20. Going Within

Dictation by Ascended Master Jesus, November 15, 2002 through Kim Michaels

In the following sections I will present a set of tools that will help you walk the path of personal Christhood. For practical reasons, I have to present these tools in a certain order, but that order does not represent a progression or a value judgment. Each tool that I present is as important as any other tool. I want you to use all of them because they truly supplement each other.

Developing listening grace

Any positive change in your life must begin with an increased awareness and understanding. If you look at history, you will see that any progress experienced by humankind originated with one individual who raised his or her consciousness and brought forth a higher understanding of a particular aspect of life.

In many cases, this higher understanding did not come from the outer, analytical mind. It came from what one might call the inner or higher mind, and it came through the process that is commonly known as intuition. Even some of the greatest scientists used intuition to make their most significant discoveries. Certainly, all true spiritual leaders used intuition as the basis for their teachings.

To begin the path of personal Christhood, you must make a conscious and determined effort to improve your intuition. It is quite possible that you are already very familiar with the intuitive process and that you have developed an ability to attain intuitive insights. After all, only such intuitive insights could have prompted you to read, and continue to read, this book. The flesh and blood of the death consciousness could not have revealed to you the Christ Light that is in this book.

If you feel that you might benefit from making a conscious effort to further develop your intuition, I encourage you to use some of the many books that are available. There are numerous self-help books that can help you gain a greater understanding of the intuitive process. Many of these books also contain practical tools for increasing your intuition. I will later present you with one such tool.

I need you to understand that the current scientific view of intuition is incomplete. In reality, intuition is truly a lower version of Christ consciousness. I have told you about the relativity of the death consciousness. When you are caught in the death consciousness, you can argue for or against any idea without coming up with a definitive answer as to the validity of that idea. However, through your intuition you can find a definitive answer. You might not be able to produce a rational argument for why the idea is valid; you simply know it is true. Intuition can be described as the ability to know that an idea is true without necessarily being able to argue why it is true.

If you will think about this, you might realize a profound truth. The truth of God is above and beyond the relativity of the death consciousness. Therefore, it is simply not possible to come up with a relative or outer argument, an argument that the human ego can fathom and accept, for the truth of God. This explains why so many people have failed to fathom the truth of God. This is especially true of many modern scientists who have allowed themselves to believe that unless you can come up with a factual, rational, logical or intellectual line of reasoning then an idea simply cannot be valid.

To know the truth of God, you must realize that this truth cannot be explained in the relative terms that the death consciousness can understand. The truth of God can be known only by reaching beyond the relativity of the death consciousness. When you do reach beyond that relativity and grasp an idea that comes directly from God then you will often be unable to provide an outer line of reasoning to support your idea. You simply know what you know, and that knowledge is beyond the relativity of the ego and outer mind. It is a truth that passeth understanding.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: The Mystical Teachings of Jesus.


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