07. Understanding Christ Consciousness

Dication by Ascended Master Jesus, November 8, 2002 through Kim Michaels

I am sure you are beginning to realize that the main point of these discourses is to encourage you to begin the process of attaining Christ consciousness. Because this is a very important goal, and because most people have been indoctrinated with various beliefs that are in direct opposition to that goal, I desire to give you a more detailed understanding of Christ consciousness. To give you this understanding, we need to step back and consider how God created the world of form.

To a lifestream who is fully or partially engulfed by the death consciousness, God will inevitably seem like a mystery. Yet as you begin to put on Christ consciousness, the mystery starts fading until it is replaced by knowledge.

I am aware that it might be difficult for you to understand the following ideas. Therefore, I am asking you to please avoid making an outer judgment about the validity of these ideas. Do not allow your human ego to cause you to reject these ideas because they somehow go beyond or contradict an outer doctrine that you have come to accept as infallible. Instead, I am asking you to contemplate these ideas with an open mind and heart. Allow me to reveal the truth of these ideas directly in your heart.

To a human being, it is often difficult to accept that God has both an impersonal and a personal aspect. Most people see God as a Being who is far removed from them. Therefore, they tend to think that God has no personality or individuality. This idea is both correct and incorrect at the same time.

What is God?

Let us consider the question: “What is God?” In the ultimate sense, God is a state of pure Being. This state of pure Being has no form, no expression, no individuality or personality. It is virtually impossible to describe this pure Being through the words and concepts found in the material universe. Many spiritual teachings have described this state of God as the “void” in an attempt to indicate that you cannot project material images upon God. God is beyond any words or images found in this world. That is one reason why the death consciousness, which thinks in the words and images of this world, cannot fathom God.

One might say that the pure Being of God simply is. And that is all that can be said about it.

The state of pure Being is formless. You live in a world in which everything has some kind of form, and I call it the “world of form.” The state of pure Being did not create the world of form. This world was created by another aspect of God which one might call the “Creator.”

The Creator is a being who is conscious of its own existence and of its ability to create. I have already said that in order to create you must be able to make choices. God has unlimited imagination, and before creating the world of form, God could imagine an infinite variety of options. Why did God choose to create this world and not one of the many other options? Why is this world designed the way it is and not some other way? The answer is that the Creator designed the world the way it is because God simply expressed its individuality. The God who acts as the Creator is different from the impersonal aspect of pure Being. The Creator is an individualization of the state of pure Being. This does not mean that God has a personality that resembles the personality of a human being. It is important that you do not try to reason backwards and project human qualities upon God. Yet it does mean that God has individuality, and it is this individuality that you see expressed in the world of form in which you live.

When God started the creative process, God said: “Let there be Light.” During this process, the Creator extracted from the state of pure Being a substance, namely light, that could be molded into any conceivable form. This light was not fundamentally different from pure Being. Pure Being is a form of consciousness. The Creator is a form of consciousness. Therefore, the Light of God is also a form of consciousness, a state of being.

What we now see is that the entire world of form is the result of an interaction between two beings or two expressions of the consciousness of God. You might notice that up until this point I have not attached a gender to God. The state of pure Being is beyond all divisions or classifications. Therefore, it is meaningless to say that the state of pure Being has gender. The Creator is an active state of consciousness and it acts upon the passive element which I have called light.

The most simple, yet beautiful, illustration of this polarity between an active and a passive element is a symbol found in the religion of Taoism. This symbol is called the Tai-Chi. It depicts two elements, the yang, active or male element and the yin, passive or feminine element. It is the interaction between these two elements that gives rise to the entire world of form. In the Judeo-Christian tradition, people have traditionally attached the male gender to God. In reality, God is both male and female. One might say that the Creator is the Father and that light is the Mother. Therefore, the world is created by the Father-Mother God.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: The Mystical Teachings of Jesus.


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