonates with the truth in their hearts.

I am not saying you have been wrong for seeking to work with the fallen beings. In many cases, they have deserved an opportunity, and thus it was right for you to be in a relationship with them for a time. I am saying that there does come a point where you need to recognize that cycles have turned and now it is time to just transcend that fallen consciousness so it has nothing in you, so that the prince of this world, in whatever form he might appear, has nothing in you. This is what I desire you to ponder at this Easter in 2013.

In the next years are great opportunities for the spiritual people on earth to increase their creative momentum on the seven rays. This dispensation that has been started by the Chohans is a major dispensation for this planet. I am sure you are, at some level of your being, realizing that the many problems you see on earth can only be solved through creative vision. You cannot continue to do what you have always done and expect to have different results. You must find creative solutions, and that can happen only by increasing your momentum on the seven rays. I am in no way telling you not to be creative. I am simply telling you: Direct your creativity where it has the most opportunity to produce results.

I had a special mission 2000 years ago, to bring judgment to a particular group of fallen beings. I did so by interacting with them and by letting them execute me. In today’s Aquarian age, the fallen beings are no longer the primary goal for the Christened ones in embodiment; neither to rescue them nor to judge them. The primary goal is to express your creativity – the Divine Creativity from the your I AM Presence – to bring forth creative solutions to the many problems that are crying out for solution.

So much is already happening in many fields of life. Such creativity is already beginning to be expressed that surely many of the problems that today seem to have no solution will be solved within a surprisingly short time span. I simply admonish you this: Stop seeking to change those who cannot be changed. Focus your attention and energy on bringing forth creative solutions for those who can and will transcend the human sense of self, those who can and will be spiritually reborn and thereby transcend the consciousness of death.

Let go of that spirit that is focused on changing or saving or judging the spirits of the fallen beings. It is simply spirit fighting spirit and it can never lead to a decisive outcome. When the Christ is born in your heart, and when you help inspire others to let the Christ be born in their hearts, then there is a decisive outcome and the earth moves closer to the ascension point. This is how to use your focus, your energies, your attention.

Let a word to the wise be sufficient. I am not concerned at all with this message in seeking to reach those who have proven that they cannot be reached. Let them pass from the screen of life on earth according to cosmic law, which never fails.

Thus, I wish you, my beloved, a Happy Easter. I wish you the happiness that you can never experience when you are attached to those in the fallen consciousness. They do not know what happiness is, and when you experience and express it, they see it as a threat. Be not concerned about this. Allow yourself to be truly happy for the fact that you know Christ within your heart. Knowing the inner Christ is the key to happiness. Thus I say again: “Happy Easter.”


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