Christianity was not meant to suppress women

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Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels, May 31, 2020. This dictation was given during a webinar about the liberation of women.

I am the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. I have several things on my agenda for this release. First of all, I want to make as strong and direct of a contribution as I can possibly make to changing the abhorrent fact that the religion that claims to represent me on earth has been one of the strongest forces in recent history for the suppression of women. Let me make it very, very clear that it was never – ever – my intention to create a religious or spiritual movement that would suppress women.

I was, when I walked the earth 2,000 years ago, quite aware that any spiritual teaching that can be given on a dark planet like earth must be given in context, and the context is of course the collective consciousness. I was also aware that I had deliberately chosen to descend to the Middle East. Now, as I have said before, I did not take embodiment in the Middle East because it was a high spiritual region. It was not that there is anything particularly spiritual about the Middle East or the energies there. It is not, as many Christians call it, a holy land. I descended to the Middle East because it was, and unfortunately is, one of the darkest areas on earth. It has one of the lowest levels of energy, one of the lowest states of the collective consciousness. This was the case back then and it is still the case today.

Jesus’ teachings were given in context

I came there for various reasons, partly because I came to bring the judgment of certain fallen beings, for which they needed to kill my physical body in order to receive that judgment. Therefore, I needed to embody where they were in embodiment. Also, I came to bring the judgment of the people and the consciousness in the Middle East and give them an opportunity to come up higher. Another reason was that if I could somehow manage to change the most dense people on earth, then there was a good chance of changing others as well.

You see here that the first illusion that needs to be shattered about Christianity is that I came to the Middle East because it was a holy place. The Middle East was back then in a very low state of the collective consciousness. What needs to be understood by recognizing this is that this set some limitations for the teachings that I could give at the time. I needed to give those teachings in context and therefore, I could not give a teaching at the time that would directly and openly challenge a male-dominated society because the people in the Middle East were not ready for this.

What I could do and what I did was that I demonstrated, through my actions and through the community that sprang up around me, that I treated women and men equally. I treated women and men with an equal potential to grow spiritually. I know that this can be difficult to ascertain from the scriptures, even from the New Testament where you for example see that I had only male disciples according to the scriptures. This is according to the scriptures, not according to reality. I had, first of all, more than 12 disciples and many of them were women. There was a just about equal proportion between men and women among those that I would call my direct disciples, meaning people who interacted with me.

Now, there are many misunderstandings that have crept in because of this unfortunate fact that the scriptures have written down a distorted view of my mission and my actions. One of the most insidious distortions is of course that there must be some difference between men and women, since Christ only had male disciples. Yeah, there were certain women that were obviously always around and maybe they were even the first to realize that Jesus had been resurrected and left the grave, but still, they are not really that important. What was important was the male disciples and of course primarily among them, Peter, who is said to have been the first pope (even though I do not recall ever using the terminology of a pope and anointing him as the Pope). Then Paul, who wrote down his various epistles. You see that this distortion begins right at the Christian scriptures. They did not give an accurate portrayal of my actual actions and my relationship with women, the way I treated women and they do not portray that I actually had female disciples.

What you see here is that from the very beginning, when the scriptures were written down and later when those particular scriptures were selected to be part of the official canon, a distortion was created. This was created because as soon as I had left embodiment, the equal relationship that I had attempted to create between men and women was very quickly abandoned or lost. There were certain groups that maintained this for some time after my departure, but some of them did not even retain it from the very start. For example, this applies to any movement led by Peter, who could not overcome his male chauvinist mindset (to be honest) and certain other groups as well. There was such a strong, patriarchal, male-dominant mentality in the Middle East that had been there for so long, that many of the early followers of Christ could not overcome it. They soon started to create various groups and sects that went right back to relegating women to a secondary role.

You are not inherently male or female

This was of course because the Old Testament had created, as Archangel Michael explained, this fundamental divide between men and women, making women responsible for the fall of man. You realize of course that you can create various polarities, as Archangel Michael said, between masculine and feminine. You can say the I AM Presence is the masculine aspect of your being, the soul or the Conscious You is the feminine polarity and therefore it was the Conscious You or the soul, whatever you choose to call it, that fell, that ate the forbidden fruit and went into duality. This happened whether you were in a male or female body. You can also look at it in a slightly different aspect where you can actually say that, as we have explained, when you were exposed to various traumatic situations (for example in the first embodiment where you encountered the fallen beings), you created certain selves and those selves may have, depending on whether you were in a male or female body at the time, a certain male or female orientation. You realize, I hope, that this was based again on context. You need to go back and say: Perhaps a very, very long time ago, I was embodied in my first embodiment and I received my cosmic birth trauma and at that time I was in a female body and therefore, I created certain separate selves that have a female coloring, a female overlay. This may be the case, but you need to recognize that these selves were created based on the culture in which you first embodied and how women’s roles were defined at that time. I can assure you that even if you take the time-frame we give in the My Lives book, that some avatars came to earth 2 million years ago, the fallen beings had already then distorted the view of women and created these dualistic roles for men and women.

What I am saying here is this. The female role is not something that you can look at as a universal thing. We have said before that God did not create men and women with a fundamental difference. Evolution has not brought forth men and women with a fundamental difference except of course at the physical body and the level of hormones and the functions of the physical body in terms of childbirth. There is on a spiritual level, no fundamental difference between men and women. You need to recognize here that even if you have certain selves that were created a long time ago, they are not based on some spiritual, universal definition that this is the way women are. They are based on the cultural context that was influenced by the fallen beings and their attempt to make men the dominant sex and women the inferior sex, in order to create that fundamental division and that fundamental conflict on earth.

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